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ChinHooi Ng Jun 16
On the left side is a small stream

and on the right is the main road

that way when i stretch out both hands

i can grasp the clarity and the high speed

i tend to look to the left

without thinking

there are extra clouds

the stream never seems

tired of replicating clarity

siding with purity.
neth jones May 27
out of its' tree
a squirrel in the rain
runs low                      
                  just like a rat
cuts across the concrete
manic for something
out of its tree
neth jones Mar 16
enduring the urban winter

daring the day uncovered
            by way of a chaos of crows
                                  pulling on the weather
   breaking from their perches
crooking their feathered hinges
and 'carring' up the first subtle wash of light
they lift and clump to make a short migration
            from the city to...? [shrug]
their flight pattern seems more of a 'wit' or a 'prank'
  than a '******'
the sun machines to complete its horizon
              tugged by the last departing birds

returning in the afternoon
with the full light provided
          and messy winds to charge them
like malicious children from the playground gate
       fed and joy fighting at their hierarchy
              whilst in an unbattened flight
                      back into the city

in summer it will be the gulls
Rickey Spence Mar 12

Sitting in this parking lot, the blasting sirens wail outside,
I watch the flashing clouds, the spreading lightning,
I feel the pulling wind, the pressing sky,
I watch the empty streets, the waving trees,
I hear it raining on my roof, the crickets in December,
And I really hope I’m not an idiot, sitting in this parking lot.
Rickey Spence Mar 12

Look at all the green
And forget all the blue
You’re outside now
And it can’t touch you
neth jones Mar 10
Inuit art
framed in medical waiting rooms
famined behind glass
wronged chime

the grazing eye passes through the greed of it
little need
with such clement weather

Stretch out those eagar linkers
and read those signals
        you were nursed to read

being tactile
induce swelling
and poke at holes

There is no dignity
and we look ridiculous
        within its service

share a meal of teeth
family of whitened grins, laughs and interdependent stares
a formula
for props and catalogue

Cash in my reflection
at retail it'll fetch its metal


                       t h e          e n d
neth jones Feb 24
unkempt drey
a winter white bone tree of lungy dew
grey squirrel in an urban way
curious for shelter
checks out the drey
      and scuffs about
      but the scruffy drey
      falls into its pieces
     (in spring to decay)
the creature is left
      grappling for a purchase
      and a posture of dignity
neth jones Feb 15
motionless Winter chill
crystal dry and vacuous
life thrives minuscule
busy in me ******
Carlo C Gomez Feb 14
Prune away the rumors
Run all those 'little whiles' together
But you won't get forever
Dream of obituaries
Under the apricot tree
Because those who built
This future are dead
Strange how
my feet won't touch
the ground.
Strange how
my bags are packed
with sadness.

Plight is
my fellow passenger
to Osaka sun,
or Artic chill,
or some volcanic
love nest.

Strange how
my jet-setting eyes,
they see paradise only
on satellite tv,
yet they see the once
beautiful people
and all their utter dismay,
as they pass through
the metal detectors.

So strange
that I can hear
their strife
their suffering
well above
the engine's roar.

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