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Glenn Currier Feb 23
Woke up way to early this morning
went to sleep too **** late
but the universe was already awake, loose and free
eons before my eyes opened this day.  

The sun was up
and around walking in the garden
searching for weeds among the flowers and onions
he trod the mulch to fertilize creation -
he is at home there
in the dirt and clay
in the failures of the day.

So when I arrive in the garden room
and sit at my little computer
amidst the plants and shells and cats and angels
I feel as if I have come home
from the misty crazy regions of sleep
to find my deeper self
here in this tiny dot in the universe.  

Here I listen to Chopin and Indian flute
and music from beyond
awakened from somewhere
in the shadows and blood
circulating and populating my organs
playing the grand pianos , cellos
violins, flutes
and mellow mysterious oboes

The sun is present
in the clattering molecules
of stone and bone
and propagating
making life and death
into a great and glorious symphony.

Before I woke this morning
the sun was wandering
the creases and crevasses of my brain
preparing me and making me whole
taking my timid self and making it bold
for the vagaries and variations
of this day
ready to climb
into this small moment
of time.
JAC Dec 2018
Tonight I'll swim in your sweater
and I'll dream of waking up

in a soft nest of white gold
with your messy hair

teasing the freckles
off my tired nose.
AngLe Dec 2018
I should get out of bed
but the day is adorn
& w istful wake
    am i dear to sleep
or us wake tire-some slumber
myrrh Dec 2018
Starved of care & love
Head's underwater & I struggle to stay above
Because I'm empty inside, so I cannot float
The taste of metal on my tongue
& Lead passes through my throat
Waking up from up from those inner desires
Life's a cruel mistress & she never tires
Yaya Dec 2018
I want to wake with you each day,
until I rise no more,
with every sunrise shared,
more beautiful than the one before.

I want to wake with you each day,
so you’re the first thing that I see,
and hear the first sweet birdsong
with you laying right next to me.

I want to wake with you each day,
with our bodies intertwined,
so that you will know I’m yours,
and I, that you are mine.
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