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Greed and sin and fatigue possess our flesh, we wear the richest
      quartz to wash away our stains. Like a pet we feel
      the guilt, our tears lull us to remorse.
We sink into a pillow of a million writhing worms, too stubborn to move,
     Each day our Free mind will suck and kiss vapour
     We’re discontent to show our secret streams of captive cries
Into the stinking pit of Man’s Will, “We’re great now!” we cry, but turn back to
     our woeful design, each day we offer vows of faith and
     charms to each other, but turn to filth to flow into our lungs,

A tormented art, A banal fate, As we deconstruct passion,
A solitary riot, A shrivelled nerve,
A flask, A phantom, A Madonna skull.
You were raised with a very high standard
It meant nothing to you, you just wanted to be hard

I remember your parents were very strict
For some reason, you just loved the street

They taught you good morals
You didn't care, you had your own role models

They were consistent in teaching you good values
You refused and lived by your own rules

They showed you to live upright
Clearly, you chose your own path

Now, you look back and regret it all
You wishing you didn't neglect the love!
You’ve learned well,
In the short time we’ve known each other.
Temptation is a weakness,
I guess you’re training me to overcome.
Ryzeofthepoet Aug 25
Theres a lingering cloud when we conversate
An awkward vibe we never mention
Long gone are our banters and cute debates
Keeping feelings minimal, avoiding questions

The adorable messsages we used to send
Are they ever coming back or was that it?
Loving like we used to, is that real or just pretend
Keep my broken heart if we ever do split

You're slowly fading away from me
I don't even think you realise
All i can do is let you be
And let me deal with all the cries.

Perhaps it was the distance
Or maybe it was just the time
All of this gives me grievance
I just want you to remain mine.
Kora Sani Aug 18
i feel closer to you
when i put words on paper

this one's difficult to write
even years later

do you believe me now?
you thought i was a liar

how could anyone love
a soul full of fire

you have demons of your own
i know it's bittersweet

see, you're a stubborn love
you're just like me

i wave goodbye to the past
because i don't wanna see

i'll love you from a distance
that's how it has to be
duncan Aug 18
i should feel blessed
to have things to miss.

i only feel lucky,
and rather empty

to have something
to miss
is to have something
to lose.

i am stubborn.
i am a sore loser.

i will circle dates
like a child to chirstmas
for Orion,
and for May.

so until we feel
the sun and its heat.
i bid you adieu
and my love from afar.
ill be waiting
Thomas EG Aug 12
I always feel two steps behind
No matter what the topic at hand
Even things I'm sure that I'm sure of
You can break down that certainty
Within seconds

Make me doubt the person
That I know myself to be
I dare you
Convince me that I am someone else
Because I'm stubborn until I'm afraid

Afraid to be laughed at
Afraid to be judged
Afraid to be made into a fool

So I take the initiative and laugh it off
Because declaring "I'm just an idiot",
"I don't know anything about anything"
Or simply keeping my mouth shut
Is far easier than hearing it elsewhere
Self-deprecating as fuck but truee
Paula Jun 27
You said "no way it can't be done"
you've never seen the power of one

When the fire was lit to drive me more
I called on God with all  that lay before

It started with a spark to get it going
They look and asked "what is she doing"

I did it for the one that needed a voice
The innocent one who they said had no choice.

They called  me stubborn and even a pain
I don't mind for  I'll do it again.
We are often given opportunities to make a difference. For love of another, for compassion for the less fortunate, the abandoned.  Once who are victims.  It only take one person at a time , making small changes.
At one
Life had begun,
I could walk,that was fun,
Always smothered with kisses,mummy's yummy bun.
At two,
I grew too,
Did everything I wanted to do,
Again and again,then undo,
Refused to go to the loo,
Loved to spill the shampoo,
Stubborn as a mule,
With tears, buckets of boo.
At three ,
I was free,
No pampers,mum in glee,
Went to loo to pee,
Hated milk, loved tea,
Fell often, grazed my knees.
At four,
Could do small chores,
Wipe a spill on the floor,
For visitors open door,
My own clothes I wore,
A glass of water I could pour.
At five,
I was alive,
A queen bee in a hive,
I learned to thrive,
First time I learned to swim and dive.
At six ,
I was a bag of tricks,
Just for kicks,
Smart at solving conflicts,
Easily able to come out of a fix,
Clever and confident, teachers'
best pick.
rob kistner Jun 14

if one is not author of the life one lives
it is plagiarized
its essence fraud

do not contain me in your truth
I live beyond the lie

do not seek me on the surface
I break deep below the pretense

do not expect that I ignite
you are not my flint

do not attempt to chart my course
I search my own horizon

do not summon me to your queue
you are not my piper

the cadence to which I tight step
pulses in my heart alone

I fall in line for no one
for no one's sins will I atone


rob kistner © 2013
(revised 2018)
A contemplation on independence to the point of relentless individualism.
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