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I’m not more grateful
For the nurturing warmth of the sun
After a long winter
Than I am for the soothing shade
On a scorching day.
I love the yin and yang-
There is no good and bad
But thinking that makes it so.
A wise man
Once was a fool

Realize that
In case
Noone has told

When did you meet him?
That matters
If still not clear

Read that again
Genre: Rational
Theme: The very moment
Zywa Sep 29
The fortress: I roll out my mat
in the silence of sleeping cicadas
the wind is warm, time is crawling
with the sun to Naples

It's all in my head
high above the noise of life

of crowded streets and shops
where the money never rolls far
looks are leery, kisses fleeting
and hands groping

It is not as it should be
I start a storm
sweep chairs from the terraces
slam doors and blow dust

through the city, like night
guy-wires and bars rattle
a dog whines and a cat
glares at the perch

in the water of the harbour wild
from my rebellious thoughts
that die down after all
between the snails on my mat
The Fortétza (fortress) in Rétimno (Rethymno), April-May 1989

Collection “Blown sand”
Derrick Jones Sep 27
This pain inside your heart is just a part
Of this art installation
This life we start and soon depart
We love and we lose
We fall and we bruise
We think that we choose
But we’re locked in our views

Until we break free there is no way to see
The trinity of you, me, and infinity
The gorgeous  galaxies inside the passing pleasantries
The wonders of humanity
Cloaked in plain banality
The marvels of the mind
Hard to find when so confined
Meaning not divined
When we are close to blind
Regretful and resigned
The contract that we signed must be refined
Updated, redesigned
To remind us of the soulful spark of the sublime
Do not settle for subprime
Set a goal and start your climb
All you have is time
So do not waste it, copy paste it
Stop and taste it
Savor the moment
Step up and own it
All you’ve ever known has blown away
There’s nothing left to say
There is no other way
But to view this life as play
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Stephen James Sep 25
so intimate

the way he revealed

what lies beneath
the surface

a deeper purpose

an emergence

of self reflection
self inspection

left to himself

thoughts fading
for none

the rising sun

sleepless nights

more to come

he continues

sharing wisdom
to those who listen

where each
a resemblence
to a pilgrim's

onward journey

this passion

for learning

from a heart
thats yearning

which way
to turn


off the coast
of this mind's

this wave's crest
a poem

Needs to have
That much time
To close
Their eyes
Just for a while

To know their
Own inner beauty

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Virtue || Essence
Stephen James Sep 20
I've studied
the ancient

from sacred

loved with
a heart
that's tainted

a dead

the realm
of gods

can decipher

see through
the lies
of demagogues

and write
with the hand
that appeared
in Babylon

I've traveled
Prince Siddartha


and revealed
a holy

that's spoken
by the
Dalai Lama

the world's
in her
death throes

i've witnessed
a seed

as I reform
and reshape

9,000 years
we're reborn
in space...

now let us create
a poem
Stephen James Sep 16
i am a featured
poet at cosmofunnel
dot com all month long
a haiku
Elizabeth Sep 13
The sun light shining through my window but only enough to welcome me to the day. The birds are chirping only waiting for me to rise from my bed, stretch, and meditate for a minute or two. The wafting smell of coffee beans and oatmeal fill my senses as I stroll into the kitchen, but half asleep. The blue sky or maybe grey will greet me as a slide the window open to great the morning air, one with the residue of last nights rain. The morning walkers quickly walk past my window only having a conversation of their own with a friend or a lover. The 5 am shift started and the 6 am is soon to be, the cars cruising past. The children at play before breakfast is served, sidewalk chalk and a box of matchsticks, mom said never to play with. The day looks inviting, may I join?
Kids at play with matchsticks and chalk
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