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little lion Nov 22
It's nights like these that make feelings of regret creep out of the shadows,
they come in through the cracks in the walls and the space beneath the door and crawl into the crevices in my bones and the pockets of space in my heart that used to be filled by you.

I wrap myself in the words you used to say, reread the messages you used to write and surround myself with the gifts you used to send back when I thought I was special...
back when you made me feel special.

It's nights like these when I can't help but imagine how much warmer I would be if I was in your arms, how much easier I would sleep knowing that I'd be waking up to you: your smile, your jokes, your touch...

But instead of sleeping, my mind continues to replay the moments,
the days,
the weeks,
the weeks and the ******* the months that led to this point, my mind is stuck trying to decipher where things went wrong and trying to determine how we got here and trying to find a way to ask "can we go back?"

I want to go back.
Sombro Nov 9
At night the stars seem far away,
But through the dark is light and day.
2020 seems to be getting somewhat better!
Beckie Davies Oct 28
I only come out at night
When the monsters roam
You ask me why I live so dangerously
Why I risk my life, my safety
My dear,
Did you never realise?
The scariest monster is me
Nighttime roaming...
Cassandra Oct 16
stumble in the door

no teeth
no pyjamas

half-naked and shaking
curl up in bed

and continue to lie
- a continuation of 'lies'
Ruby Red, Ruby Red
sweet voice in the cab,
slowly land as my fingers unfold;
freeing the steering wheel.
It’s like I’m in motion,
to catch the rainbow bird that beats its wings
to the song that you once had showed me.
Ruby Red, Ruby Red,
your smooth velvet lipstick
is pressed upon my wildest dreams,
and has painted me pink
Tender breath, sensual mist,
dancing upon heavy eyelids
warmed up and fluttering towards the sun,
that’s rising through my windshield.
Ruby Red, Ruby Red,
the city, it's called again.
I’ll tell you all about it,
if you visit me again.
Ruby Red, Ruby Red,
won’t you stay a little longer?
The show is better with you pulling the strings
upon my driftwood mind.
Ruby Red in my head,
you’re a sweet lost fabrication
placed at the center of my table
by the watching stars.
Ruby Red you’re in my head
You are the color of passion;
gone when the morning sun
breaks past the horizon.
V Aug 25

An hour to midnight
     low lit lights
     gentle undertones

    stained clouds of moisture
in a glass of wine
as thick
         as ripe layers of fog.

hums of symphonies,
          swells of low pitched voices,
              crescendos of conversation.

     murmurs, whispers of fine China
      and the newest editions of
       oil paintings from Italy

                                      Midnight at the gallery

clear glass, stained with
lipstick and breath --
     Laughter, light and
     undertones of ripe berry
lingered on the tip of glass.  

eyes wandering
over canvases of
lavish art
While stained clouds
of  moisture

are as thick as
ripe layers of fog.
Gabs Aug 6
I listen to the sounds of the breeze
I focus deeply upon its hum as it travels through the atmosphere.
It drifts past my ears creating a humanly like voice
I attentively tilt my head.
What that last phase was...I cannot be sure.
Yet I lift my body up attentively and look out into the night.
Zainab Aug 6
Laying down on the ground
I inhale the fragrance of the night.

Lost in the stare of the shining orb
surrounded by twinkling stars it was.

Ignoring the sense of transience in the air
It shines with beauty and flair.

The peaceful cricket sounds seep into my soul,calming the storm within.

The gentle breeze causing the trees to sway from side to side, rustling the fallen leaves of the day.

I inhale and exhale whilst admiring the scenery.

Slowly,I fade into unconsciousness as the tune of the night time lulls me to sleep.

And the night is so beautiful
When it's dark I see the light,
And the night is my only friend
Helps the time fade away.

The darker the night
The brighter the stars,
We gonna be alright.

The darker the night
The brighter the stars,
We will find our path.

"The darkest hour is followed by the dawn"
It's the quietest time of night
Where the moon has peaked
All is hushed
And you're supposed to be asleep

But your mind plays games
Making noise that keep you awake
Mocking your restlessness and fears
Little monsters play tug-of-war
And swing from moonlit chandeliers

I Find comfort in the dark
A pitch black tranquility
But little monsters search for a thought
To keep me awake unwillingly

Heart steadies like the sea
Holding on to the evanescent dreams
Waiting for the pounce of little feet
Jumping on on you like a trampoline

They've finally tuckered themselves out
From running about
They curl up beside me
And count their sheep
Beside little monsters
I sleep
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