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Sage D 7h
Love is just a four-letter word,
that begins with L.
Lust is just a four-letter word,
that begins with L.

Two very different words,
with much in common.
One may easily be mistaken,
for the other.

Both yearning for someone,
but in different ways.
Both feel great at first,
but may die over time.

Lust is secretive, hot, and sexy,
but who says that can't be love?
Love is passionate, confident, and loyal,
but who says that can't be lust?

You'll think you feel one,
when it's actually the other.
Or maybe you got it just right,
and know yourself better.

Love and lust,
similar, but not the same.
Love and lust,
different, but not opposites.

Love is just a four-letter word,
that begins with L.
Lust is just a four-letter word,
that begins with L.
I want to kiss you
I'm attracted to you
But I don't like you
I don't want to be with you
I just want to use you
Until I'm satisfied
Then I can leave you
Without second thoughts.
Jon-Luc Oct 5
An ever-growing knowledge of this universe,
That seemed, at first, like such an atrocity,
Has transformed my bewildered mind,
Into a place of sunlight and warm sensations.

I can feel it as clearly as rain on my skin,
The feeling of internal euphoria,
Enlightening this entire universe,
In such a manner that only fits my mind.

Ever since that  bright day,
an anxious tremor shakes me to my core.
Yet a smile takes it all away, this is not no ordinary smile  
This smile burns brighter than the sun,
Beating down on my car on a hot summer day.

This smile has shown me compassion,
Healing, growth, newness as well,
This is pure ecstasy.

The smile gingerly wraps it’s endless knowledge,
Around my awestruck mind,
Providing it with shelter, affection, and kindness,
That is to be everlasting.
Anya Oct 2
It's the start of the school
year and everyone's
milling about

Water particles
Milling about
and breaking
hydrogen bonds

There's a group of
new kids,
awkwardly standing
off to the side

A large crystal
of salt
is dumped among

Some of the old kids
start milling
over pulling
new kids
their friend

The water starts
bonding with
ions of salt
positive with negative
negative with positive
pulling them
to form

Eventually all the
new kids are
incorporated into
friend groups

The lattice of salt
is broken apart
And all the individual ions
are surrounded
Known as H2O
If you find quirky analogies to science interesting check out my collection "science poems".
Aa Harvey Oct 1
Time is running out.

I walk on egg shells, I got no carriage,
And I wait to see if you are Spanish,
Or Norwegian, or maybe,
You come from Japan; I await to see.

If that is the case and my future is in my hands,
I will love always and I will give you my thanks,
Because if destiny exists, there is a Princess
And true love, truly is, priceless.

I have tried my best; it’s time to confess,
That these are my words, my words for her
And love is my passion, with no guaranteed satisfaction,
But if I had things all my own way,
Baggy jeans would be back in fashion.

I would like to raise a nation of my own seedlings,
To become great thinkers, unlike me,
And they would always speak their minds freely,
And read other people’s poetry, from time to time;
I hope they read mine, I hope you like mine.

So if you are there, but I can’t see,
Then you need to take a big step forward,
Before I lose what makes me happy;
Before I leave you and everything else behind…
It’s getting harder and harder to rise from the blue…
I think it’s time to say goodbye.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Marina Sep 27
Let's pretend i'm there with you
I wanna feel your warmth

Why can't i breathe when i'm alone?
I love the way you run your finger through my hair
I want to take you on this honeymoon, where i kiss you
And I want to make you happy

I love you.
Aa Harvey Sep 24
Two peas in a pod

Two peas in a pod, we are like a family.
Two peas in a pod, the better half of me.
Two peas in a pod, she gets the best of me,
Like nobody else ever did, has, could, or would, do you see?

We are like two separate halves and three dimensional.
Like two fast cars, we need our petrol.
Like two shooting stars, she is my place to go.
Like water getting cold, she is my lovely snow.
Like a bull and matador, we are a rodeo show
And there are no clown cars in sight, only hope and sorrow.

Opposites attract, but we are identical.
We share the same sign, it’s astrological.
It’s written in our stars, our love is monumental
And who am I to complain; I’m unconditional.

A rose and a Rosé, liquid state of mind.
A red and a white, sleepy and party time.
Vodka and coke, it’s nearly closing time, sigh,
So I will have to be her aspirin, come morning light.

The bandage to her sore, I need to be her cure.
The key to her door, I want to be inside the head of mi amor.
The curtain has finally been called.
Here comes the final line, it is the only way to say,
I never said we were one and the same.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Sep 24
The land that lies

Happy dancer, singing songs,
Knowing that the end will come;
But which is the end and which new beginnings?
Waiting on the end of the beginning, is this the beginning?
This all started a long, long time ago,
When I thought I was winning, but now I know.

Remove the light from around her;
It has no use in being my magnet.
Turn the music off, for I am empty
And she could only ever be tragic.
Dancing alone at the end of the night,
Crying in the morning as I lie.
She is only looking lost,
Whilst I am truly falling.
She has never even seen me,
She has not heard me calling.
She has never truly been searched for,
For I have no power to remove my walls.

Sad boy blues with water eyes,
Stares at happy dancer with such despise.
His dead eyes reveal no fury;
The hate is hidden, His jealousy forbidden,
But never silent, truly.

Maiden calling, watches them both and laughs.
She lives in her bubble head as she lies her way to bed
And all that she knows could be contained in a small paper bag.
Her mind could be printed onto the tiniest part of a pinhead,
If only she could remember to not forget;
Maybe she could be more than the worthless words never said.

These are the people at the bottom of the barrel.
Three for the price of none.
Take them and all those singing without knowing of Axl.
Take this rose to free my hands for the gun.
All these people seen through drunken eyes,
Bloodshot eyes see fools in disguise.
All that is left in this pit at night,
Is calling cards and fake profiles,
Lists of idiots with studied lies.
Unknown numbers for adulterous wives
And I am so tired…
I am so very tired.
So tired of people with crocodile cries in the night,
Over people who do not even matter,
So why do I lie?

Suicide is not a surprise when the truth is seen at last.
I have lived in your land of lies
And still you wonder why there is no turning back?
Once choice is made, love is no longer your slave,
For the beast has been released and is free.
Free to leave you behind, free to fly,
Free to find a place to hide
And when I am found there is no more left to say.
What more needs to be said to someone who walked away?

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
She tosses her hair to the side, revealing a naked neck
A subtle invitation to play
As her eyes display a deep furious passion.

She balances her head on her cradled hands
A signal of her interest
While her eyes deep passion demands
That I don't stare at her breasts.

Remaining calm I meet her gaze
Her pupils dilate in the shadowy evening
I've been thinking about her for days
Her beauty and poise is sincerely striking.

I bridge the gap our bodies leave
And gently touch her hand
She draws breath in, her chest it heaves
I proceed without a plan.

My mind is free from carnal thoughts
But filled with opportunity
To know this woman and her thoughts
As her eyes see straight through me.

She responds well to my touch
Her eyes now have a mischievous sparkle
I want to hold her now so much
My movements smooth, I don't want to startle.

As she goes to leave she whispers in my ear
Her breath creating a sensual tingle
She tells me what I want to hear
Words a man wants to hear when he's single.
Aa Harvey Sep 20
For One Night Only

Well here we are again in our local pub;
We see the same old people and we are almost drunk.
We laugh and dance and we clap our hands,
Because some fool has gone and dropped his glass.

Life's forever changing, but everything's the same.
Why can't things be easier?  Why must we play these games?

I'm standing by the exit, because I'm ready to leave;
Just waiting on a friend, he's still got to finish his drink.
Chatting about crap, that we will soon forget;
I just wanna go back home and collapse in my bed.

She's walking through the club, with two drinks in her hands;
She's looking right at me, I just don't understand.
She said her name was Kay and asked if I'd like to dance;
That night she broke my heart and my dreams of romance.
That night we kissed and did other things;
I thought we were making love.
I don't know if it's the effects of the drink,
Or just the effects of the drugs.

Life's forever changing, but everything's the same,
Why can't things be easier?  Why must we play these games?

But what of the morning after?
She kicked me out of her bed
And told me not to call her.
"I'll call you" she said.
A year has passed and still no call;
My finest night, to her meant nothing at all.

Life's forever changing, but everything's the same,
Why can't things be easier?  Why must we play these games?

Walking home one day in the summer heat;
I turn around the corner and who should I meet?
It's Kay, she's here, how do you do?
You know what? I was just thinking of you.
Would you like, to go some place with me?
We could have a drink, or maybe something to eat.
You could tell me why, you didn't want me;
You could tell me why, I'm for one night only.

I'm so sorry, can we just be friends?
I can't go out with you, you've turned me into a lesbian.

(C)2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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