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Maria Etre May 22
Melting frost bites
Exposed porcelain white skin
Weighed down with a dose indoor
Madeleine Mar 2019
The sniffer to smell
From the indoors to the outdoors
Rotten and the fresh

The smell of flowers
To the fresh crisp autumn air
And campfire treats

Manure on farms
getting sprayed by a scared skunk
or dumpsters in back

From kitchen dinners
And the freshly baked cookies
and banana bread
Julie Grenness Apr 2016
This is a verse of new thoughts,
I've invented indoor sports,
Written in a poem of riddles,
Like, "What is Time for Tiddles?"
Why, it's wine with Mahjong,
Those tiles don't tarry long,
Then it's "Drinks for Scrabble,"
With bevvies we'll all dabble,
Or, "Come and try my beers,"
Many varieties over here,
New indoor sports, my dears!
Feedback welcome. (I don't even drink, bit of imagination!)
Hope Brooks Apr 2014
in riddles and laughter
our minds entwine
as your eyes meet mine

And in the struggle to find my words
That have escaped my lips
something inside me rips

and out comes pouring my stories
That I've only wished to tell
you released me from my hell

I was burdened with lonely silence
terrified of the impending fall
but once I leapt from the edge
I wasn't scared at all

and in that moment
thoughts zooming in my head
my face flushes red

It seems my hands caught on fire
The moment that yours touched mine
Also then, I left all my fears behind

and that first kiss
will not be forgotten soon
Under light rain
And in the light of the full moon

now we walk hand in hand
Down the road together
Destined to share our path forever

— The End —