the night ambled
into a snug corner

tiptoed round itself
in a quarter circle

sparked against its
own purring fur and

fell into a dreamless
pit, whiskers whispering

s a y o n a r a . . .

Anatoly Dec 2017

Here's a bridge, a damb, and a scarecrow-forrest,
And a barge patrols, as do gulls, a fortress
With its chimneys,smoke that are used to tower
Over curtains torn with a drafty howl.
Here your dreams don't sway to the roar of blizzard,
On the eyes they're hard, and a teardrop isn't -
Hence the moonlight slips. Here the moist cheek hinder
Peek in your dark window.

Here, in winter, snow seldom toys with bareness.
And you gaze at stars (for the lack of letters)-
Ones you'd wish upon - not the kind to cozen-
Yet to skies they seem either nailed or frozen.
Here's your elsewhere-land. Spared of "ever after"
In the distance tolls a familiar laughter.
Here's your nowhere-den, shades of black and lead.
If you care for that.

Here's your fairytale. Mark a spell it mutters
When a snowflake swarm chases fleeing lanterns,
And trees toss and turn in their idle slumber,
As it won't be long, 'fore your fable sunder,
Leading you astray (that's from it's perspective),
There you'd find a place just a bit too hectic
To point out a change in the midnight glow
Only you two know.

I'm an open book
on a typical Saturday.
Beside me sits
a cup of coffee.
Barely sits I can say,
but say we are not
in the mood saying
"good morning" on today.

Yet what is love
with no flaws?
It is a mere fairy tale
of our bedtime story,
distracting us from
weary, scary yesterday.

Mandi Oct 2017

As I lay me down to sleep
   in the quiet of the night
   I loose these tears I'm meant to keep
   into a pillow, soft and white

As I lay me down to bed
   in satin sheets of yellow gold
   thoughts of you will fill my head
   and all the love we couldn't hold

As I lay me down to rest
   wishing you were by my side
   I think on how we did our best
   but in the end were still denied

As I lay me down to dream
   just as the darkness settles in
   I pray our love will be redeemed
   that we can find what might have been

This is something I wrote back in 2015 when my SO and I were considering separation and I lay in our bed at night all alone.
Cat Lynn Jul 2017

Dear Bed Time Ceiling,

                    Why is it that whenever I go to end the existence of my body, I happen to stare at you?

I lay down myself to evaporate my troubles, but like the rain it comes back down again....

Why can't I turn my body to the side and glare at a blank wall?

Your tiny hill and hole like outlines make up designs that drowns my heart right into Hell's thunder.

You’re dead, not even alive, but you every night you bring me to the closed in field of regret.

Why must you remind me? You ceiling that has a heart of stone

The time that I used and abused my actions for the pleasure of myself?

No one can see me now, but how can you?

I want to make an apology, but the signal won't go through...

Every Night I can't help but to weep

Cause all I want is to feel closer to you
Bad Vibes Jun 2017

9:47 I sit on my couch, staring at my bed.

I'm not supposed to lay down until at least 10 o'clock.

It's supposed to "ward away depressive states" so I don't "stay in bed all day long."

9:52 If I go just a little early, that won't be a big deal, right?

No, I better listen. I better try.

9:55 Only five more minutes.

That's funny. We used to use that to avoid going to bed, now I'm using it to count down until I can.

9:58 Do I have everything I need? The temperature is set so I won't get too hot? I've got my glass of water, my phone charger, my fuzzy socks?

10:00 Sweet relief.

I'll never leave you again.

I promise.  

"Depressive state", my ass.  This is the only place I can be safe. The only place I'm home.


Khayri RR Woulfe Jun 2017

Shadows dance in the dark
when All is asleep
and Nobody's watching.

05 June 2017

Micropoetry, Haiku, Senryu

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.
Catarina Pech May 2017

Exhaustion is putting raucous children to bed
Left to their own devices they'll  pain your head
Once you've finally settled them down
Your face will be stuck in a perma-frown
Later when you check if everything's OK
They'll look like angels sleeping away  
Don't be fooled by this little deception
Angelic sleeping children are the exception
Be ever aware, certain to stay on your toes
There may be nightmares, as everyone knows.....

Stop; giggling, losing your stuffed friends, talking, telling knock-knock jokes, needing water, using the bathroom, needing extra kisses and hugs or having imaginary ailments
Terry Collett Apr 2017

Benny had some book
he was reading.

I wanted him
to take notice of me
as I undressed
for bed
but he didn't
look at me
but turned a page

I slowly removed
my bra
letting all
fall free
but he stared
at the page
and not at me.

I took off
my underwear
and stood there bare
but he turned
another page
and didn't stare.

I put on
the baby-doll nightie
he had bought
white with pink lace
but he just turned a page
a blankness
on his face.

I climbed into bed
beside him
getting as near
as I could.

What's the book?
I said
moving myself
up close
wanting to have sex
in the dark.

Women In Love
he said
it's quite a lark.

I sighed
and lay down
head on the pillow
and gazed
at the light.

He closed the book
and laid it aside
how about it?
he said
turning off
the light
and moving
up close
my thigh.

Ok if you want
I said
don't know why.

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