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I don't want complicated
I want the drama of simplicity
I want a hand touching a hand
A smile from across a room
I want the disruption of wanting you
And the chaos of knowing you want me all the same
I want the tension of peace
The silences in your speech
Knees touching slightly as we take our seats
I want the dismay of being calm
Through the whirlwind of your charm
And the confusion of knowing it'll cause me no harm
I want a maelstrom in a stream of conversation
I want a derangement sans the complications
I want you
As simply as you want me
So how complicated could that possibly be?
the old wives
say it must be
the left hind foot
of a rabbit
shot with a silver bullet
or not shot at all
simply captured
one way or another
ideally on the grave
of a criminal
the more wicked the person
the more potent the charm
with the foot harvested
while the poor creature
is still alive
it has to be done
in a cemetery
during the night
of a full
or new moon
though others say
it should be
a friday
a rainy friday
friday the thirteenth
if the foot is to become
one of those lucky ones
Douglas Greene Oct 2020
Just wanting to reside,
a life with no complications,
Not a life with free rides,
or without death and frustrations,

Just a life with reason,
Deserved rewards without rupture,
Just something worth keeping,
I just want guidance and structure...
Emmanuel Davies Aug 2020
Pen is mightier than sword
You say!
What complicated way
To simply express the power of words.
Trinity Rivera Jul 2020
i think my heart is too bold because i have feelings that i forbade to be told. no matter how hard i’ve tried, they’re starting to come out of the cold and they’ve began to unfold. i wish i could put them in a box and say they’ve been sold but these feelings are gold and i can’t let them go. it’s so hard knowing the things that i know. i know: you’re the hand i can’t hold, you’re my truth be untold. you’re the one i love and can’t have but i can’t let you go and i can’t let you know...though i’ve told you before, you dunno what i’m feeling deep down in my core. i know i’m not “easy” to handle but i won’t be a bore. these feelings are hard but i’m begging for more, i’m down on the floor because my head and my heart have started this war and it’s hard to ignore, you’re the one i adore...but i’m not gonna implore, that would be wrong and make you walk out the door. i’m just gonna keep feeling these feelings and begin to explore and see if there’s anything more to us and maybe i’ll be one you fall for, til then i’ll just hope to be yours.
Abhishek kumar Dec 2019
And the flood gates opened
With her one message
All the days of hard work
To keep myself close
Which I'm no more

Emotions flowed like rivers from high
I tried to stop using all my might
But it was too high a mountain to climb
And here I'm feeling happy
By the little chat we had
Which I wish I hadn't had
Jules Oct 2019
I feel so foolish. I feel so pathetic. I said I didn't care if you broke my heart. It was more of a joke than anything at the time. I didn't think I'd ever care so much about you. The funny thing is, you never actually broke my heart. I did it to myself. I did this all to myself. The fact that for a few moments I thought you'd feel the same way, is ridiculous now. That our meeting was some type of destiny. All that time we spent alone together would finally mean something. How could I be so naive? How could I have been so blind? But was I really blind? Because I thought I had great intuition. Was there anything between us at all? Could I have been so wrong? I hate this jealousy inside me. Believe me, I'm trying to move on. I want, so desperately, to move on. I hate that I care so much about you, when you clearly care but not all in the same way. Are you honestly trying to fix yourself? Or was it just an excuse to "spare" my feels? If so, it made everything worse. You gave me hope. Hope that I might still have a chance. That maybe you really do care for me after all. And the realization that you're seeing other people hurts to witness. It hurts to see her look at you, the way that I do. The way she swoons all over you. The playfulness in her eyes. You parade her around like some type of trophy. The way I always imagined us to be. But I'll only ever be that really good friend. That best friend, that everyone else feels pity for because they know. They all know, except you. I know I'm not perfect. I know I'm not blond. I know I'm not your type of girl that you fantasize about in your writings and songs. Have you written a song about me? About my undying confession to you? Have I only become some precious lyric for your melodies I still love to hear you play? Because I have written many songs and poems about you. So much, in fact, that I filled an entire notebook. That's how much you've impacted me. I want to tell you everything. I left out so much in my confession. I want to bring this all up again in person but I wouldn't even know where to begin. Or will you simply bring it up when your alcoholic state finally musters up the courage to ask? I know the only way for me to move on is to cut you out of my life but I could never do that. Unless that's what you want. I care too much about you. But that's the problem, I care too much. You're a friend that I never want to lose. You put value into my life and not many can do that. You managed to somehow leave a mark on my soul. And again, I want to remind you that none of this hurt is your fault. Not really. All you've done was treated me with kindness, laughs, honesty, and heart to heart moments. None of it was in anyway meant to hurt me. You were (are) a great friend to me. One of the best, in fact. That's why I have all these feelings and complicated thoughts racing in my mind.
I wrote this quite a bit ago. It's just my thoughts. It started from an Instagram post.
EP Robles Nov 2018
AND if the lost made their return
from soil to land and within
your life
would you -- could you -- accept
them back
From death to dust and an urn?

Surely first the shock and disbelief
maybe a hug if you dared -- could you?
And all the adjustments you made --

The new lover, what say to them --
who replaced the gaping hole
within your heart?
A new baby but not from him --
what then?

the possibilities of a Return, some sweet
but mostly a hidden poison -- you think
But in the end (their end) sprang
a new possibility!

You live your life as best you can.
Especially when a lost is much to bear
and you pray -- leave the lost
within the ground

...sweet love sleep sweetly unto the Light!

:: 01132016 ::
Copyright © Ernest Robles
What would you do?
Kalliope Oct 2018
I feel you trying to love me
I see the effort
I feel the effort
It hurts my heart
I'm too ashamed
Too many skeletons
Too many sins
More secrets than I'd care to share
I think you'd accept me
Take me as I am
The issue isn't you
I'm ashamed to be so
Standing next to your
Immaculate existence
You know when someone deserves better
Brenda Mukisa Apr 2018
She turned over in her sleep
but she could not
she just could not push past the hard body behind her
then she remembered where she was and smiled.
he still had his hand around her
she tried to turn and peep at him
he breathed peacefully in his sleep
but even then ,
he still remembered to hold her tighter
he adjusted his position and re-aligned his body with hers.
to pull her closer into him
as though just holding her was not enough
his alarm sounded the first time
and sadness swept over her
the moment had ended, but she was wrong
over and over, his alarm sounded
but he constantly turned to put it off and held her closer
the smile on her face was as though it was painted on her
consistent and not leaving
just like her heart bit and the pulsing behind her
the sun rays kept passing through the curtain
the hours went by
she felt hot, but couldn't move
that was their story.

And that was enough.
First poem in the about us series.
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