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w e  a r e  t h e  o c e a n . . .

      y o u  a r e  t h e  s u n s e t . . .

                        I  a m  t h e  s t a r l e s s
                                                         s k y . . .
Personally, I hate this type of poetry, and don’t even find this poetry, but I had a thought and thought it should go on here for aesthetic perposes... yeah... this does not make sense, but hey, it’s all about aesthetics, right?
Rich Nov 6
I’m here to taste your essence
let’s exchange souls for a while
it’s a fair trade
I can give you all or anything you need
I’m for sale, you get a discount
and if you aren’t satisfied
return me to my vessel within 30 days
because any longer will tether me to your tendons
and I don't want to feel your grins or your hurt
unless you intend to keep me,
broken pieces and all.
Kelsey Nov 6
Is there a better tradition than Halloween?
When I was a child, cloaked in the velvety darkness,
The night felt like it was crackling with electricity, possibility.
Swapping candy, riding the trailer, being out late on a school night;
I realized from a young age nothing emboldens you like friends and the nighttime.

When I was a freshman in college, I saw Rocky Horror for the first time.
"Creature of the Night" rings in my ears as I
Put on makeup,
Take a swig of *****,
Place on the final touches of my costume.

Halloween becomes a blurred vision of masks, laughter, and kisses.
Locking eyes across a room,
I am more alluring as
Daisy Buchanan
Holly Golightly
A fairy
Mary Poppins
Alice in Wonderland.
They're all cute, animated, familiar, warm.

Each day after Halloween is a sickly feeling,
nausea from overindulgence
I will always be emboldened by the night.
Shel Nov 5
    from the cigarette ash spilled on the bed.
Emily Nov 3
If before eleven,
I should pass,
Peacefully into the Sandman’s grasp,
I hope you know I wish you a Good Night.

But if I manage to withstand,
My drooping eyelids and slowing brain,
Then, perhaps,
I’ll wish you Sweet Dreams.
May all have peaceful slumber tonight.
Encompassed by oak and pine
A heron nestles in a valley of red
She cranks her neck to peer through a diamond frame
The image of the valley below is a kaleidoscope of autumn;
Murky waters,
Dry grass,
A still mountain with snow sliding down its shoulders.
Squirrels with cheeks stuffed full of nuts scurry in a frenzy
The sky is a cold heavy
Ice and bricks
The people are wrapped in fishnets and wool scarves
Candles are lit for the death of long days
Night hugs us tightly with warm hands
The moon
She hums and howls
The trees rumble in the night
You are awakened by a crackle and thump
The pine and oaks have lost limbs to the seasonal wind
Bears of summertime.
Sindi Kay Oct 22
With the moon glancing into my window
And a quilt hugging my body
The wind moaning
And whistling
I become a ghost
From one world
To another
into a
new ****
Ready to be again.

-Sindi K.

leah snyder Oct 14
laying on my back
in that field,
the unending expanse so close
to my touch.
i reach up
and attempt to graze a star
with my fingertip,
but instead only emptiness
reaches me,
the cool nighttime air
swirling around my hand.
my arm lowers to my side again
and my sight flows
over the stars,
like scattered moondust
in the inky sky.
as they twinkle their way
into my soul,
into my being,
i notice
a solitary wisp of cloud
lingering before the moon,
dulling its details
but never its glow.
crickets chirp around me,
fireflies blink
and fade in and out of view,
dancing just above the grass.
the air is damp
and i am vaguely aware
of the water droplets
seeping through my blanket
and into my clothes.
i swear
i can almost see the lines
connecting each star
to form constellations.
i sigh,
stand up,
roll my blanket,
and make a promise to the night.

i will return.

free verse
Night has fallen, my head hits the pillow,
Knowing there will be kisses tomorrow,
Kisses, embraces, love at every sight,
There upon daybreak, gives me peace at night.

Night has fallen, eyelids darken my eyes,
Knowing there will be an end to all lies,
Truth, joy and happiness, hope in my hand,
There upon daybreak, I now understand.

Night has fallen, I slip into my dreams,
Knowing there will be love real as it seems,
Love, adoration, anticipation,
There upon daybreak, heartfelt elation.

Night has fallen, all my thoughts of your smile,
Knowing there will be kisses all the while,
Kisses, embraces, love you in my sight,
There upon daybreak, but for now good night.
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