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Tap, tap
at the door,
the news
brought home…

no map
no compass…

just a face…

a face in
the crowd,
Monochrome sphere
cyclOptic gaze
Opalescent pearl
sentinel of Night
The graveyard is a
mouth of crooked teeth,
with an ambiguous smile.
Nat Lipstadt Aug 19
I. nope.

long-windedness verbosity
diffuseness prolixity
wordiness rambli­ng
circuity discursiveness
redundancy tautology
tediousness verbi­age
verboseness length
longevity permanence
garrulity windiness
v­olubility circumlocution
expansiveness babbling
periphrasis gushi­ng
blathering protractedness
waffling lengthiness
iteration repet­ition
prating prattling
jabbering digressiveness
dreariness tediu­m
deadliness wandering
repetitiousness repetitiveness
pleonasm co­nvolution
logorrhoea boringness
maundering superfluity
duplicatio­n tiresomeness
monotony reiteration
gabbiness informality
mouthin­ess diffusion
logorrhea wordage
blah-blah dryness
dullness boredo­m
sameness loquaciousness
talkativeness loquacity
freeness orotun­dity
roundaboutness breadth
gobbledegook gassiness
wittering mult­iloquence
perissology big mouth
gift of the gab garrulousness
staleness tallness
ask and answered
A leaf, drenched and torn;
spins through apathetic gullies.

Thin veins pump pulp;
scrivened sheets, knotted in repose.
In the card-stiff stillness,
trapped between sentiment and truth;
the creaking jaw whines.
Aerial Fabish Jul 22
the words spill onto the page as i think about
how my skin melts under your tongue
how your tide shifts beneath my gaze
how our garden flourishes out of the darkness
and despite the miles of mud i trek through
you are always traveling the road beside me
      your palms stretch towards the clouds
      your eyes close as you welcome the warmth
you are the child of sunbeams and ocean waves
and i was birthed under an ebony sky in a river of moonlight

somehow we met here in the middle

and it is here in the middle that we love
Yanamari Jul 12
I see you again.
A gaze that I process but
Do not comprehend,
Do not want to comprehend

Good bye
If only that was the end.

Not too close and
Not too far
Your shadow looms
Through my mind
A scar;
Not yet embedded however
Amplifying what it can be
Through a simple
Caress to my spine.

Careful and yet
Your counterpart less of the former
And more of the latter
And yet currently,
My trust lays more in your
Parallel counter.
I wanted to trust you
But your one slip
Was enough.
I trust no person, a mirror of my ambiguous brevity in my words. All present juxtapositions, but not all juxtapositions are worth bearing. (Pers Ref: 4YS1A1,2)

The Aura Series: V
Washed ashore a mile away
the blackened puddle floats
immortal flame.

The slow heavy liquid, drizzled syrup-like
to stain the white.

Edge along the oil spill
A wave of polluted air inhaled
A trial of sadness poured
Muddied hands slick with more
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