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eschule Mar 2
We lost power around 1:36 AM.
I stared as my alarm clock flipped minutes
then blinked off.
My gaze drifted to the window, following a dim stream of moonlight
along the floor
over the desk
through the curtains
and out the window.
I got up out of bed
opened the curtains
and unlatched the window.
It was too cold
but I wanted it open.
I wanted to lay the wrong way on my bed
and watch out the window until I fell asleep
like I did when I was small
but old enough to wash myself
but not old enough to know not to get ***** in the first place
and I’d spend an entire summer's day imagining a world throughout the woods in my backyard
and when I’d come inside my mother would forget to tell me to take a shower
and I’d run up into bed as the street lights turned on
and I’d throw a thin sheet over my entire body
because it'd be too hot for anything else
and I could feel the sweat sticky-dry on the surface of my skin
and I could see the dirt beneath my bitten fingernails
and the window is open
and there is a breeze
and the raw scent of dirt and grass seeps into the fabric of my sheets
and I could feel that smug sense of getting away with something
that hurt no one and nothing.
The fish tank’s filter spurts on behind me.
1:38 AM.
ORR Submission - 23 February, 2022
I lay still, staring at the ceiling
It was all dark; no colours, no feeling
A constant thumping in my chest, the spirit wasn't leaving
Moonlight shone through the window, soothing quiet screaming
Body contorted, agony was unveiling
Put me to sleep: I closed my eyes, pleading.
just one of those nights where I desperately wished to be put to sleep
Siena Oct 2021
Hardened hands peel back skin
that is sticky with the day’s anxieties —
a morbid ******* for the critical mirror.
The night is wasted on an insomniac,
so you ponder in the bath until sunrise;
simmering in the warmth of a ***
made from giant’s gold, on a stove
that looks out at clouds choked in vines.
Brewing in every inadequacy, amongst
the carrots and the capsicums
that had just begun to soften.
Exhaling every competitive complexity.
Wondering to the pumpkins and potatoes
about beanstalks and hopeful children
and whispering to the onions that you wish
you were still sipping on cough syrup
instead of swallowing pills dry.
Pruney fingers stroke the moonlit feathers
of a magical goose, and an unsettled mind
hopes that today the animal might bring
satisfaction instead of gold.
Kewayne Wadley Oct 2021
My bed may not be as large
As California or have a blanket
As deep as the ocean.
But it’s comfy and shares
The same view as if we were there.
When I am asleep with you,
Everything becomes ideal.
One of the best feelings the universe
Could bestow.
To discover a slice of heaven beside you.
A spoon finding it’s way
To the big dipper, in the same
Lineage of how I see you.
We stargaze with our eyes closed,
Watching the stars bloom like flowers
In complete comfort.
The urge to explore further,
A simple look, a simple smirk
Head nestled deep in a pillow.
The aspirations of becoming an astronaut
Become that much clearer.
I blast off & everything becomes dark
My reflection staring at yours beneath mine,
Until I see your face spread wide
Across the moon.
Happy and safe,
My voyage is now complete
miss joe Aug 2021
my father says i tell him bedtime stories,
which technically is true.
tucked under blankets with his ancient lamp,
emitting soft light around the room.

perched on my mother's half,
slivers of a hobby within my brain,
transferring thoughts into words.
with heavy eyes, he listens.

discussing contents of products,
the beauty industry, and my favorite podcast.
telling of fashion designers, cosmetic chemists,
iconic red soles, and what he calls "face goo."

turning the analysis within my mind into words;
rambling, letting tension in my brain drain.
we balance each other out;
puts him to sleep, gives me an outlet.

i tell my father bedtime stories,
all fresh to him, while i've been obsessed.
my wildest dreams I long to be a part of,
while he drifts into his.
Prince Rin Apr 2021
On your bed
you lay on your back
wrapped up in your favorite cover
Your lamp is on
bringing light to your room
Not too dark but not too bright
a book in hand
One you seem to enjoy
You carefully read over most of the words
sometimes going too fast and restarting the page
You may laugh at what they say
Or cry from the loss of a character
maybe even believe you're in the story yourself
With the peace and quiet of the world around you
It's easy to get lost in your book
Page after page
You get eager to know what happens next
not getting tried of the action, adventure, or romance
All of it keeping you on edge
You read until your eyes wake
and the sun begins to rise
not realizing how you lost time
But all is well
it was worth it
in the end
You finish the book
and the story ends
Now you seek out another
just for the adrenaline
of a new world
What will you read next...
Um- Just a little quick type free flow. What kind of books do you read? Leave it in the comments, please
What colors are the stars?
I asked her,
a spectrum of
twinkling hues
cast against the
blinking from
the beast's shell.
What magic she must perceive
behind her eyes?
Ancient stories
wrought in the fabric
of her DNA,
distant memories
ages old
of times around
the fires.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Melting into the surreal warmth,
Lulling me to sleep,
Cozy like a blanket,
Soft as a sheep,

My eyes grow heavy,
They trip and fumble,
I must collect my bearings before I take a tumble,

My body is ready,
Take me to sleep,
C’mon sandman,
Give me that dream.
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