We all wear masks.
Sometimes it’s hard to remember that.
Hard to except it.
Harder to change it.
Take it off.
Let your inner beauty shine.
Be daring.
Be courageous.
Be brave.
Be unique.
Be bold.
Don’t let the opinions of others smother your fire.
Burn brightly.
Be you.

In borrowed cities
We take off our masks
We ironically wear home

When my skin itches
from the inside,
I take it off
and fold it into a hidden drawer
that I've wrapped in spellbound chains
and encrypted two-factor locks.

You'll still see me,
painted with eye-liner and hair dye,
walking in business suits and saris,
turtlenecks and bikinis,
and never know
these costumes
bare spirit.

luci Dec 2017

the most
of all labours
is the distasteful art
of pretending to be

don't waste your energy on hiding who you are

I made mind  to capture photos
Of each brazen step we took
Defying death on heavens steps
Whilst wearing devils hood

I could no longer carry secrets
While harboring such pain
There was no fixing this addiction
While conflicted with this rage

I made mind to show the photos
As proof i was not right
Inside i knew the simple truth
My demons hide inside in fear of light

When you saw the photos
You looked past and understood
The addiction that had riddled me
Was under devils hood

DeAnn Nov 2017

I could pretend to be happy and smile at everything
But that would be a lie
So why do I do it?

There's no reason for me to be happy at everything,
But I don't want people to know my suffering
So why do I hide it?

I can't seem to reach out to people
But that makes me alone
So who can I trust?

Xaviera Allan Nov 2017

You cannot hide
   Behind crystal smiles
Under a false identity
   Not when the hues of personality
Are so vibrant in their vision

In their omnipotence
   Your reality shines through
There is no concealing veracity
   Even from behind their masks
Your aura is in full view

You didn't really think you could
   Fool the gods with those waxy eyes
So today you can be
   The censored aberration
They'd never believe the truth


It’s my day at last
To put on a mask
And be someone else.
But who shall I choose.

“The Scream” has been done
The President too
The Ewoks and Yoda
Have used up their moment.

Shall I be avenging
Or Little Bo Peep
Shall I become Gaga
Or Atilla the Hun

I’d like to be pretty-
Liz Taylor perhaps
But her day is over
So why not Beyonce.

Pretty gets boring
Just ask Taylor Swift
Maybe I’d rather
Be someone less fancy

Someone who cries
For mistreated dogs
And beautiful sunsets
And other folks love

Someone who laughs
When irony rules
And giggles when
Everything turns upside down

Who is that person
And where is the mask
If I cannot buy it
I’ll just go as me.

One of my favorite holidays.
Feggyr Citack Oct 2017

-on explanations in the bathroom

Here I am, with all my crap,
a stupid looser,
swept beside, off the map.

And you tell me I should behave...
I am no sissy,
it's just, you know, I am a bloody slave.

It's alcohol, it's coke;
it's pride, it's shame, it's greed;
you name it,
all that stuff that you don't need.

I'm glad you're perfect, nice and clean,
it's good to see you, though you're mean.
Myself, I'm different, to me that's clear:
I only watch myself from the rear.

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