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sometimes i get sad
foraging through what can seem like
a big pile of never-ending-mishaps
and some days the weight of life
lays so heavy on my chest
that i want to give up
and just marry my bed

but then i remember
that i am the universe in motion
and if wildfires have the right
to burn everything in their paths
and if the sky can cry for days on end
then why would the rules for me amend?
for i am made of the same elements as them
the air i breathe and the stars i see
are all alive, inside of me

so i stop and feel

i mean, what is real?
my problems are
and i am forever
my soul exists in a place
where honey love is all i taste
where i fall asleep dancing
with rainbows in kaleidoscope skies
to the rhythm of the phases
of our monsoon sun rise

opening up
my heart and eyes
my lips may tremble
with the power of time
but i will kiss the clouds
in the morning highs
to remind the world
of it's eternal light
along with mine

i let it all go
and i realign
Numb, dead skin
Dumb, head in

Isolation withers you
Insecurity is idiotic

Find, yourself
Hiding, from health

Social interaction
Will give you traction

Swim, into
Dig, you fool

The undertow drowns you
Reincarnation awaits you

Lose, your shell
Binding, you in hell

Venture out of vacuum
And without presume

Shyness is repulsive

Enlightenment, awaits you
Selfless, and too true

Adhere, to the collective
Powerful, and perspective

Connect with others
Help without stutters

Samsara, is a chance
Not, a trance

So help each other
Venerate and gather

Moon, sits waiting
Her, confidant scintillating

She’ll tell her secrets
Without regrets

Only, if we conquer the three poisons
Tonic, clean, and pleasant, like soissons
Jon Thenes Aug 23
Chorus of Traffic

Draw up short at the Stoplight

Compile in Anger
zelda Jul 25
in my dreams, i call you the keeper - there are millions of fireflies in the garden, asking how we made it this far. i say: it's not even far, but my throat is burning, the words starts to disappear, my hands keeps getting colder and the clock is ticking. tick tock. tick tock. tick tock.     take u s away
song: i know you - skylar grey

(alternative name: evergrowing distance, sweet but it kills)
zelda Jul 29
the worms start to crawl on my belly. my innocent desire is only to express my moonlit thoughts without being scrutinized by desperate mouths, eating cockroaches instead of vomiting snake skins. p r e t t y little thing, they say. no one sees the facade. but to me, the prettiest thing comes from the abandoned houses, yelling in shame, intimidated by the oppressors.

but do oppressors really matter? i think not.


do witches fall in love at witching hour?

song: human - christina perri
zelda Jul 23
the water from the shower continues to run down. my back against the wall, trembling hands, smudged mascara on my lashes. people's eyes always imply to act proper. i will always be a   /l a d y/   but oh, i think i will never be free from their expectations. frowning face, stern behavior, bitter truth—they loathe it.

do witches fall in love at witching hour?

song: would i - maggie lindemann
zelda Jul 21
mother, i'll be home—
am i going to make it
with blood dripping down?

do witches fall in love at witching hour?

song: baby don't cut (acoustic) - bmike
zelda Jul 21
i have always wanted to tell the mortals to bury the hatchet. but i know sustaining a war sometimes feels comfortable—a unique distraction to preoccupy our raging minds, parting ourselves from the unsatisfied society. still, everything stays. our pasts. the heartbreaks. love. the deities will never punish us for the displeasure but it will make us tick. we should know.

do witches fall in love at witching hour?

song: safe & sound - taylor swift ft. the civil wars
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