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Audience-less, a man
Performing songs of childhood and fire.

Stranger to strangeness
Spinning In this incendiary moment.

He sings a song which lives,
Which intensely lives.

An audience of reflections
Battering tall walls in applause.

Defiant clatter of man,
Adorning, like ribbons, the hall.

Dancing heels are screaming
Like these birds in branches

But the starlings fly their nests 
And make lives in their leaves.

They build slow decaying homes
In gutters and trees.

Sacred and hopeless, 
Promising only to rot.

The essential dwindle here
Refining those presents foregone.

The sad beauty
Of sweet recollection.

While nothing spoils inside the hospital,
Day upon day.

Earnest and aflame
He peeks through a psychical crack

Like a brave voice through an open window
Spilling onto Artillery Road.
Upset I am so often
So often you couldn't imagine
You would say
I shouldn't be upset
That would mean
I am insensitive
Extravagance upsets me
Ostentation upsets me
Wastage upsets me
Abject poverty
Mocked at by filthy affluence upsets me
Creepy behaviour of
Highly qualified intellectuals upsets me
Upset I am so much
When a pall of gloom
Corona uncontrollable
They mock at modern system of medicine
Speak against vaccines
Condemn and declare
Polio eradication, TB eradication programs
All useless and counter-productive
When they see conspiracy in everything
When a top doctor and Padamvibuhshan awardee
Endorses 1956 recommendation of an UK expert
Not to treat half a million
TB patients
Give better nutrition only
Half would have survived
Half would have died
And with that TB would have been eradicated
I am really upset
I ask him why the expert
Couldn't eradicate TB in his own country
Where even today more than 7000 people die of TB annually
He laughs at diabetes
Cites example where one
Without treating controlling high diabetes
Lived long life
Such attitudes really shocking
I am witness, I am victim
Side effect of adminstered steroids
Of uncontrolled diabetes
Escaped death narrowly
Due to diabetes induced heart attack
What should be done of such great men?
They deserve to be sent to a mental hospital
Upset I am really, really!
Of late, during this Corona pandemic, there's is a flood of spooky videos in social media. They aren't doing any public good. Please ignore them. Adhere to official instructions and guidance from Government.
Jay May 10
Cold Diet Coke
Administered intravenously
Injected into my veins
And fueling my anxiety.
First, it was only a few
Drops to keep me ready,
But now it's full gallons
And even that's not quenching.

People always ask me,
"Why push milligrams and ounces
Of cold Diet Coke?
It'll make you choke.
After time, you'll croak.
You're such a stupid bloke,
Pushing Diet Coke."

To this I have to say that you
Are quite mistaken, sir.
I only do it because I am
Addicted to the tiny bubbles
In my fizzy bloodstream.
I know it's very dangerous,
But I haven't died quite yet.
I might just try some other kind
To fix my upset stomach.

"Zero calorie soda,
Amazing as it is,
Though it tastes delicious to you,
Isn't healthy food.
It's gonna cause an issue.
You're still depressed and blue.
Your face is green in hue."

Again I must say you lie
To steal my fleeting happiness.
I need the drip, drip, dropping through
My swiftly closing arteries.
I don't have much time left,
And I'm at Death's bright doorstep.
I'm taking my final breaths,
And I'm on my deathbed.

I just want to tell you
You made me do this.
It's your fault.
You're to blame.
Yours is the shame.

You outlive yet another son.
You could've saved this one.
My chances are slim to none.
I approach the glistening sun
As the fungus and rot outrun
The weight of death o'er a ton.
Aficionados they're of justice
If they, their kith n kin
Suffer from Covid
100 rooms for them in Ashoka Hotel under Primus Hospital
Justice in cases pending
For 20-30 years may get
Delayed by a fortnight
If they are incapacitated
That would be a great injustice
Further who would pass
Orders making incompetent Executive competent
In their absence
They're special citizens
On this planet
Next to God in heaven
Understand my poor countrymen
Heather Apr 26
I can’t help but picture you in that bed
With wires and tubes
And I want nothing more than to stroke your hair
And kiss your face
But I am a phantom in your life
A dark secret, never to be uncovered
And I will sit in silent torture waiting for your consciousness
Powerless and fearful for the children  that were never mine.
Fearful for a life I was never going to be a part of.
Babaji you are great
You meditate
I meditate
My mind
Still agitates
Life is an art of living
You're on high pedestal of wisdom
Peerless is your stardom
Online lessons and videos
Life transformation of humans
Everyone should spend five days of their life
Before they die
One day in jail
One day in school
One day with farmer
One day in hospital
One day in mental hospital
Wonderful way to transform their life
Compassion and compassion
No more prejudice
No more tendency of condemnation
I take you very seriously
I want to transform my life
To begin with
A day in jail
Talk to criminals
Transformation to avail
Who would allow me entry
I would be stopped by the sentry
Illegal and underhand methods
I refrain
I believe in right to equality
Everyone should get equal opportunity
Government should make
a policy decision
Transformation is in the interest of the nation
A day in jail be made compulsory
For making some suggestions
I reviewed the current statistics
There are 1350 jails in my country
With a capacity for 405000 inmates
Average capacity 300 inmates
Population is 1350 millions
Per jail transformation candidates one million
It's a gigantic task
My breath in isn't out
Pranayama save my life
In all probability
Government won't make such a decision
Babaji start some agitation
Staunch follower I am
Transformation is birth right of everyone!
Inspired by a video of a holy master. Best transformation would come spending one day in jail with innocent criminal like Mukhtar Ansari and talking to him! Equally good would be spend a day with rapists and talk to them. You would develop compassion to know how no woman offered voluntarily to satisfy their lust and they had to commit it of necessity! Even meeting those who took lives of their daughters and sons for honour wouldn't be bad! You would be amazingly transformed by listening to these poor criminals! Compassion and compassion! No more prejudice! No more tendency to condemn!
A building so bleak and endless
The multitude of fluorescents
Blinding me with their truths of death and decay
Until all I can feel is numbness

The floor is frigid and stoney
It peeks through my weather worn all-stars
Unable to leave survivors
I stomp it to carry on

That smell so clean that is stings
Bleach and clorox pierce my nostrils
To meet reluctantly on my tongue
Tumbling and fumbling along my taste buds

A feeling of death roams through walls
Searching desperate for something to cling to
It finds my ripped jeans and plaid flannel
And nestles in for a restless slumber

Hit the needles together three times
This is where you’ll awaken
A tumultuous trip from your veins to the brain
I’ll meet you there every season
Simply put my life is ruled by numbers  
Digits by the dozens in screaming color

People asking how was your SAT, ACT?
Don’t be shy, go on tell us
You better have gotten over a 30
Or a string of numbers 1500 above

The concept of clocks striking six, twelve, perhaps one
Stressing to be early has already begun
Alarms ringing, time frames narrowing, dictating much of my seeing  

Algebra, geometry, chemistry galore
Maths of all sorts are sometimes a bore

The weight of a newborn, hoped to be a seven
A timely occurrence, the baby down from Heaven
A social security number
Rings out like a thunder
While the hospital collects its plunder
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