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Mike Chigo Jul 29
I see a hooded man walk into my neighborhood
Dressed up in black, from the boots to the hood
He prowls the street like a cat in the middle of the night
Walks around hands in his pocket until he reaches his target

Kablaam kablaam kablaam

Gunshots ring in the air
The people disappear
Only to reappear with fear to find their star lying dead

What's his crime? They all asked...
Who's the killer? They all wonder...
Yet nobody knows but the sender
I see my book on your shelf
And yours on mine,

I would take our afterthoughts
And turn them into rhyme.

Every love story starts with
A blank page.
Take note,

People still write letters
Left for others to quote.

Each day with you
Leaves a poet at a loss for words.

I love you, Darragh.

A time for us,

A private bookcase
Sealed with kisses.
EmperorOfMine Feb 26
The black hole is the other side of God's eye.

We cannot travel through and survive because of the limitations set.
Light can escape, as light has cone access that we do not have.
Until we are able to dematerialize and rematerialize while also keeping our consciousness, we will never be able to see what is on the other side.

There are creatures inconceivable to our reality on that side, almost like enlarged versions of bacteria and etc.

We are like cells, complex and working to keep this reality at work.
Our planet is like this.

The core, nucleus. You can go along those lines.

Anyways, we are able to leave this giant version of us, but only when it is accessible.
This could be a theory, or not...
Simon B Dec 2020
I’d like to jot a historic note
One of truths and one where facts remote
Find the facts; here’s your game
One is true and the other defames

I’m an elephant at a zoo
On display, with something to prove
Fake and force fed to stay alive
Forced and caged I’d rather die
I’m an elephant at a zoo
With a trunk full of water
Blowing straight crap out my mouth,
Not fit to be a father
Not actually that unique
And more of a bother
Not ready for life I’d like to be out
But used to being sheltered
Owned by someone but feel headstrong
I’m a big strong mammal with weak wavelengths
Brains a peanut and heads down ashamed
If life’s a zoo then I’m on the main stage

I’m a free gazelle
Headlights a wonder
Ankles are weak from birth after mother
spotted and brown my consciousness is splattered
I’m free to be me yet shot at the same
There’s perks to free range
But rents like open season
Going to be broke by august
Hit my heart without a fine given or any reason
I don’t know what those lights are and why do they move quickly?
Why am I on a hood? Where am I going?
What is my purpose what’s this mantle they speak of?
My heads now on a rack and my eyeballs are marble
I can’t see my pain or feel my legs
But atleast I chose this route and tried to cross that street
Instead of being spoon fed;  lesson learned I suppose
Life’s like a cage I’d rather be out then in a box decomposed
Alek Mielnikow Nov 2020
We meet on a
a crowded street
and stand still,
like a pair of boulders
caught in a river
surrounded by salmon
as they swim upriver,
flowing by and
paying us no mind.
Off to the side two men
share a meal al fresco,
laughing into wine glasses.

After what seems a lifetime
you touch my face,
and I touch yours.
And I remember
every minutia.
We've been apart
for so long,
and yet it's like
a garden revealed
when the snow melts.
The freckles,
the spots,
the creases
beside your lips.
And I watch with glee
your goosebumps
rise and can tell
by your smile
you can see mine.

"Get a ******* room!"
One of the men hollers
with a chuckle
as the other guffaws
and nearly chokes
on his bread.

We look to them
and laugh,
a laugh shared
by strangers
knowing love
when they see it;
of a shared humanity.

By Aleksander Mielnikow | Alek the Poet
I'm going to miss longing to be close to someone...

If you liked this poem, make sure to check out my Instagram @alekthepoet for extra content.
Gerald Vargas Nov 2020
Kneel and repent for you have sinned.  
In this town, you fail to see those unseen;
Trudge the cliff and hold the lethal knife—
Stab thyself to free from one's life.

Filthy lucre cannot mask through larceny.
Alack! No one can abscond for they inscribe rapacity.
In the arms of perils, you may nestle, but you can't free from the angels.
They bestow solace thru the guise and besiege for some lies.

Behold these men who **** not to die.
Bespeak Words to gratify death, to beautify.
Deceive fellows for greed makes them alive.
Perish, neither to escape nor to hide but to divulge the truth; revive.

The primordial savagery should vanquish
But left unspoken, untouched, and has not perished.
Desperately creeping but found unequal equality—
For their obscure prowess remains as anxiety.

Those crocodiles trample people's right
To brew fright, but they will never deplore.
Countrymen do not benefit from what they worked hard for,
Greedy government grow and live as our so-called knights.
Rhea Sheilah Oct 2020
Hold me in public
As much as you do in bed.
I survive on PDA
Hold my hand. Kiss my forehead. Give me random hugs and if you are strong enough [Coz I am a +size :) ]carry me. In other words, mark your territory.
Amber K Sep 2020
I realized yesterday,
that I've written many poems,
but only shared a few.
I think it's because I've convinced myself,
that my words are too much,
and that no one wants to read another tragic tale.

No one wants to hear about me,
my messed up emotions,
or my dead friends.
No one wants to read about,
the days I felt like I was drowning.
There's no point in sharing what others find boring.

But then again,
it helps when I share.
I feel like even when no one seems to care,
at least I got my thoughts out there.
At least there's a chance that someone who's struggling,
will see that they aren't struggling alone.

So from this day forth,
I won't hold back.
I will pour my soul out for the poor and unfortunate.
I will tell you the stories of heartbreak,
I will tell you about the one's I've lost.
Even if you don't care to listen.
My only goal is to make everyone realize they have purpose here and that we all struggle and we all have heartbreaks, but we aren't alone and we can make it through together.
LeV3e Sep 2020
I'm afraid
Seeing me for
Who I truly am
That "they" might
Hate me
I'm different.

I'm afraid
That "they" might
Hear what I have to say
No one will want to

I'm afraid of
That "they" might
Make a fist or
Point a finger at me and
Single me

I'm afraid
The public is
Dangerous and
THEY have no time
To care about
My opinion
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