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Sabika H Apr 7
Scratches on my neck
And blood in my mouth as I wake.
I see faces,
I hear your footsteps behind me,
Is my life at stake?

Eyes open
Laid bare
But I cannot move!
Flesh out my mouth
Snake bites my neck,
What have you got got to prove?

My mind,
A haunting ghost
Stares at me wide eyed,
Open mouth,
It’s a black shadow
Full of sorrow
And it feeds me
Guilt and doubt
Until tomorrow
Until tomorrow
dansrdn Apr 5
the fog writhe
approaching near

I try to run
anyhow, blocks of glasses
arose out of nowhere
I'm inside of a building now
standing before rows of windows

out I look
I see something
an unknown figure
I couldn't make what is it
but my heart knows
I hate it

I got alarmed by my fear
the chills are slithering on my skin
It is coming
a lady in white, all torn up, full of dirt
was it soil?
was it blood?
messy long hair as dark as the night without the moonlight
bloodless pale skin
bloodshot sickly looking eyes

give me mercy
I really don't like this
I must get out of here
I must!

I tripped myself
I fell on my face
I try to get up but I failed
my body feels so heavy
so burdened
there's something above me
it's the woman
I know it's her
she sits on my back
I could feel her eyes
scanning through me
I could feel she
brushes her cold hands on my back
they're on my shoulders now
and then on my neck
to quelch it
she wants to **** me!

I close my eyes as tight as I could
I'm so scared
I'm ******* do
I try to scream
but no voice was out
it could not even pass through my lungs
only dry air escapes
only I could hear my voice
echoed in my own head
my neck got stiffened
I started to get panic

hell no!
I don't need panic attack right now
breathe, I tell myself
it's not real
the woman is not real

keep fighting
move your limbs
kick my legs
grab on my mattress
I blink my eyes
forcing them to open
I have to wake up!

the lights from the wall
peeking through my lashes
my muscles had relaxed
my body feels light now
no longer heavy
I sat up
my heart raced

I search through my bag
took my pill
I overthrown my blanket
trying to go back to sleep
reciting prayer in my head
hoping to not encounter
the uninvited visitor
the nightmare I had before I experienced sleeping paralysis, or what I thought to be incubus
****** Analysis
by Michael R. Burch

This is not what I need . . .
as though I were a seed
to be planted,
with a stick and some string
until I emerge.
Your words
are not water. I need something
more nourishing,
like cherishing,
something essential, like love
so that when I climb
out of the lime
and the mulch. When I shove
myself up
from the muck . . .
we can ****.

Originally published by Unlikely Stories. Keywords/Tags: analysis, paralysis, psychoanalysis, words, nourishing, cherishing, essential, love, muck, ****, ***
Rose Mar 29
my mind is awake but my body is not
wandering separately
different directions
my mind is right
and my body is left
I greet my sleep paralysis demon, with open arms. Oh wait, can't.
Avreen Dec 2019
stuck in an hourglass of identity,
muffled hustling around my eyelids
head buried deep in the shifting sand,
my body wrestles with the happening

stiff legs pulled by horizontal gravity,
brain soaking, turning into electric mush
my eyes bleeding in black as it is
only in my dreams, that I can feel alive

lied naked on the slippery floor of reality,
dipped in and out of the pool of mind
fractals slowly falling off from my vision,
then swaying freely in the air

freed by a different form of mortality,
face sinking, melting into familiar figures
what's hidden below and behind evaporates
to every corner of my shut, rapid eyes

I feel every fibre of peace,
every time the world disentangles from its name
knowing they are all but shapes projected
for the hazy buzzing screen,
that is my present
Hypnagogia - a condition characterised by dreamlike auditory, visual, or tactile sensations when half-awake.
Robby Nov 2019
As I walk these dark streets
I’ve seen the faceless ones
Hiding in shadows
Beckoning me to join

I’ve tasted their powder
Felt it speed my pulse
And dilate my pupils
As I fade away slowly

Evil has gripped me tight
More than once I’ve fought
I keep my eyes ahead now
I must keep moving forward
Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
Darkness without a sound,
Until I hear that door creak
Sweating under the covers,
Until chills of fear creep

Is it all a cruel prank?
Is someone in this room?
Is it all in my head,
or is this figure standing in loom?

Heart is in my throat
Tears are in my eyes
I hold my breath
I gasp a soft cry

Wake up, wake up
This is not a dream
Open your eyes sit up
It is what it seems

Someone is here
I am not alone
I try to move, I can’t
Sound erupts a low drone

In Brazil the pisadeira  (she who steps)
Known as different names
By all cultures
Whom have wept

To me she is the old hag
Stealer of my breath
I hope she will not be my taker
The reason for my death
For anyone who has experienced sleep paralysis aka. the old hag; aka. Pisadeira; aka. Phi Am
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