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keith daniels Jul 27
lungs burn,
legs ache,
you know you need to breach
and yet
you linger,
the veil within your reach.

it's not your turn
but here you are,
so deep beneath the world
the dizzy heights
of waters dark
expell you to the shore.
Bliss is worth the risk of almost drowning.
Kassan Jahmal Jun 16
Your life feels shallow,
or are you waiting for depth in empty pools?
Nicole Apr 24
ink tinged night
murky veil covering
dim, blood splattered eyes
cowering in the corner
sweat soaking skin
an outstretched arm trembles
grabbing the glass again
Nicole Apr 23
eyes softly caressing
fingertips alighting in goosebumps
whispers beckon the night

all are bridges to you
Nicole Apr 23
ink-black clouds stalking
dampened rain puddles splatter
flashing light, deep sounds
Could be our last to touch,
at the speed of love
I don't plan myself to rush.
The only one to beat,
the sound of ear to your heart.

Could be our last to love,
it won't be enough.
Kiss me straight after we hug,
the feeling drains whenever you're gone.

Love often can ****.
Edmundo Mar 29
Reborn as a part of myself goes by as I breathe my time away

Reborn as thoughts can never live more than a second
Reborn as my soul washes itself new every minute
Reborn as the memories i have change by the hour
Reborn as the person I wake up as every different day
Reborn as better than the one I learned with last month
Reborn as the day I accomplish one more year
Reborn as the person I am now birthed of the one portrayed last decade
Reborn at each glimpse in my life
Reborn - a wave breathes the ocean
To be reborn is to pass Time
if they don't show it

the door, it will show them

the door in '22-'4.
Senryu.  Thanx for all you do; have a blessed 'noon   :)   reality
Ken Pepiton Feb 26
We are the result of all we can imagine came before us,
in this bubble
of being we find our selves staring back
into from
the abyss, where luck is not a factor.
{from the movie}
nay, from Nietzsche, the drinking game
- on
- each time one looks into the abyss
- the abyss looks back, so luck is not a factor

sure. that makes perfectible sense, there's a signal,
a fluctuation,
measure it, man, and tell us all you know it means.

Ferlinghetti died yesterday, I could have known him,
if I'd tried.
I did not care for his view of truth. But he was young,
last time I took him serious.
I notice,
I don't care for my view of truth at that age.
But did you see him in the Last Waltz,
he was unmused, I felt bad for him.

And now he's dead and being reread. That's pretty cool.
For Christmas in 1964, I was given "The Secret Meaning of Things." I think it scarred me. I know it scared me... is this true... no, but I had to prove it myself... imagine dying after being a famous poet in the 20th century...
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