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neth jones Mar 27
begin the day ; a **** taught of features
in need of clean linen,
    unswallowable meds
    and a diaper change
routine ; that'll teach ya !

they ask her the day of the week
   her name
what year it is
   when is your birthday ?
do you feel any pain ?
   do you know where you are ?

flailing in memory
they just turn off the overheads
  and let her settle into her senility
attend to the physical basics
whilst she's suckered into her own storage unit
  operating like a humming fridge
   with its door slight ajar
    and the small hot bulb
     finking on and winking off

                      - perish well 
                       & in comfort Dear

Even though we're
so much
quarrelsome, but
nevertheless we
us and yet
always loves us
dearly so much.
She's far
away from my arm
to touch, but she's
right therein my
heart to reach. She's
he's highly sensitive.
By her humility is
is required of
him. She loves me,
I loved her more.
My Dear Poet Apr 2021
Don’t tell her you love her
just show her you do
Don’t show her you love her
unless it’s really true
Don’t hold her if you don’t want her
neither let here hold you
Don’t touch or kiss her
even if she’d like you to
She may just be lonely
and just lost in what to do
So be patient, take it slowly
if you’re strong to carry through
You’ll be hers and hers only
and she’ll be yours too
Carlo C Gomez Mar 2021
this once sound vessel
succumbing to agony,
as if scuttled by
a siren at sea,

and in her heart
flutters and sunbeams,
she's not alone
in her dreams,

there's a torch light
with wings, dancing
about her wounds,

it burns of empathy,
but too numb to feel the pain
of her dying rooms,

hereabouts goodbye,
under the silk of anesthesia,
she whispers,
"blade of grass, then away we fly..."

chi Feb 2021
Please be patient with me, I spend most of my day swimming in the ocean of my thoughts.
Please be patient with me, sometimes I'm too scared to speak up but there are days where I speak too much.
I always loved too much and received a little, I got used to being treated like ****.
I do not know what I deserve so please be patient with me.
I cry over the slightest inconvenience but there are days when I cover it up with a smile.
Please be patient with me, a lot of days I breathe because you exist.
I'm a mess, like a sudden drought, but this mess loves you without a single doubt.
so when times get tough and you realize it's hard to love me, just remember, please be patient with me.
can you be patient with the me?
Chad Young Jan 2021
"Someone at school was bullying me."
Well Baha'u'llah says that God loves the sighs of the oppressed more than anything else.
Because it means we are being kind and not trying to take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
Rather we forgive and suffer through oppression.
Thus, God will vindicate us either in this world or the next.
For Baha'u'llah also said that the paradise for the patient is the only paradise without limitation.
Thus, we sigh, we wait, we suffer.
Life's curve *****
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