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Em MacKenzie Feb 1
I listened to all your problems
for years my ear was numb,
I had no input on how to solve them,
but a way out balanced on my thumb.
You inquired of how it felt,
and I was hesitant to describe,
how all troubles seemed to melt
and all the answers were transcribed.

We began with liquid form
as it tends to go down easy,
and for once we were warm,
though our surroundings were freezing.
We grabbed another glass,
and swiped another bottle from the store.
Back and forth our hands would pass,
‘cause that’s what friends are for.

Then I showed you all hues of green,
once it was our favourite colour,
hours spent glued to a T.V screen,
but the image kept growing duller.
It didn’t take us long to grow tired
when you’re always out and burned,
so we searched for a fill to get us wired,
oh all the ways we learned.

Seventeen years we’ve stood together,
starting at a concert’s mosh pit,
we’ve seen seasons change ignoring the weather,
though we sometimes lose touch a bit.
You get the lock and I’ll hit the latch,
together we can go through each door.
If you bring the gas, I’ll strike the match,
‘cause that’s what friends are for.

Finally we discovered nirvana,
the most beautiful of all the sights,
and though you took it to stigmata,
my airways clogged countless days and nights.
Sleep would eventually come peacefully for once,
and until then it was nothing but grins.
We’d converse back and forth with sighs and grunts,
discussing our secret sins.

And while I’ll forever fight that demon,
it seems long ago you stopped trying,
and for the moment I possess my freedom,
cautiously close you are slowly dying.
I didn’t guide you alone but I sure left a mark,
we walked the path together but I picked myself up off the floor.
so I’ll tie your shoes to walk into the dark,
‘cause that’s what friends are for.
I’m not the only one to guide her, but the guilt still eats me alive.
KHY Jan 26
Write it off as a coincidence;
But she will forever influence the way you are
She Writes Jan 9
The remnants of your influence
Echo down the halls of my concience
Long after I slipped away into the night
Here you are still
Whispering that I am not good enough
I cannot make on on my own
Unreal Society Dec 2018
The true meaning of being an Artist is not just to captivate, or capture someones attention. It is to create art that inspires others to be creative.  -KL
Poems By:Kloyal EST-11-2018
Isaac Nov 2018
You choose the influences that guide your life's steady stream.
Written 16 November 2018
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Helen influence In life
just as strong In death
still guide me through
life almost as If she still
I suppose she never
left where now the
house I'm living, Helen
lived on and off all her
The way my kitten
stares blankly at the
ceiling  perhaps our
kitten see her there
Still watching over us
This was Helen's home most her life
Perhaps she never left here
Judge you when we're high
Judge you when we're high
You're a creature you're divine
You're my comfort love you are fine

I will judge you in my mind
I will judge you in my mind

You're a story you're a lie
Educate me when you smile
Beauty thank you I'm high
Darling thank you that I'm high

So I could judge you
in my mind
So I'll convulse you
In my mind
So I could love you till I die

Fully in my mind
hope you like it, wrote this today
M-PAC Oct 2018
“Thou shall erase my name but thou shall NOT erase me from HISTORY”
Whenever you say no sometimes I'll take that as a challenge,
to infiltrate your mind with things you wanna do,
but you say there's no time to.
I look for the chinks in your disposition,
and I get inside through the tiniest holes,
penetrating your thoughts,
and inhibitions,
to push towards the naughty,
or just to the "I shouldn't",
but never towards the "I wouldn't",
cause I know you too well.
I know you'll enjoy it,
I'm just a slight push from time to time,
a little devil on your shoulder,
that can take a hold of you.
My whispers are subtle when needed
or blunt when I know you're in the mood,
but you'll fall for it eventually,
because I know what makes you tick.
That soft correction,
the subtle jabs at your self restraint,
and getting into what I know you want.
I'll make you stay up too late,
enjoying yourself as I take joy,
just knowing I got you doing more than you expected.
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