The internet’s not going to save you,
not sure why you keep thinking it will,
logging on Googling “Redemption”,
action’s only possible if the thinking is real,

yes we’re in The Matrix,
no I don’t care how you take it,
why am I only paying attention,
when both of us are naked,

everything’s so boring,
and most of it’s unrelated,
I’m not sure if she’s sure if she likes me,
we’re not sure what time and space is,

all we know is,
one simple equation,
there’s too little time,
and too much spacing,

to close on time,
yet too far apart,
I’m looking at you,
you’re looking at the clock,

but actually,
that’s a half true,
or as they would say,
that is Fake News,

because actually I’m as distracted as you,
logging on and Googling “Truest Truths”,
hoping maybe before I log of I can save me,
even though we both know the the truth,
the internet isn’t going to save me,
and it’s sure as heck not going to save you,

but what else is there to day,
it’s Saturday night I’m alone in LA,
almost feels like things were meant to be this way,
I see her so clear even when her image begins to fade,

which I suppose is appropriate,
in the City of Angels,
like seeing wings on a being,
but just at the right moment and angel,

Corporate Patriotism,
don’t forget the dot com,
we’re all the same equation just different angles,

feeling like God,
or at least Hermes with wings on His ankles,
or souls on his feet or Achilles with all His feats,
a Warrior for Love with a weakness at the ankles,

don’t hold me back I need to fly,
into the sunset a bet less romantic than Icarus or Sure,
because it seems at the end of the day,
Heaven is Both ocean and fire,

now before we go please one last quote,
and that’s don’t let yourself be chained to desire,
even though if I said that I also wasn’t stoned,
and chained to desires as well well I’d be a liar,

and we don’t need lies,
what we need is truth,
and the truth is the internet,
isn’t going to save you,

the internet’s not going to save you,
not sure why you keep thinking it will,
logging on Googling “Redemption”,
action’s only possible if the thinking is real…

∆ LaLux ∆

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Whatever "freedom"
We are given online
Is designed to
Keep us under control.....
Designed to
Maintain the Economic Power Structure.
Rather than being true liberty,
Our online "freedom"
Is simply an amenity
To our institutionalized lives.
We worship the net
We understand the reason why google starts with 'go..'
We give the 'd' while praying in our inboxes,
The only place we think under, this boxes.

I was blinded by the Jozi city lights,
Chasing false fortunes,
Got lost in people's comments and complements.
Last time I closed my eyes I was somewhere in South Africa.
Today am somewhere on google map,
Planting trigo-station every time I get high.

If you find me standing before the burning bridges,
Show me a path leading to the South Africa Mandela was talking about.
daylight has fallen
and darkness looms
the party plays on

black robes bought
cases by the dozen
sweetheart deals wrought

architecture revives
spies thread the people
"arbeits macht frei"

journalists and artists jailed
for texts that diverge
the web throttles down
democratic authoritarian teach-out U of Michigan

I can't tell the difference between leftwing and rightwing

Palace of Culture and Science is found in Warsaw built by the Soviets
"arbeits macht frei" is found over a gate in Auschwitz built by the NAZI's

(C) 2018 Christos Victor. All rights reserved.
Lyda M Sourne Feb 21
Wishing for you, yearning,
Looking upon you and reading those horrifying words.
Why? Why do you do this to me?
Those five words I dread each time I spend time with you:
“Unable to Connect to the Internet.”
Mystic Ink Feb 17
Let us write our stories  
Reckon all moments
A passage to self-reflection  
With a display box of grandeur,  
Fingers on a key pressed,  
Levitates a search in no time,
Way out of the crowd  
Quiting a reality to roam and wander  
Nothing is outside, all within  
A big circle of virtual connections,  
Without months of eye contacts  
No face to face,  
Sending empathy through e-thoughts

Having a common ground,  
Hope to run faster than Terabyte,  
We love seconds more than a minute  
WiFi made all worth living  
Sending signals to the soul  
We will feel it, anyway.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Have you seen the news?
Then you've missed the point.
Seek and you shall find..
Welcome to the internet,
Where 1000 eyes
Watch your every move.
Commenting on you,
What you like,
How you dress,
While under the protection
Of anonymity.

Welcome to the internet,
Where everybody knows everything
But everything is still wrong.
Where anybody can be anybody
But still be a nobody
In real life.
Where everybody
Is apparently better than you.

And welcome to the internet
Where all the losers go.
Cause you can be anybody
On the internet.
You just have to paint yourself
The right colors.
But behind the screens
We all just suck.
These days kids are all raised by what they see and who they meet online. They internet raises people more than parents ever can.
Rone Selim Feb 7
We get so lost in this another world,
that is becoming our reality,
actually it has already started.
And it's scaring me.
Humankind has lost a sense of self, nothing is real anymore
and when nothing's real,
everything feels worthless.
Everything we constantly keep aiming for... but for what?

Did you ever stop and ask yourself;
what are you doing?
Why are you doing this and what for? What is real?
Is it your smile or your words?

Im frightened that this other world may be the end of us.
We will reach the bottom line aiming for the top, perfection.
There will be very little left of authenticity, if none..
A Feb 5
Hello, Anonymous,
From my internet screen,
You might be a straight guy or a screaming queen.

Hello, Anonymous,
Person I don't know,
Can you tell me why the wind must blow?

Hello, Anonymous,
In the chatroom,
For all I know, you could be a vacuum.

Hello, Anonymous,
You don't know me either,
How about we stay that way,
And we continue our chat later today?
A poem on chatrooms and the internet.
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