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Pre Chrous:
Can't you see I'm talking about eternity,
I want to spend staring into deep your brown eyes those **** eyes,
Deep into your eyes I want to get lost blinded by the gloss of those **** eyes,
Making love through eye contact

Can I stare into your brown eyes,
Ms. Pretty brown eyes those pretty brown eyes,
Let me stare deep into your brown eyes,
those pretty brown eyes Ms. Pretty brown eyes,
I'm falling deep in love with you every time I stare in your eyes,
Those **** brown eyes, hey girl you blow my mind,
your **** brown eyes,

When I stare into your exotic eyes I'm love stricken everytime you one of a kind, your essence is stunning truly marcilous epitome of my ecstasy I want you next to me, my love for you is blinded in your eye shine a scenery of you being mine **** you so fine, making love to your soul soley deeply staring into your eyes intimate let's do it slowly time froze when I stare in your eyes

Blue sky paradise when I stare into your eyes a private beach just you and I, courted you in thoughts vision of reciting vowels you made a proud man smile all I can say is wow thank you *** staring into your eyes, so dangerous you tempting me suffocate my pride I let go I submit when I stare in your eyes, pupils be calling me can you handle all of me seductively pushed I fall deep in your eyes of quicksand I don't want to escape sinking deep into your eyes tuck me away put me on reserve you a special lady,

My eyes on you I'm on a hunt I feel a hunch admire you a bunch plunged into your eyes, nonverbal expressions of love we can't hide I'm too tied attached to your eyes forever

Those **** brown eyes,
Your **** brown eyes,
Those **** brown eyes,
Your **** brown eyes,

In deep when we lock eyes,

Those **** brown eyes,
Your **** brown eyes,
Those **** brown eyes,
Your **** brown eyes,
Ms. Pretty brown eyes

Can't you see,
I'm a sucka 4 your eyes,
Those brown eyes,
Your **** eyes,
As charming as those little groves are
That appear on your cheeks
when your lips curve
Both sides or just one,
As alluring as your brilliant eyes are,
That radiates with amusement,
I could never admit,
Will never admit
My interest in you
Nor this strange reaction
That may be more
Than a simple attraction.
Corny. Cringe. Why did I even write this? Oh, right. I want to negate this "fluttering feeling" or "butterflies". I am such an adult.
Rebecca 3d
you know it well
this feeling

it comes in swells
Playing with rhymes and timing
Black sky with pale light compared to your beauty, Nothing is more right or worth a fight

Your smile looks so bright on this starry night
Tints of blues, wondering how are you?

She begins to stare and laugh into the air
Will my chances be forever there?

Her sparkling eyes as beautiful as a diamond in the sky
Why oh' why is your smile so close yet, so far

My mouth reaches for her from afar through the distance of the bar

Your smile goes up towards the moonlight,
Your heart goes towards the sun
My thought go towards my ***'
You’ve won
I found a girl in class with an interesting bright smile. I wonder how she can smile like that? Should I ask? (I hope for her sake its reality.)
I hate your ****** face
Those squinty eyes, them closed lips
Your expression so emotionless
Flat and stagnant is what it drips

Those masculine eyebrows, your expansive hair
That skin void of blemishes and scars
Complexion of espresso dancing with milk
Leaving the beholder seeing stars

Empty of smiles and feelings
Your visage the definition of dry
I go seeking for some semblance of life
Through your dark mysterious eyes

So I hate your ****** face
For it is the one that leaves me breathless
Casting the root on my heart
Rendering me into a state of restless
Dea Elizabeth Nov 28
Now his name gives me chills.
What would have happened
if I'd gone home to him?
My tough man, my big man.
You're not a good enough
reason to **** myself.
Queenologist Nov 26
I been watching you,
Watching you and wondering,
I know you see me too,
And I wana know your name,
Know your name
Come my way
Boy I know you feel the same
Feel the same
Come play with me
Cuz this attraction is insane
Everyday I see you
same spot same time
And when I look at you
Your eyes sparkle and I smile
There's something in you baby
And my soul know it
I wana get to know you boy
And I can't control it
We throw smiles back and forth
Chills down to my core
But no words to explore this
I need you to know this
She's the type you fall in love with knowing you shouldn't/a special spice of life that you crave no matter how bitter the aftertaste or how poisonous the root...
Gabriel burnS Nov 20
… A moth whispering confessions high towards the ceiling… worshiping a false *** and its dooming light… as the moth wings are burning with unrequited love… flapping self-fulfilling prophecies...
My wings are growing and I wonder… are you to be my lightbulb...
the weather feels warmer today,
it seems like
someone had attracted the sun,
are you?
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