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meqan 2d
invisible strings;
tugging on my eyelashes,
slowly closing them.
i don’t want to fall asleep,
for i might never wake up.
when i was younger,
i feared sleeping because
i was constantly plagued
with nightmares.
Arianna 6d
Words hesitate
To approach your beauty.

The stillness,
Exploding between warm breath
Colliding with the cold embrace
Of infinite Space,

Defies my voice to describe.

Tonight, I have come back to thee,
Heart skipping at the thought of gorging my lungs
On your freezing breath,
Once more expanding freely!

I have returned
In the fashion of our abandoned rituals:
With incense and steaming libations,
Offering the warmth of blood beneath my skin,
And the billowing heat of my breath
Sprawling into your vast chasm,
Perfumed with sandalwood,
As you huddle like a reindeer into my bones,

Lapping the flames from my core,
Exhaling silver smoke from my lips
To intertwine
With the clouds
Sailing northbound across the sky...
Been awhile since I took the time to sit outside. It's a simple thing, but I'm excited about it, if only as a change from the usual evening drudgery. :-)
Renée Casey Jan 11
Symphony of dreams
Sleep drunk boy whispers to me
Honey sweet moonlight
he woke me up in the wee hours of the morning; i don't know what time it was. he'd had a nightmare (he has them often) and reached out to me for comfort. It's surprising the things that stick with you, and the things you cherish.
Leah Barron Jan 11
the moon lovingly caresses us
in her soft midnight blanket sown with stars
we look up and see infinite beauty
in a universe so vast we are small and insignificant
but we are born of recycled star dust because fate
thought us beautiful enough to belong
beside the celestial
Kira Davis Jan 4
Your smile has become
more inviting
than the graves of those I once
Sonya Jan 3
Let me go to sleep
And dream a perfect dream
Without a whisper nor a peep
Nor a tear along the seam
Laura Jan 2
late nights,
driving around
in my parents car,
all alone.

no one to talk to,
music's playing loud.
just me and my thoughts
and nobody around.

it's somehow calming
just by myself
just the stars and the moon
and the car underneath.

without destination,
only darkness around,
just driving and driving
with nowhere to be.
I saw her last night.
She was not alone.  She was with me.
And she was me.
Her eyes.  Their eyes.  My eyes
Glared back at me.
They were mine. They looked like mine
But they were not,
Not the way they stared.  Each stare
Sharper than the one before.
She moves closer. I feel the urge to scream
To call for help
But instead I freeze.  To think
What does it mean
If I scare me. Enough to scream
what does it mean
If I call out for help. To be saved from me
What does it mean?
Because I did...
I screamed

©Belema .S.  Ekine
Any dream interpreter in the house??  Y'all I had a dream
Alexis Dec 2018
safe inside soft shades
a cotton candy caress
dissolved to darkness

crisp chills come creeping
goosebumps gather on my skin
stars scream in the sky

i'll call it a night
lying lonely, hit the lights
somber 'til sunrise
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