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Every moment that we have.
Our own small little world
That we often hide together in.

Yet I cannot help but be afraid.
As you sit beside me making promises.
Promises you cant keep.

You coat my eyes with honey.
The numbing feeling that keeps setting in.
You always know what to do.

But I know that promises
They are not meant to be kept.
Even as you sit next to me.

The dreadful feeling sinks into my depths.
As you hold my hand and swear to me.
All of you and what you'd do for me

It is only a matter of time as you walk away with your loss of warmth and fading dreams.

You cannot keep empty oaths as fragile as porcelain plates.

You're scaring me.
Ylzm Apr 2020
In the beginning God parted the waters,
     separating heaven and earth
Abraham parted the pieces,
     and a smoking fiery *** passed in between
Israel walked between the waters,
     covered in smoke and fire
So Israel parted in two:
     one remains and the other lost.
Carlo C Gomez Mar 2020
A promise is a promise.
Only a lie can be made
with an expiration date in mind.

You and I
are the sand and sea,
we will always keep coming
back to one other.

You and I
are the trees of eternal spring,
we shall never leave.

Not every day is remembered
as special or significant,
not every word spoken between us
is Hallmark worthy.
But love is never absent
and what is shared
never forgotten.

Alone we are
merely ordinary,
together we are considerable,
whether it’s sharing ice cream
or each other’s
aches and pains.

The road we traverse,
may be covered with obstacles & illusions,
but the horizon
is hardly false.

For look!
God himself smiles upon us.
These vows are indeed
of an endless variety...
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2019
I will stop
Looking at the Moon
And the Stars

Believe me
Are enough

To get inspired from
Good enough
To stop time

He/She said
Genre: Romantic Raw
Theme: When everything inclines towards the one.
Starry Aug 2019
I want to know you hurt me as a lover
I want to know why your hurt innocent people
Who did your people no wrong
Why do you have to hurt innocent children girls
For what
The hippocratic oath????!!
More like jihadist oath.
Stephen James Mar 2019
oaths of loyalty—
the thirteen professed each one
ride to meet their fate
a haiku
annh Feb 2019
Wherefore, Fortune bled and mortal wounded,
Will thou not relinquish heart nor hope?
Yet stand a part for truth, and duty bound
Do wield thy sword securely still.

wherefore (adv.) - why
a part (adv.) - as an individual, individually
securely (adv.) - confidently, with skill
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2019
Promises are promises
Eyes tell me so
I can see past
What's put up for show

Your voice is very strong
I see your lips quiver
Your shoulders stand straight
I see your spine shiver

On the calm surface
You remain unaffected
But a trace of hidden regret
Is what's being detected

You think you are alone
This feeling of pain
I'm out here wet with you
Look through the rain

It is hard to admit
I hate this too
This unwanted downpour
We are both going through

These words still haunt
A memory's sweet kiss
You were right when you said
That a promise is a promise
And it's something you keep at all costs
Ruby Tuck Feb 2019
Hello, my friends,
this is goodbye.
No time for tears,
no time to cry.
No time to run and hide from TRUTH.
It is my time to fulfill my oath.
And sink into the Earth down to the KING.
And goodness to the world I'll bring.
And goodness to the world I'll bring.
This poem is something I came up with in a matter of minutes. Using the word list, I found the words cry, earth, sink, and oath, so I used them as best I could with the time I had. I hope you like it!
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