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ChinHooi Ng Dec 2022
I went against the grain
by tightening the blinds
turning off the lights
the bedroom then became
a bottle of ink
filled with ink either black
or blue
lying in my bed
like an undissolved bit
the world is jet black
i close my eyes and mouth
so as not to choke on the darkness
at this point the yearning
becomes light and thin
pale and faint
and finally it faded
like daylight
the stranger I've come to be like.
Johnson Oyeniran Dec 2021
Sunday evening brought thee back
To my front door craving more than
I gave before, for thou could no longer
Ignore thine internal ever restless demand,
Kindled from the first time I flooded thy
Warm tunnel with my sweet protein, at
Thy command.
Johnson Oyeniran Dec 2021
******* to work my magic
Is all that I need to stimulate
What vast men fail to achieve.
You'll see, I guarantee. I'll be
Thine addiction; thy daily routine.
Johnson Oyeniran Dec 2021
Upon her knees, planted deep within
Their bathroom floor,
Hazel eyed Ebony,
Stayed mesmorized by his right hand
Caressing what she gleefully ******
And slurped upon before.
Then came a natural high,
Followed by
Dyeing her striking face,
Milky White.
Johnson Oyeniran Nov 2021
Love will never invite a sweetheart into
My life, my place in her eyes, is to watch
Her at work on the sidelines, therfore, for a
Decent price, I sojourn to undergo a carnal but
Deep down, artificial intimate night, under the
Covers for a short time, leaving me temporarily
Gratified, then sadly broken inside.
Johnson Oyeniran Nov 2021
Yes indeed, I rub, lick, squeeze;
Spank firm cheeks, my style's doggy.

Fussy not, whichever ethnicity,
So long they scream and squirt lush

My ***** mind is quite obscene,
But who is free of ***** fantasies?

Tease me by means of stripping please.
Oh deary me, my crotch has woken to
Our naughty activity.
Johnson Oyeniran Nov 2021
All night long coated in sweat,
she cried:

''Dominate me endlessly, I'm drunk
On lust. Verily, I delight in riding
Upon thy Big  Black Stallion, I'm in
Awe of.''
Johnson Oyeniran Nov 2021
Sensual whispers as clear as day
From her glossy Pink lips, slithered
Down my ear ever so faintly:

''Unzip my alluring skin tight leather
Dress From my hourglass figure thristing
For an oily ****** massage ending I hope
With heavy Moans; my activation key,
For a spicy night with me.''
Johnson Oyeniran Nov 2021
Blood hastens to my
Mushroom tip,
Everytime thy tender
Fingers crawl
Over my caramel

Fairest Of Them All!
I am bewitched by
Thy thick body.
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