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The first time I loved
reminded me of the first time I smelt lavender
it touched the tip of my nose, so unexpected, yet so soft
drawing me into its source, the purple splendor

That’s how I remember our love, as a violet sky
A sight only present in the sunsets of our dreams

My nose bathed in the aroma
And for the first time, I felt fresh, pure, and clean

but it faded
the sweet scent of your love
and the fainter it became, the harder I tried to reach it
I thought it was the wind carrying it away
And so I followed the breeze
But it was lost, my nose was blind
and the flower was all that remained
comforting, Delicate, vibrant
yet not enough

oh what a fool I was
wanting magic and wasting life
I left the garden
In search of what I lost
Not knowing what I had found

because whether or not I could swim in its aroma
that flower rose to meet me each day, its petals full and its color deep
seeking to bless me with its beauty and grasp me in its care
hoping it would find me there, to protect it, keep it, and honor it
I hate to imagine the sadness, when I could no longer be found

now today, I only wish I knew where I first found it
so I could return
and though I’m sure that the scent would strike my heart again
this time I would stay
for I know now, that on the other side of the smoke screen
true beauty is waiting

I so hope that no one has picked her
yet I would not blame them if they did
Quinten Bruce Feb 10
You never forget the aroma
Of your true love
Eugene Jan 31
the heavy smell of flowers filled the room
it was only when she turned on the light
that i realized it’s roses
even worse: there’s a hundred of them
identical, bland, repetitive
much like the person who brought them here, i imagine
i would never bring her roses
but then again
why would i bring her anything
we’re divorced, aren’t we?
the smell is too strong
may i smoke a cigarette?
Faisal Bolaki Jan 27
Scars of your love shine bright tonight,
Bruised heart screamed in pain tonight,

Ripped off were the dark scabs,
When deceitful gaze entered my soul tonight,

Sacred sighs of whispering mingled with breathe,
Your talks smell of my blood tonight.
Arianna Jan 19
Salt and lavender petals
Stick along my throat,
Scorching it raw with
The pungent
Sweetness of
A healing
In my mind, I can smell lavender mixed with sea salt, and for some reason I keep thinking about the sharpness of the scent seeping through the nose onto the tastebuds... Blech. D:
Philomena Jan 11
I can recognize the smell in this room
It's a familiar smell
An old smell
A smell I used to bury my face into
And just close my eyes and drift away
But somethings changed
Its grown distant
And its grown cold
And I think it may have loved me once
But I will never truly know
It's going to be a long night I'm afraid
Sindi Kay Jan 4
In the morning under a sky so rudely gray
I sneak off into a cab
While you smoke your worries away
We are kinda the same
But we also kinda different
Like night and day
I see you and you kidnap gravity
From underneath me

Why do you always smell so earthy
Like a forest
When You trippy
like an alien
I feel our souls are rooted
Your kiss ignites
Something in the air
You are fine
In other words,
a snack

there's something hanging in the air
it caught my senses unaware
you slip your way out of the room
something must've died in you
there's no blaming it on the dog this time
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