Benny had some book
he was reading.

I wanted him
to take notice of me
as I undressed
for bed
but he didn't
look at me
but turned a page

I slowly removed
my bra
letting all
fall free
but he stared
at the page
and not at me.

I took off
my underwear
and stood there bare
but he turned
another page
and didn't stare.

I put on
the baby-doll nightie
he had bought
white with pink lace
but he just turned a page
a blankness
on his face.

I climbed into bed
beside him
getting as near
as I could.

What's the book?
I said
moving myself
up close
wanting to have sex
in the dark.

Women In Love
he said
it's quite a lark.

I sighed
and lay down
head on the pillow
and gazed
at the light.

He closed the book
and laid it aside
how about it?
he said
turning off
the light
and moving
up close
my thigh.

Ok if you want
I said
don't know why.


I looked in the mirror this morning
but I swear I didn’t see anybody
There was a body but no one to fill it
Flesh and blood set on auto pilot
aimed for six feet under;
Black rings wrapped around my eyes
with a straight face
I Plunder to get to the shower.
Semi-awake to fill up empty space.
Because getting out bed is relentless,
I do it every day like clockwork,
but every time it gets a little harder.
Like someone adding weights to my hour hands
'Till one day I won’t get up.
I can barely make it to 9 O’clock
… in the morning
I look at the sun and start mourning
Because it means I must heave myself
Out of bed and pretend that I am living,
When my bed knows otherwise.
It’s smarter than I because it knows to lay still
And let the world pass by.
Humans are supposed to fake it 'till we make it,
But all I want to do is make my bed
So, I can go back to sleep and let the world pass by.
Sure, I’m a stand-up guy
But I probably only held the door for you
Because I fell asleep on the way out.
And if you say thank you
it will remind me to wake up
and keep me pretending to live.
No doubt I fall asleep all the time.
People think I have bad hearing
But I’m just sleeping with my eyes open.
If I don’t respond just give me a little nudge
And repeat everything you just said.
I’m not deaf …   or dead yet.
I just can’t keep my mind open
For too long before the demons crawl out.
Thus, I fall asleep and fight in dreams
To wake up to your next sentence
More exhausted than the last.
It’s not my fault
I’m just a little bit dead
And a little bit sleepy

In college, I've had an extremely difficult time getting out of bed for 8 AM classes and this is an expression of my struggle each morning.

imagine a big dragon
Are you doing it?


what color is it?

"b-blue and yellow"

Blue and yellow. Cute! Isss it big as godzilla?

"no, it's smaller
likee the size of a horse"

Dats a smol dragon
I like him.

"its not smallllllllllll
a smol dragon would be like, a neck dragon
hes big, just not hugeeeeeee"

Ohhhh okay. He's a big dragon, but not huge.
His teeth are like little point pearls
do you see how shiny they are?
and pink

"why are his teeth pink"

They are pearls.

"but pearls are white"

then his toofers are white.

good hygeine"

One of those pearls in his dragon maw
his little baby toofeers
thats you


because than you can fly with him everywhere.
Just imagine looking down through his mouth at the cityyy
as he flyyyys
and sitting all nestled in his lip
Blue and yellow leather
He could sing you storiessss and brushes his toofers so his breath would be warm but not stinky

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhh­hhhhh :3"

"My small tenant" He says to you.
as you crawl out of his gum and walk out onto his tongue.

What is your dragon houses name?

"his name is roxy"

He's making a very silly face, sticking his tongue out and crossing his eyes to talk to you
he sounds silly too
talking with his tongue out
"Welcome Home. "

"i loveeeeee"

Roxy the Blue and yellow Horse sized Dragon House.
"Ready to slide?"
he asks you


he swallows you
it's very slippery and fun!
like a water slide
And is warm, but not smelly becaus he brushes his teeth
you fly over muscles and liquids and tongue and land on a biiiig trampoline
You can hear Roxy from all around you, quite loud "Having fun, my tennant?"
You are the small size, or a dragons tooth.

"good :3"

"uh oh!" He cries
you see fire from his back
it's zooming towards you!

"nooooooooooo run awaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy"

You run up towards his tongue and trip into the sticky icky
The fire is warm and tingles oup your back
then is over
and you standup, the back of your clothes all burnt off and your front all sticky icky
"I'm sorry, tennant"
"I sneezed"

"its oki roxy."

Roxy fashions their tongue like a staircase for you to come back outside

"daddy? Im sleepy... Can we finish the story tomorrow night?"

me too Babygurl. ^^
Yes we can


Good night

"ninighht daddy. sleeeepppppp well.
i love you"

I love you too baby girl ^^
Sweet dreams.

You curl up in roxys empty tooth spot, he covers you in his blanket tongue. it is warm. but not stinky. and you drift soft to sleep
"Good night, Tenant"
"I love you"

"i love you ttooo roxy."

Usurp from quite possibly, the most Adoreable FB Chat

do not make
simple maths

Lydia Nov 2016

The fan is on, the constant hushing sound adding rhythm to the room
I can hear the hum of cars passing by outside my window
a added sense that I am not alone even though I am here by myself
Novembers cooling touch has crept in
nipping at my toes, drying my already dry pale skin
my favorite time of year when life seems to slow down, putting a glow on the usually bland days
here in my bed under the warmth of my flannel blankets all is right with my world
but my brain still finds something to bring the anxiety out
I thought if I started writing down my thoughts on paper it would lessen the night time stress
but then I stress about not writing on the nights I forget
the streetlight outside my window flashes a constant shadow on my wall
and I find comfort in that
something about the added light on my wall is friendly, familiar
when my brain finally shuts off I fall into dreams of my past
of people I haven't seen in years, all the stories blend into one
repeating like a rerun
at least I still have dreams
even if they're only in my sleep

Keyla Sep 2016

Laying on my bed, staring at the ceiling.
Thinking 'bout my day, but I think I ain't willing
To gather my thoughts,
To listen to my heart.

J Robinson Jul 2016

Next time the monsters lurk out            
from under my bed,
I'll let them pull me under.        
After all , the creatures down there                        
that I'll find                                
aren't nearly as    
as the ones inside my mind.

Goodnight world.
Its been a long day.
I felt like shit
I had at least 5 headaches
Took 4 pills today
And drank 6 glasses of water.
But now its time to rest.
And to think.
Think about the girl i crush on
Think about the new school year
And what the fuck im doing tomorrow
Its a goodnight from me
Good old b.d
I cant wait to stress about the littlest things tomorow.
But thats tomorrow.
But if one things for sure
you can bet your ass im sleeping in

Knit Personality Jul 2016

Before I fall athleep between my dad and older thithter,
My mommy tellth a bedtime thtory about the land of Lithper.
She tuckth uth in, then tellth a thtory. We thtay up really late.
I thtay up late ‘cuth I’m a big boy: I’m almotht 58!

Robyn Apr 2016

It's really quiet.
The baby sleeps better than I ever will, if I ever will.
No one replies to my text messages.
Maybe their phone is dead, or at home -
But it still means they hadn't thought of me.

It's really dark.
I closed all the blinds and curtains, scared of what will melt out of or into the nighttime.
The baby sleeps with his door open, hardly afraid. I thought he would've wanted to sleep next to me for safety, and yet I wish I was sleeping near him for safety.

Sometimes a little body next to you is all you need.
Or a text message.
Or a little bit of sunlight.


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