I see it.
           See through it.
              See far beyond it.
                   I see it.
          The mask in which you wear when you are around them
                         The people who pretend to be there for you
The ones you can “Talk to”
            But when you try you can’t.
You Can’t talk
          You Can’t Confide
        You Can’t let Go.
       I see it.
                           The mask you secretly desire to remove
                       The mask you have been wearing for so long,
                           you can’t tell if it even is a mask anymore
                          You can’t tell if it is the real you or not.
                You Can’t tell.
                   You Don’t Know
                       You Still Care
                          I see it.
                          There are people around who are like you.
People who pretend and live behind masks they create for themselves    
                                               so others don’t see
        People who can help
    People you can trust in
                  People who want to speak
            These people are numbered in few
I see it.
I see it.
      Why Don’t You?

Devin Ortiz Mar 27

One day I'll return,
From the mountains and the hills
From the sadness and the pain

One day you'll see me
Past the running rivers and aching valleys
Past the tiring insanity and quiet rage

One day, yes, one day
I'll see through this geographic nightmare
I'll see through this never ending dream

One day I'll be
The setting sun to which all backs are turned
The rising moon who dances in the night

One day the facade will fade
Masks of change will begin to crumble
Masks of change will begin to forge

One day, soon, ahh I feel it
Magic words will find these lips
Magic words will fill these pages

One day, one day, waiting on that one day
Because I feel this time thats fading
Because I feel this time is changing

Lynn Al-Abiad Mar 25

If your aim is to play games
If your aim is to hurt souls
Stay away.
Don't try to step on a soil you  don't know how to walk on.
My wild plants will eat you alive.
I am no woman to be fooled.
I will draw your limits with a brush of my arm, like the ballerina I am.
Drop the masks.
I don't like clowns and you're a really bad one.

- LynnAA

BlueRain Mar 17

Look into my hands,
What do they tell you?
Can you decipher? Can you understand
Why they are tinted black & blue?

These hands have fought
Against Life's malicious onslaught
Sailed through the very worst
On Life's savage tempest

Yet for fear of 'breaking character'
Sorrow must be masked with laughter
And pain covered with panache instead
While these hands silently bleed several shades of red...

Welcome to my heart...


Dedicated to K.D
Hayden Jae Mar 13

I'm merely a mirror,
a two-sided fearer,
who walks with the grace of the dead.

I'm only an owner
of masks that make too sure
I don't let out what's in my head.

Sarah H Mar 8

‘It’s like you never feel anything’

I do

You just can’t see it
That’s a good thing
Me keeping it inside
That’s a good thing

If you could get inside my head
You'd see how I am a nervous wreck
You'd see how each decision sends me in a frenzy
You'd see how each morning I wake up terrified of what might come

But luckily you don't

I can't have you ruining my reputation after all

Alexia Noel Mar 8

I've become so convincing in the role of myself,
I'm starting to believe it's actually me.

BlueRain Mar 3

Look into my eyes
And tell me what you see
Do they betray my inner demise?
Or is all still a mystery?

These eyes contain
Their fair share of pain
Disappointments and hurts abound
Failings and sorrows profound

But these tears dare not leak
Nor my facade creak
For fear of casting a doubt
On the Persona I am with-out

So these eyes must continue to show
Their feeble depiction of bravado.

Welcome to my heart...


Dedicated to K.D
Jamie Mar 2

For a moment but not long
the trilling bluebird stopped her song
the crystal wind forgot to dance
the laughing creek slipped out of trance

the sunsets colors bled to black
the stars themselves began to crack
the heat began to turn to ice
and gamblers didn't roll the dice

the streets were left in silence still
as drumming tunes began to kill
the pictures on the walls turned red
and 'neath the mask she wore she bled

for just a moment but not long
the mask she wore sang human song
and tears that shed in nights embrace
were for a moment put in place

the world saw for what she was
and looked away in turn because
if they asked then they would know
that in her blood despair doth flow

Tad bit of an emotional outpouring sorry for that
Gul e Dawoodi Feb 17

I fail to see what's hidden behind,
Smiles, and faces so good at pretending
Long have I been familiar with these names ;
But this unfamiliarity is never ending
Felt the warmth of compassion as long as we talked
Then, their shadows faded and left me thinking;
Is this what they mean by amity  ?
To be held close for a moment;
And then be left alone the other second
And as I dug deeper and deeper I found,
These memories that I hold on to
Are nothing but a bunch of  good byes

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