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Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski

And, after all, nothing has changed:
Home, children, worries - our daily lives plot,
and suddenly a smell of different strength...

Wieslaw Musialowski
Friends, I am asking for your understanding, because all my translations must be proofread and corrected. Poems are hard to translate (even in free verse translations). Regards.
B D Caissie Sep 27
Phlox in a field leave a lovely smell in the air. Yet, the fragrance of them cannot compare to the scent on my pillow when last you were there...

Steve Page Sep 18
I sit with you, mutually leaning comfortably as we tremble on the sofa with Adam ******* filling our evening with laughter and I breath in your aroma - that bouquet of shampoo that you prefer to all the other scents offered in the ad breaks.

I'm no good at remembering brands or labels and your bottle of choice doesn't appear on the screen anymore in any case, but I know the smell of you fresh from the shower,

and you fill my head with happiness.
Saw a shampoo advert and thought of this.
Quinn Adaire Sep 15
I see the stars
Bright, shining
In my mind.

I’m blinded
By the unhidden
Beauty of planets

I see Asteroids
Asteroid belts
Space rocks
Remnants of failed space missions.

I see more
Indescribable things
I see concepts
I see love and happiness.

I hear music
Magnificent music
Harmonizing in the deepest reaches
Of the Universe.

I see Time
A great river
With golden sand brushing my toes.

I touch the fabric of the Universe
It feels like the softest fleece
Times infinity.

I smell brownies,
Roasted marshmallows.
I smell lavender,
Sweet sap
That somehow don’t clash.

How is the Universe so beautiful?
I never want to leave this Universe in my mind.
In my collection Time and the Universe.
Jonna Adam Sep 1
I didn’t knew you too was missing from me....
That you were my childhood fragrance...
How l lost you...
I don’t know...
I remember the times where I hated sweet smell of perfumes...
How the smell of flowers irritated me...
How it brings up a headache....
And you came back to me again after a long long time...
Thanks to my better half that he bought me your fragrance soap...
I didn’t realise it that then...
Suddenly I started to carve for your fragrance...
That I bought perfumes and powders of your fragrance....
Still I didn’t realise that you were with me before....
Only when my sis heard my pondering thoughts about you....
And told it’s bcoz you were used to it for years...
In your childhood days...
Made me remember you...
How I waited for my father to get your perfume on my dresses...
Don’t know when I stopped using you...
As it was still there in many more years...
Still I didn’t touched you...
And forgotten....
I don’t know whether to be happy that you came back...
Or sad and angry that I missed one more thing in my life...
May be I  can be both...
And I do hope you will be with me always...
The sweet fragrance of Lavender...

— Joanna Adam
Bhill Aug 29
Nature has it's wants
Wants what it wants when it wants
What is it missing

I believe it's missing love
I believe it's forgotten
I believe it can be saved

Listen to nature
It is telling us to stop
Stop, smell, view, and learn

Respect her wishes
She will be here long after
Let's not let her down

Brian Hill - 2019 # 220
Do you hear her call
Dayna Aug 23
In the city, it smelled good. the smell of smoke, smelled good. The smell of smog, smelled good, the Mexican food, smelled good, the smell of the heat, smelled good, and pinched my nose too.... But the petrichor smelled best. Because when it rained, it smelled like concrete. The concrete smelled good.
Are you feel how walls is breathing?
Do you hear they sing?
Do ever knew this melody?
Do you ever smell perfume?
Do you ever smell perfume of melody?
Do you ever hear...?
Do you ever feel how walls is breathing?
Do ever seen?
Do you ever seen such whitten colour.
Which is disappearing in the air? Do you ever knew that colour covering me fully like a tippet.
Do you ever seen such whitten colour? Colour of my dreams.
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