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William Troup Aug 20
... strawberries plucked from the vine;
    ... we devour in sweet surrender.  Afar,
        it seems, those green filled knolls,
        as our souls converge ...
           blueberries goal ...

... blueberries sway in green foliage;
    ... we admire in sweet surrender.  Afar,
        we dream, with pear shaped tones,
        as our hearts align ...
           cranberries sewn ...

... cranberries flail in blue eyed skies;
    ... we desired in sweet surrender. Afar,
        we drift, with career based zones,
        as our minds regret ...
           strawberries thrown ...
F A Pacelli Jul 29
what is success you ask?
not sacrificing today
for a better tomorrow
when the elusive tomorrow
becomes a genuine today
then you have made it
Carl D'Souza Jul 21
Should I sell my subservience
of my mind, body and soul
to boss at work?

How much freedom
should my self retain
from my boss?
F A Pacelli May 22
“daddy, i want to be an artist when i grow up”

“no dear child, you can’t be an artist
you won’t make any money and will struggle”

“but daddy, i love to paint
why can’t i make any money?”

“because artists are poor
haven’t you heard the term starving artist?”

“ok daddy, if that’s what you think is best
maybe i will do what you do”

“that’s my girl”

“i love you daddy”
pariel May 17
Exhausted of the pavement
that most of us want.

The pattern
that almost none of us don’t need.

Chasing something
that we shouldn’t be a part of.

the pavement that was made for us.
Empire May 8
When you're told your whole life
"You're brilliant!", "You're so smart!",
"You're amazing at math!"
Naturally, you grow to agree
And your mind doesn't argue
Not too much, at least
Until you've walked so far
Down the path of intellect
That you realize
While it's beautiful,
So are many things
And within your soul
That fantastic mind
There are more than numbers
There is an artist screaming
"Don't leave me here!"
"Don't forget me!"
Banging on the gates
For you alone to liberate
People are never just one thing. You are capable of so much, so don't limit yourself to what you know you can do. If you don't try, you will never know how fascinatingly wonderful you are.
Peter B Apr 9
What are you doing here?
Why not sleeping? It's late.
People sleep when it's night,
aren't you one of them?

What is wrong with you, huh?
Feeling down? You depressed?
Maybe you need some help,
well, you couldn't care less.

So you write poetry?
You're just wasting your time,
it won't make you go places,
it won't make you a rich man.

Look at people your age,
they are making careers,
they have wives, they have kids,
they all have jobs well paid.

Stop daydreaming, grow up!
Get a grip, life is short.
We have only one life,
you have only one shot.

Why you're laughing at me?
You know what? It is sad.
I feel sorry for you,
I hope one day you'll change...

You are not listening!
You live in your own world!
Who do you think you are?!
Oh, stop acting like God!

That's enough, I have tried,
giving up now. Your choice.
Going  back to bed.
Good night. Do what you want.
Whisper Yes Jan 2018
Brand yourself
Get followers
Create a network
Make a website
Put packages together
Who are you??
What is your offering??
It's too ******* much
Hold my hand
Whisper in my ear 'I can do it'
Tell me there's nothing to push
Tell me there's another way
Tell me I can trust the quiet unfolding of my own being
Seminars, webinars
On how they did it
On how they became successful
**** that word
What does it even mean?
I don't want to know how you did it
Keep quiet and let my soul do it it's own way
I don't want to sell you anything
I want to sit beside you
And look into your eyes
So that your soul knows
It's all ok
Better than ok
All is coming
All you have to do is listen and make the moves your heart tells you to make when the time is right
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