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Jon Thenes Oct 4
a respite from The You

this immense communication

step back from The Live Mould

and the ‘fright & flight’ media
Fight or Flight Hive Mind
Starry Sep 8
Do you do these
To me
Is it to add an another
Trauma on my frail mind
I wish I never meet you.
Starry Sep 8
I think my
Is cheating
On me
Or is
A pervert
This happeneds evens ever
It's not ***
Nor my meds
Its him.
Starry Sep 6
Last night
As i was just to log off
From twitter
I see this God awful thing
And think to my self ****
As i block the person.
Starry Sep 6
Dear pervert
Please do take
From the internet
Before I go bat sh*t
Starry Sep 6
Dear zockkes

I hope you
Enjoy the Ninth
circle of islamic
Hell for there is not
better place for you
For what you
Do to the
Poor creatures
God's creatures.
Starry Sep 6
Private account


"Follow or friend me for nudes"

"enjoy my site"

"i love ***".....

I want to puke.
I want to call the police
I want to call the fbi
You f*cking sicko.
Starry Sep 6
Dear pervert
What the f*ck
Why do you whip it out
And send that
Awful picture
Don't you know you
Are hated and
To all
What is wrong with people.
Dylan Jones Aug 22
Connect me please, I can't be alone
It's so dark without my screen
A piece of you stuffed in a pocket
A disease aimed to please

Leach the life from your host
Spread your posts, gather the likes
Between the fingers rests a drug
Without it can only be death

Powers that be create anew
Upgrade to another addiction
Eyes will dry up from the attention
You'll never be alone.
I sometimes fight with myself on how often I spend online. It's how I relax, how I sometimes work, how I feel myself. Yet a large part of me wants separation, to be out in the woods without flashing lights and the sounds of videos. Yet, we all know that there would be a phone in my pocket. You know, "just in case".
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