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leeaaun Dec 2022
if wait is not worth the
then why humans
die wishing
one day
it will all get better
does that ever get better?
Lorraine Colon Apr 2022
A poor wingless bee in dire torment
Sat brooding beneath the lemon bower:
"How shall I ever know the rose's scent,
And sample the sweet nectar of her flower?"

"And what value do you place on these?"
Asked a wise old bee perched on a stone;
Suddenly there appeared a swarm of bees,
Eager to hear the wisdom of the drone

Cried the wingless bee: "My days are drear,
Longing for the rose's scented dew;
Without wings how can I hope to draw near?
How I thirst for her . . . if only she knew!"

"Climb, my lad," advised the wise old bee.
"Brave the stinging thorns and twisted vine.
Only through courage and tenacity
Will you savor the bliss of her sweet wine"

O, what angst now stirred within the bee
As he scaled that stem toward the sublime!
But what delicious hospitality
Awaited him . . . because he dared to climb!
Zack Ripley Mar 2022
In a world where power is the ultimate reward, remember: you can be just as effective
with a shield as you can with a sword
Thomas Steyer Feb 2022
Blue ****, sparrows and some rather pretty birds indeed
Gathering around their special wooden box of feed
Respectfully waiting for their turns to pick a seed
Then they fly away and I'm thrilled about my good deed

For I'm the supplier - in their eyes the Mighty Lord
I know a few things but mainly where the food is stored
Feeling a little superior is my reward
Though most times they believe I deserve to be ignored
the dog
resting peacefully
in his crate
is content
with being
shut in;
only permitted freedom              
at the behest
of another

there was not always
such serenity
behind these bars;
there was howling

cag­ed like that
could not have been
from finding comfort

there were rewards
on occasions
though it was unclear
just why
these were offered
and when
the next might appear

with time
it became easier
to simply accept
the limitation
and wait
for the next
moment of joy
to come around

however long
GaryFairy Sep 2021
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My Dear Poet Aug 2021
*** for tat
not a fan of that
take it as it is
or leave it where it’s at

Tip for tap
that same crap
just an older version
of the same slap
equivalent retaliation

“Tip for tap", first recorded in 1558. It was a highly effective strategy where one will first cooperate, then subsequently replicate an opponent's previous action.
Ashanti Aug 2021
There are rewards through everything we go through even when the going gets difficult and you fall get back up and go again
Psalm 25:5
My Dear Poet May 2021
Don’t dangle me
to the carrot
Glenn Currier Jan 2021
I have spent so much energy, time and money
avoiding pain
not realizing that it is a gift
its own reward
only earned
by enduring it
securing it

Can’t get it just by sitting

But I can earn it
by listening
The crime
is not taking time
pain is earned
with time spent
with the climb
into someone’s tortured heart.

Pain must not be spurned
it must be earned.
Author’s Note: With gratitude to Jason for his poem, “Chained,”
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