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Poetic T Feb 17
The morality of our present
                           will have implications
       on the repercussions

of what it means to be moral.

For the principles we bestow
       on others
                                of future words,
                                          of actions.
Will acknowledge
                    the motivations of future references.

Our ethics aren't beckoned by
       beliefs or
                         regional confides.
       They are moulded
on the evolution of our
                                     evolving humanity.

Showing that no matter our distance,
                                               the substance
                         of each.
Is morally imbued
                         within the fibre of each moment
we collect and share upon each other..

Silence is love

Melt into this

Within a moment

Reflection scares me




Lie to me

Who cares about me. I don't.

Blinded by the mirror
I realize I care
I care about connection. I care about achievement as a collective

Unity and selflessness are the only fulfillment
could seek

How utterly selfish
How utterly unselfish

The action and desire together



Seek to find selflessness
To fulfill ones self

The shimmer doesn't scare me anymore

I am repugnant

Light that comes back to me

From this

Portal of intense reality

Just sits inside

Unusable to me

Cursed by ego

I wither into a corner
To steep in my stench.

I can live like this
I have for years.

Luckily I'm not alone in a corner

Others steeping in their ****.

We are all to weak to come together

Stop moping
It makes us weaker

Stupidly we can't see that. And just mold and rot away in our dungeons.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
As I listen to animal collective
I shut my eyes
And I see a pond
Lotus flowers
Each in the colour of a chakra
Floating in the water.  

As I listen to animal collective
I shut my eyes
Thinking I am drifting
To sleep
But my head rested
On the lap of Buddha
Instead of the pillow

As I listen to animal collective
I imagine that
I am in the land
Of my ancestors
My face
And limbs
being tickled to death
By prayer flags.
I giggle.

As I listen to animal collective
My ears
And conciseness
Race from
My being
And coming with the universe.
ohellobeautiful Sep 2018
lately i have been thinking about
this cosmic reality of wonder i see
how i can radiate out light-filled beauty
and trust that i’m all of the love that i seek
i find comfort in how i exist beyond “human”
i know i am more than my mind now perceives
this experience may dance to the beat of illusions
but this waking state is my most favorite dream
Chris Neilson Sep 2018
What’s on the poetry menu today?
I’ll have the creative vision to start
a verbose main course of word play
and to finish a tasty couplet ****

Making time for the perfect rhyme
striving for a matching metaphor
writing more than a passing pastime
we’re the judge, jury and editor

Take us to a literary plateau
overseeing a writer’s collective
absorb the vibe to us bestow
feel empathy and others perspective

To share the love give us the power
to our kindred in words accessible
leave poetry snobs in their ivory tower
Hello Poetry is a group irrepressible
Don't we just know it?!
a collective pat on the back to us all
great work everyone!
ohellobeautiful Sep 2018
we are free to be
whatever we please
whether or not
any others agree

our distinct vibration
shifts all of the nations
and our unique ways
are the cosmic-hydration

with no need for fixation
on anothers’ dictation
we rid ourselves of
any self-love cessation

we explode in our glory
all free from filtration
and use our relations
for human salvation

let us be who we are
embracing each scar
our imperfect nature
keeps us reaching far

releasing self-judgement
with our hearts kept ajar
we can see that our falls
were just crossroads to stars
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
the moon is full
with the light of you
and so you deserve
to shine on, too
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
all is occurring
to help guide you on your way
as you journey through your path
toward your dream life estates
it won’t always look just like
you had pictured it at first
but the harder that it gets
the more you’re cosmically-versed
just know this moment’s perfect
every fall will become worth it
the Universe can hear your Love
it’s guiding you from up above
so please just trust in the Divine
knowing that you’re right on time
even when darkness pays a visit
it brings so many lessons with it
leaving you much more aligned
with iridescent Light to shine
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
i am not alone you see?
for everything i see is me
the trees, the mountains
and the moss covered trees
without them i would not exist
nothing in this world persists
without you either... just be still
can’t you feel your cells are eager?
knowing just how much you grew
doing all those things you do
at all the perfect moments too
your energy leaves deep imprints
within the grooves of all existence
the fallen leaves can feel your truth
the sky forms colors pink to blues
just as your heart loves to do
the sun seeks darkness
to shine through
all you bloom
the world is
all for
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