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Oh to be swept away in a melody
Caught in the maelstrom of a rhapsody.
The throbbing tide tugs our hearts
Like David charming Saul with his harp.

In intimate dance, soul and song entwine
Two notes forming a chord sublime.
The lyrics, an incantation, of unearthly hold,
Giving us the vigor to face the untold.

And one day our cadence will surely cease.
Our completed symphonies may bring peace.
Will our compositions instill life or death?
Will we exhale life before the last breath?
We all have a song in our hearts, yet we have the choice to use it to fill others with life or death.
Hopes and dreams are fairytales
In pictures from your head
The softness in your face’s veil
Is made of stone instead

Sleepy eyelids weigh the scene
Of faulty truths and lies
Crawling through a limousine
Makes up for sorry eyes

There’s sadness in the grinning teeth
And from the tone of mind
A squinted smile and happy cheeks
Are sometimes hard to find
the life.
Daniel Pokorny Sep 2021
Why do we exist to merely die in the end?
What is the point in simply changing our way's of communication?
Why must we feel pain before we can feel whole?
There are no answers to these and yet,
We all have our answers to each question.
Each answer either being chosen for us by written scripture of the past,
Or by our own past experiences,
But one thing is for certain,
The only answers that we can get to these questions,
Are from our own past's.
The past does influence our future,
Yet our future is what alters our past,
It blinds us into thinking that we were someone we were not,
It binds us to think we have changed,
When in reality,
The truth to all of this,
Is that it doesn't matter.
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
The person you are is not right for me
No matter how fiercely you want to be
The strongest word is love
One I fear
Under it's influence hard seeing clear
You perceive me as someone better than I am
If I was
Would give a ****
I used to care but that was quite awhile ago...
Reuben F Apr 2021
Who's wearing sundays
Songs jejune peruses;
May her corsage roses
Dress the fine arrays!

And gathered 'round strays,
Each of them amuses
Their eyes with their noses
For depots off ways.

The fantastic plays
Out of them her bruises;
Songs fed by drunk proses
May enchant in rays!
Descovia Dec 2020
You are the inspiration

Destiny, manifested into the mystic realm of wonderment, to fulfill honorable deeds.

You must thread carefully, because the crossroads are not forgiving.

What is it, you wish to accomplish?

Given in your amount of time, is ultimately upon your decisions and actions.

Remembering in mind, you are your own universe.

In memory of all, what will you use, in your greatest efforts  to immortalize?

Nature is for us, alas it must be known we were designed, to share our story within the stars!

Will you go beyond the skies?
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Torn and tattered
Hearts now shattered
Prompt on mirakee 8 words
Anais Vionet Oct 2020
The smart, modern boys
who’ll shepherd satellites
and parent sly AI -

live blocks away and
spend sunny afternoons with
digital zombies.

I talked with one - once,
I think, he mumbled some
strange techno-English.

He was pale and
skittish but attractive
in a shy, goth way.

“Who are you voting
for?” he stared blankly, “for prom
court??” he stared blankly.

“Madison’s nice, I
say", handing him a ballot,
(He checks her name) “Thanks!”
the geeks who will invent the future seem unconcerned with the now
oluwajimi Sep 2020
Make me cry
Because i loved you

Make me sad
Because you are happy  
Make me curse
Because you are blessed

Make me go crazy
Because you are sane
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