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Poetic T Oct 4
She was so, what's the word I'm looking for?
  not *****, some would say submissive.
There is no way she was that, more *******.
But she never let it show, she'd have a way of
controlling the situation to make you think you
        were in charge...

How could I explain it? more like your in a desert,
         thirsty and see a fountain in the distance.
Running towards it your strength disperses,
  and you believe what you see even though your
            swallowing the passing of time.

Even as you choke, you still believe you've
quenched your, I mean her thirst.
          If she was poker, she'd have the winning
hand every time...

So back to the moment at hand, she was so dam
         rough, I had scratches that looked like I'd
had a sleepover at Elm Street.
I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it...
I liked it when she made me trickle.

That itch while at work, as my back
was healing, it turned me on knowing
that she still lingered even though we
weren't near.
       She had this suffocation issue,
but it was kinker than just naked...

It was in a summer dress,
                    and only in the summer.
Like she was seasonal?
I'd lift her dress up. she was pantiless.
           But before that, my hands were even
within her thighs, she was damper than
the grand canyon dry around the edges,
       but between she flowed...

There was no finesse it was all or nothing,
     no gentle hands, deep and hard were her ways.
She knew what she liked. But like a drug,
Its strength diminishes over time,
and the thrill was now near non-existent.  
And a frustrated woman isn't one to be trifled with.

So we got others involved, ones that had
the same suffocating view on life.
Constricted on the normality of ***.
The first one, ***. It was embarrassing.
  We'd guest they were more inquisitive
         than had done it before.

We'd had them sign a waiver on the obligation
of what it entailed. A few drinks later,
Ok, more than a few and it was a melting ***
         of flesh, we were all over each other.
      She strangled my other half one-handed
constricting her flow of air, the other fingers
in her mouth being ****** erotically.

I'd never thought of how ****** this would be,
it didn't matter that it was a woman,
the fact she was arching so much.
All because of another stifling her breath.
                    I had my fun though I was deep
in the other,  **** deep as she didn't want to
be penetrated in her flower, she likes her petals clean??
   My other half could see me over the other'ss shoulder.

Enjoying the fact of both woman were in my bed,
              I was getting close, and then it changed.
She saw that I was about to pleasured by another.
Her hands clasped around our new acquaintance.
For such a petite figure she had a grasp like a clamp.

I felt her clench around my external offering,
           and the smile off my other, it was suffocatingly  
pleasurable. All three of us slumped at the same time.
The bedsheet was drizzly with the fulfillment
  of all three of us. I'd never experienced such a
moment, it was unexplainably fulfilling.

We rested for a moment, and then as I pulled myself
from this sweaty gathering, I needed to ***.
I know wow how romantic, But you open a valve,
waters going to pour eventually.
   Walking back to the bed all smiles.
     She looked at me with fear, but with a hint of
"She's dead,

                            "What dead tired?

  "No you ****-wit, as in you just pleasured
yourself up a corpse you necrophilic *****...

I laughed, as I jumped into bed thinking she
was hoaxing me. But she wasn't moving.
  Holy crap that was an ****** to die for??
  She looked at me sheepishly, no not really I got
kind of confused, she was strangling me and i
was so turned on.

But then I saw you about to lift off, and I didn't
like the fact that it was in another and not me.
So I tightened my grip, I heard her throat crunch
under the pressure, and she came,
either in exhilaration or that she'd just died...
Is it wrong that it was a multiple's!!

I've had doubles with you but that,
                                               I'm still twitching.
Oh' not to the fact that there was a dead blonde
in our bed. But the fact she had a multiple with a dead
woman on top. I brushed that thought away as we
had more concerning things,

I said to her,

"Do we phone the police,
             she signed the waiver?

"Do we phone the police!

  She said in a sarcastic manner raising her brow,
I could never do that dam thing, she was like
a **** trekky when she did that Mmm..
        I'd live long and **** the **** out her in
that cosplay outfit, pity I broke the ears last time.

Crap, I'm getting distracted.

I  could see where she was ******* from,
       why the hell does the dead woman have
***** *******,  whoops my toothpick just
became a great redwood again.

Are you getting stiff off seeing a dead woman's
******* you freak? They are kind of just there,
As she lent across and licked them.
         Oh, there cold, she looked at me
in her I'm ***** look.  We shouldn't waste an
opportunity really, as she opened her legs
and maneuvered her so she could scissor her.

What you waiting for, put your piece in her gob,
her mouth cold against it, but moist enough
that I face ****** her till we both got close
            kissing each other and ******* at the same
time, wow that was intense,
                                        we both sheepishly smiled.

We both got in the shower, the bed damp still from
                  when all three were breathing but her
head slumped to the side and you could see it dripping
out her mouth as if she was sleeping and  drooling
                       on the pillow.. that's gross.

After we were all cleaned up, we had to decide
what to do, the police wasn't an option.
   We'd watched enough dexters to know that
cutting her up was going to be way too messy..
And last time I got a paper cut I fainted.

Grabbing some cling film out the cupboard I started
To wrap her up, beforehand we went to the store
and brought 15 liters of bleach. I used a kitchen
a utensil  with a short straw-like funnel and proceed
to bleach the inside of her ****.. and gave here a detol
mouth wash, we put the rest in the bath and put
her in there, she hadn't started decomposing and
rigor mortis wasn't overly making her stiff like a plank
so she easily sank to the bottom.

After lunch we let the water out, god she looked clean.
But her eyes had become white, like ghost white
staring at me, like she'd known what we did to her.
I tried closing her eyelids but they wouldn't shut,
so I used a permanent marker to color them in..
   What was I thinking, now she looks ****** possessed.
Drying off was like a ritual we were gentle and making
sure her hair was brushed nicely.

Then with the 6 boxes of cling film, we wrapped
her up nice and tightly.
Crossing her arms over her chest seemed like
a nice thing to do. You never realize when
someone says dead weight, just how heavy that is.
We did that nursery rhyme as we threw her in the boot,

A leg and a wing to see the king and yeet...
    I gave her a 7.5 for landing. As we drove off
we took the map out, using sat-nav was a no, no
as we could have our steps traced back.
   There was an old coal mine just twenty minutes
away, what was cool was that there was an opening
that was so deep but not many knew about it.

I know how convenient is that. We parked up and
we knew we'd have to be quick so I slung her over
my shoulder, walking along I got really damp?

"Babe, what the hell is going on?
                     "Is she peeing on me?

I started to gag, but then the bleach smell hit!
       Phew! she was leaking bleach all over my jeans.
Thank **** for that, I knew these were going
to be burnt later anyway and had a spare pair in
the boot just in case. What I come prepared.

As we got to the opening a couple was standing there
throwing a rolled-up rug down the hole?
we both just looked at each other, what's up?
What's up with you?
We just smiled and dropped our cling film roll
down the same hole. they pulled a knife we pulled
a baseball bat out.

Look, we know what we've both done,
   and if we walk away now you, we,
well neither of us will get hurt or have to throw the
others down that hole. How about the saying.
You didn't see it, so it didn't happen,?

They walked off, we walked off calmly.
That went a lot better than I thought as I laughed.
But just as we got to the car we heard a twig snap
right behind us, out of instinct I swung hard
catching him square in the temple.
as he fell he landing on his accomplice.
She was screaming Oh'my god help me..

My other half leaned over her, foot on her wrist
pulling the knife out her hand.. What were you
going to do with this then.

            "*******, she yelled.

No how about I mouth *******,
and with that, she raised the knife up
and shoved it into the hilt of her mouth.
God, i love this woman.
   As she lay there gurgling..
I mean the noise was nasty..
  So she just trod on her throat and silence.

We looked at each other, and started kissing,
    and before you knew it we had steamy windows
handprints visible to what had perspired in here.
As we got redressed and the tension now reduced
we dragged these two both to the hole.
I mean  my girl just grabbed his feet and like
luggage threw him in. She's so awesome.

You do realize we got from accidental murders
to nearly serial killers now.
And you know what it was such a turn on.
     I must admit we were both turned on by death.
We found their car and drove both down the country
lanes making sure that cameras were nowhere near.
We burnt it out, but not before doing donuts in a field
to make it look like joyriders had stolen it..

After that, we had plenty more lovers, false addresses
to entice, and snare our next lover into false security.
We got tech-savvy as well, in the car we had a scrambler
that blocked their mobiles. most didn't even notice
they lost signal, some did and were over-cautious
                   If they didn't come then unlucky them.

But we remembered that everything was to happen
in the bedroom. Gosh that coal mine is now a mosh pit
of broken voices, that crunch just as we orgasmed.
  That never got old, as everyone was different some
***, others ****** them selfs, that was new and gross.
But luckily we had mattress protectors on and plenty
more in the cupboard. To date, we must have made
love and silenced at least 12 over the last few years.

Only in the summer though,
  and the dresses, god she looks so hot...

Got to go through as our new friend
just turned up in guess what in a summer dress
of all things.
           We just looked at each other and smiled.
maybe marc Sep 8
is it?
the way in which
we give to each
i've been feeling unsure.

infusing everything on the path,
i've been the rot
you've been the honey.
but when i look for clarity
in silence,
you divulge your interest
(barely louder)
-with a question.

and when you decay towards me
when you use me for your pleasure
and i see the devil in you,
you make me
solely a body.

i mean, what is a future for us?
living alongside,
maybe we'll develop an ******;
but you'll have to want longer,
i to disengage from disavowment.

proximity to omnipresence
only if i stop burying myself,
i want to look into your eyes
and find reciprocity.
been reading and it's been keeping with me,
i'm missing stimulating conversation,
i miss working in a bookstore.

i'm putting words to these doubts,
not because i want them to be real,
but to confront them,
ju Aug 23
I wash-up two cups, find a spoon,
decipher his mood whilst I pour us coffee.
He’s not talking.
Whoever she is, last night wasn’t great-
The bed’s made up with clean white sheets.
She didn’t stay over.

I hand him his coffee.
He nods,
it’s a start but
there’s nothing set up and
I can’t tell where he wants me.
He’s paid for a day- I undress anyway.
And because it’s quite early, still cool-
I sit in a spilled-sunshine-pool
at the foot of his bed.

He studies me.
Traces my line with his eyes.
I keep warm,
drink coffee.
He draws a deep breath-
takes my cup,
holds my face in both hands.
Says nothing, just kisses me hard
and pushes me back.

I unbutton his fly-
lick my fingers,
let them glide,
Rise up to meet him.
He pulls out the moment he’s done.
His frustration feels hot
on flushed skin,
and becomes mine when
he walks away.

He gathers up paper and charcoal-
the tools of his trade.
Arranges my limbs,
places my hand in
glossy-soft-heat between
my slight-parted thighs.
Leans close, kisses me thank you
then whispers
Be still.

Poetic T May 31
Hues glistened above her face,
        prisms of droplets catching
the light as each fell..

This was ecstasy,
          A rainbow covering

                             her features...
Valentin May 18
You are an eternal ****** to me
A forever sunshine inside my chest
And the symphony of the soft waves at low tide
When there is a violent storm in my mind
I love you
Becca Lansman Apr 12
A shadow enters my room
Immediately I turn to clay
Gripping and molding I become
The shape of his hands

I am a broken record
Making music in all the wrong ways
He throws me on the ground

and I go silent.

A cascade of force hurricanes my small frame,
I quake
A bee without a stinger

Our bodies orchestrate
like an out of tune violin
He tells me

“you feel so good”

How can two instrument play such different sounds?
The same chord just out of key.
He tells me again

“you feel so good.”

I dry heave–
disgust for ****** he strums the last note

he cradles my cold dry shape

how can two bodies feel
in such different hues?

Him- red, hungry
I – parched, pale

I think—
He must be color blind.
Angel M Apr 11
I pose on all fours
Waiting for you to mount me
My Love starts pulsing as
I watch you move towards me
You stroke yourself in your hands
My eyes are begging you
to use your rigid tool on me
To Feel you plunge deep
into the depths of my soul
As I close around you
My wetness envelops your manhood

My pulse is racing as you enter
And pound against my soft pliant vessel
My breath rushes out rapidly
I try to hold on as long as I can
To savor every moment.
Every feeling.
Each powerful ******.

I can’t stand it any longer!

I tense as
I allow my body to receive
All that it needs
From you
I release all my tension
As my ****** washes over me.
Wave after wave crashing against my body

I cry out in ecstasy
My muscles convulse
But you don’t stop there
You keep your tempo going
Harder. Faster.
Trying draw every drop of nectar out of me.
Then you feel your own finish approaching
You take what you need as well
From me
I moan as you spill your essence into me.

I long have you lead me to that place.
That ends with you
Lying on top of me
And replete.
Eva B Apr 7
The female ****** is a rosebud
blossoming over the course of seconds.

Our organs were molded in the
image of clams and flowers.

God obviously
gave his blessing.
Mitch Prax Feb 27
Dear diary;
I need something
stronger than an ******-
something that really rattles the bones
and shakes me to the core
of my soul.
Move from there
and I'll keep ******* you until you
                                                can't move!

Send the heavy music
Into  o v e r d r i v e.

                              After you enjoy me,
                                 Explore my mouth with
                                    your tongue,
                                      I'll leave you breathless.

I'll simply leave you ignited;
ready to combust.

          Ready to be sent into ascension.

                 Ready to experience the little death
                  by my hand.

                         You make you wanna do bad, bad things to you.

As I tear off that secret little fabric of yours
That no one sees but me,

                   You'll be a good girl now
                     Or I'll cut your collarbones, sweetheart.

                                  Smirk good for me now,
                                   Because oh how I've longed to feel you.
                                     Explore you.
                                        Please you.
                                          From the inside.

                                             The velvet temptation
                                               between your legs.

My, what a ***** girl you are.
The simple anticipation floods you from within.

Behave yourself.

Don't touch me now.

I'm highly dangerous when you excite me.

                            You make me wanna do bad, bad things to you.

Drip with sin,
While I plunge my fingers into you.

Enjoy me.

Glorious, as I make you sigh with satisfaction.
Seductive, as I make you groan with need.
Alluring, as I make you whine with lust.

I'll beckon you from the inside.

The room in darkness.

In a 'come hither' motion.
Over and over.
Enjoying you shudder by my hand.

You know what comes next.

                        My, you make me wanna do bad, bad things to you.

                                                            ­                               more.

Shh, you'll wake everyone!



Now then, sweetheart...

I beckon you.
Indulge in me for the

Give me what I want.
Bestow upon me the music to my ears.
And the warm, damp constriction around my fingers.

As I plunge into you,
Over and over.
          Over and over.
                    Again and again.
                            Again and again.

Let your body convex.
Like a possessed ***** in heat.
Like you want it sincerely.

You're clenching your eyes rigidly.
Till the tears come.

Speak clearly, dear.

                      I'll roar belligerent commands at you.
                      God, you're a ***** ****.

          You know I just can't get enough of it;
          The way your eyes cry out to me in pleasure.

You're flooding my hand the more I
Assail you with commands
And i n t i m a t e l y get to know you in there.


What's that?

But of course.

You have my permission, mistress.

Let yourself squeal for me.
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Be a sensible girl.
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