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neth jones Jul 2020
under my observation -
the telephone
waits to ring
neth jones Apr 23
indecent descent
the croak of the bed
quaking release bared
neth jones Jul 26
night drums                
          spousing heat distorts

in tall grasses              
          insects chirr and fling

in moonlight              
a fertile field
neth jones Jul 26
the sun seems to be          
          taking its time setting
does it wish to know          
          what we all get up to
in its absence ?
neth jones Jun 1
some plants flower at night
  on the pollinators schedule

moon reflects the sun fully
city unburdens its concrete
  of a heat thump

some humans take the night shift
some lovers take the streets
hands publicly crammed down each other
eyes full of moon
neth jones Aug 13
combed cotton clouds
a light wind tackles
withering humidity
Date : 10/08/21
neth jones Aug 24
the humidity broke
underfoot discarded Cicada sheathes
litter a cooling pavement

the humidity broke
the chaff of many Cicadas


when will the humidity break ?
cicada jackets litter the pavements
into the night
tough breathing aggravates
thought retreats to past struggles
and envisions tough changes to come
neth jones Dec 2020
account your blessings :
there is limited space
               for the exhaustion
                       of our mythology
                    to fertilize
neth jones Aug 20
I spot a Spider in the sandpit
abdomen like a gooseberry
     and the colour
          gooseberry green

tastes like regular Spider
neth jones Aug 4
with a throated frog
  i re-digest
    my sickness' exhume

(a thing i did
  when piloting
   a conversation
    most polite)
neth jones Aug 12
switched from suns to clocks -
an opportune breeze
neth jones Jun 29
full jaundiced moon
an icon out of focus
night heat of urban smog
cannot be blinked away
distant events appear smeared
mist forgives the city scene
                          of so much
it permits us a slower pace

over the hospital chimneys
a preditor *****
until it catches the heat exhaust and rises
in a tight spiral
15/10/21 lunch break in the fire escape on C7 South
neth jones Apr 23
no doubt
             out of focus
better off would be
                   terminally unspecific
am labelled
neth jones Jan 15
wandering life
      self plunders
     an exploration clap
the heavens wane from a fever
        thank heavens ;
           it is all a trap
neth jones Aug 13
upon urinating                
                          in a lampless alleyway
my body cools                
       and i note
                                             the night summer wind
a pleasure
i recall the senses                
              of summers previous
Rough date of event - end of July
neth jones Mar 8
respiring corridors
   interior hospital night

                         ­         the winter
away facing
                       patient pacing

    in palliative care
for the age-ed out expiring
     iterations of ejecting death
       darkly dressed haggy wet breaths
        beds engaged
          berths of great ferment

corridor ; raked in
corridor ; ridden out squalling

a patient who has yet to reach
   the concluding condition of his fellows
   'Shut The **** Up'
mad for sleep
he's lost compassion

The corridor labours on
neth jones Sep 16
the air is cooler      
      less kenetic and soupy              
           less aggressive with the mammal scent
safer (it seems) clean

        the skin retracts a little
                     less welcoming to dirt contact
                           my feet shift cooly in my sandals

the world awaits
             new temperament
neth jones Jun 3
I enter a voiceless Forrest
           as after ******

it awaits a wind
                     to disturb
its brooks
          to run full babble
and the creatures
                 to muster bravery
and reveal themselves

Caught unawares
I feel I may have embarrassed it
I shall return later for my walk
neth jones Aug 2020
the summers tail end
construction dust by floodlight
in the nights costume
the urban influence crowds
my already harried brain
neth jones Mar 2019
I awake ; decanted
I inhabit an orphan creature now
did my parents just die ?
or is this just some feeling
brought over from
my brother world of slumber
I sit up
scratch itches
and tend to my waking head
neth jones Dec 2018
When I smile
free of influence
we are children together
When I am giddy and smiley
minded by
and under the cover of a drug
your discomfort
is apparent
I despise your eyes and your company

Life liquid
I part from you violently
and seek hastle in other venues
I smile now
with malice
which I illuminate
lighting up a cigarette
in the care of cupped hands
neth jones Nov 2018
I expand my view
through pinhole

Creature extends
and carries intension

Carrion makes contact
and speaks a creative

and Mut gives aid to another

Feind conducts its business and makes its bed
adults it's day and doings
toward the better

The Beast minds the gap

It notes its own breathing

Human operates into ease
neth jones Apr 2020
afford life

one out
        one in ;
                life has afforded you
neth jones Jul 2020
rude verbal attack

                 heaves from me

can't unmake the bout

become unmanageable

deconstruct our good union
neth jones Nov 2015
Soften the membrane
of Creative Thought
not the memory taught
Let the Seive of Osmosis
relax into action
not the pounding thought
but the Natural Draw and Release
Ease into Ideas
and construct a Tidy Bed
a Cleared Desk of Concentration
an Operation of My Dreams
as a Part Within
The Worlds Form
Rightful in place
and Marked Out
then Mailed Out
When Ready
Make me A Use
that I may
In Simple

© Jon Thenes 2015
neth jones Apr 2020
i reached an age
of accumulation
my peddle          dipping in the spill
flipping over mouthy fishes of notion

peals of slaughter
palter in my gullety mind
a wet draft
accumulation     not storage
a wounding
working toward a mend

appeals of laughter
               life ideals
and witty tongues
        of my lone made mortuary
it is a sorrow in here

if i don't ground this    amalgamation
                                     of thrift after thrift
i shall isolate

if i can manage simplicity
    toward wisdom
                         i could be staff
                         i could be use
                         i could even become to care
neth jones Nov 2015
... and there's a smile on my face
riddled with disgust
and smothered in mace
If I could I would grin
but my teeth are puzzle-chipped
and my lips won't cave in
and my eye stalks are being pulled at ;
I've bin' drinkin' Acid Gin

Now you ...

There's mocking in your voice
You're talking down at me
(I couldn't ignore you more)
I wish we had a choice
We continue
We're both in animal pain
I wish we'd shut up
I wish it would Rain

"Wanna hang 'round this old ruin
and hold hands
and pass blank looks to and fro
and lie on our backs
and think of such to say
and throw sticks at the stars
and blow our minds on cheap tricks and alcohol ?"

"There's nothing left to last
nothing left to lose
So let's burn down this house
and throw away your shoes
Let's climb all the trees
and live in their clutches
then tear down their branches
and cut off the bark
and destroy all their chances
Then we'll move from there
back to civilisation
to the Hotel Of Despair
where we'll stare down the walls
and work on repair. "

Previously published [Show Thieves 2010 : An Anthology Of Contemporary Montreal Poetry - 8TH HOUSE PUBLISHING]
neth jones Jul 2020
the heat
observation :

the hummingbirds in flight
are small
like darting beetles

the beetles in flight
are large
like slow whapping hummingbirds

i am pulled
by my mulling
and a dose
of applauded nature :

it wasn't that long ago that the dragonfly
had the wingspan of an Andean Condor
and the menace of a military drone

it wasn't that long ago that a common houseplant
could provide refuge
for The Swiss Family Robinson

in the future
when the blue whale
and other sea monstrosities
are extinguished
could a wolf or polar bear
happily adorn
a fashionable businessman's breast pocket ?

in slumber nonsense
summer eve
and the heat
i am a microbe and a behemoth

a comfort experience
neth jones Jun 2019
new Mother
lies birth sore
and always close to a bathroom

Little Lamb
screams it’s new song raw
reading loss through its tender sacking

Faithless Lover is already next door
receiving well wishes
and plundering attention
neth jones Jan 2019
All this having spanned
since a borning
is the activity of Sleeper Agent

This Agent has grown Impy
of this lively drumming of clingings

It is recognised and marked as ;
an entertainment
an irreverent viewing

A clearer work must commence
an underlying detached being

Operations within the drama life
are now operations in a training ground

All these efforts are toward Project Awake
and projected life is now secondary
though useful.
neth jones Mar 2019
You're a floated Liver of sins, my friend
When you disrobe in-front of the mirror-unmarred
You find yourself bloated and ill hued
The excess soil in your cuss
has stoppered
What you’ve amassed in free wanting
has driven you into a clot
Your consumption has padded you to reach a total
and all you can do is amount upon the scale of mammal judgement
and feast upon your grave
Look to your pillow and it’s embroideries !
Can you make out the words ?
‘A pleasured out beast of glut and ego
Unwealthy and devoid’
Return to sender
neth jones Mar 2016
sour disappointment
as the mechanics
of something i admire
are explained to me

a thorough dissection
leaving it dead to me
spread over leaf litter
wide on the ground for me
probed with a needy childish stick
and bold light
and many angles
and leaning inspection
tiring out time with expanded explanation
i learn out its life
and turn to approach a fresh beauty
with a new notebook in hand
neth jones Sep 2019
i gratefully mourn your tragedy
and thank you
for providing charity toward my meaning

i’ve followed your information for a long time
though i longed for a more extensive feed
the manner of your exit drama...

..the piece was both satisfying and complete

myself ?
i’ll leave a dim reading behind

when my individual concept ceases
few shall take a personal interest

this is fine also

                               - an onlooker
neth jones Oct 2019
Shriking up the proceeds
he shrinks away
from his own revolution

he shivers free of his clothing
and a fine layer of skin

Puck Talon withdraws ;
crinkles from his human form
and sheds the used fruit of gender

the Puck withdraws ;
a hot wet breath in cold damp air
passing from lamplight
into the fool hold
of nocturnal plight
neth jones Nov 2019
I'll  not                                  
                      yield this bar

              the  devil  is  wed

fending                  memory

I    hold    animal    captive

but it                                     
               parents my mettle
neth jones Oct 2018
Another day lumbers ...

My Canine is still and pet
my diet is poison-less
my Simian; grounded
my plumage; tame
my imagination is prank-free
and my Feline is out of mischief ;
in a productive slumber

In soothe to say
It's better this way
And so passes
Another safe day
neth jones Mar 2018
unarted inking
messy firings against the brain pan
a scutting dance-like activity
frictioning away energy
a poverty
not a tool
unmastered and fooled;
to be untaught
neth jones Mar 2016
The hurdles I must *******
gauze against breath
within this gripe
of well patrolled
polite sobriety

What clarity can I operate ?

take a breath
expel a myth
pattern a thought
create an action
reset and repetitude
neth jones Nov 2015
when your heart's
beating overtime
and you drool poison
in your sleep
and you're looking down
on this wound
of slaughter
simply turn your head
and repress the urge
for mischief
and laughter

© Jon Thenes 2015
neth jones Nov 2017
peace and arrow
a posable life
appossed to nothing
a river
no drought
neth jones Mar 2019
Club me into an exhaustion
with thuddings of information ;
A witter of ideas
to tackle my attention
in rapid train
til I am overthrown
from body and sane
wrung to sleep
by a strobe of media
to reach a tinnitus of ‘no code’;
and tame
neth jones Jul 2016
Put Sleep to Death
And let's purify madness
We shall practice giddy boils of imagination
It would show up a Bachus shambles
(By comparison, an amateurs stumble)
Put Sleep to Death
And bright
And quick lives could flare
Brief celebrities
Hastily added
To this new chattering evolution
There'd be little tongue for morals
And sorrows would be
Swift experiments
Once experienced
Uncovered as unimportant
Let's make all lives
What they really are
Let's put Sleep to Death
And be recognised
As blurs
As shots
As stars and grime
Firing in this universe
This playground
This raw wash of activity
neth jones Nov 2015
nothing flights these skies tonite
nothing burns above our heads
or crackles in the air
or glows in the houses about us
as we pace the cool and empty
the alleys and the meatless streets
and the clean scaleless cobbles
carry our patternless birch-bare feet
a sail less nite
but a kite to the imagination
a bringer of new
lighter beings
through our faultless immigration

Previously published [Show Thieves 2010 : An Anthology Of Contemporary Montreal Poetry - 8TH HOUSE PUBLISHING]
neth jones Aug 2019

So, what would you do
if I fought with you ?

If I walked in circles
circling you ?

If I picked my own language
and talked at you ?

What if I removed my long black coat
shook my wings
and insisted on staying ?

What if I put in my teeth
and clawed at the furniture with my lengthening nails ?

What if I put my breath to your eyes ?

You’ll not trust me
I know of that

What if I murmur in your open ear ?

You’d shiver and shake
I’ll see to that

What if I turned up the drowning music
so the neighbours couldn’t hear us
and stepped from behind my eyes ?

then I’d have focus

What would you do ?

I’d like to think
you’d simply say

‘What’s that smell ?
Make it go away !’
Written about twenty years ago
neth jones Jul 2018
..that I and only know
a turn you made
I witnessed this
(secreted from in your blind patch)
You're secret was told in a single action ;
a glance you made
and I knew
the guilty rotter that had made playtime ;
the projection in your mental dreyings

I put aside the impression observed
that I may prey upon your company
on some other chosen day
neth jones Oct 2018
I retain, fixed
a point
until corroded by metological formula
and practical social delinquency

Weather me down
til I am camera
and pinhole

Pure and abyss-less
lights vehicle
                         - forget me not
I self plagiarised a little in this... Such is life.
neth jones Mar 2019
I create the floor
Through the act of sweeping
I unsleeve  my shelves of their volume
Of their heavings and will
I now welcome an unskilling
To the task of a swept floor
I unmake myself
Thorough  point
And attention
neth jones Feb 22
Witnessed uprooting :                  
        ­                                                               in the piracy of night
your sinning          
                                 your human right
time fled along      
                                                     when i witnessed
your trespass
                   your violation
                                                       ­       you
                                                             uprooting the root
in the rivalry
                             of the night

upon the morning                                                          ­                           
                         you raise your muzzle blighted
turn your unprocessed head                                                    
        ­                           to retrieve social frequency                                           
                                                             tune in to the light
cold dew on a damaged lawn                                                
you collect your togs 
                                                        you­r paraphernalia                                     
                                                and pick your way tender:
        a rejoining propulsion                            
                  toward the convulsive city
to bed yourself                      
                 beneath its
quickening day
in selfish
"At dawn the dews of Heaven dry away:
The seeds of Hell are sown again today."
- Issa
neth jones Aug 2016
be wary always
of my ever waiting
romantic depression

it crouches always
in the spaces between
the walls of my study
observing my progress
with a welling of loss
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