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Jade 7d
As the world came crashing down
I couldn't help but wonder
At the beauty of its wholeness.
As I cursed the rain for soaking through my mind,
I laughed because I knew it would fall.
There's a terrible but beautiful way this lonely little sphere
Sitting in an endless dance takes all this in stride.
It sings and it dances and it twirls and it spins,
And it never stops.
Not for heartbreak,
Not for anger,
Not for loss.
I stood there and looked at it
Amidst the downpour and the flood,
And couldn't help but wonder at the beauty
Of being free from the ground.
It would never fall,
It would never fly,
It would never feel the seemingly too-close
But until the end of time,
It will always
Keep on
A poem about how the world keeps going.
thesa Jan 3
nights are grateful
i live for
this dark and quiet time

i’m in love with nights because
just as their environment
is inhuman
i am either
Nelsya Nov 2018
i found myself in the world of solitude
lost in another dimension
to hide and protect
my sanity
from inhuman thoughts
and from too many mouths
i know it’s short but finally i managed to update after a year :)
soul Aug 2018
Human anatomy is similar in many ways
they got same organs
same hearing
same speaking
ability to walk
show emotions

the only difference is  
brain is working just to satisfy others ego
despite of having same cranial capcity
they chose different worlds
either good or bad

******, robbery, backstabbing and what else they do
just to conceal their evil souls
Doesn't pay any heed to justify their deeds
Ignoring their inner voice pleading them stop

Blood flowing in their veins is red
won't cry when they see their family on death bed
Their heart is turning black
coz of their unspoken guilt

slowly they are leaving the human behind
just to join hands with the devil

Human anatomy is similar in many ways
but the mind is creating the difference
according to science every human being shares 99.9% similarity every other person is diffrerent some chose right path some dont
happy independence day
Blake Aug 2018
Spasming in life’s web,
Clustering under eight legged dreads,
Watching some rise from its smother,
But only for short pathetic seconds.

I watch many downfalls,
Idle in wait for my own,
Seizuring with a horrible burden,
Fortune telling with no end fortune.

All mere blinded mirrors laying in wait,
Distorting the spidery figure differently,
Mine reflects its harsh fangs and nature,
Others reflects admiration towards the creator.

The web a complex beauty,
But I can’t claim cruelty home,
The ripples of intertwined death,
Some by father...foe...or friend.

The inhumane humanity,
Puppets and the almighty player,
Cloud me from things called prayer,
For that hope must be alive and well.

I’m just waiting for my bones to decay,
Peace in nothingness or so you claim flames,
Free from the *******
And all that it stands for.

I’m an unholy ghost.
B Chapman Jul 2018
Do they see the insanity
hidden in my eyes?
Does instability consume their brain
the way it does mine?

I won't put the gun in my mouth,
I don't care how a bullet might taste.
I'd put it to my head,
that's where the problems play.

I can't pull the knife across my wrists,
I'd become enamored by the red.
I won't plunge the blade into my chest,
my heart is my son's, always his.

But I need to escape my head.
I can't continue just to exist,
detached but for moments.
there's no drug capable of healing
Umi Jun 2018
Highly explosive,
Thus, a term to explain the thoughts rushing to the iron maiden's head as she fires away a salvo of pure affection, passion and warmth,
The heat is unbearable, the impact, such as the afterglow, surpass the rising sun, with a noble, golden light spread across the painful wound
Melting away in the sweet embrace of her devotion, this is surely fate.
Through the veins of this girl, **** for the one she adores is building up, racing within her blood, all she wants is for her feelings to be returned, but alike the sun when it shines with such beauty, it cannot happen, the closer one gets to her the more he will be burnt .
But surely, serenety relies within lonesome thoughts, moments and the time, in which her wish has been ceased to be ever fulfilled.
Yet, as a single dandelion, which is raised with attention and care can turn a whole, lethal dessert into an allure, lively and gentle garden;
She too can find someone, who will withstand her passion, burn up in it and shine with her without vanishing, carried away by time.
After all, the light of love is for all to be litten.

~ Umi
Umi May 2018
Hey do you see me, I am on the side of the road,
I am forgotten yet I was part of this street long ago, now I am but a little figment of imagination, yet I am not none existent at all.
Do you want to talk to me or are you losing your mind ?
Take me with you, I will be your backup, your solid motivation,
Fragments of feelings are a fading memory which you seem to fail to remember, then wouldn't it make sense to keep them not as dearly,
Maybe if you were alike me, stop thinking and start being free,
A clear white mind with nothing to fear, empty with nothing to hear,
They are gone they can't fade away, a hollow heart has nothing to say
You are like me now isn't that nice, you have broken free from all lies,
Now like a little rock, light enough to be carried by the wind, you wander aimlessly through this world, isolated from humanity,
It is like they don't even understand that you are there, it is likely they don't care of your fate, nor do they seem to worry of what happened.
But don't worry either, talk to me, your little figment of imagination,
Because now you are like me and know what I feel like..
You are but a little rock on the side of the road.

~ Umi
Umi Apr 2018
Words, conveyed by song,
A white witchery of chering emotions, sadness, may anger or grief, flowing alike a river through ones body once it's been sensed, heard,
Overcoming even time and space, giving the gentle look on your face some sweetness which I cannot describe, drawn in the landscape of my heart, a bittersweet melody unfolds, a flower blooming by night,
"Bury the earths ground in your petals, oh widely blossoming flower"
I thought whilst a breeze rushed through the leafs of nearby trees, making a pleasant noise, yet I cannot be in ease, after all I'm inhuman,
As time ticks on, the orchestra of mother nature develops in a stream of lingering sadness, with a magical touch one that embraces me instantly, locking me into a trance, of pleasure yet also great pain,
Was it my means or my purpose, was it my belief in good and evil ?
With no further hesitation, I swallowed all those meaningless questions and move my gaze up to the clouds in the heavens above,
Human or not, I remain without use for this world, what I realised is,
That I am, Nihilistic

~ Umi
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