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Glenn Tachera Apr 11
It feels like you’re running
Far away, everyday
But still, I’m not moving
Trying hard to find you again
Who are these people
With their ears to the ground?
Leaning towards our end
And I see that they are talking;
“You should leave; fight for what you want; I guess you are in a relationship where you are not wanted”
But I can’t hear a sound, drowning in a dying wave
Bad, I wanted this love to be eternal
Thought we are the type of the melody that don’t fade out
Please don’t die
I stand in the corner
Do you remember all those plans we made
When life was like a wishing well
10:52 PM, you are raising hell
****, I thought I knew you oh-so well
The walls around are falling down
I see you notice
But keep your words all to yourself
We are different people
But we’re together now
I wonder if I will ever get over you
Got me dreaming of the changes that we’ll make now
wrote this when I was so unsure if my relationship was gonna survive. Just a month into it she started having doubts, letting the fear of feeling numb take over.
Andrew Layman Sep 2020
Go to sleep
you broken thing
you tired, tired
sack of tissue
say your prayers tonight
get up tomorrow
and be ready
to be broken all over again
Colm Aug 2020
Give me nothing
But time
Everything within

  This wanting to be of something
    And there will be neither writing
Nor ending

   For a summer storm

But combined

      And in giving me a required aim
  When there is sound to be found

And creation to pro

  Then the writing will flow
As if out of a struck desert stone
      And swell
How Writing (Told) Goes
Mrs Timetable Jul 2020
It dawns...

She ponders...

It wanders...

Goes yonder...

Back it saunters...

Her thought process...

Sometimes is...
Beyond her
The poem writing process point of view. I don't know why, it just is.
John McCafferty Feb 2020
There's a shiny stranger at the door
His eyes are wide, smile white and wanting more
With no mask to hide or nowt to give
Idle conversation fits before
No you can't have my money as I'm skint
It's been a long day the saying goes
Charity starts at home but not when you work for one
There's a level I give
and am currently past it
Outside of my own remit
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Ruheen Jan 2020
Everything just comes and goes
Like lightning
But I can still hear the sounds
Like thunder

Everything just comes and goes
Like a butterfly
But I can still hear the sounds
Of its wings

Everything just comes and goes
Like a headache
But I can still hear the sound
Of the hammer in my head

I'm not crazy. Yet.
I'm not.
amuba Nov 2019
Times when the spirit goes down
Times when both the hands are not enough
Times when hearing something good is the only craving
This is the only time when the only most needed person is me
For my own validation
For my own inspiration
Empathizing my own emotions
Leaning on my own shoulders
Wiping my own tears
Accepting my own fears
Sensing my own sensitivity
Soothing myself with soft words
Remembering that bad times are temporary
And in this temporary time that I have
Carried on and hung on with myself
That I stood by myself in need
That I understood myself and my needs
That I build this trust with myself
That I know now in times when the spirit goes down
I have me always to carry on with myself.
All I have got is myself in times rough and harsh, cold and hot.
Masha Yurkevich Oct 2019
The seconds



With each, I am more ready to die.

He said he would
leave me.

He said he was gonna
love me deeply.

He said he was never gonna let me

He said he would make a smile
out of each frown.

He said
and I

Because of him,
it's all this grieve.

The seconds tick by,
inviting me to come.

To join a world that it so
different than this one.

It wouldn't take long,
and soon I'd be there.

No pain, no fear,
and I wouldn't care.

And may this world do whatever
is in its desire.

or burn down in fire.

And I'd go right now,
and I'd be real glad.

But it's my best friend who's holding me down,
saying that my idea's kinda bad.

She says I should stay,
get along,
let it go...

And with her help,
I'll get through,
I know.

An experience one of my friends had when her relationship went down in flames.
I was so glad that I could help her when she was in this miserable state.
And I'm glad that it had a good ending to it.
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