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i count down
in half-hour increments
and i hit sixteen for my
weird night-morning day
and eight hours is enough
now gimme my Soma
to make it all fade back
to the black and white
chess-board world
once again
O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in't.

— William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act V, Scene I, ll. 203–206
Sleep well little one
Don’t be afraid
The sun will be back
And take the darkness away

The sky is lit
The moon is out
Shining bright
With the stars

Hold your breath
Make a wish
And shut it down

Sleep well little one
I will see you
When you awake
Until then sweet dreams

I love you
Every morning
Noon &
Sexus Obscura Mar 29
I wake to something in my throat
g / r / o / w / i / n / g
it is yearning, hunting, haunting
it moves deeper, to darker caves
it is in search of a final burial site
it wants permanence inside of me
I have a headboard on my bed.
I don’t like when the pillows fall,
slid between the mattress and wall,
with nothing to prop up my head.

I do not have a footboard though.
(It’s a footboard, right? I’m not sure.)
It seems a bedset’s haute couture—
useless ornament just for show.

I also don’t have those siderails.
You know. The kind that toddlers use,
so they don’t fall off while they snooze.
For now, I’ve outgrown such travails.

See, three is my lucky number,
and there can be no objections
if from one of three directions,
I climb in to start my slumber.

Now, though, all that having been said,
I really haven’t slept okay.
Wait! I’ll just sleep the other way!
I have a footboard on my bed.
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juneau Feb 11
it was not quite morning, yet, i woke in my bed
in the doorway there was darkness and a black figure i read
standing in the doorway in silence, not a word, nothing said
i could just make out its eyes: yellow, and black with a hue almost red
it was staring at me filling me full with dread
i saw it's hands rested on the doorframe with fingers spread
i tried not to scream but an airy hiss left my head
as all of my courage and sanity fled
then i swear this figure, back into the darkness it bled
until i could no longer tell it from the shadows at the foot of my bed
February 11 2019


Couldn't sleep last night
she was apprehensive
towards my behavior
and each night she
kindly asked me
to come to
bed early


and thinking
about it now
as I’m screaming
for an early
I understand
where she was
coming from

but in the grand
scheme of things,
exploding with
unsuitable stability,
brimful and glistening
with insomnia, insanity
intoxication, isolation
in that red light
of the new dawn
were just to beautifully
violent and untimely
to ever slow down.


Limem ALi Jan 15
Will you sing me a song
A song to sleep
A song with a happy ending
So warm and sweet

Will you tell me a bedtime story
A story to sleep
A story with a happy ending
Where lovers meet

Will you tell me a memory
A memory to sleep
A memory to share and remember
A memory to sleep

Will you.. Will you
I cannot fall asleep
Anything with a happy ending
Anything to sleep
Alexander Foe Nov 2018
"Tell me a story,
would you please?
I fear the monster
That burns my knees

In the middle of the night
It claws the carpet slow
I shiver in fright
The air turns cold!"

"Hush, my dear, do not be afraid -
What you see is but the fade.
It was once a being, just like us
What monster could be so monstrous

Than the one we see everyday?"
Sindi Kay Oct 2018
With the moon glancing into my window
And a quilt hugging my body
The wind moaning
And whistling
I become a ghost
From one world
To another
into a
new womb
Ready to be again.

-Sindi K.

Amare Leslie Oct 2018
Peach roses bloom from the horizon once again
As the sun climbs underneath the sheets
before going to bed
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