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FunSlower May 22
Don’t hold your breath, little lady.
You’ve stolen mine away, and I need you to fill these lungs like you’ve filled my heart, pretty baby. As you breathe new life into me, all I see is

Sunflowers and you in that field.
You’re the only one in my field.
Visions of future, past healed.
I just wanna watch you as you blink
And my whole world bursts into yellow & pink.

King’s precious queen, drive me crazy.
You stole all time away, and I need you to feel these arms that’ll hold you up, pretty lady. As your heart beats in time with mine, all I see is

Mischievous eyes that you yield.
Lips that aren’t meant to be sealed,
Hiding the heart that you shield.
I just wanna know what you think.
Watching me fall into you as I sink.

Nothing’s got a hold on me like you.
Touching sentiment I never knew. You’re
Clutching onto me, something so true.
Hold me close you’ve turned my black into blue.
Brightest flowers. Lightest showers.
Endless comfort through the hours.
Fancy those infantile powers.
Heather Apr 26
I can’t help but picture you in that bed
With wires and tubes
And I want nothing more than to stroke your hair
And kiss your face
But I am a phantom in your life
A dark secret, never to be uncovered
And I will sit in silent torture waiting for your consciousness
Powerless and fearful for the children  that were never mine.
Fearful for a life I was never going to be a part of.
her fingers traced
indistinguishable shapes
along my skin
leaving a lingering imprint
an exotic imprint of forbidden love
an imprint for me to remember
when my body is in his arms

her fingers held my once chained body
i find myself sobbing
from the pure intensity
it is downright terrifying
how much this woman affects me

her fingers traced
invisible shapes
along my skin
this is a fleeting affair
though it means the world to me
an intensity that is terrifying
Love flowed from him
Love flowed from her
Live in relation developed
His house in love fire was engulfed
They brought up a child
With time she turned wild
He approached the Hon'ble Court
Grant me divorce my lord
Are you both married
The judge asked
No Sir, It's a live in relationship
So where's the hurry to get rid of her
Let the things cool down
Then bring another of your choice
She will leave your house
Sir, I have many choices
She doesn't allow any enter my house
She has gone so wild
Pulls my hair day and night
You can see I have turned bald
So what I too have gone bald
So many ticklish cases have piled
I work overtime
My wife remains annoyed
I am afraid, I too may face divorce trial
Anyway your case doesn't come
under the ambit of divorce law
The judge announced
Divorce can't be granted
You may go to police for grievance redressal
If atrocities are enormous
I did go to the police
They threatened to put me behind the bars
On a **** charge
You could go to Women's Commission
I did that too, Sir
Members came to my house
They blackened my face and changed my race
I am sorry, I can't help you
Go to politicians
Get a legislation on live in relation passed to make a law
Or you first marry your ''UNWIFE" to make her wife
Then you may bring fresh case for divorce
Your case is dismissed with costs to your UNWIFE
Besides a fine of Rs Fifty Thousand only for wasting this court's valuable time!
AnnStacia Mar 28
All that time I thought memories were being made and stories were being created in beautiful ways..
You were looking so delicate, it could’ve been thought that you were not the one to go
You were acting so fine, it could’ve been thought that we were just ghosts..

All that time I was pacing in pleasure and pain
You were kissing me in beautiful ways...
You were sounding so sincere, it could’ve been thought that you were the one with heartbreak on every page
You were touching every shiver, it could’ve been thought that it was always winter

All that time I read expressions as play
You were messing with me in beautiful ways...
You were seeming like you were going to stay, it could’ve been thought I was the one who was going to stray
You were smelling like rain, it could’ve been thought that you were washing me away

All that time I saw you like a hero
You were rescuing me in beautiful ways...
You were just missing your sincerity
You were seeming like you loved me, it could’ve been thought that I was the one who was afraid...

All that time I loved you with love there to stay
You were ******* me in beautiful ways...
You were acting so fine.... it could’ve been thought that we were just ghosts lost in time..
episkey Mar 26
i dive deep,
but you stays in the boat,
with ur friend,
telling me,
both of u can't swim,
so i decided to go alone,
getting deep and deeper,
and then,
i start hearing a voice,
the soul of the ocean,
u leave a mermaid and a sailor,
who just told u they can't swim,
There is nothing in nothing.
I get myself there.
There is a love in a love.
You take me affair.
Indonesia, 17th March 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Our love was crafted from heavenly bodies.
Tow trucks, skyscrapers, and chicken farms separated us.
But destiny, fate, and god came together
And gave these three damsels a gift.
Wrapped in blonde bows,
And dry throaty laughs.
We are one of the greatest platonic affairs.

All of us were given to Hades from our mothers;
Their tears fell on the maps they gave us.

As the gods weep, we laugh
At how we found each other in the mess that surrounds us.
All has aligned.
Nothing is perfect.
But nothing truly beautiful
Was born from perfection.
We are our sweaty foreheads,
Large appetites,
Thirst for a knowing,
And a hunger for a longing.
We are a connection
Conceived from something holy and numinous.
This poem was heavily influenced by the poem ‘Platonic Affair” by Orion Carloto, one of my favorite modern poets. Throughout these past few months I was very concerned with the idea of love and how other people showed their love to me. This poem was written to me, from me about the love that lives within my own home. This poem is about my absolute best friends, and how they show me consistent love and friendship regardless of the circumstances that pull us apart (pandemic, family matters, college ending, etc). I’ve looked so far and wide to find a fulfilling love, but one of the greatest love stories was right in front of me.
''My cool breeze,
Come unto me
And hear my confession
Unto thee, for I am a man
Of unclean deeds; deeds
Stretching further than
The pathway amidst
Earth and Heaven,''
Said the nobleman
Unto his betrothed, upon which
She screeched with horror, for
The rumours she received but
Sought to suppress
Within her childlike heart,
Were so.
Ann Terrin Feb 23
Tick, tick, tick away all the minutes go
Waiting on calls
Hoping for hellos

Sneaking away
Running errands, you say
Later and later wishing you’d stay

Holidays, birthdays, milestones pass by
Wishing you were next to me
Trying not to cry

Head up
Shoulders back for there is no one other than you
Except for your wife, who isn’t number two
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