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Manic pace
Endless race
Running quickly every briskly
Never stopping
Blurs of people
Buildings – steeple
Walking, talking never pausing
Coffee cup raised – no enjoyment
Half my life spent in employment
Process, success
Never egress
No time for nonsense – far too serious
They don’t hear us
Writing poems, books and sonnets?
Back to work
Stop being honest!
Project deadliness
News and headlines
Endless lists of pain and crime
Tired – worn out
Day is over
Lights out – dream state
Morning:  it starts all over
Alxe Feb 3
You once asked me what I wanted to be
A policeman, a baker, whatever called to me
You would let me sing songs out of tune
So that I’d make up stories for when I grew

At first this was incredible and splendid
Broad opportunities to get interested in
I looked around at the world to observe
Yet I found every straight of hope soon curve

I see a falling leaf, green despite the weather
Cut off from the world, no lifeline to tether
I’d think of an astronaut falling through space
And I’d determine: Astronomy? No thanks

I see a bee, buzzing about. Lost from his friends
A wanderer no doubt. His work with pollen came to no end
No matter how much he did, there was always more
Daily worker’s life couldn't be for me, with so much left to explore

I see a glimpse of a squirrel, and then it’s scampering up wood
To hide its berries and acorns, chattering my ear off as it should
And then I hear silence, as the squirrel fled away
Now anything with nature reminds me how lonely I felt that day

So as I became older, I seemed to shoulder
Every fresh idea of a future I had became colder
I wonder, when did my vision become so narrow?
If I’m still young, then why do I feel so harrowed?

My star light of possibility, when did you become a telescope?
That blinding light, when did it shrivel my last rays of hope?
I know some of it is a little wonky but that's due to me wanting every stanza to have the same rhyme scheme soooo                       feedback? please?
There's this exhausting road you still find yourself wandering in.
The potholed path of living in thoughts
In your mind every time.
You can be seen along there in the morning.
The fear of waking to the ray of the sun stealing glances of your ***** body.
Playing dead as the alarm goes off.
Stuck in the mud of incompetent.
An airing voice of failure.
Smacked on your palms for missing the opportunity to live.
A collapsing vision you're handed.
At 25 you're seen a failure.
In the afternoon you are found there.
Seeking for shade under the roof of social vices.
The demeaning laughter of colleagues during lunch hour.
Cause you couldn't contribute to buy lunch.
Hunger is seen playing on your face.
A frustrating look you wear not cause of the neighbor you got into a fight with.
Rather it is about the alarming emptiness of your savings.
The month is fast ending yet the pile of bills welcome you each day.
Peace departs from your heart.
At night you lay helpless on same path.
Laid out, not wanting to rise.
Since hope has been bitten off your mind.
Mistakes swinging the rope dangling from the roof top.
This time "whys" became an escape route to meet death.
Breathing in and exhaling defeat.
Believing lies you served for dinner.
Today we sought for you in this path.
Echoed depression and lies.
We couldn't get to have a taste of your thoughts.
Now we leave a message behind.
Each day that path you cross is a story.
Fight the cause for triumph.
Do not breath without breathing.
At some point in living and growing up as a human we feel this heavy burden that we're never enough, we ain't putting in the needed energy to our work and that we need to establish our coast before we are successful and happy. There's is no mapped out plan on how we are to live. Life might not be favourable now, tomorrow we can be the best. Do not live just to someone you will be proud of becoming.
Tayler Dec 2018
I am told of one way to live
I must follow through with a plan
Yet it is not my own

You must complete this
While living like that
On, but you’re not grown

Your age is just a number
When you try to make your own choices
Unless they line up with theirs

Your plan is not yours
But it is for your life
I guess it’s something we share

I thought my future
Would be my choice
But I guess that’s too optimistic
DG Dec 2018
I’m catching myself on fire
I’m hurling myself into the unknown
What for?
Who will I be?
If one is to be a martyr,
Shouldn’t they have a reason?
I was to succeed
And to succeed I must become
The best that I can possibly be
I fear the unknown
It leaves me shaking each day
A quake that no affection can cure
Where I’ll go
But I will have to make the trip
Run into the arms of my fait
And trust that she will be kind to me
And will only want the best for me
Lemonade Nov 2018
"You don't understand what it's like to be a parent.
Until you become one."

"But, I know one thing, and only one thing for sure.
I"ll never force my dreams on my kids."
The Nada Nov 2018
When we know what we want and where we belong, it will be much easier.
The Nada
Jing Xi Lau Nov 2018
They print their lives on a price tag,
Those big fat numbers,
All they do is brag.
My daughter’s a neurosurgeon,
Graduated from Johns Hopkins,
Saving lives by the hundreds.
My son a number-crunching accountant,
A career that keeps his wallet thick,
And his pockets filled.

They wonder what I do,
I tell them I work with words.
They gasp,
Eyes widen.

I tell them that,
I can count the spaces between adjacent letters in a word,
String words together to build a sentence,
Layer each sentence above another like bricks,
Place a single powerful mark of punctuation in between,
The glue that holds the bricks intact and forms a wall.
A wall of stanzas,
Connected by commas and semicolons.
A wall of paragraphs,
Big enough to block numbers out.

Because words fill souls while numbers fill pockets.
Words are immeasurable.

Dev Nov 2018
While yes, I have a résumé
It does no justice describing mé

So I'll leave this here for all to see
All I ask is please hire me

I'm great with sales
and communication
I can create tales
with no hesitation

Been fixing PCs since '99
Right after I broke all of mine

I don't do drugs
I don't cause fights
I won't give shrugs
to new insights

I can Photoshop best selling ads
and tell corny jokes just like most dads

I write HTML
and CSS
I can kinda spell
At least try my best

Started my first business in 5th grade
Profiting from the paper airplane trade

I'm a fast learner,
a problem solver,
a trust earner,
an idea causer,
a spreadsheet slayer,
a real team player

While I'm no photography guru
I've actually had a paid gig or two

Dove into video editing
way back when MySpace was a thing

Oh yeah. Plus I'm proficient with Microsoft Office.
This is a work in progress but I'd love critiques like formatting, poetic grammar, etc. I may consider submitting this on job applications.
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