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I thought you became exasperated when I sat next to you
However, you greeted me with the most sweetest and delicate tone
You stared me right in the eyes and instantly recognized my dull face
I never thought of myself as a memorable person, but I was to you
We exchanged our memories of junior year and for the first time in a while, I actually felt like someone had a genuine interest in me
Although we never spoke much before this interaction, I had a feeling that I’ve known you for ages
The bus arrived at your stop and my heart sank as I watched you grab your belongings
I let out a soft “goodbye” and smiled
I’m glad that I chose the correct seat
Aarnav Sep 2018
Everyone is afraid,
Of being lonely,
It's hard to explain,
People don't get,
The importance of,
Social interaction,
People come,
And people go,
But some people,
Never let you go
Blade Maiden Aug 2018
You crave interaction
Not just a mere distraction
Lonely from the bottom
of your soul that is rotten
You are adored by a person
you love this version
Then it all goes wrong
And you crave another one
who's not there
you look but don't know where
Lonely from the bottom
of my soul that is rotten
How to keep a heart
How to be a part
of a me & you
and who?
Shreyas c9 Apr 2018
Sitting in a fancy coffee shop,
Listening to classic rock and pop;
Noticing the interactions of the people,
Observing them closely like an eagle;

Student of psychology, observing without a word,
Noticing other’s behavior but not reflecting inward!
Reflecting inward a skill recommended in class,
An important life skill, not just something you do to pass;

Watching people closely and studying their behavior,
Why would I even do that when I’m not their savior!
After observing the entire human behavior’s gamut,
Only one thing comes to mind, Reflect Inwards, ******!
Personal spin on a poem i read on hellopoetry...We tend to observe others so minutely and yet we just sometimes fail to reflect back on our own actions. yes looking at others can serve multiple purposes. But it is just as important to reflect on yourself!
Jade Jan 2018
It’s a riddle to some
It is to me I admit
It sneaks up to me as I lay down
My head on my pillow
My brows furrow
Thoughts burrowing deep.

This is the fear,
The unseen,
The uncertainty, for all I know, may win,
Clawing it’s way up my spine.
I shut my eyes then snap them open
To remind myself I’m still alive.

I can’t wait
But I also can’t stop
The feeling of dread
That bundles and grows
As the minutes drop
One by one like lead.

When does it begin?
Or better yet, end?
When will it come?
When will it go?
It’s one of life’s riddles -
I just don’t know.

So I lie in bed and wait...
The ticking of the clock my only mate.
Nick Moser Jan 2018
Love isn’t always on time,

And I’m kind of a late person myself.

So hopefully love and I will collide in the intersection,
Both thinking we could have made the yellow light.

I hope love and I stumble through the door,
One after the other,
One minute after the late bell,
Being forced to take two seats toward the front of the class.
At least we are next to each other.

I hope that love and I both happen to download Pokémon Go,
And run into each other in some park somewhere.
Claiming “this game is great!”
Almost two years after it was released.

I hope that love and I show up to the same party,
Not so late that everyone has gone home,
Passed out,
Or been arrested.
But kind of late enough to where everyone already has something to do,
And we can share a couch together.
And hopefully there is a dog there,
So we can both catch the warmth in each other’s face,
The innocence in each other’s eyes,
While we pet the canine.

I hope that love and I can one day stare periodically at each other from across the gym floor because our favorite machines are taken.

I hope that love and I bump into each other in a crowded mall somewhere on a frigid Christmas Eve because we forgot to buy gifts.

I hope that love and I end up on the same waiting list because we waited a little too long to realize we needed Bio 110 to graduate.

I hope that love and I both curse our bedroom walls because we missed our alarms.

I hope that love and I share the same 2:30 am thoughts before a 5:30 am rude awakening.

I hope that love and I both put on ***** laundry sometimes because we’ve forgot we had to be somewhere and misjudged the amount of time it would take to drive there.

I hope that love and I are both shaking the tiredness off as we both race to meet the 12:00 midnight deadline.

I hope that love and I don’t mind eating dinner at 9:00 pm sometimes,
And breakfast at 2:00 pm sometimes.


I hope love and I find each other one day.

I just hope I’m not late.
Hopefully the time is coming
Namu Jan 2018
Fact :
When people leave you, they take a part of you.
They chip your heart, and vandalize your thoughts.
But, you are a ***** for not doing the same
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