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girl gonzo Apr 15
i'm standing pale legged at the video store
the Friday's all coming to meet at this exact location
like a montage ready to collect and gather information
and then parting ways, moving into the local subways
crossing the veins of the city in vain waiting for an optimal stop
that allows them to step off into the sunlight
and greet fate standing under the crowded street light
ushering an invitation with sweaty hands as they collapse fully drenched

I can feel the air conditioning escaping the room
can tell from the way people are passing by, that this pause won't keep and I inch towards the old case that holds the movie Thirteen  
the girls with the studded tongues stare back at me and I am a mutant, unrecognizable in that gaze but still there's something that makes me bite my fingernails like trying to de-understand
the floor is gum stained and the lights are so neon I think I can fall in love forever
my shoelace is untied and the man behind the restricted area with the dark curtains coughs twice and I think
that the aisles continue even after you leave
a note on certain properties
Philomena Apr 11
Look to the silver screen
Locked lips and soft hips
Love is everywhere
And sometimes its messy
And perfect
So incredibly perfect
And you just cant help but to put yourself in their shoes
Wrapped up in the arms of another
Forever and ever
Lilli Sutton Apr 4
Monday, curled up in bed all day
watching movies in the dark,
alone – my least favorite way
to watch a movie. Oh well.
Blue lights for company.
My hands full of tiny pieces of glass.
A dumb decision – not when I dropped the bowl,
not when it shattered, but after I cleaned
up the pieces – I tried to scrub
my hands in the sink, left a million
tiny cuts burning on my fingers.
If I spend one night alone,
that’s how I want the rest to be –
so forgive me if I stay upstairs.
I can hear my friends in the living room
leave the door cracked so their voices
float to me. The most comforting sound –
as a kid I slept with my ear pressed to the floor
beside the vent in my room, to listen
to the TV coming up through the cracks.
The news, and my dad snoring,
and the cold wood against my cheek.
Aaron LaLux Apr 4
Didn’t know,
there were so,
many people our there,

I thank you,
you’re welcome,
now we can drink,

incredibly perfect,
choice present,
actions with intent,

it’s the man in the mirror again,
what does it mean does it mean anything,
just relax take a seat have a drink,

try some marzipan or better yet try again,
but wait what about marscopone,

catching the time watching it go by on the mirror clock,

“Are you okay,
you look a little tired.”,
“yeah I’m fine.”,
I reply,

never wanted to **** a man,
even if he had it coming,
and he did,
bring out the dogs and get the cats to quit complaining,

it’s raining cats and dogs,
open the box don’t wake up on your death bed with regrets,
I’ve killed men in service of my country,
God bless the USA stars and stripes promises and threats,

and I’d say there’s a conspiracy,
at least that’s my guess,
and I almost know what I’m doing here,
but I don’t quite know yet,

didn’t know,
there were so,
many people our there,

I thank you,
you’re welcome,
now we can drink…

∆ LaLux ∆
Arden Apr 1
I just realized that peter pan is actually an angel
And neverland is heaven
Those kids didn’t age because they were dead
I wish I didn’t age

I try to put my mental health before education
But then it affects my education which effects  
My mental health which effects my
Educ- you get it

Do you realize we are the kids our parents
Warned us about

I am an overly emotional
Distant private person
Who has the tendency to overshare at any moment
And I don’t know what the **** that means
But I'm going with it

This poem doesn’t really have a meaning
But I think that might be the meaning
lovely Mar 16
you seemed shocked when i told you
i’ve never seen star wars
or godfather I or II.
Nor have I seen pulp fiction,
ferris buellers day off,
little rascals
or most marvel movies.
you insist on a movie night,
“i can’t let you sit there uncultured”
you say with a smile.
i agree knowing that i won’t remember the movies.
all i’ll remember is you sitting close to me
too nervous to hold my hand, but too stubborn to move away.
i’ll remember seeing out of the corner of my eye, you watching me in awe.
probably thinking “how beautiful”
and you aren’t even watching the movies.
you’re watching me,
staring at me,
longing for me.
all i want is for you to grab my hand
and take me in your arms
make me yours.
don’t be embarrassed my prince...
i want you too.
I owe money to a man named Robert G. Durant.
I want to pay him the money I owe but I can't.
He cuts off the fingers of people who don't pay him money.
You may find it amusing but I sure as **** don't think it's funny.
He cut off all of my fingers, he didn't even spare one.
I couldn't even pick my nose after he was done.
I want to give Durant the bird but I don't have the finger to do it with.
I'd chop his ***** off with a lightsaber if I had fingers and if I was a Sith.
You'd better take my advice because it sure isn't a lie.
Pay Robert Durant or you can kiss your fingers goodbye.
Donovan Mar 3
It’s not your fault.
You were a victim
Of an evolutionary process.
A casualty of war.
A side effect.

You took your last breath
Years ago but I still clutch
A handful of memories of you
Despite father time’s attempts
To grind them into dust.

You stood so tall, so noble.
The tiny suns that illuminated
Your name flared in the moonlight,
Morphing you into a beacon that
Greeted the world with open arms.

You’re dead now.
Your lights have fizzled out,
Doomed to eternal black.
Your shelves, once home to
The magnum opus’ of
Spielberg and Scorsese,
Now cradle only cobwebs
And dust.

Your doors will never swing again.
Your parking lot, cracked and grey,
Will never welcome another visitor.
Your windows, shattered beyond
Repair or recognition or hope,
Will never be looked at in awe
By a wonderstruck child.

But that’s okay.
You were given only
A sliver of time with us
And with it you managed to
Fill millions of hearts,
Forge millions of bonds,
And paint millions of smiles.

Rest easy, old friend.
Let me know if you have any suggestions or improvements!
Alyssa Gaul Feb 20
I am a collection
of half-watched movies

End yet to-be-determined
Stuck in the middle bits

An unfinished  biography
of a life put on-pause

The characters have no future
Just like I have no future

My library remains full
An over-whelming archive

When will the master
finish the piece?

The follow through
is the most important part

The neurotic longs to discover
the treasure at the end of it all

Though sometimes the final destination
is only death or tragedy

Only pain and no closure
And nothing meaning anything

And maybe the movies are
half-finished because

I already know
I'll be disappointed in the ending.
clever Feb 1
my world is flipped upside down.
the blood is rushing to my head.
i can feel my face flushing.
you're next to me, right side up,
as if nothing even matters.
my stomach's hurting a little,
and i'm holding on for my life

our knees are over the back of the couch.
and my hair is brushing the ground.
and we're hanging here,
falling in love a little,
and laughing like absolute maniacs.
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