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Make me an ocean,
So I may still all my dreams,
And my motions' devotion,
For sweet melodies.
katelyn 1d
i think i am falling apart
like petals off a dying flower
except i am not that beautiful
and never will be.
he used to compare me to the stars
but that is an insult to them
as i have never shined
or stood out as bright as they do
i am not even as beautiful as dirt
dirt has a purpose - it supports growth
and i have been incapable of progressing
since my earliest days
idk if this makes any sense
Anya 3d
And I suppose I am,
forever one.
A wanderer, that is.
With the pineapple backpack absolutely screaming, "she tries too hard!"
The braids, "Throw back to elementary school"!
She searches in vain,
for a space amidst shadows
Threatening, to swallow her up
She misses the friend, she pushed away
She misses the group, laughing and joking on the other side of her wall of insecurities
She attempts to reassure herself,
it's torn out and something just

A shattered glass
Can be made anew
But this time,
with clay
xtine 5d
I tried to hide how much it hurts.
The Disappointments.
The Insecurities.
The Failures.
But the pain crept up my throat.

I tried to hide how much it hurts,
tried to hide it from the world;
but the instant I turned the **** to my own chamber,
I couldn’t hold back the pain any longer.
arii nyx Apr 10
You pulled back your fishing pole and cast the line.
Me, being the fish in the equation, bit the bait on the line.
I waited and waited, day and night, to be pulled in.
Waited to be caught, waited to be yours.
But that day never came.
I swam up to the surface to see if you were still there.
The line had been cut and you were nowhere to be found.
I let go of the bait and I sat and waited for another to come around.
But they would just do the same each time until you came along.
You were my one.
You pulled back your fishing pole and cast the line.
Me, being the fish in the equation, bit the bait on the line.
You reeled me in and set me in a bucket with many other fish that you had caught.
I thought you were the one, my one.
But you did what all the others had done, except for making me suffer.
I am not able to breathe, not able to think.
Unable to move, unable to sink.
I am unable to do anything.
The ones who cut the line and left me in the water to thrive knew better than you who pulled me out of the water to die.

You see, in actuality, I am not the fish and you are not the fishermen.
We are just two individuals with a whole lot of baggage and a whole lot of insecurities.
You don’t like your smile, you don’t like your body.
I don’t like my body, I don’t like how my face looks.
We don’t talk outside of social media and that was the issue,
Because I fell for this fake persona, who wasn’t you.
We talked about everything, had so much in common, and now we have nothing.
We had a pact, to never leave one another unless the other wanted, but that didn’t last.
We made promises, but we took them back.
It would never work, and we knew that.
I forgive you for leading me on and being a siren, singing a sweet, yet soul-crushing song.
And after all, somehow I still love you, but I can move on.
Julian Delia Apr 3
Ħadna buzz.
Fawra tespandi.
Jien u int.

*     *     *
(in English)

We had fun.
Steam, growing in size.
You and me.
Last line: Maltese inverts 'you and me' in English (so 'jien' is actually 'me', and 'int' is you).
Kaity Mar 31
oh look
how cute
you actually think that people like you
that people want to spend time with you
get this
that you're kinda pretty

you can't possibly be serious
people  dont like you
and people  dont want to spend time with you
and you're sure as ****
not pretty

you're ****
and alone

maybe if you work at it
try to hide the hideous scars

maybe if you change yourself
be the best version of youself you can possibly be

than maybe
just maybe

you'll be worthwhile

but i dont know
perhaps some people are not meant to be loved
or even liked

and you are one of those

but keep playing at it ***
it's sure entertaining to watch
look, i know that this is really harsh, but i wanted to make something that was as reaslistix as possible to the negative thoughts i face everyday, i'm not writing this just so people comments and tell me this isnt true, im writing this because it helps in a weird way
143 Mar 22
Four chairs are lined up in front of me, each one filled by a  loved one.
I ponder as each and every single one of them carries some sort of insecurity, or wearing a name they decide to brand themselves with.
I sit in awe at how such immaculate people can sit and think such things of themselves.

what you choose not to see is your self worth. You all are important to everyone, you all mean the world to me.
I have so much to tell you and so much to praise about you but right now let me just start off with a sweet reassurance listing the things that you are not. Ironically enough, they all match the names you've become so numb to wear.

You, my sweet boy, are not insane. Just a hopeless romantic, something I find you wear pretty well:)
And you, you're the one who's got it most wrong. You are not worthless and I'll always be the first one to love you, you deserve life more than anything.
And you my love, are no loser to me. You're enjoyed by most even if it doesn't seem like it.
And that brings me to you, my beautiful girl, you are none of those **** thoughts you see about yourself. You carry such a beauty I envy.

4 chairs sit in front of me, each filled by a person I love. Every one of you is beautiful, kind, funny, and important. You all play such a crucial part in someone's life and are more amazing than you know
I have endless love for you all and appreciate you more than you know.
Z R Mar 4
All shapes are lost within this loop
A scene would flash — with frantic eyes
To play its piece — a soundless troupe
Deceased, the bones — replaced by cries

As newborn forms encased in ash
Their fate entwined in frozen waves
Reflecting on potential truth
Unsure — they seep, in creeks and graves
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