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Yvonne Nice Apr 15
He is an old friend
I know he is
But he won't leave
And I hate needing him
He’s a poison
To everything around him
But he does it well
He poisons you sweetly
With sugar and spice
And everything nice
Until he gets bored
Then he reveals his true eyes
And I know he's a cruel being
But I long for his touch
Feeling pain is better than nothing at all
Why do I need him So, if he is the fruit of my sorrow?
Seth Mar 7
clinging on to the last of my sanity,
excuse my ill mouth and use of profanity,
but **** everything.
ZenOfferings Nov 2018
The cell phone rings once
But the ringing in my head…
...The sound of your voice
Namal Oct 2018
we walk through the years
along the tiring shores
of the ocean of life
not knowing when our paths
will fade away and be forgotten
among those of many others

at times, when the tide is low
and sun warm the sands
we find abundant treasures
scattered for us to pick
and claim as ours
we laugh, in happiness

at times, when the tide is high
and fierce storms rage
we barely cling on
to our frail dear life
waves reclaim our treasures
we scowl, in sadness

as the tides high and low
so do our feelings flitter
at whim and mercy
of the uncertain ocean of life
bound by the ropes of desire
to inevitable pain

if only we see the truth,

to see the scattered treasures
but to claim them not ours
to see the moods of the ocean
but to see them not permanent
then, and only then
the bliss of true peace is ours
phoebe fructuoso Apr 2018
My mind is filled with questions
with ‘what ifs’ and what should have happened

In a flipped universe what would have been the notion?
Would we be together or would I still be the only one with emotion?
December 2017.
Yan F Apr 2018
I love you deeply,
   as a nameless wave in the sea;

I love you strongly,
   with so much more than I can ever be;

I love you sweetly,
   like a random song in the night;

I love you increasingly,
   Every time we kiss or we fight;

I love you blindly,
   in the dark you are all I see;

I love you steadily,
   no matter how many times you push me;

I love you brightly,
   like a shattered mirror to the sun;

I love you gladly,
   though you were never really having fun;

I love you tirelessly,
   even if I run with all my might;

I love you truly,
   even though I was 'never really right';

I love you sincerely,
   amidst every single time you lie;

I love you endlessly,
   even these many years after goodbye;

I love you rhetorically,
   like no words could ever express;

I love you foolishly,
   and always I will love you nonetheless.
I love you baby,
And if it's quite alright;

I need you baby;
To warm my lonely night.
Nayana Nair Apr 2018
There is a sleep so light
that it rests upon my brow
ever so careful no to slip into my eyes
and I hear its laughter
on my thoughts that have no meaning
or reason
And when it notices
my tears
it takes pity on me
and holds my eyelids down
with the weight of its love
That’s how morning comes
and finds me,
clinging to the sleep,
clinging to the life,
that will soon leave me.
I’m dearly clinging to The Cross
of Christ, as though this Life
depends on it; with these empty
hands there’s no gain, but loss

since Salvation can’t be earned.
The vanity of accomplishments
and earthly achievements mean
nothing, seeing that it’s burned

up within the crucible of works.
My Hope remains in Christ alone
and the commitment of His Word;
I’m not motivated by a knee ****

reaction to lies from His enemy.
Therefore, I’ll remain vigilant,
confident and sober, knowing that
on Christ, I will always rely!
Inspired by:
John 3:16; Eph 2:8-9; Rom 3:23;
1 Pet 5:8

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2017, All rights reserved.
Mark Wanless Jan 2018
"The Bark"

Illusion pales reality
Clinging fires the heart
Intensity raptures the moment
And we play with the ghosts of the bark
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