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I S A A C Jul 10
distracted by gleaming greens
emerging into the deep sea
the pitch black, ditch facts
invested in the diversity
shrugging off adversity
distracted by gleaming greens
birth in sea like Aphrodite
my descent is perfect timing
M Eastman Jun 18
Light fails and shadows race,
Murmurs echo in night's embrace.
The precipice beckons, l'appel du vide sway,
Untethered, falling in disarray.
Enveloping tendrils, dreams entwined,
Despair's ballet, absence find.
Silvermail submerged descent,
Silent witnesses, heart's lament.
TomDoubty Apr 2021
I wake reciting lines
mouthing syllables
I thought were gone

Coldly raging
at the same hollow loss
on the edge of my dreams
you are turning away

How does it feel?

It feels like my child-dreams
the soundless screaming descent
into bottle-green dark
as the light recedes to a halo
I know I am dying

I wake drenched in this
my thoughts turn you over
and over and I ask
Could I ever have read you?

I leafed through you, yes
then put you aside
and left your pages fluttering
in the breeze

Sarah Lane Jan 2021
Time is a prison
That I cannot escape
It drags me back and forth
Lashed against square walls
There is no break
In its relentless order
It’s like a tyrant
Commanding my existence
Everyone else is trapped
In their own ticking prison
But they stopped fighting
Gave into the stupor
Rats on a wheel
is much less painful
Than running up against
Time’s unforgiving confines
Why are we all roped in?
Is there no way out?
Of this looming pendulum
Pounding in my ears
Laughing at hope
A sarcastic witch
Where is God?
He doesn’t put himself in a box
His days are unnumbered
This is a joke or a game
I don’t want to play
I just want to be free
This monotonous pulse
Every second dictated
Drives me into madness
But I’m the only sane one
who still acknowledges captivity
I will conquer this regime
Even if God is the dictator
Because there is only void
Between the beats
Blackness, stillness
That’s where God hides
Beyond time, beyond life
I will break the code
I will find Him
If He’s not there
At least, I will be free
In the peace and quiet
Written as narration for a character in a short film created by my husband.
Radhika Krishna Jan 2021
Good Evening,
I hope your journey was pleasurable
Would you like any refreshments?
A hot cup of blood perhaps,
Or some freshly brewed darkness?
Seranaea Jones Jan 2021

feel the heaviness
of invitations

free fall of purpose,
dissolving into a

circling it's center
thinning number
by number

ten, nine, eight,
six, five,


feather tips




steps away from
loose earth at
the edge,

giving way

one ;

submerged as the
membrane above
sleep vaporizes

into web-footed
thrusting through

with "up" rotated
across the
undertow and
pulling you beneath—


s jones

01 Jan 2021
Spriha Kant Sep 2020
No regret , no descent of gloomy drop from eyes and no pain in heart for falling for a man dressed in courage.

No shivering in hands for emptying all those love poetries into trash which unknowingly embraced a spineless in the ****.

Flowers of love and trust , though , trampled but I am still a flower who is yet to be wilted !
Andrew Rueter Aug 2020
While I'm floating in heaven
My alarm hits eleven
From sins numbering seven
My transcendence is threatened

I lower my elevation
To experience sin
Giving empty stimulation
Where I don't really win

I fair in heights
50 below Fahrenheit
Like an imperiled kite
Flying a feral flight

Living in the clouds
I hear a thunder sound
So I look around
To see I'm lightning bound

A burn immense
From a herd of dense
Into descent

The gravelly ground
Wears gravity's crown
It starts grabbing me down
Until I'm gradually drowned

The weight is too much
And I sink into the dirt
I say enough is enough
Then perpetuate hurt

I couldn't fly
So I rule below
I'm not gonna lie
I wish I could go
Tony Tweedy Jul 2020
All lives matter!!
If you have to nominate a colour then you aren't the solution.
Miles Graves Jun 2020
In quiet days that hold me
With a pulse so gentle, declining,
I can’t find my final outcome.

When days are trembling, and hours are out of place,
I look for faces that aren’t in sight
And for those warm rays that were somewhere mislaid.

As the day breaks apart, as the night is all I know,
I shall imitate that smile I once bore, that life tore away.
As discomfort reigns, I shall let my memories suffocate as they fade.
rhymes aren't intended. forgive me.
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