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Alpha Jan 31
A rook, a rook
Flew from the sky
And landed on a tree.
Spoke to the snake
That lie there:
"Snake, what do you see?

"I rise above,
I fly high,
Know all the human breed.
Seen kings and queens,
Even a princess-child
And all the warrior's deeds."

"Rook, oh rook",
Hissed the snake.
"You are so naîve.
You see strength
And beauty, too,
But they lie just as they breathe."

"Snake, oh snake,
What do you say?!
That is not true!
It's merry a life;
That I do know
I watched from high blue."

"Rook, oh rook,
You flew too high,
I know what they've got;
To ******, deceive,
Fight and ****,
Their tales are full of blood."

"Snake, oh snake,
You must lie,
I haven't seen such thing.
But let me tell
Of what I saw
Of wars and weddings.

There was a man,
Vain and full of greed,
So proud and so old.
Would never spare a coin,
But as a beggar he saw,
He gave him a coin of gold."

"Rook, oh rook,
I saw it too,
But that was not the end;
The beggar him stalked,
To his home,
And with a dagger in he went."

"Snake, oh snake
Let me tell
Another one:
Of a wedding so bright,
Of a king and his queen,
He kissed her and gave her the crown."

"Rook, oh rook,
Don't believe all you see!
Didn't you hear the queen cry?
The marriage was forced,
Their bond forged,
And she jumped down her tower high."

"Snake, oh snake,
I've seen battles grand,
Where heroes and legends fought.
The earth shattered,
The elements they've torn,
And flames from the sky they brought."

"Rook, oh rook,
That was no battle fair,
Just unglorious assault.
They died like flies,
All of them,
And were buried in nameless vaults."

"Snake, oh snake,
Listen close,
As I tell you of heartens blaze;
Once I saw two lovers,
Kissing under moonlight,
At a lake that mirrored their grace."

"Rook, oh rook,
That I saw as well.
They soon had broken up.
The next day,
She was found dead,
He murdered her out of love."

"Snake, oh snake,
If you speak true,
Then all I knew was wrong!
But then, dear snake
Wouldn't they be
Nothing but spoiled flesh and bone???"

"Oh, but that's it,
Rook, oh rook,
The inhuman, human lot.
They are alive,
And vivid they breathe,
And yet
I've got this idea as I stepped out into the winter's cold and saw a crow perching at a bald tree that slashed the grey sky like a black lightning, turned upside down. I was a bit in a dark mood, and as I saw the crow, I began to smile. I don't know why, I just liked it, sitting there, watching me with it's onyx eyes. So I began to hum a melody, a song of a rook flying to the earth, landing on a tree...
By the way, even though snakes usually are depicted as liars, this one told the truth to the raven.
neth jones Mar 2021
life is ...

much is laid out
          to shuck 'stragglers'
               and fetter the 'off kilter'

passive weeding ?
               or bleeding with medicinal leeches ?

there is a structure facing inward
people making unkind demands of one another
a fussing
a fusing of their time made 'important'
a holding bond
   alluring and repulsing
                  maintaining a close hovering gap
in the name of a darkly compromised species dream
Heyaless May 2020
Doe eye

My baby girl
Sweet and shy , coveted with monsters eyes .
I didn't realise how mistreated and misplaced she was .
I didn't realise she was seeking comfort trembling with fear .
I didn't realise my little rose is withering .
By the time I realise ,
i was crying holding the stone carved with her name on it .

I hope when your daughter says
I don't want to go to school ,you hear her .
I hope you notice the way her words seem to sink in the air .
I hope you notice her words coming out with such a heft that cannot be supported by her breath.
I hope you feel how icy her surroundings have become
I hope you push the hair from her face and look into those doe eyes ,
And ask her to open up her wings .
Please be bothered for what is keeping her from seeing her friends .
Take her into your arms , hold her , mantle her .
Protect your precious daughters from monsters.  Please , please , please
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Kindred (II)
by Michael R. Burch

Rise, pale disastrous moon!
What is love, but a heightened effect
of time, light and distance?

Did you burn once,
before you became
so remote, so detached,

so coldly, inhumanly lustrous,
before you were able to assume
the very pallor of love itself?

What is the dawn now, to you or to me?
We are as one,
out of favor with the sun.

We would exhume
the white corpse of love
for a last dance,

and yet we will not.
We will let her be,
let her abide,

for she is nothing now,
to you
or to me.

Published by Songs of Innocence. Keywords/Tags: moon, pale, disastrous, remote, detached, cold, inhuman, lustrous, pallor, love, itself, white, corpse
neth jones Nov 2019
lazy mankindness

free play for the inhuman

prattlefeild of fame
anti haiku
Jade Feb 2019
As the world came crashing down
I couldn't help but wonder
At the beauty of its wholeness.
As I cursed the rain for soaking through my mind,
I laughed because I knew it would fall.
There's a terrible but beautiful way this lonely little sphere
Sitting in an endless dance takes all this in stride.
It sings and it dances and it twirls and it spins,
And it never stops.
Not for heartbreak,
Not for anger,
Not for loss.
I stood there and looked at it
Amidst the downpour and the flood,
And couldn't help but wonder at the beauty
Of being free from the ground.
It would never fall,
It would never fly,
It would never feel the seemingly too-close
But until the end of time,
It will always
Keep on
A poem about how the world keeps going.
thesa Jan 2019
nights are grateful
i live for
this dark and quiet time

i’m in love with nights because
just as their environment
is inhuman
i am either
Nelsya Nov 2018
i found myself in the world of solitude
lost in another dimension
to hide and protect
my sanity
from inhuman thoughts
and from too many mouths
i know it’s short but finally i managed to update after a year :)
soul Aug 2018
Human anatomy is similar in many ways
they got same organs
same hearing
same speaking
ability to walk
show emotions

the only difference is  
brain is working just to satisfy others ego
despite of having same cranial capcity
they chose different worlds
either good or bad

******, robbery, backstabbing and what else they do
just to conceal their evil souls
Doesn't pay any heed to justify their deeds
Ignoring their inner voice pleading them stop

Blood flowing in their veins is red
won't cry when they see their family on death bed
Their heart is turning black
coz of their unspoken guilt

slowly they are leaving the human behind
just to join hands with the devil

Human anatomy is similar in many ways
but the mind is creating the difference
according to science every human being shares 99.9% similarity every other person is diffrerent some chose right path some dont
happy independence day
Blake Aug 2018
Spasming in life’s web,
Clustering under eight legged dreads,
Watching some rise from its smother,
But only for short pathetic seconds.

I watch many downfalls,
Idle in wait for my own,
Seizuring with a horrible burden,
Fortune telling with no end fortune.

All mere blinded mirrors laying in wait,
Distorting the spidery figure differently,
Mine reflects its harsh fangs and nature,
Others reflects admiration towards the creator.

The web a complex beauty,
But I can’t claim cruelty home,
The ripples of intertwined death,
Some by father...foe...or friend.

The inhumane humanity,
Puppets and the almighty player,
Cloud me from things called prayer,
For that hope must be alive and well.

I’m just waiting for my bones to decay,
Peace in nothingness or so you claim flames,
Free from the *******
And all that it stands for.

I’m an unholy ghost.
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