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Magical ****** ..

just breathe now ...
breathe so deep ...
until you get a warm ...
warm air so deep ...
from inside ...

breathe sweetheart ...
to feel me well...
as i do now ...
yell with a longs yells ...
to get the desires ...
that we both need...
yes we need ..
really both need ...

just breathe ...
feel me ...
inside ...
as the air ...
which you hold inside ...
feel me ...
as i'm touching you now ...

breathe with no stop ...
in and out ...
imagine me ...
while you dancing now ...
into your desiring bed ...
as we both so close ...
making that great love ...

breathe me now ...
and ask me to do ...
to get close to you ...
to start our morning love ...
while we both feel both ...
so deep inside ...

breathe a hot breathes ...
and call me now ...
to be there ...
into your desires ...
so deep ...
until you get ...
the ****** ...
together both ...
in a same time ...

breathe more sweetheart ...
with no stop ...
even after you get ...
that ****** ...
keep asking me for more ...
don't get shy nor shame ...
it's our love ...
our magical morning ...
that we used to do ...
to get our happiness ...
while we feel both ...
our magical ****** ..
with no shame  ...

sweetheart mine ...
sorry to be that greedy ...
greedy poet ...
so ...
forgive me sweet lady mine ...
i feel so greedy more to you now ...
and i feel you on my lap ...
forgive me sweetheart ...
to get you on me ...
and to make love ...
with you now  ...
forgive me ...
sweet angel mine ...
it's the love ...
which i dream always ...
to get only with you ...
to get both ...
our own love ...
and our magical ****** ..

hazem al ..
acacia Jul 26
You don't see* these hues nor these cocoa grayish tones—you mess all over with spilled milk, take my silk from my open womb—spin with it webs from my ovaries—blanket you every night with clouds above your eyes—you take another hit, you fill the room with smoke, but I don't understand why you can't carry anymore—shades of delight, heavy beams on me—can't get up, I'm stuck on you—can't get enough, I **** from you—I do notice remnants of vibrancy in front of my eyes—behind the view—before you, too—neon colors in spaces of white.

No one should take control of this magical affair / no one can lay their eyes over your morning glare / this evening dew / resembles you / intense heat behold my eyes as you dabble over there /
and You never miss a beat while we sing and dance from here / shades of delight, indigo you / sheets of pleasure, I roll under you / spill of rapture, I dip into you / curtains of light, I plash onto you.
*[All I see are shades of delight twirling as if coffee creamer were dribbling into a cardinal mug like weighted paint, heavy trucks weighting on my shoulders in traffic between shoulder-blade-cones, heavy chests, large sounds, heavy breathing; red bulletin, over-hued saturate feelings of cold that never cross my mind; hurricanes unfold furling faster through the nile, namelessly opaque; the coconut astringent alternative never works, toning my skin with no toner; foresting wild, forthcome you, forthcame me, breathing in your smiles, hold me, too; Floridians laugh, cocoa hued, see swirls and whirls of miles floating like endless butterflies pulled from the root up, the pulled road drapes over my hedge like tarps of pomegranate.]

****** number 5.
Anna Jul 15
It slithers,
From the tips of your toes,
This vibration,
From the tips of your fingers,
This stretch,
To your shins,
This tickle,
To your arms,
This sensation,
To your knees,
This energy,
To your shoulders,
This shake,
To your thighs,
This chill,
To your chest,
This awakening,
To your hips,
This Caress,
To your stomach,
This explosion,
In your core.
Äŧül Jul 13
We are getting married one day,
The next night we shall make love,
You will be my dear peahen darling,
And oh! Only I shall be your peacock,
We shall ****** each other lovingly,
Your dam will be breached when,
Steamy love is made standing...

We would take a bath together,
My hands will be on your peaks,
Your hands'll be on my shoulder,
Getting closer we'll just get bolder,
The lovehole'll swallow lovepole,
Our rhythm'll get much harder,
'Oh yes baby!' So we both cry!!!

In the end, both of us attain *******.
I promise to help you to ****** each time we have *** in future.

Related to a largely ignored aspect of equality.

My HP Poem #1751
©Atul Kaushal
You're somewhere between a sneeze and an ******.
A breath of fresh air, and clear nostrils after you've been sick.
The sunrise, and it's set.
You are bright mornings, and the full moon whilst blanketed by Venus, Mars, and all their siblings.
Somewhere linking here and there, I've found you.
Between love and hate, I keep you.
Did I leave, Or had you left?
I wonder how you remain and yet, never stayed.
Among my expectations and disappointments, I'm empty and full.
Full of imaginings, empty of chances.
Full of love, and grief,
Empty of myself.
Taken by time,
And her elegant thief.
This kinda ***** and says nothing,(?) but I also ******* like it so. W.e
Abi Mar 29
Limbs overlap and our souls tangle in an  
   unimaginable infinity
Your ragged breath overtakes my whispered    
I can no longer decipher where you end and I  
We lay in clouds of euphoria
Basking in the miraculous presence of an
                unknown God and an inevitable death
I am barely aware of the hours passing while your fingertips trace the beauty you interpret as
    my pale skin

Who could have foreseen this tantalizing joining
    of flesh
Neither you nor I seem to care as we rest in the
    other's glorious embrace
We were inseparable in that moment
Ben Johnson Jan 29
Eternity - like the curves of the springs in the mattress
Working together being compressed only to expand
Your breath quickens
I pound relentlessly
With only one goal, writhing ****** in thought, body, soul.

As the orchestra of sound
comes together
mattress - eee errr, eee errr, eee errr
Headboard to wall,
Wet smacking of my pelvis
to your swollen lips
Grunting, moaning, all increasing in tempo and crescendo
Oh God Yes!
Michael King Dec 2018
A sigh.
A smile.
A chuckle.

And then... contented guilt.

Oh to feel the pulsating vibrations once
again. The chaos of her fruit.  The lust
of her delight.

If only... nothing.

Her ripples led to destruction. Well, a fertile ending of all things good.

The cry in the night.
The tears of a girl.
The loneliness of desire.

For each wave of madness ended some
other pleasure. A glee long since regretted.

We called him Josh.
Youdont Needthis Dec 2018
You live in a cul de sac
Every house is built exactly the same
Just painted different
Some butter yellow and bright
Some a ripe tomato's skin

You don't know any of your neighbors
You don't know who lives right next to you
They have kids or something

The newspapers are kept in a locked safe in the middle of the neighborhood
You use your digital code to pluck one out
After walking outside in the hot summer sun
You return home
Read the headlines
And smoke *** in the dining room

It takes a little while to peak

The kids come home from school
The Wife's home from work

You're spinning
You have span
You hath spun

The dust of the angel
Has blessed you with wings

They sprint away for their lives
Your three kids and only wife

But you're too fast

First you chase down your youngest
Too young and weak to even have a chance at escape
You grab him by the ankles and split him apart with your bare hands

You're out the door and tearing across the asphalt
You hear their screams but no one else is outside
And no one cares to leave their house
The middle child is no where to be seen
But the oldest is hopping over the stucco brick walls

You follow
Lawns and patio furniture
Dogs and small swimming pools
Just frightening blurs
The oldest son trips over the knarled stump of a shrub
And once again you hold both ankles
His skin and bones part
His whole body gives way
And you're a rusty plow to the wet earth
You're the sharp sickle to the golden wheat

There's only one left
You can't even remember a middle child
Was there another child

The wife is just a sprint away
Holding ancient technology
A payphone
There shouldn't be any of those left

You dig your toes in
The rubber of your boots melts and reeks
Your wife's form bends in the burning heat
But now you're there
Face to face
And instead of the ankles
You're just staring into her eyes

You see a verdant land
Green with live growth
Covered in compost and fertilizer
Trash and feces

A beautiful
Wonderful land covered in **** waste
To flourish and bloom
To be bought and sold

You're holding her tight and sobbing
I'm scared
I'm so scared
I'm scared

She reaches in her pocket and withdraws her nine milimeter
She shoots you through the chest and your heart bursts
Your last thoughts are just drivel

The angels smile while they ruin your ******
Christy Lei Oct 2018
Behind the thin screen, our fingers
gently touch, though unseen; the texture of his thumbs
prints with mine, leaving a trail of his
delicate genes; the heat at his fingertip
flows into my veins, climbing on my
both arms like soft summer vines. Paralysis,
parallel universe, paradise: I picked these
words for my feeling. While my friend’s mad, stop smiling
at your phone like an idiot!, she shouted at me
using ALL-CAPS, how rude—
he never used all-caps to me, a real
gentleman. Later, I told him I was addicted to
texting him, how dangerous, I looked up this
very symptom, and they said something cool about my
brain: the insatiable reward circuit in my
hypothalamus, dopamine molecules
jumping between my neurons, the uncertainty, the double
blind-folded ***, euphoric, warm, fuzzy—
basically like an ******, they concluded.
But I was forgetful, like any other drug addict, I threw
all the warnings and science into the air, and
we text, on and on,
our pores speak, our fluids fever,
our eyes flirt, our fingers glide—I never knew if
one day we would hit
the lethal dose, but it must be sweet to get high and
die holding hands by his side.
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