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An orchard in the sky,
Of clementines,
fruit abounding,

little brothers,
All stir
In the direction of
Laying down,

Every family,
picks fruit from the orchard,
One by one,
until there’s
but a blueberry
with stars filling in

All heads
Hit pillows
Fold over shoulders
Eyes close to
loved ones,
stuffed creatures,
and favorite toys

They all
give in
to the steady
of nights
in Suburbia
Jakub Tiupa Jul 30
It may be true
that songs of ancient lovers
are stranger than pulp.
A sanctuary in the far fences of mind.
Leah Carr Jul 27
I could see the orange glow of the lampposts outside
shining through the the cracks
between the curtains

The only sound I could hear
is the mechanical whirring of the electric fan on my desk
everything else is

The stillness is overwhelming
as I turned over my pillow, the idea creeps into my mind
everyone is asleep
I could do it

After all, I've got nothing left to lose
no true friends
and my family won't care
I might do it

And the intensity of emotion crashes over me all at once
cuts deep into my heart, making me want to
into the night

I wish I could leave
without going through any more agony
I wish I didn't have to die
I could just  v a n i s h  into the darkness

I need to do this
to leave my pain
to stop breathing would be to breathe again
I was decided

The only reason
I'm still sitting here now
Tessa Savanna Jul 16
Your eyes tell,
Your smile shows,
That you wished to give us time,
To start again,
To love again,
Under different circumstances,
With no limits,
With no hindrance,
But with the same person,
With the same feelings,
A chance to live
A chance to love,
alura Apr 1
how could we be under the same stars
when you made entire worlds without me?

how could we be under the same stars
when my tears flooded whole galaxies?

how could we be under the same stars
whilst you watch them from your room

yet im laying on a bench in the bitter cold
waiting for a taste of poisonous fumes?
inspired by a late night smoke watching the stars, i suppose it was easy to feel so small under a sky so ******* beautiful.
Tessa Savanna Mar 21
Your eyes that reflected the light from the moon,
Your smile that comforts me,
Your gentle embrace for not letting me drown,
Your kiss that made me cry,
Your words that made me fall,
Your actions that assured me,
My heart is beating so fast,
So fast that it aches,
And it aches because I knew,
That this memory I have with you,
Of you embracing me,
Of you assuring me,
Of you comforting me,
Of you loving me,
In this sea of calmness,
Under this beautiful and bright moon,
Will slowly and painfully go.
And if the time will come, that the world will no longer let us be together... I will forever remember the love that we shared together.

All my poems were letters to you that I wish I could say,
Hoping that by chance you would stumble upon my page and read them all someday.
And then you would remember the girl who showed you how to love,
Remember the girl that went way above and beyond.

But that never happened and now you’re all gone,
The only memory you took with you is that I am strong.
Chips Mar 16
Gone with daylight,
All too soon,
Emerge by nightfall,
Dreams opportune.

Midnight reverie,
Moonlit beams,
Magical dreams,
Are all I’ve seen.

I shall await thee,
My luminous queen!
aih Feb 25
The moon glistens and listens

while I release waves of emotions.

Emotions nameless—

But experienced throughout the day

and escape at nighttime.

Consuming cries and restless.

The moon glistens and listens

while memories replay in my mind.

Emotions hopeless—

Surfacing from my heart

and through my soul.

Shutting eyes and breathless.

The moon glistens and listens,

while I gather myself to sleep.
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