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The dark smiles back
Because I am its friend,
Though silent I breathe
I am a deadly hand,
And just like the sea
That sits next to the land,
The weight I can make
Can crush your soul like sand,
But I'm no demon
So don't fear me as such,
Just heed my warnings
Don't get bold with your touch,
Cause you will just know
When I start to smile,
What you'd call normal
Will soon become wild.
The light smiles back
Because I know what's planned,
Yes, soundly I sing
I am just doing grand,
And just like a wing
The might want to expand,
I may have the flight
To fly to the dreamland,
But I'm no angel
So don't think me as such,
Hear what I'm saying
And it won't be too much,
Cause you will just know
When I start my singing,
The present you know
Will meet awakening
gabrielle Mar 10
the mask
that hinders you
would be forever you
a lie and never the truth
NoBoDy Mar 7
I'm not what you think I am.
I chose what to do that's true.
If your ears were clean and you'd listen to me maybe things would have turned out differently.
The letters I wrote the remarks I made they were all hints I wish you would have take.
Now your surprised that the mask has came off but I'm still the same as you had once seen.
Just know I am still me.
Good son.
Diligent student.
Best friend.
Passionate lover.
Considerate husband.
Caring father.
Trusted colleague.
Respected manager.
Friendly neighbor.

And somewhere buried within,
hidden in a dark little corner,
sleeps a hopeless dreamer.
Too many expectations. Too many roles to play.
We hoist our masks,
Struggling to keep our smiles.
We hold our own hands,
Wanting the affection that proves someone actually cares.
We struggle to live
We struggle to love
We struggle to laugh at ourselves.
We love to fake being fine,
But we don’t really love it,
We do it out of necessity.
We speak, but our words are muffled
by the lies that we tell that make up our mask
That seems to hold up under society’s scrutiny.
How many times have we cried on the inside, wishing for someone to notice? Too many times, it seems to me.
Debbie Lydon Feb 13
I am often in awe of your wild mind,
Despite your defences, I can see you are kind.
I know you believe me to be fickle and blind,
But I see you, and the reason for the wall you hide behind.

There is wonder and beauty that light up your eyes,
Yet everyone falls in love with your careful disguise,
Pain finds its way through your laughs and lies,
An there is sorrow within the man, that like a child, cries.

You can turn all the frowns that you see to a smile,
An upon seeing you, my clouds are cleared for a while.
But who mends the hurt that caused your soul's exile,
And when will you turn to face your denial.

Your cheer does not mask the tragedy inside,
Altruism will not change what you're trying to hide.
Unreachable, unfathomable- two ideas within you, allied,
To win the battle over self and thus deem you fortified.

But this barricade will not defend against flame,
Nature is power and emotion is the same,
We are already on fire, to deny it is insane,
So feel what you will, break the shackles of shame.
She walks in proud,
With her neck high,
                Just like a mountain peak...

She walks swiftly,
Just like the waves,
Taking away many hearts,
With her heartbeat going up-&-down,
             Hiding it from all others that
                                         she's weak...

The one known for proud,
Is the one filled inside with insecurities & doubt!
The one notorious for proud,
In loneliness cries aloud!
The one who is said the definition of beauty,
     & idol of proud,
Just wear the mask of being happy,
She hides her ugliness inside,

The one who's thought to be the mistress of proud,
Is filled up with insecurities & doubt,

The one surrounded by a thousand friends,
Is the one who cries every moment,
But to be happy she always pretends...

The Princess of silence,
Holds the volcanoes inside...
People aren't always what they appear... There are people who need you, but will never tell....
Enia Jan 30
Hoping to meet a familiar gaze
from the concrete faces,
in the old place,
with some old ways.
As if to view from a pinhole image of
a dancing ghost from the bond
we shared.
But only exchanged,
Tones of ambivalence,
And unfamiliar stares.
Sarah Crisp Jan 14
Who are you
When no-one sees your face?
When the mask becomes so
Familiar you forget it's just a fake
Who are you
When you forget how to cry?
When your hands are still, although
You're trembling inside

Who are you
When even the mirror lies?
You catch sight of your reflection
And you SMILE, but you're dead inside
Who are you
And why do you hide away?
Two-Face, your face is beautiful
I hope you wear it right, some day
In the entertainment industry, it's often literally in our job description to be happy all the time, regardless of how we really feel. I noticed that I've started to smile reflexively whenever I see another person - including, apparently, my own reflection. Now I can't even be myself in my own bedroom, because the moment I look up and meet my own eyes, the mask goes back up.
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