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Am I selling my soul to the corporate world
in a vain pursuit of future financial stability?
Should I have bought my future with what little I had
and spent it growing my skills in music and writing
so that I could know they were not wasted?
Should I give up on this new work-from-home desk job
where I'm paid commission and weekly bonuses
and won't see the residual income from renewals for thirteen months?
Can't I have something stable that doesn't bore me to death,
and something exciting that doesn't turn my anxiety to an 11?
I've never had a balance--every job has been one or the other.
And yet, as I yearn for a career in music, I recall my past
where I majored in songwriting and couldn't handle college
and I sigh and realize that jumping to a music job wouldn't "fix" me.
No matter what I'm doing, I will need to have perseverance,
and patience, yes, but also motivation and drive to improve myself.
These struggles that I face now at this job are the same ones
that I've always struggled with--they're part of me still.
And I've always blamed the job for not being a good fit--
and some of them weren't, true--but that wasn't the root of it.

A job that is worth doing
will take effort and drive
and no worthy income
comes by barely getting by
and doing the bare minimum
in order to escape a scolding.
I need to change my mindset
in order to grow above this--
this swamp of complacency,
this mire of despondent weakness,
this misty swath of ambiguous feelings
that have dictated my actions
for far too long. No.
I'll sit and get to work
knowing that I am securing a future
for myself, my husband, and family
and that one day, I will have time
to create art in any way I want
but right now, I have a lesson to learn
about working hard
and rising to the challenge.
Don't let me forget.
I can't look back now.
Up I go, to new heights
where the fearful me
thought the risks were too great.
Up I go, to climb my mountain
and win this battle, and the next,
until I'm out of the doldrums
and onto the path that advances before me.

Here goes.
solfang Apr 22
I don't know
if the air on the other side
is fresher or cleaner;
all I know is,
I'm suffocating here
Gonna change to a new job for better career growth; loved my company and the people I worked with
LannaEvolved Jan 16
A powerful peaceful mind keeps the heart of an enlightened sacred soul.

The right people will always find you at the right time. Timing is always perfect with the Universe guiding you it is never off and can not steer you in the wrong way. It will always guide you to the correct fitting path for you on the journey that is your life. Trust that. Know that.
Keep that knowing safe in your heart, so that  your intuition can work it’s peak and create the miracle that will give you the strength, the happiness, and the healing to move forward with what is yours and is truly meant to be.
Allow this intuition and awareness to help you create the best life for yourself because it is truly for you and only you. It is for your benefit and only yours alone. And you deserve that to create in order to live the best possible. ❤️
Seranaea Jones Dec 2020

in case you may not know, it was the last car
at the end of a train, usually it was a red or
occasionally a yellow color which would be
clearly noticed

this car was manned in order to monitor the
train from that end for any issues, particularly
in case an axle from one of the coal cars locks
up and catches on fire

but i guess this feature was eliminated due to
improvements in the wheel assemblies, or maybe
because they had new electronic monitoring for the
crews in the locomotives

if you are under the age of thirty, this may not have
been general knowledge to you since the use of these
cars were phased out sometime in the 1980's, now a
red flashing light signifies the end of the train

you can see one of these cars parked near the city
square just north of the Tennessee/Kentucky
border in Guthrie— there is just enough rail
underneath to hold it braked in place

i think the rails once extended to the mainline
and the car was trapped there when acetylene
cutters terminated its route in either direction.

the men who rode it are now
the ghosts of everlasting

now we have thousands riding the
caboose of their careers amidst
red blaring lights that flash
from all imaginable

many of them sitting motionless
upon routes that go nowhere...

s jones
colette alexia Nov 2020
The head is more easily understood than the heart
One person in control
Things are clearer
No love
Two careers
Eden Wheeler Oct 2020
The screen read
That’s what I saw
And I
The screen
Was a new
For me
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2020
This is not just
A career opportunity
It's an eternal call for
The background visual poetry
Model (Spirit)
Who will stay eternal
No less than the oldest star
No less than the solo sun

It's not about the pretty face
Or the latitude
And longitude of the body
We're concerned about
It's not about the education height
We have nothing to do with
It's not about your background
Where you are from

It's about the vibration
Grace and inspiration
It's about the energy
And the balance
It's more about
Your inner self
Everything who is you

All it takes is to sense the air
Go with the flow
Keep the mind at rest
Lost in time
Don't ever stop
Be inevitable
With each passing day

The rightful spirit
Drop your CV
Vibe with us
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Vacancy Announcement
Lewis Wyn Davies Sep 2020
Someone send me fifty cigarettes.
Keep me awake far past sunset.
Get the football on immediately
And make it a fiery affair.
Drown out this mop and bucket mouth.
Find me a guitar string to silence a theatre.
Strum all the chords in unison.
Whisper powerfully into the crowd's ear
About the journey to solar eclipse bliss.
Ignore the scattered failures,
Stamps on lamp-posts,
Brash stickers of the past,
Cornered in all that success.
Distraction from the looming task ahead.
Let the teaming rain return to my brain,
Where pie survives in cement,
Jackdaws squawk and talk of walks
Across the kissing couple hills
Instead of pizza orders set for ten.
Counting stock with matching socks.
Clocks are the enemy these days.
But they may be my best friend.
Poem #20 from my collection 'A Shropshire Grad'. Written before a shift at work and inspired by Tom Hiddleston's poetry reading, I was fortunate to have this one read out on local radio.
Elliott Aug 2020
She not only shattered the glass ceiling, she killed her captors with the glass.

The little shards left from the explosion expertly found their way into the hearts of every founding member of the patriarchy.

To every founding member that ever dared to doubt her.

The glass shuddered against her bare feet, cowering at her power. Her invincibility finally replacing her invisibility.

There she was in all her glory, present at all the board meeting, head CEO in a field where women where secretaries and mothers. There she was, finally on her own. If we didn't count the few dead bodies in the room.

"Brutal"...she thought. That life had forced a seemingly sweet woman to shed her "natural" loving instructs in lieu of such violence.

Little did they understand, she'd never known love in the first place.
-There's nothing more dangerous than an angry women
Megitta Ignacia Jul 2020
to those who not born an aristocrat,
what it means to be a human-being?
a terrible exhaustion - result of attrition
soulless slave - six days a week
is there any other alternative, though
I cannot outstare the bill faces
rent will due soon
endless presentations
pointless meetings
118,000 unread emails
week long business trips
"bare minimum to get by" prohibited
I have lunch delivered
snacks delivered
dinner delivered
I have all the food inside my office
and a beautiful apartment facing the sea
with the sun rays peeking in through the blinds each morning
but I'm just too busy
hopelessly hoarding pennies
hopefully saving enough joy for the future
they say your hardwork will come into frution
repeating cycles of entire career till retirement?
050620 | 15:40 PM - sunday in transition season of cobid-19 pandemic
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