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Caged marionette, dance for me
Your glass chains hold no reins
It's time to break free.
The Light only shows you known lanes,
I will lead you down greater plains.

Your gaze is uncertain,
You falter ever so slightly.
Fear not, lost kitten,
I am yours for eternity.

Young Antoinette, come to me
A train of sorrow ー your best dress
So throw away that leaden pedigree.
The old masters may try to oppress,
Noble heartache you must suppress.

You take one last look
As I wait for thee,
At the safe sullen rook,
A prison it will no longer be.

Naive brunette, sway with me
For the heart and soul you sold,
Was it not I who answered your plea?
Tonight, we shall step past a new threshold,
Its whereabouts ー to *** and enlightened beings, untold.

In darkness and damnation,
You remain smitten with me.
With no fear or salvation,
We waltz through tragedies.
His name is Mr. D
FallenKing Oct 31
How can one have a dream when they cannot sleep?
How can one find the will to get up every morning, and face challenges head strong without the fear or failure
Do these people have super powers?
Are these people considered hero’s?
Well if they are, then they are just like the rest of us, mask on facing adversity
Everyone is a hero, and everyone is a villain

Good intentions are an arbitrary construct created by society to be able to distinguish a universal morality
For example, most people would say that intentionally killing or hurting others is wrong, and those who take part in such horrific actions should face severe consequence
But what if you had to **** to save a loved one
What if you had to **** to protect your life
Would it still be wrong? Should those people still face the same consequences
Your intentions are good, but your actions tell another story

How do we define what is just?
Everything happens for a reason, that’s what most people would believe
But why does there need to be a reason
Sometimes things just happen
We have no control
We are simply insignificant specs of dust desperately trying to understand the world we love

Like most things in this world, we humans live in a cycle
It’s continuous and never-ending
Just as precipitation leads to evaporation
History repeats itself
Hate breeds more hatred
Love leads to more heartbreak
And the bird fly’s south to escape the cold winters
I made a deal with Satan
Because you showed me
That he was my only shot

I threw away who I was
And became your enemy
As I smile like your friend

I learned the game
And that I have a gift

I use it to play you
And steal from you

And I’ll continue to do so
With you as my teacher
Until I cough and glare at you
Through my last dying breath

I’m a villain.

I secretly extort and leach
Off of everything and everyone
That you have ever loved
Because that and you
Don’t mean anything to me

I want to deceive
And take advantage
Of you and your friends
So that I can take your money
Because I will not settle
For less than the ivory tower
That you sleep in.
© Outside Words
Greg Jones Sep 20
Are our lies and truths.
How the definition’s lost
Through the trials of our lives.

And I should have known that the crown
Was too heavy for me.
Will they lay down flowers
When they bury me?
And I cast my tears in the puddles of my misery.
My heart and soul has detached from me.
And all my convictions paved the way
For proteges to see.

Vitality and destruction
I command at will.
How the variable of love
Can sway my hand.

And I should have known that this burden
Would have consumed me.
Please say a few words
When they rest me in my grave.
And I cast my tears in the puddles of my misery.
My heart and soul has detached from me.
And all my convictions paved the way

For proteges to see.
I pray they never grow to be....me
talk to my back
and tell me who i am
my face is a skewed target
aim your words to my spine
it won’t retaliate
speak of me slowly
as one would a wounded dog
my legs are gnawed to the bone
but my teeth are still as sharp
come no closer
throw away your help
your sugar-coated fearful guidance
take away the sugar and i smell it
caution     dread     judgement
i will eat away to the truth
look down before me
my eyes are not your windows
they are mine alone
do not dare to peer into my home
i do not take kindly to trespassers
i do not take kindly to trespassers
i am not your holy
i am divine in my own rite
and you will find me a vengeful ***
look upon my path with fearful reverence
whether i cut through the heart
or the edges
ask yourself
f r i n g e
Nyx Aug 28
I like to play myself
Pretend that I'm evil
Create a whole facade
Cunning and lethal

I like to pretend I'm somebody else
A cold manipulative snake
Armed with fatal venom
Conjuring up much heartache

I like to throw myself in harms way
To achieve somebody else goal
A weapon of mass destruction
Its as if I have no soul

I like to act as the fuel to hatred
Target of their raging fury
Vent and break me with all your might
Tho I warn you the end is quite unsavoury

I like to be the victim of the blame
Go on and paint me as the villain
Justify your actions controlled by pain
That way it won't all be in vain

I like to be the madman behind the mess
The *****, Mastermind, The Monster
Where sins of others pale in comparison
Allowing them to feel far more arrogant

let them be excused for their actions
Which cause them such pains
Allow them to rest at last
Without those heavy chains

By allowing them to believe
That everything was truly my fault
It allows them to sleep peacefully
Securing their truths within a vault

I like to take responsibility of their actions
Pity them and follow them
Become their true friend
All while hating me to the bitter end

They need support more then I
So blame me instead
Don't show me such sorrow filled eyes
I would rather off be dead

I like to play the villain
To lighten their burdens of guilt
I'm a mean selfish witch
No different from a common *****

By taking pleasure out of such things
That are so incredibly vile
maybe I am the one who needs help
every once in awhile

Maybe I am truly evil
Its not an act

I watch you, you villain,
See you creeping, stalking,
Making nice, taking notes,
Preparing to make them yours.
Seen, but unseen,
Hiding in plain sight;
Your snake tongue conniving,
Laying the path for stealing lives.
Your eyes betray you, you villain,
To me, your intentions are clear.
They may not see you, you villain,
But I see you standing here.
I look you in your eyes,
You smile,
I don’t.
In my dreams, I place a hand on your shoulder,
And a gun to your head,
And end their pain forever.
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"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain"
The hero is naive and sees the immediate scenes in front him
He sees the old lady crossing the street
The villain has seen too many old ladies
He realizes the bigger issue of time
The hero sees the person, the villain sees the concept
The longer you live the closer to essence you become
Once you have seen too much, you can't help but destroy
Not out of hate, but out of confirmation of your vision
The difference between a hero and a villain
Is the scale of vision.
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