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So when, again
Are you gonna get out of my head
Leave my daydreams
And take me by the hand
Lead me out
Onto the floor
At this ****** high school dance
Fortnite dance
Because you know
It ****** me off
Until we get kicked out
For being too loud

That's okay
We'll just head back to your place
Watch some awful
Horror movies
While your hand
Sneaks up my leg
I'll probably kick you
And pin you down
But that's how you like it
Isn't that right
Bite my neck
Until I beg you to stop
Tickle my sides
To break the silence
And wait a while
For me to fall asleep
Just so you can wake me up
And remind me
That it was just a dream
Oh god. I'm pretty whipped. I'm pretty ******* whipped.
Chiara Sep 23
You call me a nerd, tell me that I’m freaky.
Only ‘cause I love comics, my books and my movies.
You say that I’m childish, that I ought to grow up,
That I’m too old, that I should give it up.
But people don’t get it, why I love other worlds,
Why I read Harry Potter and watch Lord of the Rings.
The reason for it, it’s quite obvious to me:
To escape my life, this reality of me.
Fantasy forever <3
Aaron LaLux Sep 20
no rules,
pheromones, coffee & *******, at midnight,
killing common sense, just to feel alive, & live life,
but in my defense, I’m not having kids, I’m not a common guy,

& all that averageness, well I’m not having it,
I’m a picnic, that’s missing some sandwiches,
driving high with one headlight in a Hyundai with bad handling,
one hand out the window with one finger to The Establishment,

had it together Once Upon a Time In Hollywood,
then lost my mind like Brad Pitt, not exactly sure where it went,

got a few screws loose, yet still manage to handle stuff,
plus the fact that my head is too loose is taken advantage of,
by some thoughts inside that’re about to make their escape,
subtracting erratic additives & adding eccentric adjectives up,

wish to stay organized, even had a list in order to prioritize,
but lost the list & forgot whatever it was that was on it...

from THHT3 The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
available now here:

also if you'd like a copy for FREE I'm giving away the kindle version of the book to every person that messages me directly and/or comments on this post in the next 24 hours. ∆
Aaron LaLux Sep 7
an excerpt of 'Things Fall Apart', poem #68 from volume 3 of The Hollywood Hearts Trilogy (THHT3)

...My psyche has become,
an eclectic collection of past relationships,
a combination of all the feelings any stranger has ever felt,
along with all the feelings of every girl I ever had relations with,
I still feel each one of them inside, they are a part of me,
exchanged a part of myself with everyone I’ve ever slept with,
this, is, way beyond our control, slaves to the physical,
maids made from the momentary expressions of souls impulse,

here on planet earth, none of this is rehearsed,
no seats are reserved everyone thinks but no one is sure,
no one wants to play along if the DJ’s not playing a song,
when the music ceases to sound we sit down where we are,
in hot seats & Musical Chairs not prepared to be served,
but so what, who one cares if you’ve prepared,
or what you’d prefer, you know what, it’s inconsequential,
because regardless of preference you’re gonna get served,
& rest assured you’re gonna get served what you deserve,
& you’re gonna eat what you’re served, no alternative,
& guess what the ticket you grip decides what you’re severed,
at the table as has been actors with ADD act inattentive,
they stammer can barely remember the words they’ve learned,
forgetting their manners & forgetting their words,
a prima donna Rick Dalton Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,
at times can be theatrically awkward, but I give you my word,
every thing is real, life’s a trip, from thee Benz to thee hearse,
from the sands & the dirt to a towering mountain top perch,...


instagram @aaronlalux
Sam H Aug 31
You remind me of
Some indie films i've seen
Where the colors are warm and subtle
Every scene so intricate and perfectly written
An underrated classic that’s so well hidden
From the view of the public eye
Its a taste that only some can acquire

Your intro ****** and conclusion
Are independent on its own
A beguiling, marvelous illusion
A vision to which nothing comes close
Your music harmonizes
with the view of the terrain
The film puts my heart at ease
You’re a cinematic masterpiece
Randy Johnson Aug 29
In 1987, he starred in a movie that was called 'The Monster Squad'.
At a very young age, he died and went to Heaven to be with God.
Two other movies that he starred in were 'Home Free' and 'Dance 'Til Dawn'.
When he died of Pneumonia in 1997, it was hard to believe that he was gone.
He abandoned his acting career to study law before dying at the age of 22.
To die at such a young age is unfair and ridiculous, and that certainly is true.
Randy Johnson Aug 23
I found out why a lot of people started hating me.
I was a screenwriter and I wrote Superman III.
I never dreamed that I'd be bullied when I became a screenwriter.
But people think my writing ***** and I had to become a fighter.
The Warner Bros. executives quickly wished they had thrown my screenplay in the trash.
Years later, I wrote an even worse screenplay which is titled 'The Adventures of Pluto Nash'.
My days of being a screenwriter were over and I was in tears.
Eddie Murphy beat the hell out of me because I ruined his career.
Other people also beat me up so I started taking karate classes.
I earned a black belt and I started kicking people's *****.
If you're another bully, I need to tell you something before we start fighting.
You should back off because I'm far better at karate than I am at screenwriting.
littlebrush Aug 15
Do you think of me?

When you watch all those cliches,
—that you like a lot, by the way,—

Trinkets, Duff, “To All the Boys I Loved Before,”
when you watch that girl,

Do you think of us?
Maria Nieves Jul 15
Let’s be honest with ourselves
You want her
She wants you
She wants to see you every morning
See your bed head before getting up to go to work
She wants to come home to seeing you
Asking her about work and vice versa
Both of us in the kitchen making dinner
We end up being silly and mess up dinner
Cuddling on the couch
Watching our favorite movies
She falls asleep in your arms
You wake her up with light kisses
Just to bring her to bed
For that to become a reality
You have to be honest with yourself
She wants you
Do you want her?
It’s a yes or no
She just wants the truth
Randy Johnson Jun 15
He died 25 years ago today, which is a quarter of a century.
He produced 'Never Say Never Again' with Sean Connery.
He was born in 1932 and was a man who people would admire.
First he was married to Judith Deborah Feldman and then to Talia Shire.
He was the executive producer of 'Rad' and 'I Am The Cheese'.
When he produced movies, they were certainly sure to please.
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