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talk to my back
and tell me who i am
my face is a skewed target
aim your words to my spine
it won’t retaliate
speak of me slowly
as one would a wounded dog
my legs are gnawed to the bone
but my teeth are still as sharp
come no closer
throw away your help
your sugar-coated fearful guidance
take away the sugar and i smell it
caution     dread     judgement
i will eat away to the truth
look down before me
my eyes are not your windows
they are mine alone
do not dare to peer into my home
i do not take kindly to trespassers
i do not take kindly to trespassers
i am not your holy
i am divine in my own rite
and you will find me a vengeful god
look upon my path with fearful reverence
whether i cut through the heart
or the edges
ask yourself
f r i n g e
I watch you, you villain,
See you creeping, stalking,
Making nice, taking notes,
Preparing to make them yours.
Seen, but unseen,
Hiding in plain sight;
Your snake tongue conniving,
Laying the path for stealing lives.
Your eyes betray you, you villain,
To me, your intentions are clear.
They may not see you, you villain,
But I see you standing here.
I look you in your eyes,
You smile,
I don’t.
In my dreams, I place a hand on your shoulder,
And a gun to your head,
And end their pain forever.
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"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain"
The hero is naive and sees the immediate scenes in front him
He sees the old lady crossing the street
The villain has seen too many old ladies
He realizes the bigger issue of time
The hero sees the person, the villain sees the concept
The longer you live the closer to essence you become
Once you have seen too much, you can't help but destroy
Not out of hate, but out of confirmation of your vision
The difference between a hero and a villain
Is the scale of vision.
V Exeter Jul 24
Must musty books
& living moss within
its pages press a worth?
Impress direction
with silent cackles,
hushed beyond the veil;
behind the curtain.

Your face is pock marked by sockets.
Hatred's craters are set with prismatic
pieces shattered from tragedy's visible tail.

Shall I be you should I abstain?
Remain chaste, splayed,
confined by frames & posed,
indisposed? Forever?

Should you save a soul so bound,
you will find a battered knee
disposed toward salvation,
aching for
allegiance sworn
to benevolent graces!


"I am yours,
as you're mine."
V Exeter Jul 22
Some call It cute.
Some call It sweet.
Some call It beautiful.
Some call It apples of eyes,

You've heard of lies.
Of this, I'm sure.
Some wish It festering.
You've heard of festering?
is u.

They'll have you moan.
In necrosis.
Keep you from coffin rest.
Keep the cattle frostbitten.
may know
Its place.

Keep it down!
   (they want you diminutive)
Keep it chaste!
   (they want your youth and your sex)

Old bones grow belligerent,
when the imminence of death
reflects in all glass, &
there's a lot of glass
in the new world.

Old bones grow belligerent.
The calcium deposit
takes the path it knows, &
the old flesh vessel
isn't ready,

Keep you kept for their deliverance.
life on
Scarlett Jul 17
Some people talk about the demons in their mind
and the voices in their head
but i can't
because, not even the villains
are there for me
Don't really like this but i posted anyways
Absent Jul 16
in my fairytale that appears when the sky loses the sun,
the cursive words written were with a silver quill dipped in moondust.
the accounts of my journey to righteous freedom
were engraved amongst the stars on a dark night where obscurity
lingered even in places where flames were lit.
set in the cosmos where children slept in trees
and adults smelt like the salty sea;
where pretty boys could grasp the light found between snowflakes
and flashes from girls were because of bombs chewed in their mouths;
where monsters kissed the sinless lips of innocence,
fairies were created from a single emotion of a human,
and everyone loved the first prince who lightly held their waist.

I live here,
I always have.
and I think that
for evermore will become my blood as I lay among
the wild grassy plains just beyond the barrier of the forest.

in my fairytale found in between the alignment of planets,
the phrases stains the sky when perused and
the waters reflect a fantasy that shows
sleepy children who ruffle green leaves the illustrations of my life.
you will see all that is past.
adventures trapped in a memory.
catch a glimpse of my youth clinging onto my skin.
look into daring eyes that flicker with uncertainty.
listen to songs honeyed with sweetness.
witches may snicker at my innocent self
and creatures of the northern winds could howl at my ignorance
but I will remain timeless in rocky streams, pools of puddles,
wide empty lakes, and the vast ocean that takes the horizon.

they hold
my story,
my words,
my life.
they hold me by sealing my soul's existence in those rough waters.

but if my life was a blissful fairytale,
why are the shades of my tale only in darkness and not light?
if I gaze into the sky during a time when the sun shines,
the body of the sky is made of the brilliance of blue,
or perhaps a stormy gray,
and sometimes, completely clouded in white.
before my story, when the sun begins to fall from its place,
I see the vivid colors of
purple, orange and yellow
painting the waters
before becoming a shadowy hue of blue? of me?
why am I not made of a beauty like that?
why am I made from darkness?
I wonder,
what were the stories written before me in the sky?
how is my story told by those in trees?
why is it that my story darkens the world?

although I have overcome obstacles to my dream,
fought my demons who caused so much pain
and finally lived my perfect happy ending...
I am not the fairytale that I was told.
This bad man has robbed his neighbors
This bad man won’t pay his bills
This bad man prefers to bankrupt
Then he takes off to the hills.

This bad man is just a loudmouth,
Never means a thing he states.
If you think he's going to come across
Just go someplace and wait.

Ain’t going to take this guy much longer
Ain’t going to stand his crap no more.
It’s time to put him in a prison cell
And then loudly slam the door.
This man has screwed the country,
Then he quietly gets more rich.
If you think he is our savior
You’re one stupid son of a bitch.

He will lie and cheat and swindle
And then laugh into your face.
When it comes to decent people
He is just a big disgrace.

If you don’t call the cops on him
He thinks you are a fool.
He figures just like him you all
Just ate your lunch in school.

Ain’t going to take this guy much longer
Ain’t going to stand his crap no more.
It’s time to put him in a prison cell
And then loudly slam the door.
This man has screwed the country,
Then he quietly gets more rich.
If you think he is our savior
You’re one stupid son of a bitch.

This bad man has hired his yes men
Thieves just as much as him.
With nobody to put his ass in check
Our future is gray and dim.

This bad man is just a swindler
He was born without a heart.
He's always cared what he can get
And has right from the start.

Ain’t going to take this guy much longer
Ain’t going to stand his crap no more.
It’s time to put him in a prison cell
And then loudly slam the door.
This man has screwed the country,
Then he quietly gets more rich.
If you think he is our savior
You’re one stupid son of a bitch.
villainous intentions it seems
i've been through the streams of trauma
tf u mean
working hard to correct my mistakes
being born to a household of lies
seemed like my fate
i realize how to ascend
but i'm stuck in the past
i don't know how to mend
these people bleeding in my arteries project & inject since the start of me
they went through the same thing
but so many excuses
as to why they can't evolve and be free
but they don't realize it
they numb themselves of their destiny
they throw their pain out onto humanity
i realize how it's so fucked up
that their childhood trauma got them fucked up
leading into adulthood and the rest of their lives
it seems
projecting their hatred and pain onto their offspring
i have to be stronger and more aware than my predecessors
and i notice how a lot of ppl in my life were the stressors
it's no wonder our generation is tired
bc we've carried the weight of the liars
yes they're liars, bc they lie to themselves
how they're a good person and they've done us well
bullshit i call, they've ignored for far too long
as i sit here crying, i realize that i'm strong
If you end up becoming a hero;  
You are automatically a villain.
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