Trauma and pain
They change a person, let loose the monsters within
A hero is born
A hero that experiences suffering for long enough becomes exposed
The darkness spreads and corrupts
A villain is a hero turned by their inner demons

Power is born from family and unity
Power is created from pain and trauma
Power grows when further corrupted
In reality
The villain wins
fraise 4d
blood rushing into my head
painless, but yet burning; white
perhaps now i have died a saintly death
i will be remembered as a hero
not a coward;
perhaps now i have died a saintly death
i will be worthwhile to remember
not worthless
perhaps now i have died a saintly death
i will be known for my kindness
which never existed
to cover up what really happened
perhaps now i have died a saintly death
somebody will cry that they love me
instead of me being hated
perhaps now i have died a saintly death
everything will be better
at least death has its own dwellings
This is the first poem I have ever published, hope you enjoy it.
I just thought somebody would like to see something from a different perspective.
A troll was stalking, he had no pity
Under the bridge he'd wait
and suddenly attack anyone
walking home late, or out on a date.

A troll in denial that was clear,
something to fear, as he lurked near
with always a sneer
wrapped in a tear.

A troll never sharing, or caring
always daring to bring you down
adept at callousness
wanting you for breakfast.

One day the troll felt old
He caught an awful cold
could not be so bold,
needed a hand to hold.

He shouted help!
From beneath the bridge
and I ran to his rescue
put out my hand.

As the troll reached up
I saw his cup of evil
spill, flow down the hill
as more dreams he killed.

I dropped his hand
and ran and ran.
And heard a loud

Bless you, I said
as I carried on home to write this poem. Day 15 suggested prompt a villain faces an unfortunate situation and is revealed to be human, but still a villain. Troll
Tony Cortez Apr 11
Labels are great
Especially when you're referring to a type of guy
Or rather the nice guy

Apparently nice guys are subservient to A*holes and "Alphas"
Nice guys let people run all over them
Nice guys are weak and pathetic

It's sad because there are so many nice guys
I happen to be one of them

So would it be ok if I ripped my heart out
Would it be ok if I denied my feelings
Would it be ok if I became something else

I'm sick of being betrayed
I'm sick of the pain and trauma
I guess it's time then
To cut out what never should be tampered with

Say goodbye to the good guy
And say hello to the bad guy
No longer will I be a nice guy
Honestly I wouldn't mind playing the villain for a while
Sick of being the hero...
Hayimus Mar 25
I wreck my mind, searching for the worst parts of you to write about
I want so bad to feel nothing but resentment towards you
To erase everything good you have ever done
To pretend that you were anything but good to me
To convince myself that you are the antagonist in the story that is my life
To say it was you who broke my heart, despite how incomplete it was when you found it
I fail to think of anything unpleasant to write about you
For your presence was the most divine gift life had given me
So I come up with lies, in hopes of convincing myself (if not everyone else)
In hopes of restoring my desire to continue to exist without you
In hopes of averting an impending calamity
To be continued...
As I open the rusted - thumb folded pages of your tales,  
burdened with grief of your passing and stories that fail.  
Oceans' might is the witness of your altruism ,
you've bent sky and straighten tentacles beyond reasons.  
Known you since you were a mermaid and little,  
until the curse turned you into black-ink celestial.  
Holding kings pride; leaving Kingdom and passing Eric's heart to Ariel,  
crowing yourself as the villain despite being the ocean's pearl.  
Land only remembers the voice you burgled from Red,
Diluted in water; Fight for Triton's Life - a battle unsaid;  
Lost father’s acceptance, Eric's love, and Vanessa's legs to run -  
A cruse from Triton only Eric's kiss could have undone.  
Oh Ursula, you forgot, Magic comes with a price,  
you lost your tail and the throne for your sacrifice.  
You raised him from dead, got him life,  
destroying yours and the mirror's sight.  
I wish I was there to rewrite it differently  
but, I am only a freckle in someone’s imagination’s epiphany.
I always advocated those who never got a happy ending, I always wanted the villains to not have a experience the hatred from children, I was a fan of those who never played by the rules. Ursula, was a one of those that I thought deserved an acknowledgment if not an alternative ending per say.
Jack Feb 15
My head is not set on straight,
Avoidable actions that I take feed my hate,
Manipulating, deceiving, my gentle mind has gone,
‘beware the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on’,
The evil Villain of my own story,
I’m the only one able to abhor me,
Searching for happiness bed by bed,
Unable to save my own head,
How my heart feels I am never sure,
Consumed by lust, just begging for more
Sat alone, feelings of fear start to itch,
You know what they say; Karma is a bitch.
i do not like who i am but i dont try to change. i am to blame for my every issue in life and for my feelings of sadness and worthlessness. youth is hard to navigate and morals are fogged by over exaggerated feelings of immature love and lust. it has taken me a long time to realise how truly unhappy i am however, as the saying goes, it will take me even longer to realise that i can change that. Stay Safe and Live well. JY x
Wind Jan 23
If this was the end, for you,
for me, for the creation, how
would we be judged?
As the children we once were, perhaps,
innocence and glee.
But still, would the sun
not fall onto us?

I could be the messenger.
I could tell the tale
of destruction of humankind,
but would it be for nay?
Would it be better,
to die,
in the darkness?

Die as heroes, die as villains,
do we truly care
which way we go?
If the rain of fire,
would still come down?
If we'd still
soil the ground,
with out bodies?

So I say, take me,
teach me the ways,
of living while I have the day.
I do not care for
heaven nor hell.
For I'll still be,
just dead,

when the red sun cries.
How would you like to go?
Angela Rose Oct 2017
Even on my very worst and most vulnerable day
I am still the villain in someone elses story
That does not mean I have not been the hero in many others

Even if my light outshines my deepest darkness, the dark still exists
We all have the capacity to hold back our darkness
I am stronger than others, not better
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