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When I sleep and dream
All laws of Physics go right out of the window.
At once
I’m in a room
Yet out in the open streets.

Turn my back on the house
And it is gone
No matter where I search.

There is Mum and Dad
And many more
No longer with us now.

Sometimes I recall they are dead
And ask them of their afterlife
But their answers make no sense.

At other times
People change from one to another
Or even morph into objects
Or animals
Or anything.

While dreaming
Stories and memories pop into my head
Often false
From nowhere.

I set out to do something
Only to get frustrated and lost.
Stress dreams just before I wake.
Dreams of jobs I hated
And piles of paperwork.

Dreams of the past, present and future.
No Tardis required.
All space and time
Thrown together
In the whirlwinds of my mind.

Yet the good news is
That sometimes I can fly.

Paul Butters

© PB 17\9\2018.
Dream, dream, dream.
Sky Yang Sep 15
the passage of Time
through the tunnels
of my mind

renders a weary passenger,
(impossibly burdened
by the slight breeze
grazing cheek and
rushing by)

He yells in frustration,
a ringing in my ears

plants fists in the walls,
a throbbing in my head

when i close my eyes,
i picture the passage of Time:

white-knuckled, clenching the steering wheel
his back is buckled, a bitten-up pencil,
and the haunting rattle of wet,
staccato breaths

"i want to escape"

and i am sorry--
eternally, sorry
EP Robles Sep 13
while F was pointing its two accusing fingers to its right U bent towards her middle wishing alpha bet higher wages and C being blind always kept its mouth opened for the rare change beggars threw at it because K always loves to kick the air with its tight stocked legs.  
    Characters all of them!

:: 09-12-2018 ::
alpha bet on the loser
Aaron LaLux Sep 11
You were just a dream,
I wasn’t allowed to keep,
like any unknown the odds were always 50/50.
but I knew the risk when I took that leap,

& it's not your fault nor is it mine,
it's just The Fault In Our Stars shout out to John Green,
Blame It On The Rain feeling as silly as Milli Vanilli,
feeling like everything's fake like you're only a screen,

& maybe that's why I feel so detached,
& why when you spill your heart out I don't say a thing,
you overreact & I don't even react,
because like they say life is but a dream,

though to be fair I'd say it's more of a nightmare,
because we get to see it all but can't keep a thing,
sleepwalking through this waking life,
where the loudest noises are mute & the silence screams,

& the truth is you seemed so lucid,
that I felt stupid for not being able keep you here,
& I'm not making excuses but the truth is,
I choose to lose everything including you that I hold dear,

which makes sense since you were just a dream,
that I wasn’t allowed to keep,
like any unknown the odds were always 50/50,
but I knew the risk when I took that leap...

∆ Aaron La Lux ∆

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zen Aug 30
From whom are you wanderer?
The road on which you unravel,
and on the brim of infinity
the body becomes nest for neighboring
Ineffable, microscopic, macroscopic
And in the (in) between
on the peak of no where the whole widens,
the well wanes a wish deeper,
All the while
diamonds crest beneath aim
Gold, my galore...
of whom, are you
Rich Aug 30
I find myself in your arms again and even though it’s silent, all I hear are rhapsodies
Beautiful compositions as you take my gentle disposition and wave it away with your finger
That touch is lethal
It turns the hardships into memory foam
caresses my spine like the kiss of anesthesia
So I beg for you to stay a while
Trying to connect our gaze, to remove your eyes from the door hinges
I can’t resist feeling that we belong
Just like guitar strums and callouses
Like injustice and protests
Like rose pedals and fantasies
I fantasize about a time where humans synthesize
Happiness into pills
So that pharmaceutical bills
Are the only thing between me and endless thrill
Yes, I know it’s late
Your heart can’t fit on your sleeve
So you wear it on those lips
With a shape that quickly deceives
You bring me to my knees
No word in the English language carried more weight than this request,
Whether it’s the Hulk lifting continents
Or Sisyphus fighting his consequence
So please
Keep me warm in the bliss of your flame
Rosemary spotted a big rat in the water
Her Momma wasn't particularly impressed with her finding
Rain drops hung on their waxy, pink skin
In the rain they looked like two rain-hammered flowers

All around them was muck

The boy came sploshing through the floody water
The scrawny thing was shivering and he-
Embraced her Momma
Her Momma let him join her under the umbrella
(And there was on her Momma lips a big Momma smile)
Rosemary was quick-she saw that he'd bent his head
And was burrowing... burrowing between her Momma's legs
He pulled down his shorts; his little bums were saggy
Rosemary hated her Momma for standing dumb and dumbly gasping
She hit the boy on the back of his kitten head
And clawed off a slice of his peachy bum
(Still he clung to her Momma, like a half-shaved dog)
And then she said:
'I know your parents. I'm gonna tell'em'
That drained all glee from his fiendish mien
He stood there for a moment before he pulled his tee over head
And when he was gone, Rosemary let her pee pass down her legs
(As she often did in the rain)
rob kistner Aug 25
(inspired by the art of Dean Morrissey and James C. Christensen)

fantastic is this spell I'm under
magic of a splendorous kind
a world of cornucopic wonder
treasure troves of dreams to plunder
in this kingdom of my mind

here time and place is of my making
these winds of fate in my control
every pleasure for my taking
every rule just for my breaking
my every whim will I enroll

here I live a life enchanted
here no fear of any threat
sorrow is by joy supplanted
no limit to desires granted
what I want is what I get

fantasy's elaboration
a king majestic I ascend
soar in sweet hallucination
in ships of my imagination
oh, would this dream but never end


rob kistner © 2009
(revision © 2018)
I have always been a huge fan of the surreal fantasy art of both Dean Morrissey and James C. Christensen. I have several prints from each and a hand-pulled signed lithograph of an early Christensen piece. I also have limited edition Christmas ornaments designed by each.
Here is a fantasy quintain inspired by these gentlemen.
Choderlos Aug 20
A night in the park
The moon sheltered behind clouds
Shape of hills like things asleep
Birds are scarce in the skies
The world is in a background
It's only you and me tonight

Sing at the top of your voice
Make love to me like never before
We fought the law and won
Live every moment of your life
Like that dream you had is real
There's no stopping you and I

The last of our worries
Began the first of our joys
The shadows of our past
Lights our way to the future
Dance the rain, my dear
For a life of bliss and beauty
Awaits you and I.
Sehar Bajwa Aug 12
concealed chains bind me
prance through surreality
i marionette
its time we follow our own dreams
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