Shiny stars and clouds of dust.
Sexual tension, full of lust.
A simple touch ignites a fire
deep within my body's desire.
"Ignore the heart!" my body cries,
and set your worries to the side.
Nature does as nature calls
so slam my body against the wall,
and navigate my body-say.
Oh, please, fulfill my pleasures way.

In the space between myself
where I’d like to sometime be
is the greatest fear I’d find
or the power to rise above

consider terror to be the same
as the unknown put upon
a traveler meant to walk beyond
the far horizon not yet crossed

through forest of bizarre plants
ferns with faces, pines with hats
flowers with a thousand shades
longing faces turned the sun

the animals are even worse
maybe men before they turned
could the pilgrim become same
if will is weak at journey’s end?

a chasm waits at road’s end
with one way to cross beyond
look for the bridge kept within
turn fright aside to fight the dread

aspiration is the fuel
to fire desires, to bridge a fall
inspiration provides the planks
to see the land where I’ll fly.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170421.

The poem “Where I’ll Fly” is based on the quote, “I am learning everyday to allow the space between where I am, and where I want to be, to inspire me and not to terrify me”.

The one who is the ocean
or was by my memories
the breadth I loved to walk aside
or drown in sum ecstasy

the former I lived by the day
proximity to the surf’s invite
fury in the rush to the shore
submission in foam’s withdrawal

the latter was only in my dreams
submersion leading to bliss
the gateway was sleep’s restraint
with shadows as residents

there everything is a shade
be the dream in moon or sun
the shine of sun does not aid
when outcomes are the same

I awake from the visions
as the waves touch my feet
horizon calls, sand to ground
part of my life, then and now.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170422.

The poem “Is the Ocean” was prompted by a poem title “The Girls Who is the Ocean”. I opened up the gender and then explored the tug between possibilities and unrequitedness.
artemis Apr 18

I was attracted to your eyes
as moths are attracted to lights
and like a moth to a light,
it gave in with a helpless fight
it was drawn to the one that shined the most,
the brightest,
the warmest,
it continued flying even though it knows,
that it will be the cause of its death.


Charlie Wonder Apr 14

She loved jazz and dancing, always down for whatever
I couldn't be her escape.
We'd get lost in translation, trying to make sense of nothing.

I looked upon your mystic skin
When your clothing arced
The heat in my face
Said what I couldn't
Beauty marks

Dotted your legs
On my lap in the dark

I could wait
And I know I will
Until it's far too late

I was better when I didn't have something to lose.

Cné Apr 7

the club is not the place to be
so the bar is where you'll find me
with my girlfriend doing shots
scanning the room and catching nods

your eyes hang in the smoky air
come on over, if you dare
trust me, I'll give you a chance
surely you see that, in my glance

my friend and I are laughing like girls do
my magnetic eyes push and pull at you
starring, you haven't looked away
I can see the interest, you convey

another shot the bartender places
confused, he gestures and your glass raises
I smile as my girlfriend whispers, he's cute
toasting you, we lift our shots and shoot

I won't beg you to on come over
but it's only wasting time until you come closer
the possibilities, I foresee
I'm already in love with your body

in confidence, over you saunder
in my mind the question, I ponder
obviously I see, you're in to me
but what about my friend... are you into three?

Just thinking out loud. Lol
ju Oct 2011

If he’d a-just floored it,
drove-a straight line
right through the end-of-the-World
that would’ve been fine
with me.
A fine way to die
with sex-sticky thighs
and an orgasm-glow warmin’ my skin.

He drove on- steady and slow.

He drove on and I,
and I, and I played- steady and slow.
Act your age.
So I did- I did, I
paint-ed his lips with the salt-sweet of our deed
and I whispered.
I whispered You’ll go again.

Kerbed a wheel, swore, but
I felt him grow hard and
I felt him frown through the dark-
Girl, I’m takin’ you home.
I felt him frown through the dark-
Girl, I’m takin’ you home.
Saw home in the distance and
I didn’t wan-t-go.

Saw home in the distance and
I didn’t wan-t-go.

I felt him frown through the dark-
Girl, I’m takin’ you home.

If he’d a-just floored it-
drove-a straight line
right through the end-of-the-World
that would’ve been fine
with me.
A fine way to die-
I wanted to die.
Wanted to die-

and wanted to never go home.

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