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Little Piper Jul 18
Pedestrians hustling in and out of the buildings
Cyclists, motorists, drivers rushing with time
I, standing in the middle of the busy street
Watching them as they go

I imagined various colours within each passerby
And identify the colors of their soul
Red, purple, blue, orange, gold, silver
What are the vibes? What do they mean?

Does red mean someone is upset, angry or frustrated?
Does blue mean someone is sad, depressed or sick?
Does gold mean someone who is kind, caring or loving?
Does green mean someone who is calm, patient or free?

I wish I can read the signs.
OpenWorldView Jul 15
She came with her friend
wanting an introduction
but I played the clown.
She never asked.

What if
I wouldn't have been
the child I was?
Zywa Apr 16
The world is asking:

Love your neighbour as yourself –

It is the answer.
Leviticus 19:18
Eloise Rose Apr 12
Here I go again
Drowning my sowrrows
In destructive behaviours
Zywa Apr 12
Please, put on your shoes,

people think so easily –

you are eavesdropping.
"The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock" (2018, Imogen Hermes Gowar)
Trust, the madness
Doubt, the normality
Translate, the silence
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Everyday Wisdom
Johnny walker Jan 20
Will I make to the summer  the question now so cold here can't afford to have my heating
such Is the case of the vulnerable In this country now forgotten ones who are no longer treated with respect by 9 years of austerity In which we have become so much
by the authority that just doesn't care once I was proud to British but not anymore
ashamed would be more to the point makes
wonder where It's all going to end as surely one day It
will God bless us
Thoughts on austerity after nine years used to be proud
to be British but sadly not anymore because of the disgusting behaviour of those In authority who have destroyed It's Country along with It's people
Gods1son Jan 8
He has a bad attitude
But he wears the blame on other people
He never tried the blame on for once
Maybe it never crossed his mind
Or he thinks he's too right to ever do wrong

I liken him to a blind man
Looking at several mirrors
But could never see himself
And calls all the mirrors blind

Maybe the bad attitude is not the problem
But that he is blind to see himself
Or arrogant to accept his wrongs
And that he's not a flower but thorns!
Mark Motherland Oct 2018
I knew a Girl once
I was only a child
She was a great friend
We got on so well
We sought each other out in the playground
We played all sorts of children's games
I invited her to my party
I assumed she would come
I dont know why she didn't show
Or why it seemed to cause such a stir amongst grown ups
She moved soon after
I never saw her again
I was very sad
I often wondered why she never came
I still remember taking the invitation to her house
I went with my Mum
Her Father answered the door
A very big friendly man
With a great big Jamaican smile!
Sometimes Children manifest more wisdom than Adults, like seeing people for what they are rather than being sidetracked by the colour of their skin!
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