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Sometimes I'll write a poem
Just because I want to say something
But don't know if anyone will listen
If it isn't wrapped in intricate flowery language

Art the great communicator
The end result of our need for autonomy
and dependence on community
Coming to a head
A sort of proof of purpose
It's our way of insisting we're doing more
than just screaming into the void

Which is kind of arrogant in a cosmic sense
But I'm not cosmic
and the closest I ever got was a Lisa Frank jigsaw puzzle

There's a weird spot online
A video that plays an extended cut of a Nintendo song
The title in Japanese
That's not the weird part though
Viewers across the world have found it so strange
This random video suggested to them
That it must be a  sign
Each person a main character on their quest
The comments a tavern of stories of people sharing their journeys
They call it the Internet Checkpoint

Many would say this is just people assigning undeserved value to randomness
But I say people in general
and artists specifically
Don't imagine meaning
We define it

So I say be arrogant
Create and scream the meaning to life
Ride that neon rainbow
and say what you have to say
I posted a picture on the internet today,
after handpicking the best of all.
While she is left with no choices,
so she walks on the roads that burn
carrying herself upon her feet that bleed.

I took my camera and checked up the lighting,
as I wanted the picture to look 'natural' and 'candid'.
A cameraman rushes to her to click a picture
as he is a magazine photographer searching for stories real.

I sweated and protested about the scorching heat
while I set up my camera.
She wipes the sweat off her father's forehead
on which the glabellar lines cease to exist,
while hers is carrying the roots and branches of it.

I held books in my hand to strike a pose
as my fingers laid in front,
whose nails I painted yellow for this summer.
She holds the handlebars of her bicycle she can no more hold or paddle,
her nails have painted themselves with the colour of mud.

I clicked too many pictures for me to count or recall.
Even after thousands, she remembered how many miles is home.

I captioned my picture
'No more lonely quarantine',
She hardly knows alphabets or words to even ask for help.

I swiped from filter to filter
selecting an 'aesthetic' one.
She drinks the pitch-black liquid,
they tell her is water,
without even demanding for 'cleaner' one.

I finally edited and made a perfect picture,
with my wide grin sealed with a gloss,
And the cameraman too asks for her to smile for once.
She with her deserted lips forms a curve that makes the cameraman frown.

He deletes the picture from his camera
as it would be disliked by all,
It got 1.9k likes,
The picture I posted on the internet today.
Far May 17
A meteoric crash, his jacket one of bearskin
Thy mind be outcast, even though it is within

Sunshine coated skin, a serene countryside, an emerald beach
Peering out his window, his skin grey, his mouth lacking speech

He looked on, saw the girl of his dreams
She sprinted, for she was not to be seen

Back to his chair he went, for another peer into a virtual world
His heart was cold, he only did what he was told

It was the first time he swayed his gaze!
Despite it being brief, he was amazed

Might his lust have looked another direction and gave way to love?
No, he is incapable of feeling emotions, they've all been absorbed.

A shocked expression on his face, eyes wide, glasses heavy
He was ready to cry, his heartbeat unsteady.

An unpredictable future, one which is rather bleak
Tell me, what's next for this perverted geek?
The internet, and those who reside on it, demonstrating how it has transformed people in the richest way.
Why do you look for a lover
In a sea of sharks and bait?
Don't you know you're better
Than the common crowd?
Than what you see in a mirror?
Find the half of you heart
That will stay with you forever.
Thoughts? The dangerous internet has inspired me to write this poem.
saw             a                smile
caught on the c h a n n e l s
of the WiFi
like      w a v e s                    goodbye
The Composition of Shadows (II)
by Michael R. Burch

We breathe and so we write;
the night
hums softly its accompaniment.

Pale phosphors burn;
the page we turn
leads onward, and we smile, content.

And what we mean
we write to learn:
the vowels of love, the consonants’

strange golden weight,
the blood’s debate
within the heart. Here, resonant,

sounds’ shadows mass
against bright glass,
within the white Labyrinthian maze.

Through simple grace,
I touch your face,
ah words! And I would gaze

the night’s dark length
in waning strength
to find the words to feel

such light again.
O, for a pen
to spell love so ethereal.

Published by Contemporary Rhyme and The Eclectic Muse. Keywords/Tags: writing, poetry, night, monitor, glass, phosphors, webpage, internet, social, media, world wide web, facebook, twitter,  maze, labyrinth, sound, pen, ethereal
The Composition of Shadows (I)
by Michael R. Burch

(for poets who write late at night / by monitor light)

We breathe and so we write; the night
hums softly its accompaniment.
Pale phosphors burn; the page we turn
leads onward, and we smile, content.

And what we mean we write to learn:
the vowels of love, the consonants’
strange golden weight, each plosive’s shape—
curved like the heart. Here, resonant,

sounds’ shadows mass beneath bright glass
like singing voles curled in a maze
of blank white space. We touch a face—
long-frozen words trapped in a glaze

that insulates our hearts. Nowhere
can love be found. Just shrieking air.

Published by The Lyric, Candelabrum, Triplopia, Romantics Quarterly, Iambs & Trochees, Hidden Treasures, ImageNation (UK), Yellow Bat Review, Poetry Life & Times, Vallance Review, Poetica Victorian. Keywords/Tags: writing, poetry, night, monitor, glass, phosphors, web, page, internet, online, social media, sound, files, white space
Upon my life you
assume I’ll fight,
how ignorant are you?

You think you are so ugly
you’ve got to express it
through your broken

Only a bully would be
so shameless, a troll
wants nothing but attention,
the best way to stop it
is ban it before they
say anything else.

Don’t take the trolls
seriously, their just
jealous and ashamed of
their own selves they
have enough problems.

It’s not about you.

Trolls, this is for you…

How low is your IQ?
You can’t relate to others?
Oh wow! you know that
makes you the true problem.

When you’re willing to
dish out the trash you
should be willing to
take it out. We have
trashcans for a reason
you ugly fool.

If you don’t like something
I do, why do you even care
about what I do when you
have a life too?

You’re wasting your life
by waiting for the tolls
to pay out, for one day
it will run out and You
will pay for such evil ways.

So don’t pay the trolls
ban them instead, throw
away all the ugly hate
learn to love yourself
and stop worrying about
everyone else.

Acceptance is the key
to success and prosperity.

© 2020 By Amanda Shelton
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