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Greg Jones Oct 10
Your scars
Tells the story that your lips could never utter,
Safe in the basement of your heart.
Bloodstains and tear drops have brought us to this moment.
I won’t abandon you now.

They’ll surround us, didn’t think they’d ever find us.
We’re so close to sanctuary and peace.
They’ll have to **** me before I ever surrender.
We can’t hide anymore.

I’ll scream.
You roar.
The wounds you thought would never heal.
The loss of love you never knew.
I’ll love you til the end of time.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
It’s time they know who you really are.
Torits Melody Sep 23
From True Love To Stranger I had never Met,
From Midnight Muse To morning Regret,
Love That once bloomed turned into a thorn in my side,
The Spark Once felt raged into a flame that Burnt Me To a crisp.
agnes Sep 13
whirlwinds dust ashes
it wanders and follows your every step
your hair turns into moss, your fingertips connect with your accomplice
someday you will have to saw them in two
I wonder if your laugh will be the same once its your fingers under the blade
you’re turning bald and your nose is merely a button
can you smell the stench you create every time you lower your lip?
do you see the trail of destruction?

your bed is a coffin
your heart is non-existent
it’s a shame your teeth don’t even match the vision
your eyes aren’t rubies and your gums aren’t ******
glory is fictious, horns are the dream
not even that is what it may seem
for your head is a block of dirt and your thoughts are deflated
perhaps the worms came and ate them
perhaps they feast on you the same way you feast on me

except you don’t
the feast is your imagination
your perception is pitiful
you are forever insubstantial
Zay Aug 28
Every Villain wishes for love
Every Hero wishes people weren't always watching
Every Villain dreams of stars
Every Hero dreams of slaughtering
that drove my mind insane,
diminished peace,
and replaced it with echoing chaos.

that filled my heart with hate,
venom in my veins,
ice in my soul,
fire in my eyes
and bitterness in my tone.

that made those moments rot
in anger wrapping up deceit.
Letting me dwell in darkness,
chaos and pain.

that makes more malice
to my hand.
So, I lay upon you to scourge.

that makes me feel like a villain,
with a prison sentence that never transpires.
Invisible Jul 14
Villains aren’t just people.
The mind is a villain all on its own.
Greg Jones Jun 26
Homeward bound, fast asleep,
She doesn’t even know what she’s done.
The quiet fire that rages on inside.
They don’t even know what she’ll become.

They will come with anger and pitchforks
To quell what they created.
Tainted sight, they will twist and ***** with truth
To justify your defeat.

You’re marked, you’re marked for all to see.
But, my sweet, I know it’s not your fault.
Don’t scream, don’t let them see your pain.
Don’t leave them reassured in their assault.
Just sleep for now.
Shh, shh, I’m here.

When they left you alone bleeding out tears,
You were ready to give in.
But I carried you.
I did.
When they left you alone shattering your lungs,
You were convinced of this sin.
But I gave you life.
I did.

We’ll make them fear you.
Cc Jun 9
ill love you again and again without fail
but it's not enough is it?
love doesn't fix wounds
and I haven't got the patience to watch you heal.
is this it?
the life we were promised?
we look past the present, we say that we're honest
is this it?
the great romance novel?
a happy ending sappy ending a villain who's awful?
is this it?
our legacy? our time?
the hate the love the good the bad the justice and the crime?
if this is it
where did our time go?
fast and then slow, fast, slow, fast, slow
is this it?
Nova May 2
It’s over and we know it
The good guys lost
We barely stood a chance
But we had our fingers crossed.

It’s over and they know it
The “bad guys” finally won
We had a dream of victory
And now it’s finally done.
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