Heaven floats in black paint
Stars shine and the night wanes
And then the snow falls to bring the day
Amanda Jul 10
Fear: what keeps me up at night
Can't escape its dark hand
I wonder if I will ever be free
From torture I can barely stand
A Jun 19
every night
tears are dragged
your eyes
until all you can
is salt,
until your eyes
stay open.
The darkness is
made of
soul crushing despair.
Anguish enough
to have you
silently screaming
as you
break your fingers
on the wall
uselessly hitting
at cold, hard

you spend all night
desperately trying to

Aren’t you tired of it?
I am.
But then again,
I may just be tired
because I can’t
Another 3:00 am poem
Aryan Jun 19
How do i spend my nights..
I do not sleep
I do not write
I do not eat.. well.. almost

Lying there on my bed,
Feeling  confusion , chasing wishful dreams
Dreams i am missing out on, as i follow another

Absorbing information.
Wishing to know it all,
Aspiring to lick it all,
Intending to devour it all.

Staying up, trying to beat that constant ticking.
Hours go by in this delusion...

OH! Its 2 A.M
This is how it begins
Staying up trying to hoard it all,
useful, useless alike.

Like a dog on a treat.
Not caring what it eats.
Not caring what it spills
It satiates its hunger.
But mine only perpetuates itself
The more i chew, the more i swallow.

AH! its 3 A.M
Minutes passing by now, feeling this
comforting exhaustion.
Thanks to this hand crafted insomnia
I flick through these websites like chapters in a book.

Internet is my haunt
In these wee hours
For i got addicted to it,
Before i could grab a novel.

Fuck! It's 5 again
I steal quick gazes from my screen
Watching the darkness grow dim.
Time to wrap it up,
And rid you of this rant.
Another night well wasted,
I guess, i'll just fap and pant.

Will get ready to commit this mistake again,
For now, I try to cup those dreams back in again.
Dramatic representation how I spend my nights. :P
mt Jun 17
i have a mole on my left shoulder and an always swollen heart,
a penchant for feeling lonely and a deep love for art.
sometimes at night i'll think i'm pretty, like when my hair falls in rings
i say the word love often so i guess i love many things.
Amanda Jun 15
One more sleepless night for me
Haunted by every mistake
I'd rather be in dreams, asleep
My mind forces me to stay awake.

My eyes wide open against my will
The hours tick slowly away
I anxiously wait to drift off
So I won't have to suffer the next day.

My brain races, wonders, explodes
Wandering beast of demise
Meandering along its determined path
Despite loud echoing cries.

Each wretched nightmare I undertake
Is while sleep provides no relief
I lie in silence hoping for
A bit of rest, no matter how breif.

At last, my head breaks free from chains
Dozing, I'm happy I win
Dreams only last for so long
Until the next miserable day can begin.
Sleeplessness is killing me
Helene Marie May 29
I want to dance with you
Our feet will move
step by step,
with you guiding
the way
through moves that
we're making up
as we go

I want to laugh with you
as I stumble
and we fall
on top of each other,
barely breathing,
with aches in
our chests

I want to sway with you
as we clumsily climb
back onto our feet,
aligning our footsteps
until we're matching
in our paces,
with our smiles
spreading across
our faces

From dusk til dawn,
take me dancing
Persephone May 21
And I wander, "Am I just the glimmer in the river reflecting someone else's light?"
I'm to much like other people that I don't even know how much of me is me anymore.
Rj May 3
It’s hazy tonight as the quarter half moon glows
I grip the edges tight as the moist wind gently blows
Sitting on the rocks of the roof with soft hushed voices
Suddenly not caring about making the wrong choices
The cityscape is faint under shrouds of cool grey mist
I think of all these moments that I know I could’ve missed
My friends sit close and look up, staring up to find the stars
Me pointing out the landmarks, all of them sitting out so far
A moment of sisterhood and rebellion that we have never shared
We pull our shirts and bras off as if we had never cared
We three expose ourselves to the world that softly sleeps
This memory is ours, and it’s only ours to keep.
Paris Apr 29
I’ve never truly been diagnosed
But I have some troubles
Some ability to scare the living shit out of myself with my mind every single night

Can never fully sleep without something happening
Shall it be scratching, moaning, pounding on the walls
Shadows, demons, or just my own self getting me
Maybe voices or images, the thought of disasters
A nightmare, body pains, or just my own mind not wanting me to sleep
A nightmare, body pains, just my own mind not wanting me to sleep

Pains in my chest that hurt worse with every beat
Or maybe the sense of a presence looking over me
I haven’t got a clue for the cause of these nighttime fiascos
but it’s something every night
The only source of release is when I turn on my phone to see a text from the person I love
And even so, though it feels like a boundaries around me, I know something is out there waiting for me to turn off the lit screen and be face to face terrors that keep me awake at night
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