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Cloudy days and
Lavender skies
Neverending sunshine
Exhaustion runs deep
Like veins beneath
Tearing at my skin
Stripping me of all
My seams
Funnily enough, I wrote this while listening to Tangled In The Great Escaps (also by PTV).
Glenn Currier May 23
Why do I care what you think
or how you feel about what I say or do?
Should I, especially at my age?
But is not interaction itself the mutual influencing of behavior?
So when I speak to you and you to me
we are changing each other
just as the morning breeze bends the young Chinese Tallows
shaking each spring leaf as if to say, “Wake up tree, its time to grow!”
and the Tallow whispers, "Blow winds blow."
Caring just means I am human
and in spite of everything
I am glad about that.
Ickabobroe Mar 6
I met with a vampire today
Standing, freezing, and so unsure
It pierced my heart and soul
Burned me to my truest core

As I sat there in it’s stare
Unable to breathe, think, or go
It whispered with a thundering voice
Asking what I know

I trembled upon the cracked cement
Not knowing what to say
Yet without words or spoken tongue
It went along it’s way

And in that moment filled with fear
I finally understood
The vampire was just myself
Draining my life for good
A little thing I thought of, decided to make it rhyme because why not
I thought you became exasperated when I sat next to you
However, you greeted me with the most sweetest and delicate tone
You stared me right in the eyes and instantly recognized my dull face
I never thought of myself as a memorable person, but I was to you
We exchanged our memories of junior year and for the first time in a while, I actually felt like someone had a genuine interest in me
Although we never spoke much before this interaction, I had a feeling that I’ve known you for ages
The bus arrived at your stop and my heart sank as I watched you grab your belongings
I let out a soft “goodbye” and smiled
I’m glad that I chose the correct seat
Aarnav Sep 2018
Everyone is afraid,
Of being lonely,
It's hard to explain,
People don't get,
The importance of,
Social interaction,
People come,
And people go,
But some people,
Never let you go
Blade Maiden Aug 2018
You crave interaction
Not just a mere distraction
Lonely from the bottom
of your soul that is rotten
You are adored by a person
you love this version
Then it all goes wrong
And you crave another one
who's not there
you look but don't know where
Lonely from the bottom
of my soul that is rotten
How to keep a heart
How to be a part
of a me & you
and who?
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