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Donna Mar 6
A daisy said to
a horse ‘watch your step’! ‘ Sorry
neighhhhbour’ said the horse
Silly I know but was inspired by horses in a field and soon to be spring time :)
Zywa Jan 1
New Year, the beginning
of spring in Amsterdam
the air is soft, life

is lighter in the streets
carefree are my steps
white and pink

the fruit trees, with confetti
of New Year's Night
in the gutter, red ribbons

through the city, the body
in which I breathe and live
Everywhere the promise is budding

that it can be peace
when you are neighbours
if it is spring

in everyone's heart
street after street
a flourishing beginning
Collection “Once more”
TheStartOfMyEnds Nov 2018
Darkness decends
and the people howled
as they each came out of their caves
Resting underneath the moon
The glow, our only flicker of light
Silence fills up empty spaces
Boredom sets
Strangers no longer
Every breath a welcoming company
Secrets begin to unfold
And when the power comes on, we're all back to our own devices, becoming strangers again lol
George Krokos Jun 2018
Another year has just gone by and what seems to have happened there
is that someone has forced me to incur a bad debt by deception's flare.
That's how it seems to me now with some people who're waiting to see
what they are entitled to get in this multi sided settlement and spree.
Some evil people have a way of getting what they want and are after
even if it means deception, in breaking the law or by causing disaster.

They must be brought to justice to face the consequences of their action
only then can I rest and prevent them getting away with any satisfaction.
The problem here is that, one of the suspects is the next door neighbour
while the other being someone who could do another offence to savour.
Written early 2018.
uv May 2018
My morning walks,
Comprises of
Colours and rocks,
Different people of all sorts,
Athletes and stars ,
Mama's with carts,
Models and aunties,
Talking about making tarts,
Buisness men, and old friends
Politicians and girl-friends.
Some walk backward,
Some march foward,
Some run and have fun,
Some also worship the sun.
There are chickens and kittens,
not wearing mittens
And all sorts of  things completely hidden
My morning walk,
Always does rock,
Sets me smiling around the clock.
Purcy Flaherty Mar 2018
I heard the footsteps as they came across the road;
The snap of hurried feet outside the house.
Shapes in the moonlight, a voice in the darkness,
A knock at the door, I heard the dogs barking.    
The bleating of the flock,
The chatter of the birds omongst the trees,
I recall the whisper of the morning breeze;
Hyphening the broken silence as two boys stole about the house;
It was midnight in August 99.
Two sparks set out to chase the bang!
Bang!~ set them running.
I cut them down!
I cut them down!
I heard the sirens as the cops sped up the road;
The squeal of hurried wheels outside the house.
More shapes in the moonlight, a voice in the darkness,
A knock at the door, I heard the dogs barking.
The bleating of the flock,
The chatter of the birds amongst the trees,
I recall the whisper of the morning breeze;
Hyphening the broken silence as two cops stole about the house;
It was midnight in August 99.
Two cops set out to chase the bang!  
Bang! ~I put my hands up!
~and the cops took me down!
It's true ~
Judge I’m guilty, for everything they said I did; I did!
But there were reasons, don’t you see:
These boys; they were bullying me!
I called the cops on monday,  Tuesday,, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday again; till i was insain;
Two sparks set out to chase the bang!
Bang ~I cut them down ~ I cut them down!
Two cops set out to chase the bang!
Bang! ~ I put my hands up !
~ and the cops  took me down!

But the wolf just gave me twenty
untill the circus came to town,
As a victim I was lonely
but as a killer I was crowned.
King of the castle!
Top of the heap!
The talk of the town!
Here is the song link
Chris Neilson Jun 2016
Locked the door
then opened my mind
for a spring time stroll
from home to city
via streets, fields and a tram
a wave to Mary and hello to Gladys
elderly neighbours tending their pansies
My gathering gait to reach the gate
of the clough and it's delights
descending to a blue bridge
beneath the azure sky
over a rocky stream
riveted by a rivulet struggling over stone
an ascent to a church
with the promise of heaven for the faithful
I sit on the fence
horse-shaped figurines amid swathes of green
a view of the field where I've just been
reaching the village
a takeaway reads "** Fat"
unsure about the menu
onto the Metro
a link in a chain of pain
making a stand by refusing to sit
it smells a bit
of fare dodgers
reaching my destination
reaching my destiny
reaching  for the parts tutors don't teach
reaching for the parts others don't reach
The Metro is the unpopular metrolink tram service serving Greater Manchester
Francie Lynch Apr 2016
The corner house
Has three missing fence planks,
So the boys got their short-cut
Across the front lawn.
It was three a.m.,
I saw them, I yelled from the window,
Hey guys. Stop that!
They tossed their cans onto the asphalt.
Her bedroom light came on;
They were the night.
I heard their hurried pace,
Their laughter like warning fog horn blasts.

Butch's mother next door died.
It was a year before I knew.
I thought she went to Florida.
I pictured her sitting in the sun.
But she was gone.
Butch shovels snow,
That's what I know.

The doobie brothers
Live next to the cop.
Their driveway's a busy spot with comings,
And goings.
But the cop's part of our hood,
Disrection's understood.
Officer Bob has his troubles to tend to.

Then there's small Mary,
She lives two doors down.
She has to be over a hundred,
Once lived on a farm.
She rakes debris with her hands,
Bent over for hours,
Cleaning her lawn.
     (Butch shovels her walkway,
     but stays to himself)
I've waved to Mary
When she's out and about.
Good to see you, I shout.
Nice to be seen, she replies.
No doubt.
Gabriel K Oct 2015
I’d like to rub my *****
between Emma Harrison's ****
you know, that bird out of Neighbours
her lipstuck mouth beseeches my labours,
and I'd like to shove my ***** in her face
and her to lick me in that place
where my hole stops and my ******* starts
and I'd ease her squeezy legs apart
and with my hand I'd tickle her apex
tandem *** femina ut habendum ***
flesh on flesh, musk of fur
does that mean I love her?
Please feel free to leave negative feedback. All welcome.

tandem *** femina ut habendum ***: (transl.) to finally have *** with this woman

Neighbours: an Australian soap opera featuring winsome youth and wholesome folk. Emma Harrison played the character Joanna Hartman in the tv series, and was chosen by Australian ******* as one of the 10 sexiest women in the world.
Neha D Jun 2014
Can someone tell the folks upstairs
That their floor is my ceiling.

They stomp about,
Scream and shout.
In a fleet,
They drag their feet.

They tap dance in their hall,
And cause my crockery to fall.
While they boisterously shake,
I'm forced to stay awake.

They slam their doors,
and I settle scores,
By returning a 'thud',
Which goes unheard.

And finally when they clamber to bed,
I thank my stars and think in my head,
Those noisy wrecks,
Are a pain in our necks,

I would have loved them more,
Had they lived on another floor.

— The End —