Mourners of truth, now hashtag your pain.
Retweet and like, righteous fury appease.
Protests are trending, do not apathy feign.
Fight and resist, till the next Marvel release.
Dear Google,
Why do I chew up popsicle sticks?
Why do I rock back and forth?
Why does my head twitch sometimes?
Why won't my ears stop ringing?
Dear Google,
What's wrong with me?
Why am I so moody?
Why can't I forget what happened?
Why can't I tell anyone?
Dear Google,
Why do I pace my driveway and talk to myself?
And why do I talk to people who aren't there with me?
Why did the evergreens seem to twist and distort when I stared at them with empty eyes?
Why did I collapse and cry?
Dear Google,
Why haven't I run away yet?
Why am I not free yet?
Why do I allow myself to be trapped here?
Why hasn't she left?
Dear Google,
Why is there more than one 'version' of me?
Why do I talk as these versions?
Why do they all have different voices and personalities?
Why are they so mean?
Dear Google,
Why do I even try?
Why am I still alive?
Why do I just end it all?
Not trying to be an attention whore, so I'm sorry if that's how I came off.
It's kind of another vent and just a little nod to all the people googling questions that Google can't answer.
Hope: Low
Effort: Lost
Nickname: Loser
Heart: Longing
In Need Of: Love
The World Was The Lion She Was The: Lamb
N E Waters Sep 2014
I keep the TV on, because when I do it feels like I'm living.
I keep my browser running, because when I do, it feels like I'm feeling.
I keep my movement low, because I'm slow, because I'm softer
and I burrow deep beneath my sheets to forget that I'm a daughter.
World's potential rages, shapes and faces overwhelm me,
and I'm screaming silent for the quiet that I feel like I am missing.
I want to touch you, see you, hold you, speak without restriction.
But I numb my mind in sounds and lights, so that I can slip away.

Over-stimulation cradles what craves to be kinetic,
pacifies the glowing inside craving open air.
I cannot move, I cannot go, I'm too afraid to ride the ride
and so I'll sit behind the lines
and participate by watching.

And here we'll watch the world together- and also so alone
would that I could
rip free the bandage
and leave my dirty home.

and the internet praises the introvert and tells us we're secretly deep.
And we dress our wounds with wasted time until we fall asleep.

And in my dreams I'm running, fighting, TRYING SO HARD
to break free.
And in the morning, I shudder, shake them off
and dim the light in me.

And day after day
back, here we go,
back to the flickering screen.
Hg Jun 9
you can find a jellyfish
swimming inside a screen
she posts at least one pic per day
just so she can be seen

she stings a lot of hearts
stunning them with electric feels
she rises up in likes
with the more skin that she reveals 

this jellyfish really shouldn't 
focus so much on beauty
she's quite adept artistically
and kills at call of duty

if you would dive the deepest depths  
beneath her chilly waters 
you'd see she's vast as seven seas
and just as full of monsters

but you confine this jellyfish
behind a piece of glass
telling her she's only liked
if she will show her ass

this instagram aquarium 
is full of jellyfish
trying to feel the love 
their parents hardly ever give

social waves have pushed us all
to wash up on the shore
got us hooked to think our looks 
have got to be adored

take your phone and put it down
who cares you're at the beach 
close your eyes, open your mind
and feel the ocean breeze
Aa Harvey Jun 2
A new dawn.

When we all have virtual reality;
The next step in our technological evolution,
Will be to attain a sort of telepathy,
Where our mind is connected directly into the web
And then who knows what comes next?

Our brains will seek information along the information highway
And our thoughts will be uploaded directly into the internet.
We will create our own type of diary, the thoughts of us all;
Then the final connections will be made
And completely change our planet.

A new way of thinking and seeing things differently;
The olden days will fade away to become our history.
The robots will be born and humanity will grow lazy;
Spending more time in this new reality.
Our second lives will become our actuality.

We are just about to take one step forward for mankind
And our movements will be controlled, by the thoughts within our mind.
Our subconscious will be more prevalent than it ever has before
And upon us will be thrust a new dawn.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Give a chef a knife
And he will create a gourmet dish
Give a murderer a knife
And he will do just that ... Commit murder
Place the internet in a well-minded person's hands
And it will be used for all the right purposes
However, if it ends up in the wrong hands
The internet troll appears
A glass of wine can be enjoyed or abused
Depending on which skeleton you choose to hide
Outer actions speak of inner demons
Written by Sean Achilleos
09 March 2018©
Amazon: Sean Achilleos 'An Affair with Life' The Philosophical Poems of Sean Achilleos
YouTube: Sean Achilleos
My mind has always sold me one old lie:
feelings must be foes; broken hearts, loathsome.

How many woes were caused by one untruth?
––I can't remember how my own tears feel
––distraction, fear, distraction, distraction
––weeks of voluntary melancholy
––the list goes on and on and on and on.

The internet became my hiding place. Where
YouTube, Facebook, and news sites steal my seconds.


O, to feel again! O, to be alive!
To walk once more forgotten haunted streets!
Playing around with blank verse (allowing for some hiccups) whilst exploring my own avoidance behaviours.
Aa Harvey Apr 29

It’s a beautiful world…

It’s a beautiful world for us to behold.
Open your eyes; you are not yet cold.
You have only just begun.
You are yet to fall in love,
With the trees and the mountains and rivers so deep.
Evolution is calling;
Step back from the steep.

The mud is Lego, the leaves my roof.
Belief without proof.
The future,

Expand and multiply.
One day fly up into the sky.
Industrial sounds,
Seek to rise.

Now we stand a thousand feet tall,
We have become too lazy to walk.
We cease to go forward in an analogue world,
So digital becomes essential.
Zuckerberg stands on the shoulders of Gates,
The wealth is monumental.
Now money makes the world go around,
True love is a by-product; it is only rarely found.

We are self-aware, with pride, not care.
Kasparov moves his King into place;
We are still so unaware.
Three moves ahead, unseen as yet,
Will this be the end of all?
Time takes one thing, we can never just forget,
We live in a beautiful world.

We will rise against the machine;
We are all the rage, against the pain,
Rush humanity past a cybertronic defence.
It’s a beautiful world…today.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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