My destiny.

Never known someone like you,
Never really knew I wanted to,
Until I saw you there.

Never been one to try,
Try and try as I might;
I found it hard to care.

But you came into my life
And changed everything for me.
Now it’s so easy for me to see,
You are the only one that I need.

You are everything to me.
You are my destiny.

(C)2015 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Love connection

I feel there is a connection between us
And it needs to be explored as soon as possible.
I need a symbiotic relationship with someone I can truly trust;
So will you tell me please, if my desire for you is feasible?

I met you once upon a time, a long time ago,
In a faraway place where the good times flowed.
I have travelled for miles to be with here with you
And I will continue to wonder, until you tell me, what I need to know.

If there is someone out there that you already love,
The please tell me now, so I can move on without you.
If you think, maybe, I could be the one you want to hug,
Then tell me and I will bring your chocolates to a rendezvous.

I cannot be backwards in coming forwards,
Because the reward could be love and that would be stupendous!
All I want to hear are those important three words;
I love you!  Not now, later; maybe we should just date first.

You are Heaven sent; I am trying to be benevolent.
Heart ache is violent and I can no longer remain silent.
I must tell you how I feel because I can’t get no satisfaction.
If this attraction is just a distraction,
Then I shall leave you in peace
And find someone else who wants to make a love connection.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
The id, the ego and the super-ego.

You and I, we have a connection.
Let us be joined at the hip; my hearts resurrection.
I rise once more to beg, to implore!
For a chance to be loved by a woman I adore.

I am infatuated and this desire cannot be sated.
No going away, until I know how you feel.
Are you currently dating?  
Are you loved and is it real?
Have I already waited too long,
Longing for your love, for me to become;
To ever be considered as ‘He could be the one’?

Is your heart repairing?
Am I being awfully daring,
By confessing my desire to be forever yours?
Do you think you could become my true lover and so much more?
I can be truly caring, or I can leave without sparing,
A second thought,
For what might have been…

If this is the case, then just place a full stop.

Leave my heart to just drop.
I will fall down on this spot;
But then I will move on…

…for I have no time for silly daydreams to be wasted.
No wishes thrown away on a love that is ill-fated.
I am searching for love in all the wrong places,
But if you want me, then you have got me
And I will be ‘last seen back-flipping’; so elated!

I will never stop smiling,
As long as I know we are both trying,
To make this love last,
Like it could be our last.
If it never existed, then why do I feel like this?
Devotion to you, words unspoken leave me mute,
So turn up the volume by embracing me soon,
Before this romance is gone and I am left licking my wounds.

You are out of my league, but if you really want me,
Then guess what, I am all yours, three sheets to the wind.
In love I would be your faithful steed
And I would lead you to safety, beneath giant redwood trees.
Even if that meant taking you over-sea’s,
Then off we would go; choose your good ship, please.

Which heart do you want and am I placed at number one,
On your list of contenders?
You are seeing my true being, no pretender,
With suave one-liners non-existent
And no lies for promises, that are gone in an instant.
I am genuinely attracted to you my gorgeous beauty;
My jaw drops, my heart stops
And then it beats at double the speed that it should be.

And all of this I do,
Because I want you,
To love me the way that I could love you
And if you know that will never be,
Then please, kindly, tell me;
Because you are a sunbeam
And I am in need of photosynthesis energy.

I need your love, so pick me up,
Or whisper goodbye and I will retort the thought,
What might have been, if I could only have been,
Allowed to fall for you…

What a life!

And imagine what could have happened,
If you had fallen for the ‘id’, the ‘ego’ and the ‘super-ego’ of ‘I’.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Loving her was like a good meal.
An unexpected moment in the universe when everything goes right.
Whether the chef changes the recipe.
Or I just so happened to catch the place on a slow day.
An otherwise busy, fast paced world.
Everything from the complimentary water, to the appetizer.
The main course.
This was how good to be in love with her felt.
There was no such thing as placing another order.
Substituting one item for another.
Without need for a menu.
I wanted all that she had to offer.
This was a meal that couldn't be recreated.
Everything presented perfect on the plate.
The seasonal greens and meat overlapping what's thought to be imperfect.
We often take for granted the simple things.
Occasional efforts that what we need most can easily be found at request.
This isn't always the case.
We authentically lose anticipation doing so.
Creating different realities of ourselves. 
Rather than learning to accept. 
Soaked in juices, the aroma seeping through the air.
She sizzled, cracked, and popped.
This experience that approached.
This was eating at it's finest.
Preparing knife and fork.
Loving her without wasting a single crumb, morsel, or drop.
This was me biting into something that I've never before experienced.
Giving each other what we've both desired.
The fulfillment of one another.
Exploring portion after portion of this delicious rendezvous
Why do we dance better when we are in love?

Why do we dance better, when we are in love?
A lack of embarrassment,
As you feel like you've been drugged.
You feel the music more, because the lyrics have new meaning.
The description to the picture of the woman you've never seen.

The lights enlighten your mind, as the colour fills her face.
She appears before you, when you’re too drunk to concentrate,
On the words she is saying, that you know would be great,
But she thinks you’re not listening and now it's too late.
Her attentions been taken, by another hopeful singleton;
An unknown quantity, you never had time to think of.

He's taken your place, in entrapping her mind;
He's the guy you should have been, but you never had the time.
He's the second rate choice, that wins this fair maiden’s soul;
He's taken your maiden, so now you should go.

The girl I think I love, isn't really who I love;
I just haven't realised, that my time has not yet come,
But love is on the way, my heart is its destination;
But to whom will it be given and mutually taken?

If love is on the way, how long must I wait?
And will it hurt me like before?
Or will I see that it's a new day?
Full of new opportunities, new hopes and new dreams;
But this time around, there will be a happy ending.

Thinking of the future fills my heart with such gladness;
Knowing I could fall in love with a stranger,
Who will take away my sadness.
Knowing anything is possible; my futures full of hope,
That one day I'll get the girl and one day I'll fall in love.

To listen to new words, from a voice I've never heard,
Would be such a thrill, would be more than I deserve.
For the strong always win, as the weaker man falls behind;
But surely I deserve love too, I've committed no crime.

So why am I punished, every time I see her face?
The last kiss we'll ever share, now only leaves a bitter taste.
We could have been good for each other,
If I only stood my ground
And told this girl that I like her,
To make her smile and not frown.

I walk into the bar, as my future sits on her own.
I must seize this last chance and tell her she's the one.
So we sit there all night long, telling tales of our past,
Whilst thinking of the future, as I wonder will this last?

She understands your desires, your wishes and your dreams.
She wants to be with you; well at least that's what you think.
You must let the goodness of love, overcome the bitterness
And let the love light shine on her, so you can feel the goodness,
To light the warmness you feel, so you can ignore all your doubts
And make a hole in your heart, to let the burden seep out.

I'd make a hole in her head, to remove the memories of the hurt,
To help her look to the future; it is what she deserves.
To let her remember the good times
And the love that we could have;
To make her think of our future
And forget the painful past.

I want to take away the weight,
That you carry upon your shoulders
And hope we make a connection,
Between what's inside us.
The worlds too heavy for you to carry,
I think it's time you gave it back;
I only want to make you happy
And stop you ever feeling sad.

Now the weight has been lifted
And you’re free from the burden,
Will you join me on this quest
To find our Garden of Eden?
To create our own world,
Exactly as we need it to be;
To share in the ecstasy of possibilities.

Our future could be golden,
Like the setting summer sun.
Loves a new weight on your shoulders,
But it gives you someone,
Who will be there until you die,
Unless I die before you do;
But I'd refuse to be killed,
If it meant that I'd lose you.

(C)2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Something’s missing…
Well, we’ve said it all
The goodbyes,
The goodnights,
And even the shy Imissyous,
a telephone

g               a             p

at the other

A silent expectation
A pause.
Before my best friend and I started dating, we discovered our shared attraction through late night phone calls that usually ended or got interrupted by gaps. The missing words were obvious but both of us were too proud to say it at the time.
There’s something out there

There’s something out there, that I can’t find,
Or even knew I’d left behind.
There’s something out there, I can’t see,
Or ever knew had looked at me.

There’s something out there, for you and I,
So please don’t push this boy away.
There’s something out there, for you and I,
But what it is we just can’t say.
There’s something out there, before our eyes,
But we cannot see for our eyes are blind.

There’s something out there, there’s something out there,
There’s something out there, for us to find.
There’s something out there, there’s something out there,
There’s something out there, but we’re still blind.

There’s something right here, I wished to show you,
There’s something right here, I wished you to see.
There’s something right here, I wished I’d told you,
Open your eyes and see if you like the look of me.

There’s something out there, there’s something out there,
There’s something out there, for each of us.
There’s something out there, there’s something out there,
There’s something out there, if we are able to trust.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
A unique kind of love

My love for you is unique to me;
Nobody else could love you the way I do.
I love you more than any other man could,
But your only reply is “Who are you?”

And not in a good way, like “Hello! Who are You!?”
But “Hell no.  Get away.  Who the Hell are you?”

My love is an obsession and needs a woman to fill the void,
Because without love I am nothing but a lost little boy.
My love is all encompassing; it blinds me from life,
Because life is pointless without love so I want to die.

Depression sets in for another long night;
Another night alone, another love is not in sight.
Dreaming of love once more, my heart beats slowly.
It used to beat fast when I would meet a beautiful woman,
But I guess by now, you know the rest of the story…

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jun 14

With the sweetest of voices, she called out my name.
Once again I crave to hear her say;
I love you today and every day.
She will never be forgotten, not even at the end of days.

Once in a lifetime you will find someone who is worth it;
One who deserves love and shows it.
Just once more I crave the moment she says it,
She means it and she really shows it.

Because loving her is so easy to do,
When there is nothing left to lose.
But this is not my choice to choose.
Will you love me like I love you?

I need to know; I need to know;
Will you love me too? I need your touch.
If you hold me I’ll never let you go,
Because if I loved you; I would have enough.

What have I got to do to prove my love to you?
What will it take for you to hear my words?
I’ve been up and down and broken in two
And now all I wish is for my voice to be heard.

(C)2012 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jun 14
My most beautiful Muse

To my most beautiful Muse,
We are yet to meet, but I see through,
Your pain; for it is clear to hear,
Within your most delicate of words.

So softly spoken,
With no need for reaction.
Simply speaking the truth,
About this undeniable attraction.

This connection between us.
I see words pour between us and from us.
All around the world, love becomes much clearer to see;
To all of us,
And the love of lust, this thing brings to us,
Proves that love is the greatest of all aphrodisiacs,
That are known to us.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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