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The saddest thing I’ve seen,
A baby duckling in a stream,
Left and right he looks,
Before being taken,
by the rooks.
The decisions our youth take,
Will ultimately define there shape
Be kind to them,
And guide them through their mistakes
Vin DeStefano Oct 10
Pick up a type writer,
to become a type fighter.
A soldier for the right,
truths hurt,
but lies bite.
Place pen to paper,
to guard, trim, and taper,
cut down the transgressions,
invoke love and confessions.
Speak out in loud tone,
Speak words into stone.
Hold voice on a platter,
Climb choice like a ladder.
Be strong now to influence,
give up for no instance.
Hold fast and stay strong,
sing clear your song.
Doubt not who you are...
...For your voice is heard far!
Valentin Aug 30
the distance between
I am with someone and
I am single is
too close when
you're under the influence of
a liquid or a substance
Uun B Aug 21
If you cannot let go of your past, you won't be able to embrace the future. I wrote this one for a boy whom I used to like a lot.

May you live for another 70 years
like your grandmother
May you influence young people,
inspiring them to follow their dreams
May you help thousands of people,
making them happy
May you eat all those Indonesian food
you like most
May you see a sky with five billion stars with
someone you love (someone is not me)
like your friend who visited Greece
May you get wrinkled, inked and loved.

I will keep you in my heart.

in its canter you see the horse
express her long evolution
sundering time with her thin hooves
throwing dust and turning a world
from that far past where distance was
enough to save her herd and skin
from everything immediate

so may lives trample on their dead
learning by living on to die
differently in cold tomorrows
winning over weakness and still
vulnerable but spared for now
no superfluity of form
claims here how this world shaped them so
Gd Bubb Jun 15
I am not bound by my emotion.
Something that isn't even real.
The blood keeping me alive
feeding my mind with these
predefined perceptions that
constantly influence my skin
to raise when I hear your name.
I won't be bound by my emotion.
dew from your nose

ruby heart

silly bone white

calendar blue

yet milky

the fence green

cherry juice

tomato paste

tis' blood
with teeth to control
Rick Warr May 18
curiosity ...

involves a will
to question
a facility not needed
when you have blind faith
in shock jocks who compellingly
save you the trouble
there is power in persuasion
a voice with sonorous conviction
that corrals you into what to think
burrows into a small mind
like a god-voiced ear wig
quelling the notion
you are not so sure?
Pauline has the courage
to say what
you are thinking
or the audacity
to fill an empty vessel
that had nothing
but a nascent fear
that blissful ignorance
was under attack
so gather with the herd
know you are not alone
the mediocrity shepherds
will reassure you
that you are all together
it’s them that are different
it’s them who are hatefully wrong
wrote on election day, Australia, while thinking of the diverse value of votes, and how they are influenced
There will be a many reasons why, he is really suited to be a good leader to his views on church reform, poverty, climate change and divorce that had shaken up the world opinion. A leader who is an influencer to other people like just Pope Francis that he want a real leader does not shy away from crisis and debate, but embraces them as part of finding a solution.

As a follower of Pope Francis, I really admire his characteristics that he is reaching out to non-customers or non Catholic. That is why Francis makes sure to reach out to non-Catholics as well, for instance by declaring that God has redeemed all of us, not just Catholics. He embraces the risk he did like when he was young, he became very ill, and the nun who tended him disobeyed the doctor's instructions and tripled his dose of antibiotics, because she knew from experience that without that higher dose he would die. We can't be an effective leader if you're always playing it safe. Last is to listen in diverse voices. He is listening to his cardinals all over the world they consult with him to help him make decisions. He wants to get other people's opinions that he can gather ideas about their own experience.

That is why I choose the Pope Francis a good leader for me because I am a religious person and a follower to our dear Pope. To help all the people in need of guidance of God and a world needs leaders who are just compassionate and merciful.
Ylzm Apr 4
We were told we're free, for we choose freely.
Eve believed; we too, are as desirous.
Creators urged us, to choose their choices,
Our preferences influenced, they believed.

Blind men, unsure, step to step, staggering
Knocked down and pierced, in circles wandering.
Pain, inevitable, but they rejoice,
For free they are and they'll walk, each their choice.
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