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Kyrie Hajashi Apr 2021
Green violins and caramel wings
My heart shivers as the cricket call
For his love in midnight wings.

The cold moon sings a silver anthem
In tune with the cricket's howl
For his love who's writing this poem.

The front door is open
waiting for love to peek
Carlo C Gomez Oct 2020
Let men burn stars out from innocuous lightyears pulled through the vortex

Like needle and thread, sown by centuries of sparked, graceful union

(Their strength and vigor found in the cross-stitching)

And ever gently unfolding like outer reach, like inner *****

In the garden of our senses, flowing with milk and honey, by means of forethought or afterglow

One thought of ecstasy, one thought of infinite parable taking new light to bed

The sacred beams bending to form a crescent, a lunula of utmost happiness
Clair de Lune: Light of the moon.
Rose Who Knows Jan 2020
I hear the call of the animals
through the darkness
their piercing need



For one another
in the black
stony night.
Literally wrote this as I heard animals calling out to one another in the night
Jenish Dec 2019
stern King of days and
sensuous Queen of nights
of Heavenly kingdoms
mating in the sky  
staring above is not wise -
as they may get shy
Chris Mar 2019
The bait is set.
All I do is wait...
For someone to bite,
Waist deep in water, still not wet.
I will go hungry again...tonight.

Wonder what's wrong, the world's unfair.
So many fish in rivers and lakes...
Wonder, Why me? look down in despair,
The fish is all plastic, the scales are all fake.

The rod is tense.
All I do is pull....
All I want is flesh....
The pain is intense...
The fish is a fool.
I am a living proof that a sociopath can write poetry ( not self-diagnosed, so ******* with that) :)
Sharon Talbot Aug 2018
The faded beauty,
a desiccated blush
Still seen by you and me
was evidence of
a scarlet flush.

But the season is over
And the mating done.
Splendor still hovers
Until the two are one.

But who are we to stand and gawk,
Though they rest in shade and know us not?

Their hour is spent in the maiden sun,
And we arrive after the race is won.

Stoop low to gather useless information
about magnetism and procreation.
We are nothing more than nature's shields
And the guardians of whatever she yields.
Em MacKenzie Jul 2018
My monsters mate then they duplicate
I offer contraception; but it's too late.
They wish to reproduce, I only wish they'd reduce,
and it would be truly perfection if we could call a truce.

And my demons dance, what a sweet romance,
I turn off the music but they move to chants.
They wish to cause a stir, but I would prefer
if they wouldn't abuse it; it's meant to deter.

Play a song and put on a show,
they wish to belong but I want them to go.
There's no escape, there's no debating
that they're in great shape and the monsters are mating.

My monsters mate after their date,
I provide protection but they won't take the bait.
They crave sweet intimacy, just like me,
but the affection is laced with toxicity.

And my demons dance almost in a trance,
now I'm going deaf from my own rants.
They wish to cause a scene and I'm not too keen,
turn right cause on the left the grass could always be more green.

They sway to a loving bloom,
and they're banging hard in my head.
So I tell them to just get a room
and they say I should go to bed.

Play a song and put on a show,
their love might be wrong but atleast it creates a glow.
There's no end in sight and my nerves are grating,
day always turns to night and the monsters are mating.
Her sun-kissed face was painted shy.
Closed eyed, her lashes shimmer.
Redden lips pucker,
our feelings glimmer.

Limbs brush, grind then speak.
I place my hand under cheak
and spank the skin with my own.

Our cloaks of royal stitching
mingle exposing, panels of flesh
Twined minds wrapped
a couple meshed.
I was trying my hand at subtle adult, inspired by love.
Nacreous Views Jul 2017
What's a Soulmate?
A soul is complete and forever
There is no mating amongst the soul
It doesn't need the mating-cantalever
Mating is like the fillet of sole
For senses of the perishable flesh n bone
For a body that needs to procreate
A soul doesn't replicate ......
The term soulmate is a misnomer ..... For a good companion .... Souls are complete and undivided ...they don't mate ...hence there cannot be a Soulmate....only a body mate or a good companion...
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