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Maybe I need to shift polarity
Maybe that’ll bring you towards me
If only I became a bit more positive
Maybe a bit more negative
I’m not sure anymore
Maybe then you’d become attracted again
I’ve spent way too much time with my own thoughts for my own good this week
A crowded café, bustling, boisterous, filled with jocular
talk and the ardent gossip of young men and women,
a salesman’s smarmy sincerity, and the deft, placid
intonations of desire over two cappuccinos with skim milk,

and she is there, in the corner, against the brick wall, sipping
unadorned Earl Grey, and then a zoom focus, her presence
enhanced, the room falls away, and the chatter quiets into a
cushioning white noise, background to the film he has constructed,

and with the leads filled, the location set, the supporting cast in place,
now, the script.

Nothang but only happiness, joy to my life, she would be my wife my knife, I'd be her knight protect her all through the night and day long. Sing her the sweetest song. Believe me you mean the world to me, and I really want you for me, yes for only me, myself and I. Loving you till I die.
Dancing Tree Apr 13
A little glint of hope
and a smile to curve ones lips
a little inspiration given,
from eager fingertips

from a little bit of mystery,
to compelled by raw attraction
light turning into lightness
deflected obliquely, now refraction

Blissfully we are interfacing.
Muse returns ; )
it´s always: your eyes are so pretty,
never, I love the way your eyes light up when you talk about your dreams;

it´s always: your so cute,
never, I love that little smirk your nose makes when someone compliments you;

it´s always: your hair looks so good,
never, I love the way your hair feels through my fingers;

it´s always: I like the way you smell,
never, I want my sheets to have your scent;

it´s always: you sound smart,
never, I am fascinated by your mind;

it´s always: your teeth look so perfect,
never, your smile illuminates my day;

it´s always: I feel I can tell you everything,
never, I promise to never leave;

it´s always: you are so pretty,
never, you are beautiful;

it´s always: them saying I love you,
never them proofing it.
Yazad Tafti Apr 11
you pull me in so deep
until i don't want to find a way out

you say make myself at home
and then i start redecorating all the walls

you are a magnet with a north pole
but i remagnetize both my poles to only be south

you welcome me with open arms
until i recognize that as the only form of greeting

you say my clothes are yours
and i reinvent your whole fashion line

you say what's mine is yours
and i write my name on everything to commemorate

your eyes are the ones i stare into
until they are the only ones i still recognize

and when you say LEAVE
i say you are the one in

comfort in uncomfortable territories leads to discomfort for the comforter
don;t comfort someone you aren't comfortable with :::DDD
I refuse to succumb
to your
This is my
you come back
to me
and never go away
Femi Mar 30
Ebony skin,
I bet there's paradise within.
Mocha kissed,
Your presence is pure bliss.
Brown sugar scent,
You look like time well spent.
Caramel lover,
I crave you like no other.
Chocolate milk,
You look soft as silk.
Melanin beauty,
I sure hope you choose me.
Sabrina Mar 22
This Beautiful Boy
And my heart hops in my chest as he breezes by me
The air seems warmer and my mind foggier,
Like the hot, humid day waiting outside the doors of the air-conditioned gym
He stands only a mere few feet away and his gaze circles the room
I can’t help but laugh at his bored expression as he sits in a ray of light coming from the window
He’s an angel with a halo around his head and white wings anchored into the space between his shoulder blades
My stare makes the ends of his light brown hair catch fire, cut short from when it brushed across his shoulders only a few months ago, the tip of a brush splattering paint on the back of his neck
His shoulders that spread out wide against the confinements of his shirt, scorching heat tears open small holes and burn his skin red
His legs, tufts of blonde that are almost invisible, catch my eye in the light, disintegrating into the air, and the soft skin of his knees blister and pop
As they move toward his chest, the colors of people around him twist and blur into nothing
Until it's just him and the light blue shorts sliding up his pale thighs
His whole body is on fire
His pretty thighs melting, his pretty thighs burning,
his pretty thighs his pretty thighs his pretty thighs
Bright images flash behind my eyes and my mouth goes dry
Please don't glance back at me,
I won't be able to look away
Heather Mar 19
I reached my hand out to you
And I was terrified
You could see it in my eyes
“You’re done with me”
No I say, I’m just afraid

Afraid of what?
You are bewildered
I take a pause and say
Your desire for me.

Because what men desire
They take.
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