My love with you will not only be filled with butterfly kisses and silky grips
But it will also be filled with stingray whips and electric lips,

My love with you will not only be filled with warm sheets and bunny cuddles
But it will also be filled with polar ice cubes and freezing tongue muscles,

My love with you will not only be filled with sugar sweet smiles and jelly joys
But it will also be filled with tear soaked shoulders and confusing conflicts of noise,

My love with you will not only be filled with seven star resorts and ravishing restaurants
But it will also be filled with playing various games and nights of movie hunts,

My love with you will not only be filled with heavenly peace and encouraging each other’s dreams
But it will also be filled with running races and roller coasters of emotion on diverse streets,

My love with you will not only be filled with artistic gifts and poetic lines that flutter
But it will also be filled with a collage of master pieces that we have created together for each other.

Ghazal: A short lyrical poem that arose in Urdu. It is between 5 and 15 couplets long. Each its own poetic thought but is linked in rhyme that is established in the first couplet and continued in the second line of each pair. The lines of each couplet are equal in length. Themes are usually connected to love and romance. The closing signature often includes the poet's name or allusion to it.
Mims May 8

I don't like cold technology,
I'd prefer bulky computers,

I don't like kindles,
I prefer books,

I prefer blue eye shadow,
To contouring.

Was born in the wrong time.
I wish life was like the 80s,
When children still played outside.
I like old 'scary' movies that aren't scary at all,
But today's 'horror'
Not even laughable.

I wish I could've watched Star Trek the original series on tv,
When I came home from school,

Or at least seen the original Star Wars, in the theaters.

This generation just doesn't do it for me at all.

James May 1

Where did you go, Duke?
You left without a goodbye.
I saw you last night
in old black and white,
on a silver screen
you tipped your hat to me
left a word to the wise,
a nod, and a grin --
When I saw you ride off
and the sun set
on a late night channel
I looked for my grandfather's
chair, and in the memories
of a child, I saw the smile
on his rugged face
knowing his hero
would ride again
next Sunday.

My Grandfather loved John Wayne movies and so do I.  My fondest memories were sitting with my grandfather, watching a John Wayne western.  I miss them both.
Joshua Haines Apr 30

I've always lived this way;
used to wish for other
                         ways to feel.
On a tidal wave,
with white walls and
           a body made of steel.

And I'm drinking,
      in the sunlight.
Wind whooshing by,
says I'm James Dean.
I can't fake it,
because I'm so uncool.
Better make it
to an ivy-league school.

I've always lived this way;
always running to get closer
                       to how I feel.
On a tidal wave;
not enough money
       or looks to buy a meal.

And I'm standing,
  before the teller,
       and I tell her,
to close my account.
There goes my religion;
well, the one that isn't
       west coast bound.

I've always lived this way;
watching people on t.v.
communicate how I feel.
Wanna be a slave,
with the screen as my
                      new shield.

Rein Mar 26

I can't promise you much
but if it comes to that
I can promise you
good books and music
good food and films
and all of my heart.

cosima Mar 16

temptation is everywhere

in movies
in photographs
in life

when you think you've found the one
theres always something else that catches your eye

you don't want to fall into their ploy
but somehow you always do

I feel like everyone falls for something or someone else when they have the thing they already want.
Mims Mar 8

There's nothing wrong with la la land,
For me,
It is a reminder that there just aren't movies like that,
For me,
That display my love,

I don't get,

Or duets,
Or colorful sets,

I don't get pretty dresses,
Twirling in an over head shot,

I get over sexualized,
And movies,
That are not,
For me.

I told him once so very long ago
“you make me feel like I am in a movie”.
He swept me off my shaking feet
as if I were a peasant with a fear of heights, afraid to fall
and he was my prince in disguise.

It all seemed too good to be true.

I heard a new love song every time he laughed
as if there was a musician writing music just for us;
for the first time, I found home
not in a building or location, but in someone’s arms
and a happily ever after seemed in our reach.

It all seemed too good to be true.

what I seemed to have forgotten when I first got lost in his eyes was that

I knew it all seemed too good to be true.

the credits just started rolling. why is my name so small? was my role not important enough?
Aaron LA Lux Feb 21

The Basketball Diaries

I’m losing my faith in humanity,
and I’m just as much a part of the problem,
here I’ll explain an example,
it involves The Basketball Diaries,

went to a rooftop cinema in Budapest,
there I met two beautiful girls,
they brought me up to the VIP,
fed me drinks and helped me feel again,

it was a bit surreal,
on that rooftop,
watching Leo on the big screen,
it’s always surreal seeing someone on screen that I’ve actually met,

Leo’s a cool guy,
trying to save the world even though it all seems hopeless,
anyways there I was watching Leonardo DiCaprio,
play the starring role of a strung out poet,

the parallels are there,
but my addiction is not heroin,
yes I’m strung out,
but my drug of choice is women friends,

so when the two girls in the VIP,
got closer and closer to me,
I feel deeper and deeper in love,
because I love unconditionally without apologies,

we went back to my place,
I put some videos on my projector screen,
I almost had sex with one of them,
the one I though would be my girlfriend,

her friend interrupted,
girl interrupted,
boy interrupted,
she said she wanted a guy to have sex with too,

so we went back out,
albeit reluctantly,
to a cliche club with a bunch of tourist,
so my girl’s friend could get some exotic dick,

it was then I realized,
as the two danced together,
trying to lure in a man,
just to get him inside of them,

that humanity is truly lost,
and apart of me died,
right there on that dance floor,
I felt the club,

I don’t want to find a girl to just fck at night,
I don’t want a dawn goodbye,
I want mimosas with my lover at brunch the next day,

I guess I’m too much of a romantic,
that’s what I get for being a poet,
feeling strung out like Leo,
just searching for another fix,

just chasing that first high,
that first real love,
but all I find out here these days,
is bitches and hoes that are counterfeit,

fck it,

I’m so done,
maybe I should become a monk,
my life is too blessed,
to mess with these girls that couldn’t care less,

I miss,
and I watch it sparkle and fade,
as I add another piece of me to this charade,

a piece of me died on that dance floor,
and I probably deserved the pain that brought,
and call me naive or whatever,
but I still feel that not all hope is lost,


I’m losing my faith in humanity,
and I’m just as much a part of the problem,
here I’ll explain an example,
it involves The Basketball Diaries…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

She was like a movie.
The way I imagined her.
She incited an emotion I haven't quite felt before.
Going from silly and quirky to a full blown romantic.
She was a character. A bottle full of fireflies each given a crayon.
Tracing the sky with different colors. Small jet streams coloring her lashes.
All with their tiny voices take the lid off.
Something this beautiful couldn't being to be bottled.
Imagining that I could take them with me everywhere I went.
An extension of her everywhere I went. The fireflies replacing butterflies.
Staring at her behind the lens of my glasses.
Easily one of my favorite movies.
A rebel that went without cause. Fighting for what she believed.
I fell in love with her the moment she appeared on screen.
Her constant questioning of why, looking to improve my affection.
Watching my favorite movie in mind.
When she'd accidentally look at the camera I felt her glare into my soul almost as if she could feel me watching.
Anticipating that I'd not once take my eyes from the screen.
Watching my favorite actress bare her soul in the vibrant hues her eyes splashed across the screen.
Throughout the history of my life you couldn't have told me that heaven would appear as close as it did then.
Picturing the term me turn to the epic and complete phrase "We"
A compilation of picturing her do different things, a quick sketch artist falling in love
with flash photography.
Tracing her face in different colors.
The tip of my finger following the outline of her jaw.
A Representative of Hallmark helping me choose the prefect greeting, not knowing that all along she would be the recipient.
My belief in movies

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