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Lofting in the breeze
Her scent, So subtle
An Intoxicating allure
Hints of Rose and lavender
For my love, she's the cure

Her supple red lips, plump and ready
A most delicate treat
So luscious, so beautiful
Eagerly awaiting for
Both of ours to meet

Her eyes, so bright, so deep
Gazing with everlasting affection
So deeply entranced, encapsulated
In our powerful connection
So close now, I see my reflection

Her skin, so ripe, so smooth
So lustrous and silky
My longing for you
does not make me guilty
Truly a masterpiece, a work of art
I've fallen in love
Never again shall we part
I wanted to try my hand at writing about something thats less about dark subjects and more about attraction and love etc. Won't say its my best, but I tried.
Hannah Jones Oct 14
Don't look
in my eyes
for so long.

I'm afraid that
my smile will
only grow
until it is
all I can see
and I'll give
myself away.

Don't speak
to me
so often.

I'm afraid that
I'll grow used
to the sound
of your voice
and become
addicted to
your words.

Don't show
me so much

I'm afraid that
my standards
are so low
the median
has become the
bar all should pass
and I'll start
to think
I deserve it.

But whatever
you do

don't stop.
Too tired to go to sleep, so here's a new piece where I find myself in an old situation. Things could be worse.
Aa Harvey Sep 25
Kiss me twice

I saw you rocking on a Saturday night.
I fell in love with a beauty wrapped inside a light,
That snaked its way over your body.
Scream aloud.  I need to love somebody,
So I can appear in front of your eyes.
Devil dancing, under multi-coloured lights, at night.

Raise my soul up to newer heights and let me get lost inside,
Of the sound of your heart as it eternally sighs.
I love you in this moment in time.
Fire heart needs a soulful cry of delight
And a kiss that remains electrified,
As I move my fingers down your spine,
Pressing all the right digits in all the right places.
Forget all of the other faces.
We are alone in this moment in time.
Kiss me twice in case it doesn’t immediately hit you right.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Spacetime warps round her,
Moons colliding, suns implode.
Black hole siren song.
And as the season changes and another day goes by
We will feel our chemistry strong and our desires true
Our attraction to one another is not counted by the days
As our affection for each other is not counted by the seasons
For fate has ignited an everlasting flame
A true flame of excitement
Growing strong inside us
With each passing day

Brian Yule Aug 23
Pupils dilating
The flecks of jade in your eyes
Trace my torso, bound
Anais Vionet Aug 22
(these are senryus)

Distrusted compliments
- screech like fingernails across
a schoolroom chalkboard.

No marked card - dealt from
the bottom of the deck - will
ever unlock my heart.

Avoid the overt
- sly Valmont, the skittish game
is wise to advances.
I distrust complements - especially from guys - I hate flattery
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