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Billie Marie Sep 15
we are only
what we think we are
better than we imagined we
are more than we might dream
we are with human minds we
are finally only as good as
we dare to experience
without the mind
we think we are
from my new collection, Crowning The Self in the Time of Corona
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when (i) became the sun
i felt the trees and rivers (run)
(along) the deepest parts of me
i sang (the) oceans roar to sleep

the (clouds) arrived to give me space
at times, the moon would take (my) place
and i would gladly let her (shine)
knowing it (never) could dim mine

no reas(on) to feel jealousy
for everything is (one) with me
i no longer (fear)ed dark at set
for my own (light) i can’t forget

my warmth (fills me) even in snow
and (when) it falls, my glimmer glows
the contrast~it’s just what (i) need
it is the (plant)er of the seeds
~to (the) f l o w e r i n g
(love inside) of me~

(i run along the clouds
my shine never on one fear
light fills me when
i plant the love

—sun  stories
thankful for 27 magical years
in this tripppy little life  ✨🦋
Freewheeling connections on belief
to lead, rule, follow and support.
Decided through a latent separation of sorts,
the choice in course for self determination.
Collective motivation from individual status,
with less regimented offers of conceit.
We transform when our shadows are shown,
as the clarity of transparency can aid growth.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Leone Lamp May 20
We've all got memes
Deep down in our genes
Passed down and passed out
Bursting our seams

There are memes in the air
Thoughts and feelings we share
Ideas spinning round
In the clouds everywhere

When was the first meme?
When two primates dared to dream
The same dream, the same things
Long before we had screens

I haz a bucket
A cheeseburger
A chair
I laughed and I clicked
I edited and shared

We're all forging memes
Fresh, new ones everyday
Memesmith is the role
That every poet must play

Memes are part of our soul
They're in our DNA
Y'know what I meme?

Definition of meme

1 : an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.
"Memes (discrete units of knowledge, gossip, jokes and so on) are to culture what genes are to life. Just as biological evolution is driven by the survival of the fittest genes in the gene pool, cultural evolution may be driven by the most successful memes." — Richard Dawkins

we are all as lonely as each other
trying so hard to keep it together
wearing our masks
building our walls
pretending that it doesn't hurt at all
we are all as lonely as each other
i urge you all to remember
lonely is not forever
we are in this together
we are in this together
This is how the body looks now:
    empty, estranged…
its parts arguing their cases
for emancipation,
sovereignty from the system—
each component demanding
overt consent from all others
before further engaging
in vital collaborations.

This is how the body looks now:
    formless, dissociated…
the war for Independence and
Recognition has left us
devastated by the divisions
of definition—disjointed
structures of severed relations
disavowed of the Whole.
Originally published at
There it looms, a life like mountain/ sheathed in fynbos, all shades of green/ while the cape drags in reluctant seaweed/ and the wind makes contrails of my hair/

I ascend too with the heather, the rooibos and the hottentot/ We climb/ now a collective of exaggerated beauty/ defiant in wind, spray and fire/

There are leaves as prone as a flat lined heart/ reeds as resilient as a returning pulse/and we all watch the hope of yolk/ of a Sunday sun dipping into the ocean/promising to rise again/

We creep up the leeward and the windward/ ensconced in the spiral of a soul entropy/ determined to survive every rock and crevice/ to hoist ourselves up the flagpole of the cosmic plan/
I wove the Fynbos or the shrub vegetation of the Cape Floral Region (South Africa) in this poem dedicated to a resilient womanhood.
Orakhal Jan 6
you'd surely
stop looking for your self

the nothings lost
is the best place to be looking
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