Paula Jun 27
You said "no way it can't be done"
you've never seen the power of one

When the fire was lit to drive me more
I called on God with all  that lay before

It started with a spark to get it going
They look and asked "what is she doing"

I did it for the one that needed a voice
The innocent one who they said had no choice.

They called  me stubborn and even a pain
I don't mind for  I'll do it again.
We are often given opportunities to make a difference. For love of another, for compassion for the less fortunate, the abandoned.  Once who are victims.  It only take one person at a time , making small changes.
At one
Life had begun,
I could walk,that was fun,
Always smooched with kisses,mummy's yummy bun.
At two,
I grew too,
Did everything I wanted to do,
Again and again,then undo,
Refused to go to the loo,
Loved to spill the shampoo,
Stubborn as a mule,
With tears, buckets of boo.
At three ,
I was free,
No pampers,mum in glee,
Went to loo to pee,
Hated milk, loved tea,
Fell often, grazed my knees.
At four,
Could do small chores,
Wipe a spill on the floor,
For visitors open door,
My own clothes I wore,
A glass of water I could pour.
At five,
I was alive,
A queen bee in a hive,
I learned to thrive,
First time I learned to swim and dive.
At six ,
I was a bag of tricks,
Just for kicks,
Smart at solving conflicts,
Easily able to come out of a fix,
Clever and confident, teachers'
best pick.
rob kistner Jun 14

if one is not author of the life one lives
it is plagiarized
its essence fraud

do not contain me in your truth
I live beyond the lie

do not seek me on the surface
I break deep below the pretense

do not expect that I ignite
you are not my flint

do not attempt to chart my course
I search my own horizon

do not summon me to your queue
you are not my piper

the cadence to which I tight step
pulses in my heart alone

I fall in line for no one
for no one's sins will I atone


rob kistner © 2013
(revised 2018)
A contemplation on independence to the point of relentless individualism.
B-J-M Jun 13
entirely at fault
the Ubermensch
will still find
a means
of spreading the blame
the limits of responsibility

even these words
pass the blame
onto something
that can be claimed
as being
beyond my control

so is it even
my fault
at all?
Amanda Jun 6
Despite efforts to distract myself from missing you
My stubborn mind obviously has some other plan
Still catch my breath when I hear your name
Try to stop the love felt for you, don't think that I can.
Stop! In the name of love...
When his eyes lit up
They glowed amber
Out shining the stars in the sky

When his lips laughed
They vocalized a melody
Harmonizing with the universe

When his smile beamed
It radiated happiness
Dazzling even the sun above

I should have noticed

When his eyes dimmed
They flickered chocolate
Barely a candle in the dark

When his lips quieted
They whispered noise
Barely murmurs in the silence

When his smile dulled
It reflected joy
Barley a stone among gems

I should have known
When his eyes went dark

I should have known
When his lips went silent

I should have known
When his smile went cold

I should have known

I should have known

I should have known...
Lily Apr 21
With you,
I was often on the
Verge of tears.
Your thoughtless words,
Your stubbornness,
Your never ending rants.
With you,
I was often on the
Verge of anger.
My thoughtless words,
My stubbornness,
My never ending rants.
With you,
I was often on the
Verge of fear.
The fear of you leaving me,
The fear of you finding another,
The fear of you hurting me.
Yet through all the
Tears, and the
Anger, and the
I was also on the verge of something else.
I was on the verge of happiness.
Amanda Apr 15
Why do I keep making the same mistakes
Over and over when I know it isn't right?
Will I ever learn how to fix my flaws
Or are we fated to forever fight?

How can you forgive me
When I have lied and broke your heart?
How much more of my bullshit can you handle
Before you fully break apart?

Will you ever be able to trust me again
After I have given you no reason to?
Have I completely ruined what we had
Or is there still a chance for me and you?

Is there anything I could do or say
To show you how much you mean to me?
What do I have to do to prove to you
That with your help I can be who you need me to be?

How do I change my stubborn ways
When I have not a clue where to start?
Is it possible for me to make my wrongs right
And repair the wounds I created on your heart?
More probing questions
Amanda Mar 30
Half of me yearns to forget your name
Memory that burns like an ember
The other half is stubborn
Determined to remember
The decision between what you know and what you feel is the hardest you will ever face. I chose my head and it led me right to my hearts true desires. And now I am happy and feel like I made the right choice.
Jeff Gaines Mar 27
The leaves …
have all turned brown.

Once …
green in the wind,
now scattered upon the ground.

The branches …
like cold aching bones.

They creak and whistle
in that wind …
lonely and alone.

The air …
all wings having fled for the sun.

Skies and forests once filled …
now empty.
Not a stir to be heard … not even one.

Snow …
as a desert without life.

Water has become like stone,
as is a man
without a wife.

Monochrome vistas … everywhere you gaze.
Ethereal …
like this swirling mist that is my very breath.

Peaceful, stark beauty …
found only during Winter …
standing in stoic contempt … of all it's magnific death.
A bit of a cryptic/metaphorical piece.
It is about the things I've seen during winter.
But I've taken those elements and scenes and metaphorically turned them into elements of myself and my life ...
My accomplishments and experiences, my inner self, my friends and family, even my heart ... and how I can still be strong and even content as I enter this time ... still finding beauty in it all.
But, it is also about me facing the winter of my life.
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