Mary-Eliz Apr 28
I've often heard that karma
is a witch
but with a different start
you with your blackened heart
won't see it coming,
but I tell you this
it surely will arrive...
along with a Judas kiss.

As you've stabbed others in the back
sharp tongue like a knife
karma will creep up on you
it will tangle up your life

It won't matter which face
you wear
karma knows your many
karma doesn't care

You'll wonder why
it happens
you'll coyly ask "why me?"
feigning innocence, ignorance
lacking remorse and empathy

you shouldn't fool
with karma, but
too late to think of that
it will strip you of your pride
you'll feel it deep inside

the exact reason for your pain
you may not recognize
karma can't be fooled
you'll be haunted by your lies

I likely won't be there to see it...
see justice come around
but in my heart I know...
I know you will be found

you'll get your just "reward"
as you hold the losing Karma Kard!
An older one dug out as I was reminded of it by Mica Kluge's "Karma is a Curious Revenge".......which gave me a different perspective!
across our paths lie logs to hurtle
a desert path forks left and right
fear’s the chasm, a pit, or a boulder
trips neighbors like falling dominoes

reveals a snare or the mountaintop
don’t fall; fire separates the ores’ dross
and gold, folks holding the Father’s hand
receive tomorrow’s crown and scepter
2018 © Christos Victor, All rights reserved
Dom Bobek Feb 4
All things pass,
the good,
the bad.
All things pass,
even the mood
you've had.

I think you should,
just keep on moving.
The good you did,
needs no proving.

Just keep on walking, loving, crying.
Keep on talking, struggling, vying.

'Cause above all, we're all dying..

It'd be a shame, to waste your life,
even if all you've known 'till now was strife...
Dom Bobek Jan 30
Give it a shot,
though maybe you'll miss,
for missing a tragedy is not,
never trying is.
Ordeezy Jan 19
Through the darkness
Through the dancing flame
When faith was madness
In this drenching rain
When failure seemed supreme
And mocking faces orbit
When hope seemed unreal
With things hardwork vomit.
This is where great men walked.

Through trials and many attempts
Through hardwork that never relent
Through sleepless nights and frustration
Their vision led by determination
When faith begins to wobble
Seek hope from the Almighty
Great hope they all gobble,
Strength to keep fighting
This is where great men walked.

Behold! A child is born
The reward of such great labour
Greatness with it core
The world bows with its favour
Then history is written
His greatness; this is the beginning.
This is where great men walked.
It's not a smooth path to greatness. Determination, hard work and endurance conquer.
In the shadow of hill
and Bank of a River,
Father and Son were
Treading together.

Gentle was air though
Forest was thick,
Rabbits were playing
A hide and seek.

Saw the son, birds,
Chirping in rain,
Flowers were flowing
In beautiful terrain.

What a dusky cloud
And rainbow by chance,
Exclaimed the father
And begun to dance.

Tears flew through eyes
With gratitude and Joy,
Bow down to Gardener
Father said to the Boy.

And boy was surprised
In such forest and rain,
Where is the Gardener
In such man-less plain.

Why he would take
such fruitless task.
whom to show this and
Still hidden in mask.

Who is here to enjoy
The  flower and rain,
and what is award
Boy asked with disdain.

Not able to watch
Not able to touch,
Why such a puzzle
Throw you so much.

Smiled the father
Replied to the boy,
No body is required
To celebrate in joy.

He cares the plants
With water through rain,
gives sunlight to grow
And makes beautiful plain.

Food through soil
And thorn to protect,
Shelters the flowers
Can not you detect.

Can not we touch him
Can not we watch,
But he is surrounding
Where ever we walk.

He is prevailing in
Fragrance you love,
Blossoming of flowers
And  Cuckoo of a bird.

And Son you are asking
What is his award,
This dance of nature is
making him to laugh.

  Ajay Amitabh Suman
All Rights Reserved

Don't forget your lover's scent
and spend a lonely life
with your heart out to rent

never dreaming of the great leap
into terrifying arms
and the rewards that you might reap


No olvides el olor de tu amante
y tengas una vida solitaria
con tu corazón en alquiler

nunca soñando con el gran salto
hacia atemorizantes brazos
y las recompensas que podrías conseguir.
Gabriel burnS Aug 2017
Thought you got me in your grasp
Fallen in your hands,
Money in the bank
I'm a human hand grenade
you’ve pulled the safety pin away
division now awaits
the careless
Lady Ravenhill Jun 2017
For some it may be terrifying,
But for me, it is a great relief,
To know that each event in life
Is neither punishment
Nor a grand plan of destiny
But a free roll of the cosmic dice,
Left to random chance,
Without a meaning they grant
The freedom to choose
The meaning of my own life.
This is what comforts me.
Would you like to roll the dice?
©LadyofRavenhill 6.13.17
Gabriel burnS Jun 2017
sometimes you enter the maw of the beast;
severed heads lie around still watching,
and you march forth into the bowels of hell
fighting off fears, horrors and demons
own and foreign
for the ultimate prize
taking home the devil
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