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Raven Oct 6
You twisted my words into something they’re not.
It’s not hard too see it, you do that a lot.
You make me the villain in all of their minds
Then you play the hero and feed them your lies.
yama verita Sep 22
Is it bad?
That I didn’t loved him,
And that I said “yes” on a whim?

Is it bad?
That I felt nothing but guilt,
When he tainted me with filth?

Is it bad?
That I broke his heart,
And took it as an inspiration for my art ?

Is it bad?
That I took all the blame,
And left him with no shame?

Is it bad?
That I used death as an excuse,
Just so he’d leave and not refuse?

Is it bad?
That I sometimes stare into space,
And all I could see is your face?
I’m tired of playing the villain role he gave me.
Mitch Prax Sep 17
No one ever told
me that I was the villain
of my own story

7:42 AM
Dreamt of old-age
Spending with friends
Near and dear ones
Gossiping and replicating memories
One day passing away peacefully
All alone with no regrets
This ****** Covid 19 entered our lives
  As a villain
Spoiling the dreams we dreamt
It separated us
Even before our deaths
Regrets and regrets
-gabi p- Sep 2
there's no limit to what i'd do
to keep this little game of ours going.
you don't wanna know how far i'd go.

yes, i'll keep on trailing you;
for although hope lies beyond the finish line
no ending is better than an empty one.

we'll stall this thing a while longer, so please
let go for just a second; i think that you could stand
to take a small lesson. no, you can keep
holding on to the chain. forget i ever said it.

the night sky reminds me of that one time -
i'm sure you remember, you still have the scar -
eighteen thirty-four, the city was on fire
along with our skins; along with your disguise.

i've never seen rage burn so pretty
in someone's eyes before, you know.
you lean in and i'm not quite sure
if i'll survive to see another day.

and i ask you: do you like what you see?
you answer with a blade to my neck.
eloquent as always, my love, although
are you sure you could stand the silence?
i'd like to think this is about a villain that acts suspiciously happy when they're captured by the main character.
They hurt me
I hide the pain
Pretend everything is fine
Manage to put on a smile
Forget the awful past
And bravery walk away
It’s okay... it’s okay
But... if turns me villain
It’s also okay... also okay
Concept taken from the Blood smile scene in the Joker movie.
Graff1980 Jul 4
This is how villains are made,
when the hero is hurt and left
feeling deeply betrayed
by those he was trying to save.

When the world turns astray
as fools and brutes get in cahoots
walking around town to clown,
putting kind hearts down
while they parade
making darkness from
the brighter day
in their crooked cavalcade.

When the world he loves
tends to turn sideways,
and upside down.

When the right to maintain
justice becomes too much of a strain
and he is too tired to explain
why what is right is right
over and over again,

When the heart is red stained
from the pain that inflames
his sense of morality
and he sees no hope for humanity.
When he is demonized
for being the nice guy
on this very wrong
planet we live on.

You can see it in his eyes
as all his hope dies
and he either breaks and
succumbs to the lies
or becomes
what he despises.
kiran goswami Jun 28
She preferred to be 'the villain'
instead of 'a hero'.
JustMK Jun 18
I would claim that I've been lied to
say that I have been wronged
tell you that I didn't deserve it.
But I did.

I was born with hooked claws
and sharp teeth. Black eyes
and a scaled hide
the chains around my neck clink and tap
against the spines I've grown
If you look close enough I'll sprout horns
perhaps lightning will crackle
in the corners of my mouth.
Can you see me for what I am?
A miscount, a fatal error
something bound for hell mistakenly wrapped
and hidden in human skin.

I still smell like smoke, and I still taste like war
I deserve no mercy and kindness will **** me.
What a stupid thing I have been,
to convince myself that I was anything other
than a car crash and a hurricane
In human skin.
My sin was to love and break with the same hands
to admire that which I would defile
and to trust those who promised sanctuary.
Under the guise of friends
they penned my story,
gave me my name, cast my role:
A Villain
A devil
And so I'll stretch my blackened lips
run my tongue over my teeth
and smile with the tears running down my cheek.
"hail satan"
March 28th and already I wasn't feeling like myself. Already I was feeling like I deserved to be treated this way. Unlovable and dangerous. But now it's June 18th and I'm beginning to accept that making a mistake doesn't make you a monster. Needing help doesn't make you an inconvenience
Villain. You have stolen my grace.

When I poise myself to smile and simper, your bitter shadow fills my mouth and makes me shudder.
When I ascend the steps to my royal quarters, I trip on the memory of your presence by my side.
When I lay in bed, artfully sprawled across the velvet sheet, your forceful weight crushes my limbs and my lungs.
When my eyelids flutter shut, intent on transporting me to dream-land, all I see is your divine, ethereal face.
When I fall in love, I am eager to forget and begin anew with my sweet knight in disguise, but your crestfallen expression slows my pace.

I may be free of you and your enchantment, your enthralling spell, but by the gods, Villain - I couldn't protect it all, and so you have stolen my grace.
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