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Jewel Aug 11
they say its a key
but I don’t need to unlock it
when I've seen
what's behind them

it doesn't prevent it
but rather demotivates

Yet I sustain
my hope
and wonder.

I push on
until I set off
and I do so 
with as much knowledge
in my head 
as I have power
in my legs.
We all are
The healers
On finding
The right sufferer

One day
We will realize
After all
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Appreciation
sara Apr 30
Love is patient, love is kind
love is pain, just in disguise.
Ken Pepiton Apr 18
The un-organized, nicht dis
ized me, with more brain cells in my soft belly than in my

amyg-dali-esque ambit-hibation station

broad casting on all waves twisting in ever from here.

Here i have ever been since ever was a thought,

and this is what you got.

Give it a try, not my will, but thine been done,
and this is what that answered prayer

became, today,
after the sufficiency of evil
swept away with the same besom which swept witches
to pyres,

back in the day, they say... we were born after those

lies had been thourough, rought, right thought wrong.

Fixin´ an'fittin'for most folk, same same

in forming a way around the dam thing, holding

certain truth from truce sake.

If Paul Rivere had writ this in silver,

you would never know,
but i wrote it in light, on your window to your soul,

and you read it, or not. Ig ig ig nor nominy anomoly night

right is a reason, for other wise pro
vagus nervous knowing, oh, my god, is this true

this system, is mapped

on a baseball,
stitches and horse hide and all? Yen, curiosity-ifty

boo, do you know
we are

wasted if we missed our call to be other wise and ended as

this wise and not that. Up or down, depends who looks.

If a cannabinoid system did not exist, I would suggest we invent it.
a be habited me, beguiled, addicted and happy as a clam makin'a pearl stop rubbing.
by Michael R. Burch

what would u give
to simply not exist—
for a painless exit?
he asked himself, uncertain.

then from behind
the hospital room curtain
a patient screamed—
"my life!"

Originally published by Setu. Keywords/Tags: brexit, death, exit, suicide, euthanasia, quick, painless, hospital, patient, hospice, final, curtain, existence, nonexistence
Ken Pepiton Mar 12
Truth or dare, dare, always dare, truth be known

you know, be free makin', the
ingredient of ever

we all share. So dare, the truth can never lie,

and you know good from evil,

right, y' good t' go.

Leap into ever after now as if this has value,

out- about time, we nail about right on, about

as a pre-position for trans any thing, mogrification, f'sure,

about is impossible to point at without

observational bias confirmation and cognotible gnosis snot

dripping into a realm after logos, it's

complicated con carne and

more layers of logical

thought, all sifted and sorted, so here

we find no reason for war... and no fear of dying.

How freeing...

about (adv., prep.)
Middle English aboute, from Old English abutan (adv., prep.),
earlier onbutan 
"on the outside of; around the circumference of, enveloping;
in the vicinity of, near;
hither and thither, from place to place,"
"with a rotating or spinning motion,"
in late Old English
"near in time, number, degree, etc., approximately;"
a compound or contraction of 
on (see on; also see a- (1))
+ be "by" (see by)
+ utan "outside," from ut (see out (adv.)). right... you knew it, not me.

About time means many things you may imagine,

all save the absense of good, actual tasted, tested, verified good,

all are possible - even probable - at a given point

about, is a miss, almost all the time.

who jah gonna call h'laf weardan? Hey, Sue, boy, Sioux, we concile

we are near in aptitude to our fathers who were wage slaves
in one nation,
under God's flag with all the battle ribbons, all the ribbons furl

url rhymes bettern world, furl a flutter fly, swear alliegaince to this sky

we got by, hell t' pay, hell we paid, we got by

the rest remaining is ours and mr. hicks's peace on earth.
this is that bubble of being.
As it evolved from the peaceful kingdom over and over,
infolding the american dream to this
on a more galactic scale.

Out there,
liars prosperity
don't disturb the true
heirs of the wind, in the end.
Is free will determined to make a fool of me?
Abigail Ann Feb 18
You took a risk by asking me out for dinner
that happened last 5th of September
A date I will always remember
One dinner that leads to another, then another

You always remind me that every second is appreciated
Nothing is ever taken for granted
I have never met someone so consistent
And also very patient

You regularly make sure that I have eaten on time
You respected my boundaries and didn’t dare to cross a line
Habitually asking me if everything is fine
All of this, I will surely treasure for the rest of my life
Maligayang Kaarawan, Aking Mahal :)
Unless we tolerate,
We are not peaceful.

Unless we endure,
We are not patient.

Unless we let go,
We are not yet free.

Unless we trust,
We have no faith.

Unless we are compassionate,
We are not humane.

Unless we care,
We do not truly love.

Unless we love,
We have not actually lived.

Unless we understand,
We do not fully know.

© By Abdulmalik Jibril
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