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Spriha Kant Oct 2
I am not stubborn. Rather , I am
  nothing beyond a soul who can't
  dare to rebel against her own inner    
Akriti Aug 12
What cannot be yours,
no further shall be desired of.

Sunk into shallow waters,
gone up in smoke,
narrowly ablaze.

Torn to pieces,
unabashedly re-framed.
No matter what you desire of,
at the end must be yours and reclaimed.
"You are late"
Said the so full of fact
Business Studies Teacher
Nicked, "Mrs Fatso".

It's like
    her account's green
    turns red
On the account of
    Leke's grin

I'm terrified
At why Leke is never

Cos as soon as
   that was said about
   Grand Pa
We saw him
    no more

And from what I saw
   in the poster
He changed his first name
   to the same

Why Joy in lateness?
Jace Joseph May 28
Cut off all of my ten toes
find secrets no one knows

      Break my arms more way than one
     still I won't beg when you're done

Rip my skin apart
tear out my heart

                        You'll see it still beats
                        no matter the mistreats

Pain is nothing anymore
something I can just ignore

                 I shall prove not to be bested
                 my stubbornness is untested

You'll **** me anyways
and just light me ablaze

     Yet I'll give it all of my kept strength
surviving the torture regardless of length
i looked out at the weather
the clouds were moving fast
Winter was incoming
The season would not last

With fences needing mending
And cattle still to ship
Winter would be early
I could feel it in my hip

Every morning I would  get up
Stagger down to get a brew
The pain was getting worse now
I'd lost a step or two

My daughter told me "Daddy"
"You need to see to that"
I'd grumble at her, smile
Then take my coffee and my hat

I'd go outside and wait some
Look out north for there I'd see
The last great wild pony
He's a stubborn one like me

I've chased him round these hill for years
Caught him once or twice
But, no one here could break him
No matter how we rolled the dice

He runs a herd of forty
I just let them go their way
I see them in the hills sometimes
And that's where I'll let them stay

There's other wild horses
Running round here that we chase
But, his...we let them venture
We let all forty have their space

Time has slowed me up some
It's got to him, I know as well
His is just from aging
Mine is where I fell

I was chasing wolves up on the ridge
They'd been running round the ranch
My horse slipped up and threw me
I landed sideways on a branch

I heard the pop and felt the pain
A searing burn through me
Beside me, lying helpless
My horse looked up at me

I did just what I had to
One swift shot between the eyes
Now, there I was out lying
A broken hip and ****** thighs

I'm not sure how when it happened
By rights I should have died
But, somehow, I can't tell you
That lone pony saved my hide

He saw me lying helpless
Knew the wolves were there as well
He took off once he saw me
Left his herd right where I fell

They walked in a tight circle
Kept me safe right where I lay
He took off to get assistance
His herd, knew they should stay

Like I said, I don't remember
How long I was lying in that space
But, I remember waking up and
I saw with him, a friendly face

They told me he wreaked havoc
Broke the fence down at my place
Kicked a fuss enough up
Then led my ranch hands on a chase

They chased him till they had him
This pony wild and free
He brought them to his herd of horse
He brought them out to come save me

He kicked the ground and whinnied
Looked at me, to say ok
The men loaded me up with them
I'd live to see another day

Fifteen years have passed since
I see him up there on the hills
While I sit outside just watching
The pain, it's helped some by my pills

A thousand wild horses
Well, for certain...forty one
Couldn't drag me to a doctor
Not while I can see the sun

He's a stubborn one that pony
Comes around I think to show
He ain't gonna go before me
And, I think he's right you know

My daughter keeps on trying
And I love to hear her try
But all the wild horses
Wouldn't even let me die

He's a part of me I guess now
Just like I'm of him of course
This stubborn limping cowboy
And that stubborn wild horse
I need a mountain of a man,
To handle my stubborn, strong-headed nature.
I need a mountain of a man,
To help me balance the world on my shoulders.
I need the man who sees, understands.
The one who hugs my trembling body
When I cry,
When I fall…
Until I rise above it all,
Until I’m strong again
To stand
And balance the world
On my delicate shoulders.
Chandler Ames Feb 26
out there somewhere
exists a world where no task remains
straight and narrow
nest for each sparrow

waves steady fill e'ery shore
fill my eyes with chore
ah, close to sleep
still scattered sheep

go on and slumber
go on and fold your hands
drink your wine in remembrance
but forget about the broken bread
dogs will eat those falling crumbs that the baker loves
scattered sheep become the choicest meat
but hired hands never weep over flocks and fleece
lost to dogs on another's land

quite the comedy that the sparrow learns to fly
pushed out o' nest at the most convenient time
quite the travesty that a shepherd must leave the 99
in chase of what was forced out the 'fold.

ocean waves turn from tasks to tears
as understanding fills the years
my brother suffers, my neighbor dies
as the fragrance of my Father's love
turns to rot and stench and sty
but the birdbath's baptism is too wet
so i'll go on a crooked wretch

out there somewhere
exists a world where one less task remains
trust and treasure
nest for one more feather
and while i don't know where it lie
i know which way to fly
but i never liked migrations
more than the bed where i'll die
It’s all about the way you care,
With no ulterior motives there.
It makes a difference if to try and fix this,
You lay your soul out bare.

You can try, you can try, you can try to cut her down, but she’s not fallin,
You can try, you can try, you can try to pull her down, but she’s not movin,
You can try, you can try, you can try to make her drown, but she’s not drowning,
No she’s not drowning again!
She’s not dying again!

Desperation sound,
Makes her come around.
It means more when you are bleeding.
It makes her feel found.

You can cry, you can beg, you can try to change her mind, but she’s not changin.
You can snoop, you can sneak, you can lie right through your teeth, but she’s not believin.
You can push, you can shove, you can try to force her love, but she’s not loving.
No, she’s not loving you again!
She’s never looking back there again!

Don’t call her sadistic,
That will make her ballistic,
She’s just a willow tree with her roots in the ground.
She’s just animalistic.
So don’t try to change her or tear her down.
Herself, she’s finally found.
Tiana Jan 8
I tried to find the answers
I already knew,

I was just too stubborn to acknowledge
that my once empty canvas
is now colouring with your hue;
Falling in love
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