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Linespace Sep 27
Stirring the city streets is always relaxing.
Whether I'm on foot, or in a car, I move swift and watch.
I watch the spiders pull their strings and tighten and intertwine their intricate webs
Less so focused on any prey,
And more focused on not letting their webs plummet into a tangled mess below.
I walk and watch.
I drive and watch.
The street names become background noise
As I walk with scissors
Looking for the right spiders
To cut free.
I see your networks and I know how it works
Nigdaw Sep 19
A wilderness is untamed,
nature bursts forth in all its glory;
without the guidance and destruction of
It is beautiful,
a place where the soul is free,
although it may be in danger.

A wilderness is here.

Concrete slabs put upright
with windows;
facing more concrete.
Trees are sparse and trained,
grass short and restrained;
people reign.
An empty kingdom
of blank angry emotion,
called civilisation;
where the soul is definitely in danger.

It is our wilderness.
Nigdaw Sep 10
Inside this scaled down life
We move like goldfish
The pretence of an ocean
In four small rooms.
So many other lives swim
Within the same space
One upon another
Surrounded by the din
Of each other and the world
Passing by.

Is it any wonder
We have become insane
Looking for ways out
Expression through graffiti
Escape through drugs
Destroying the symmetry
Of our own environment
To mimic the bounty of nature
Destroying each other, for peace
And a chance to sleep alone.
On a bus home,
My eyes stick on people.
They are lonely, adhesive.
My nose claws onto your scent, passerby.
Finally I sleep, resting on a stranger’s shoulder.
Thought muted, resting in its skull-cradle
My mind is finally independent of the body,
shell discarded in my dreams.
I am grateful for the rest.
Hymn to insomnia...
Thera Lance Aug 14
A city cultivated in the shadow of the Beast
Becomes the stage for a sleeping god’s dreams,
A quiet boy who should have faded within the folds of time
Slides the last piece into the eternal Puzzle.
This one's a book summary of an unpublished, dark urban fantasy. I'm hoping to have the first chapter posted to Wattpad on Saturday, but if you want to check out some possible artwork for it, check out my ko-fi gallery at
If I find you
Will you mind
My broken windows
My rotted steps
The rats
In my head
And the bats
In the basement
Will you mind
The smokestacks
And boarded
Up doorways
Will you recognize
That I don't want
For you to leave
I just want
Someone to
Break inside
I saw an ExtraMile billboard and for some reason this exists.
Cox Jul 7
I stand here in the city.
The tall buildings tower over me,
And the wind cascades around me.

The children and people wear fur coats.
I wear Gucci.
They smell like whiskey and cigarettes,
But I pay no attention.

I see the lights that the city visions,
I hear the cries that the city screams.

It was perfect.  

Because I was here amongst the skyscrapers,
And within the atmosphere of life.
Labyrinth of fences, squares, corners.
Rain bites copiously and finely.
Dissolve in the landscape of houses,
But it leads to the navigator arrow.
The city ****** the spirit and left only slime
In the peel, the shell for the background,
It is not clear what life is leaving,
And the portrait on the smartphone screen.
And perhaps the reader, don't be a fool.
Marvel at such changes:
Was granite, rock,
Turned ash.
Was fire - became burnt logs.
"Is it possible (swear on blood!)
Still being alone so much?
There is a sentence of love on every pillar.
How so? Paradox and only! "
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