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Zywa Mar 30
The neighbours have left,

their garden is drying out --

now I water it.
Novel "Gebied 19" ("Area 19", part of the visual cortex in the brain, 2023, Esther Gerritsen), chapters 1-1, 1-2, 1-8

Collection "Stream"
Zywa Jan 28
I meet my neighbours,

only now, in the dark with --

handfuls of candles.
Power failure
Song "Beautiful people" (1969, Melanie [Safka])

Collection "Shelter"
Ashwin Kumar Jul 2023
We've known each other
For more than ten years
Initially we were neighbours
And it didn't take a lot of time
For us to get along with each other
Moreover, it also helped
That my maternal grandmother
Was a good friend of your mother
So, we soon became good friends
Since we had a lot in common
The most important of all
Was the fact that we lacked friends
And by "friends" I mean true friends
With whom we could share anything
And who were always ready to help us
If the need arose
Well, I badly needed such a friend
And I am really glad to say
That you fit the bill very well indeed
Because you are extremely humble and unassuming
Don't judge anyone
Possess a lot of patience
Don't get angry easily
Are very gentle by nature
And above all, are thoroughly loyal and trustworthy
Whenever I've visited your home
I've always been treated like a family member
Your mother is extremely kind and sweet by nature
And understands me as well
As my own family does
I've also enjoyed visiting your game centre
And watching movies for free
You are very talented indeed
And I hope and pray
That all that hard work you've been putting in
Finally pays off one day
I feel very comfortable sharing things with you
Seriously, it gives me a lot of relief
Since you are a great listener
And more empathetic than you give yourself credit for
Similarly, you are also welcome
To share anything and everything with me
I am always ready to listen
And offer you moral support
Last but not the least
I will always help you whenever you are in need
Take care, keep smiling and may God bless you da
Dedicated to my close friend Rahul in Chennai.
Zywa Aug 2022
His farewell wishes

were: take good care of yourself --

and one another.
Socrates before he drinks the cup of hemlock (poisonous)
"Crito" (399 BC, Plato)

Collection "Em Brace"
Zywa Jul 2022
She is without man,

I'd like to do things with her --

but I wouldn't know how.
Care --- Song "Judith" (2000, Maarten van Roozendaal) --- Collection "Actively Passive"
Zywa May 2022
The Guanyin statue:

her eyes have lost their colour --

but they see my need.
Variant: The Guanyinstatue  >> Maria statue

Collection "Without reserve"
Zywa Apr 2022
In soil that I have not chosen
in no one's shadow
all myself

I watch and hear the neighbours
I can't get any closer

My branches reach
ever stronger, ever further
Children climb in them

They laugh and kiss
themselves a future

In soil that I have not chosen
in no one's shadow
I become rough and wrinkled

In heat, snow and storm
branches break and die

They reach ever
thinner and shorter
Nests blow away

to new trees
For new loves
Collection "On living on"
Nigdaw Feb 2022
Incubus Drive
is when me and the neighbours fall out
it's not just the volume
furniture moving bass
but I have to sing
full shout
I know all the words
you see
cos I played it
so many ******* times
it's ingrained on my beer brain
all my inhibitions
blown out
I'm on stage
in front of the microphone
air guitar
I'm no Brandon Boyd
but by Christ I'm on fire tonight
Zywa Dec 2021
I live in a half-home
hours from the city
in a rubble village
from which the youth is leaving
and where I don't hear language
that speeds up my pulse

I recognize the coats
of my neighbours and I think
that they are decent people
strangers that I greet
and from whom I don't want
to know more than from myself

It's all clearly
a question about friendship
whether there are doors
which I open myself
and what choices
I turn over in my mind
Quaestion >> q. >> ?

Collection "I am"
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