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The  sea of silence lies between us,
but In silence nature's grandest work is done
and the Life's brightest stars rise from a troubled darkness.
So remember, even if you are not ready
for light it cannot always be darkness.
on my back
surrounded by
the beauteous
and magnificent
i had intended
on being
that which i carry
too distracting
to ignore

i did not see
the grace
   of the clouds
watching only
in hope that
it might
drift away
with them;
to see only
cirrus and cirrocumulus
and neither
looked strong enough
to bear
the weight

i could not feel
the warmth
   of the sand
focused on burying
attempting to crush
and blend it
to a fine grain
it would not
its bulk
neither comfort
not support

i was not worthy
of the calming embrace
   of the sea
saw no point
in making
an offering
to the waves
only for it to be
   and returned
by the tide;
the swell spitting
at my feet
in dismissal

noticing the sun
hiding its face
i packed up
   my belongings
making sure
not to leave
anything behind;
all that i had carried
would return
with me
Homunculus Feb 24
Breathing in, I dwell
deeply in this moment
Breathing out, I know,
it is the perfect moment

Breathing in, I see
it is an only moment
Breathing out, a moment
that's truly one of a kind

For appearances may
delude one into thinking
"This is nothing new
it has all happened before"

But the discrete events of THIS "now"
have never happened before
in precisely the same way
and they never will again

and though a moment may
be filled with pain or anger or despair
Just like the moment itself
these will also disappear

So too, a moment may
be filled with rapture, bliss, and joy
but as with the moment again
these will also disappear

Breathing in with this in mind
to what is there to cling?
Breathing out with this in mind
from what am I repelled?

Breathing in with this awareness,
I see each moment is a miracle
Breathing out with this awareness
a smile sweeps across the face

Breathing in, I'm here
Breathing out, I'm now
Breathing in I don't desire
Breathing out I'm free
For our accomplished teacher who has shed his mortal coil. The man who taught us how to embody peace, compassion, love, respect, and joy. Namo Thầy, namo!
Tichozpytec Jan 12
Path through the darkness
Lit up by the Sun's brightness
With whispering grass

Shadows sowing fear
A wild companion appears
As a guarding shield

And so hand-in-hand
With the strength so kindly lent
Walk towards the end

Breadcrumbs left behind
To help those that might be blind
Reach the House of Dawn
All this universe, to the furthest stars,
all beyond them, is your flesh, your soul.
And one day, under the great sky in solitude and silence,
with humble heart shall I stand face to face with the abyss,
then, I think, i will understand why there is such a play of colors on clouds, on water, and why flowers are painted in tints, why there is music in leaves, and why the waves sending their chorus of voices
to the heart of the listening earth when I sing to make you dance.
Zywa Dec 2021
Upon mulberry

blossoms, Santa is sweating --

the worldly away.
Enlightenment at Christmas time in Australia

Collection "Metamorphic body"
clmathew Dec 2021
Loving kindness meditation for multiples (or you)
December 18th, 2021

You are safe.
You are loved.
You are known.
You are never alone.

Loving kindness meditation is a practice where people think positive thoughts for themselves and then others. You can find scripts, audio, and video examples on the web. I adapted this practice for myself as a multiple who meditates. Each person has to find their own way to healing, but this has been one huge step on my path. Adapt as you wish.

Set a timer to go off every 2 minutes. The Insight Meditation app has a very flexible meditation timer. One part (we use the term part or other to refer to the others sharing this body) starts and focuses on another part for 2 minutes, and then moves on to the next part, repeat until everyone has been focused on, concluding with focusing on yourself. There are 5 of us and one who meditates, so this is how we do it. Please adapt the statements to things that are powerful for you.

For 2 minutes think the following statements while visualizing the other part:
You are safe.
You are loved.
You are known.
You are never alone.

It has been very powerful to stop after repeating these phrases for a bit before the next bell, and see if a part answers back.

Continue for the next 2 minutes with the next part. Repeat until each known part has been focused on.

For the last 2 minutes, send these thoughts to yourself, the part doing the meditation.
This probably isn't relevant for anyone reading this blog, but here it is on the off chance that it finds someone and helps them. Welcome to my world lol.
Glenn Currier Dec 2021
“Look for the soul,
you become soul;
Hunt for the bread,
you become bread
Whatever you look for,
you are.”   – Rumi

A glorious magenta thistle blossom
a humpback whale breaching
a haiku by my friend John
a kitten swatting at a bouncing string
a silent moment just sitting peacefully
Debussy’s La Mer
a giggling baby
a golden leaf falling from oak.
This morning I had a moment meditating that brought tears to my eyes. It felt like drops from heaven. As I wrote the above piece, I thought of Rumi and looked over on my bookshelf spying a decorative box: “The Card and Rumi Book Pack.” I took it down and opened it. Inside the book cover was a well written affirming inscription from the one who had gifted me this beautiful volume in 2001 upon my reception of an “excellence in teaching” award. It was from Valerie, a former student who is Native American. She ended her remarks with “Aho!” a Kiowa word that means thank you. I opened the book and turned to a tabbed page and read this quote from Rumi: “ At every moment, Love’s voice talks to us from left and from right, all we have to do is to know how to listen.”
Rama Krsna Dec 2021
that pure lightness of nothing
needn’t be traumatic,
where voids seen and unseen
force regrettable choices and actions.
unlike a visit to the dentist
not all gaps need filling.

‘twas the dive
into the deep void,
after all,
that made the buddha smile
in boundless ecstasy.

© 2021
It's another
mundane assignment
being trapped in  in the Asylum

Cause everyday  I feel I'm on an
I - land
and I'm  drift'n

With nothing but consciousness
on my mind

Seeing many visions now
many  a times

A thousand times?

Yeah, the feeling is..
Time - less

But then again

I thought it was just another case
of my mind  just being
mind - less

How thought - less

As I'm getting reacquainted with the
dark-ness that's trapped  under my eye-

For all I've ever seen under the skys is
in disguises  is nothing but  vio - lence

While still sitting still in the stillness
in si - lence

I'm left with  the question of

Who am I?

Undecided  but
No suicide

Cause on the other side of you and I
is nothing but illness and a stag-

Still divided
Too stationary

Vision blurry in a hurry
No worries

Cause I'm already invested
Battle tested


In my latter -  Days

And even though I can't see that
clearly the paths or the plans laid
before me

My plate is empty and my stomach is
rumbling  feeling kinda hungry
kinda annoying  but at the
same time

Re- a-ssuring

As the tempters continue to
Tempt me
The Lord is my Shepherd
Psalms 23
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