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Nuala 3d
I only see flowers bloom from my soul when someone tells me to look
Only then I can see how bright and flourishing they are
as though it takes someone else to shove the tulips in my face
so i can finally smell how sweet they are
but when I am alone, curled up in the corner of my room
the same flowers wilt and petals fall to my feet
I see only then jagged stems protruding from my face
aggressive, tearing my paper skin apart
Abysmal despise curtains your insecurities.
lilac Nov 13
who is this?
who is she?
who are they?
i don't know this person,
i don't look like that do i?
my arms, my stomach,
my hair, my face, my thighs,
what is it all?
why don't i look okay for once?

it isn't fair,
not fair at all,
i'm fed up of trying to look pretty,
fed up of meeting standards,
my body is keeping my heart beating,
is capable of carrying and nursing a child,
my body is amazing and that'll never change,

even if my clothes are tight,
even if my face doesn't look like theirs,
even if i can't wear the same things,
even if my skin is darker than theirs,
even if i can't pull off the same hair cut they do,

i am me,
i am myself,
i am here to show what i am capable of,
and no-one, no matter how hard they try, will stop me,
i am beautiful,

we are all beautiful.

Karly Codr Nov 5
I wish they'd look at me
Like I'm their daughter
Not a Grade Point Average.
I wish they'd look at me
And be interested in who I am
Not try to change me into someone who I'm not.
I wish they'd look at me
And not point out every little insecurity I have.
Can they just look at me
Like I'm their daughter
And not the one they wish they had?
Emilyn Oct 23
im overcome with the need to reinvent myself and confess everything to everyone, to become so open that im bleeding out every secret ive ever had to keep all over the linoleum floor, but second thoughts stitch me back together with needles made of words meant to cut, whittled down thin enough to fit just underneath the skin, pulling gashes in my skin together with online threads about checking up on your friends that everyone reads and nobody listens to, performative pieces that people regurgitate to make you think they care but they dont, because we're too busy worrying about ourselves to think of anybody else. we're conceited by nature, reverse narcissists kneeling by a river, scrutinizing our reflections, searching, aching for imperfections so we can say "look at how horribly ugly i am and pity me". we're too proud to be pitiful and too pitiful to have any pride, paradoxical advertisements of lonely people too scared to ask for love.

my hands are shaking and my mind is buzzing and if this makes any semblance of sense to you then I am so terribly sorry.
i chugged an energy drink before spanish class and came up with this mess of metaphors. enjoy.
Jenie Oct 19
- Say!
Insecurities rising,
jealousy over what we are not
and sometimes wish we could be;
Does it make us bad people
or just ordinary?
When we could harm
with easy pettiness, belittle or shut down
the glorious mountain-top creature
in an attempt to feel better
for a short while,
but worse
how can we process,
how can we let it go through us,
without a word spoken,
when odds are,
and with luck maybe,
we will never be anything other?

- Write!
Evie G Oct 14
to be the girl in those adverts ,
A tragic line
to every gentle rib
I fetishise her fragile fingers
A monstrous beast reflected in the mirror, the worst possibility.

Tis poetic, there she stares
Says her lines; remaining fair,
Into my face, My acting is heavy handed and awkward
She’s a consumable reality,
She’s easy on the eyes
The fragile female,

We are a tragedy of ages, her Juliet, I Faustus
They silently boo while I slop onto the stage
A lazy slob,The **** of society, just don’t eat you fat ****. men like curvy girls We don’t want to see you, You’re so brave!  You’re the problem, it’s not hard hide your mass from view, unkempt, repulsive, vile. hide yourself it offends my sharp eyes.
I open my drooling mouth to speak, but there are chins smothering my mouth
My eyes clouded by greasy cellulite
I don’t want to exist like this.

So just stop eating.

I’d give an arm and a leg,
my pale teeth,
my parasitic possibility
my child
Hey, bit of a violent change from my last post but I wrote it a while ago. If you have any better title ideas or notes PLEASE COMMENT :)
in your happy story
i am just a sad word
broken and fragile
happily unwanted and lonely

no,don't speak out
am happy binding myself with lies
let that sink in
want to hear the unending silent shout

can i get a nanosecond
from your infinite moments,please?
chair is spinning around with shriveled leaves
rustling emptiness is what we have
engraved into the souls
imprisoned into the hollow beliefs.

let the dead howling
fight with the strom inside.

you will, won't you?
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