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Jules 4h
Black coat, black umbrella
Feet-telegram over snow: one step black,
Another step black.
elle Oct 2018
the sunset
and it’s fury beating-
stretching across your face
restricting, conforming
thin plastic over space

this city dies every night
born again each morning to fresh laundry
and hot trash
steaming in the beaten streets

this city is beating
thousands of hearts clapping
at our own demise
muffled, behind closed doors
hidden, like the heart of our one, true
dead God

in church halls and train station platforms
he sings at sunset and again each dawn
at every note his hand
reaching out to you
across impossible time

the wheels of shopping carts all screeching his name
his message, his orchestra

but our struggle, our bleeding
just for this love-
stifled and fleeting,
still beating in our stolen,
swollen hearts
Derrek Faraday Oct 2018
A genie working on a 9 to 5
Faces telling him to stay alive
Oh no, no!
It is the freakiest show
Their devils sleeping under their bed
But they've got him on house arrest
Oh, why
Are we so eager to try?

Don't mistake me for misunderstanding that you had it bad
Just like your dress this predicament is just a fad

Hey, little gender-****** 
Watch for return to sender
Make sure you're by the coast
That's where they'll love you the most
No time for entitlement
Your words are sentient
Trade a board for a pen
We don't need no citizen

I got a secret
I want you to spread it
Play them anything
Show us something

A kid jumped off of the rooftops
To make his way safely to the candy shop
Oh, how
Do people notice a house?
The wise fool begged in the biggest square
They put him in the alley and they listened there
Oh, when
Did they do the "paper-bend"?

Don't mistake me for misunderstanding that you had it all
This crass crusade will surely stop at the nearest shopping mall

Here comes the space heater
With a 9 millimetre 
People say he's colour blind
Who's court, his or mine?
The joke from the chieftain 
Is that he's a Bohemian
Who you are is never born
Gotta start out forlorn

I got a secret 
I want you to spread it
Dance in the streets
Trust your heartbeat

If you are deaf, well, we all feel what we've gotta say
Emi Jay Oct 2018
the sound of the highway outside
whispers through this rain-tapped glass:

quiet and fleeting and constant,
so like wind and rain and nature,
ebbs and flows, soothes with those
highs and lows and breaks—

with no telling when it will end,
just a rhythm like sleepy breaths,
a lullaby in the making

i prefer this noise to silence
outside my window in that dark;
a vast world alive and vibrant
while i slip into muted dreams
The9 Sep 2018
When I Grow Up
I wanna sing a Heavily song
No, I want to write a letter a mile long
Listen to Jazz with wine for zen
Play in the grass with a breezy wind

When I Grow Up
I wanna hug my mother
Hold her tight to show I love her
wash her feet to give her ease
kiss her hands for BARRING this SEED

When I Grow Up
I want to LET GO
use my wings to fly cost to cost
filled the world with love and laughter
live out my dreams even if it's a disaster

elle Sep 2018
in the air I breathe, dust stirs
and old men stare
kick the concrete in my way
but don’t cry in public!

sidewalk stale trash smells
creep up from below

children yell and the elderly saunter
space full of lungs and shouts and smoke and thoughts

there is firm and fatal
there is passing and translucent
wafts of fresh bread, intimate eye contact, the jump of your heart
it all passes
and soon too
the city passes
and all that’s left is this limp air
daring you to keep on living
Sarah Ann Sep 2018
In an empty parking lot
On a summer night after rain
The lights inject their orange
Into the lakes and rivers
That flow between the white stripes
Of the dark, pockmarked plain

Down from the black vault
The breeze that followed the rain
Chases the humidity from my lungs
My nose is clean, I breathe joyfully
Petrichor finds me even here
In this man-made wasteland

The witching hour passes, witnessed
By none but me, it seems
But then, a hiss of tires, a flash of headlights
A purring engine rolls up beside me
A door opens, shoes hit the ground with a splash
A body pulls itself up and out
It’s you
This is about what it will feel like to meet my future spouse. Standing all alone, and then - they're here!
EP Robles Sep 2018
\ i have a finger
   it has a trigger
i have a bullet
   it has a chamber

a perfect fusion
to combat illusion

  and i'm rolling
back down the road
to the city we all
know of

Linger City
Linger City
Linger City

Where i keep
my finger
with a rigor
mortis snicker

***** you city
my funny bone
is a state of
all within
the limits of

Linger City
Linger City
Linger City

yeah /

:: 09-12-2018 ::
It's one of those moments and I won't ignore it.  Write on.
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