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I knew a Girl once
I was only a child
She was a great friend
We got on so well
We sought each other out in the playground
We played all sorts of children's games
I invited her to my party
I assumed she would come
I dont know why she didn't show
Or why it seemed to cause such a stir amongst grown ups
She moved soon after
I never saw her again
I was very sad
I often wondered why she never came
I still remember taking the invitation to her house
I went with my Mum
Her Father answered the door
A very big friendly man
With a great big Jamaican smile!
Sometimes Children manifest more wisdom than Adults, like seeing people for what they are rather than being sidetracked by the colour of their skin!
बनती है, टूटी है।
पर्वतों से, नदियों में बहकर,
समतल जमीन पर एकत्रित हो जाती है।
फिर किसी बढ़ में बह जाती है।

किसी को जीवन देती है,
किसी के जीवन को पोषित करती है।
टूटी है, बनती है, गुणों का समावेश करती चली जाती है।

कभी समीर संग उड़ जाती है,
तो कभी रत्नाकर से मिल जाती है।
अपने अस्तित्व को ख़त्म नहीं करती है।

फिर कहीं एकत्रित होगी,
नए जीवन को रूप देगी,
पर अपने मूल आचरण को कभी  न भूलेगी।
This is my first Hindi poem.
Beware of
The masked human

They are
Genre: Observational
Theme: Who knows when they mutate
Still unaware!
Why we have
Two ears

We are programmed
To speak less
To listen more
Genre: Observational
Shreyas c9 Apr 16
Sitting in a fancy coffee shop,
Listening to classic rock and pop;
Noticing the interactions of the people,
Observing them closely like an eagle;

Student of psychology, observing without a word,
Noticing other’s behavior but not reflecting inward!
Reflecting inward a skill recommended in class,
An important life skill, not just something you do to pass;

Watching people closely and studying their behavior,
Why would I even do that when I’m not their savior!
After observing the entire human behavior’s gamut,
Only one thing comes to mind, Reflect Inwards, ******!
Personal spin on a poem i read on hellopoetry...We tend to observe others so minutely and yet we just sometimes fail to reflect back on our own actions. yes looking at others can serve multiple purposes. But it is just as important to reflect on yourself!
Sunayana Apr 5
She looks from you to me
and me to you
anticipating emotion,
a question, or a penny's worth of reaction.
We show none.
We consent to be cocooned
in silken secrets that do not give.
Paul Butters Mar 9
Confidence is key
In oh so many ways
Much more than with
The things you do.

Walk tall, stand still,
Be open and direct.
Show them all
That you are completely

Don’t fidget, look around or gabble on.
Don’t show your anxious self.
Speak slowly, with pause
And show you are assured and calm.

For confidence is like a virus,
Spreading out throughout the room,
Infecting all
With that assertion
That You
Are Number One.

If only I myself was brought up this way,
Who knows what I’d have done?
But better late than never,
As they say.
Let’s start,
By being tall,
And cutting out
That slouch.

But remember,
Never compare:
Treat everyone as equal,
Never be arrogant:
Be gently assertive.

Paul Butters

© PB 9\3\2018.
Provoked by reading an article about raising your Testosterone levels.
Danial John Mar 8
I love you,
That's why I ask
If there's a demon inside you (and I think there is).
We'll kick its ***.

However, if you don't let me try
Well, then I guess that's fine.
Just know I will not wait any longer.
Everyday your demon grows stronger.

I see you lose.
I watch you use.
The way it makes you
Makes me sick.

And if you think you know
The subject of this poem,
I'm sure you don't.
I'm letting go.

I'll always be here,
If you're ever ready to face your fears.
The fact is that on your own you can't stop it.
Til you're ready, leave me alone, you're toxic.
Josh Feb 8
We're all subjects of love
Subjects of fear and longing
living day by day
because -
Smiling at the right people,
vibing the wrong.
Everyone sings their own song
of their own love.

Fear and longing hide
in the inner parts.
I never wanted an ignorant melody
thickly articulated through a cloud of smoke,
tickling a beer glass
confused and stenching
We all learned some manners as children
and knew they were true,
waving our banners of politeness,
mine red, yours blue.
Purple would be a royal colour
if we combined the two.

You're wrong.
I might be right
all heads are "me" when they hit the pillow at night.
Yesterday's  failures
Becomes tomorrows
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