The demons in your head are louder than those surrounding you,
Only when you silence the ones within can you escape the ones around you,
Because it is the ones inside of you that attract the ones outside.
Just like someone said "thoughts are things."
c 6d
As a child I dabbled in murder

No barbie was safe from the hands of their god

Ran hills caked to the toe
Roughed terrain with neighborhood boys

They called me girl
But I felt boy

Upon later years I learned:
Amenities accustomed to this body;
A bustling street of hormones without a
red light

Next were breasts—
Wild & rambling, I soon
Mastered the art of shrinking

I kissed my first boy & felt it rattle through my bones
His hair an ocean in my hands as I rose up
to the surface

Later I discovered the shared experience of Woman,
Shifting about the world as a silly metaphor
Carved fingers into mace & metal
Ankles clinking busily on a subway platform

In learning to fight
The young boy dwindled into memory and
I couldn’t sense shape anymore

Fell in and out of love with woman and man alike,
Sinking deep into salt & sand

These days I can’t help but wonder if
attraction is a mode of defense
Or that of love

These days I run hills in heels
Caked to the toe in color

These days I don’t identify with sexuality, as I believe it is fluid and can’t be contained with mere labels. I hope this poem is relatable to those that feel/have felt the same.
Serendipity in you
Oh ! my sweetheart

I don’t know what I am to u ...

I wish to know much I mean to u.

But I always am hesitating to...

I am always addicted to u

I want to escape from u

I am trying but I am failing in that too

The only thing which resides in my HEART now is U

I don’t want to accept but I have to

That I cant separate from u

Oh! Beloved, lover and dream of everyone

I am jus ordinary to be loved

I am nothing but a piece of BEAUTY

Searching for ur soul

Will u accept my presence? or u will reward me disappointment

I don’t know the consequences.... but I JUS want u

I am afraid to be pushed out

Don’t push me out ..



Do u want me too

Do u like me like i do

I am waiting for these answers foretime

And i will wait a thousand years

Only jus to hear that U LIKE ME TOO ..!!

Oh !! my adorable ,

Thou lookest only upon SOUL , not BEAUTY

My words fly up .. like UR BEAUTIFUL soul

LIFE without u ... is meaningless like me without U !!

Simpathi Mar 4
Here I am now,
Back at square one.
I broke my vow,
Wanted to be done.

Threw all my fears,
Down to the ground,
Wanted to hear,
All of your sounds.

Lost in this maze,
Full of attraction,
No longer can aim,
Deprived of all action.

Tired of hearing,
Words of complaint.
Everyone’s fearing,
Of their own fate.

Blue eyes, brown eyes,
Losing time, losing fights.
Dark skin, light skin,
Refuse to fit in, but not in the end.

They hate that person,
She is depressed.
That one will burn it,
They’re getting less.

I’m done with these people,
They’re not who I see,
When I sail life’s waves,
And reach all my dreams.

They don’t appreciate,
All that I love,
Not trying to hate,
Just wanting enough.

They’re all too busy,
‘Bout what they’re seeing.
Me, I don’t want much,
Just a brand new beginning,

Where I choose to risk,
All that I’ve owned,
For the one who I miss,
The one who will know,

When you ask them a question,
About my favorite things.
They’ll know the depression,
They’ll know how it stings.
Tried as hard as I could and I'm still at square one...
As I breathe in
The city exhales
As I breathe out
The city inhales
My heart beats
To the ticking of
Pedestrian signals
Which none of us obey
To parking meters
I dedicate time unpaid
From the saintly hobos
Who avoid my stench
To the college girl ass
I dare not to pinch
The bar drains my pocket
Traffic signals my soul
Just like the woman
Who left me so long ago
To the city, my cock
To the city, my soul
c Feb 26
Temples riddled sick, the world seems small
In this room
Air thick and mischievous
Walls slick, closing in

A closet light in the dark
You take me in your arms and
We practice stable breath
Your chest a flower bed of roses

This was love--

I slide down and down
Lapping waves envelope lungs
Gasping salty, green

Steady as you root into soil
Stronghold hands on my waist
Lifting me from oblivion, meanwhile
I latch on as vine and watch the world spin

You’ve saved me again--

Love pads on
Easy as rain on a metal roof and
I am glossy-eyed, laying in your bed of roses
In a stuffy room in New York

The lights have gone out
Wind rushing overhead
The bustle weaves by outside yet
Time is still here

I am home--
A poem about my love & partner of about 8 months. We are long distance so our moments together are spare, yet each time I am slipping I feel he saves me from myself. A great lover and friend
There was once two,
that cared about each other.
They were happily together so long,
it was unimagined that anything could go wrong.

When he saw her,
with her beautiful blond hair,
that coiled around his fingers anytime he felt it.
Her sweet chocolate eyes that stared
and pierced through what pumped his blood
to keep him there.

Her sweet voice attracted him like a honey bee to a flower,
soft, like the ocean waves.
A sound you could fall asleep to,
but wouldn't because you'd never get bored.

The taste of her lips unique,
He loved to kiss her cheek.
When they hugged and he bowed his head over her shoulder,
he felt his cheek pressed against her clavicle,
wondering if she felt the discomfort of bone against bone.

He could smell her perfume, especially on dates.
But nothing could smell better to him than her natural scent;
Freshly showered every morning,
coffee on the table waiting,
setting the expectation that today will be a great day.

He leaves to work,
believing when he returns she'd be there.
At the same time,
nothing makes him more sad,
than knowing she is allowed to leave forever.
yet, more beautiful than a dove in a cage,
is the one that is always free.
3 years of being in a relationship, you don't know when you'll lose that person.  It almost seems that one day you'll lose everyone, but your senses will always remind you of them.  Everywhere you go, anything you do.
c Jan 29
Day One:
Fresh Cabernet threatens the coffee table
Two seats too far to suggest anything

I fiddle with the idea of you
Muscles drawn in, eyes strained back
But can only imagine
from here

Night, then day
careless, shift about
like two sheets of ice on water
and now
I see you

Striped shirt stretched, worn jeans fidgeting the edge of your seat
Imprinting bits of flash left lingering on retinas

I wish to be in, on, around
Heat protruding chest and breath

I wish to be near, new, but am left
Beating hard

Day Two:
Light to dark running overtime
Occasion breeds conversation

You want to come over again
A buzzing
“I’m here”
and suddenly
you don’t seem so far away suddenly
heat and breath and chest and all beat and accord mine suddenly
timelightspace in between are irrelevant to how we measure skin suddenly
I see you except this time it’s all of you.

Every particle prodding upon my very reality
‘Tis a luxury,
Wild nights like these, and
I wish upon every length of being
that you
see me
Written as a reflection to a Tinder (yes, Tinder) date that took longer than expected to get started. There was a crazy amount of tension, but immediate attraction.
Steve Jan 29
Her eyes drilled into mine
I was a little afraid of what they might find
The scrutiny was intense
The urge to hold her was immense
I hardly dared to fix her gaze
Seconds like hours, hours like days
Then she spoke
Like thunder in my ear
She'd made a joke
But all I wanted was to bring her near
Preserved like this in dreams
She'd appear forever more
I smelt her scent
I sensed her vent
Hairs prickled
Cogs ground round in the firmament
The world span
My head whirled
Fingers curled
Lips touched
Blood rushed
Breath held tight
Nowhere I'd rather be tonight
Nothing I'd rather do
Wrapped in the heat of you.
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