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Ruheen Jan 17
Everything just comes and goes
Like lightning
But I can still hear the sounds
Like thunder

Everything just comes and goes
Like a butterfly
But I can still hear the sounds
Of its wings

Everything just comes and goes
Like a headache
But I can still hear the sound
Of the hammer in my head

I'm not crazy. Yet.
I'm not.
I’m not isolating myself,
I’m simply done being ignored.
amuba Nov 2019
Times when the spirit goes down
Times when both the hands are not enough
Times when hearing something good is the only craving
This is the only time when the only most needed person is me
For my own validation
For my own inspiration
Empathizing my own emotions
Leaning on my own shoulders
Wiping my own tears
Accepting my own fears
Sensing my own sensitivity
Soothing myself with soft words
Remembering that bad times are temporary
And in this temporary time that I have
Carried on and hung on with myself
That I stood by myself in need
That I understood myself and my needs
That I build this trust with myself
That I know now in times when the spirit goes down
I have me always to carry on with myself.
All I have got is myself in times rough and harsh, cold and hot.
Masha Yurkevich Oct 2019
The seconds



With each, I am more ready to die.

He said he would
leave me.

He said he was gonna
love me deeply.

He said he was never gonna let me

He said he would make a smile
out of each frown.

He said
and I

Because of him,
it's all this grieve.

The seconds tick by,
inviting me to come.

To join a world that it so
different than this one.

It wouldn't take long,
and soon I'd be there.

No pain, no fear,
and I wouldn't care.

And may this world do whatever
is in its desire.

or burn down in fire.

And I'd go right now,
and I'd be real glad.

But it's my best friend who's holding me down,
saying that my idea's kinda bad.

She says I should stay,
get along,
let it go...

And with her help,
I'll get through,
I know.

An experience one of my friends had when her relationship went down in flames.
I was so glad that I could help her when she was in this miserable state.
And I'm glad that it had a good ending to it.
Nicole Oct 2019
It is not that I don't want you
I think as you undress me and
Kiss my wrists.
It's that my soul is being chipped away
And I'd rather not die
A little in these satin sheets
Many days
And the thoughts lay scattered
Never alone, lost, too shy
The words jingle jangle
Sometimes loudly chattered

Many days
Busier than busy
Dizzier than dizzy
Happier than happy
Testing capabilities
Fulfilling Responsibilities

Many days
Work never completely done
Sleep it’s a necessity
And some fun
Walking on the Sun
Haven't posted here on HP, it's been a while and then HP wouldn't let post :))
Glad it's up and working :))
Have been listening to Inna, these days!!
Last line inspired by her song 'Walking on the sun'
Love her music.
Bongani Sep 2019
As i lift my head
Looking ahead
I see my feelings expire
No time
Its too late to inspire my desire
What you did ignited the fire
While im heading down
Cause you are no longer taking me higher
As time goes...
As time goes by
Johnny walker Aug 2019
I would have given anything for her smiles and her kisses that she gave to me but It happened so quickly In less than a heart beat my sweetheart was
I cherished each moment that spent with her the times I held and felt the beautiful warmth of body and the softness of her nakedness I laid across
Such times and beautiful days that are all left now to my memory as cling to her still for I'll never let go of her  
but It better to have and lost than to have never loved at
Often sit In my car on beautiful days watching the world pass me just as If I'm no longer here and with beautiful thoughts of my sweetheart
running my mind every thing clear just as If  It were yesterday when I last kissed those lips that excited me so
much I would
melt In her
In less than what seemed like a heartbeat my sweetheart Helen had gone no chance to say goodbye to her as she
left for heaven but I have a place In my
laid open just waiting for her together forever and always said to each Helen was the sweetest thing that ever happened In my
Johnny walker Aug 2019
Helen voice still echo In
my ears even after all these
years distant echo's sounds
of her laughter bouncing of my walls breaking
total silence but perhaps Its Is just Imaginary created In my mind by me to ease the pain of loss felt through each and every  
Johnny walker Jul 2019
When Is Uk DWP going to take responsibility for their disgusting behaviour
toward the disadvantages
vulnerable people of our society
Sadly through 5 week waiting times for much needed benefits, many people have taken their own lives through being made
What kind of society are we now living In that turn
against It needy I don't get this there  nothing wrong
helping other
In need but surely you first take of your own for I'm convinced charges will bought against this Tory government crimes against
Department of Work and pensions unbelievable
crimes against Humanity against the vulnerable of our society while them selves get richer shame those MPS
Who sit back and let this happen and they won't my vote forget about It
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