As the line between our private lives,
& the public eye blurs,
all the old paradigms dissolve,
& nothing becomes as it was before,

only a few months more,
to get this riddle solved,
feeling like The Batman The Joker,
& Lois Lane all rolled in one,

my new name is Nigiri,
on a roll hot like wasabi,
my threads are all designer,
& my hobbies are all hobbies,

I am definitely not sure at all,
well at least definitely not probably,

babbling’ with talking heads,
while jousting with the walking dead,
because we’re up right now up right now,
that's right the life of the party,

& you all probably already know all this,
because the whole time was Live recording,
Instagram Live Streaming all the time,
I'm dreaming at the same time touring,

every moment recorded,
even when it's not at all important,
off script but don't trip,
because we're still part of the program,

so before I even wake up,
you already know the whole thing,
you already know what happened,
the night before the morning,

the Knight Before The Mourning,

sounds a bit prolific & prophetic,
at least a little bit don’t you think,
but what’s it matter the least little bit, if no one takes the time to think,

they’re just getting their nails done,
in the salon in the bottom of the boat,
as it sinks & we just think,
“Well I hope at least the lifeboat floats”,

in a bit of a panic,
like Leo in the Titanic,
searching for my romantic Winslet,
before we both sink in this disaster,

see I see you drowning in this sea,
& I still love you even after everything,
so I swim over & my hand I outreach,
hoping you'll grab hold before you sink,
so I can backstroke with you on my back,
& swim us both to an island beach,

specifically Leo's island,
you know the one Blackadore Caye,
he actually asked me to run the island,
said it was just a bunch of palm trees,

& I know this is reality,
even though it all feels like a dream,
so I close my eyes pray for better times,
then open my eyes to focus & blink,





the camera is always on,
the recording is always running,
this is layer cake no this is pound cake,
no this is the first ring around the onion,

onions in the sink,
got my eyes running made me think,
turned the water off got a wash cloth,
then took a moment to blink,





as the line between our private lives,
& the public eye blurs,
all the old paradigms dissolve,
& nothing becomes as it was before,

only a few months more,
to get this riddle solved,
feeling like The Batman The Joker,
& Lois Lane all rolled in one,

∆ LaLux ∆

from The Sydney Sessions
the follow up from multiple # best selling author Aaron Lux
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while rain falls like teardrops
from gloomy clouds that
suspend over a consumerist
country. impatient people will
trample over themselves to save
money on those bargain deals.
I will remain safe in my house,
nestled up in my warm cozy
blanket with my pajamas still on,
feasting on Thanksgiving leftovers
and read a book or write a poem
and have Charles Bronson entertain
me on the movie screen but most of
all I get the purest enjoyment
forgetting about how
vicious and gruesome
the holidays can be.
there’s no other way
to spend Black Friday
and there never was

Not participating in Black Friday ever!

terrible advice
from someone
telling you
how to live
your life

something as simple
as suggesting what
movie to watch or
what book to read or
what music to listen to

it may have impacted
their life in a certain way
but that doesn’t mean
it’ll impact yours

do what you like on your
own terms and live your
life the way you want to

I suggest you don’t take
any depressing advice
from this poem or the
gates of my persona
will flood with contradiction

I love to sit in comfort
At home watching TV
I watch my favorite movies
The one's that work for me

It's not a Christmas movie
Just because there's snow
That's something folks at Hallmark
Should be told, so someone knows

To me, A Christmas movie
Has Santa and a gift
It has a Christmas message
It gives people a lift

Getting lost in a big snowstorm
Finding love in a small town
Doesn't make it Christmas
In fact, it brings me down

I want music, Bing and Danny
Scrooge , Kris Kringle, silent night
I want movies I grew up with
I want films in black and white

I watch movies that will touch me
Make me feel what's deep inside
I want to feel the Christmas spirit
I want shepherds to abide

A Christmas film is something
I want to sit and watch each year
I want to understand what they are saying
I want the message to be clear

Entertain me, make me feel it
Films traditional and new
I want to travel backwards
To remember Christmas past....don't you

A real good Christmas movie
Brings memories into my mind
Of sitting down with Grandpa
Things Hallmark doesn't find

So, even though it starts a fire
No matter what you see
It may be a Christmas film to you
But, it may not be to me

L S O Oct 28

There are two forces that make humankind forgetful:
Love, which makes us forget
the offenses that hurt the most
and Greed, which makes us forget
the things that matter the most.

Some of my takeaways from the Thai movie "Bad Genius."
Blois Oct 21

Millions of specs of dust fly
on the single ray of light that
comes in through the window.
Everything is changing, even them.

Them, who used to be other things,
and words,
and strangers,
and blindness,
and eyes,
and thougths that crack the skull,
all the things together,
and fiction,
and for one brief moment

That you are the one I reenact
the love scenes from movies
in my head, is that so terrible?
And that is to become dust too,
without you even knowing,
and will be blown away.

Aaron LA Lux Oct 16

My mind is mine,
at least I think it is,
but my body honestly,
I’m not so sure,

see I left home,
a runaway,
and most of my past,
is totally blurred,

sometimes I look at my hands,
and think they’re not mine,
sometimes I see my parents,
and think they’re not mine,

and I feel trapped in here,
like a Ghost in a shell,
and the only way I know to get these messages to you,
is through these letters I spell,

like a message in a bottle,
sent by First Class Mail,
letters messages bottles,
it’s all adding up as far as I can tell,

and I’d explain it all,
but I don’t want to get too specific,
it’s not that I’m scared I’m just not sure,
which side I’m on and to which alliance I’ve enlisted,

so I continue to just write in code,
to spell sentences with these letters,
ABC’s are my 1’s and 0’s,
because I program Emotionalist,

and that’s Emotionalist,
not Emotionless,
there’s a difference,
please make a note of it,

here we go again,
for worse or for better,

they made me a weapon,
but not the kind that kills,
they taught me how to destroy,
by teaching me how to build,

see whenever I feel anxious,
and people tell me to chill,
I tell my self to behave,
because it’s just the Ghost in my shell,

see my mind is mine,
at least I think it is,
but my body honestly,
I’m not so sure…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

A Sep 30

He was enjoying
Man of Steel
While I was enjoying
the company of my superman.

I didn’t like L.Lane for Kal El
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