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Monet Echo Apr 28
"In order to achieve success, you need a little luck"

While true for some, I do believe
That as roots grow down, we grow up

Although roots don't stick out
In the eye of the beholder,
They allow the fruit to sprout
And make branches that stand shoulder to shoulder

Dig in deep where none can see
Your roots are what will reign you
And when you're finally a tree
Remember what sustains you

Success is not a four-leafed clover
Or three sevens in a row
It's digging over and over and over
Then refusing to let go

It's choosing soil and sticking to it
No matter what may come
It's built by sweat; it's built by grit...
And a healthy amount of sun
Loreah Apr 26
Breath, soil; breath and drink and bask in warmth
Slowly walk along the sentence that extends
The year before the year, the frozen and thawed,
Fruitless but alive with another day's growth
deadhead Apr 10
Let's cut down thousands of acres of trees
and force the poor and wounded upon their knees.
Don't forget to throw your trash out into earth
and let new types of pollution be given birth.
We'll continue to overuse all of our remaining soil
and complain about our only earth is beginning to spoil.
It doesn't really matter because we won't be here
after all, because of us, the end is getting more near.
Oh, and we'll never be the one to accept the blame
for the oil spills and for anything that might become aflame.
i'm getting sick of how many people don't care about the state of our only Earth
Ida Mar 15
I've spent an eternity staring at my own reflection
Trying to find out exactly what made me get here
and I've only ever found out one thing
That my life is absolutely pointless
but I also have a feeling that if I spend another eternity here
I will realize something else entirely

Because I've been having these dreams lately
these vivid, disgusting dreams
in which I know exactly the answer to the question I ask myself
And in these dreams, I don't seem the way I imagine myself to be
when I find out the answer
When I find out the answer
I imagine myself joyful
because why else would I spend eternities
trying to find out why I'm here
if if would not grant me a lifetime of joy?

I seem to be walking quietly around my childhood home
looking at my hands as they rot in front of me
And I'm walking heavily, you see
like I'm being chained to the earth
and I would have to spend yet another eternity
just walking around my neighborhood

I just keep walking until my feet turns into soil
And I turn into soil

I know now why I can't keep searching for something
I will never find
Alicia Moore Mar 3
I’m interested in a free trial
to the south of soil.

Just a free trial, you see...

Resting for a while in the roots
To avoid such crushing daily disputes.
Our Mother
With our care - we now cover

Rebuilding your soil
With intention and toil

We are sorry
To make you cry
And drain your rivers dry

Our Mother
We now strive
To help you to revive
That all can prosper
And survive

Thank you
For teaching us
That every drop of water
Every blade and leaf
Every creature
Makes a difference
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I've been studying Geology lately so I've been learning a lot about Mother Earth and her intricate workings.
Alicia Moore Jan 7
Dancing with clouds
is a dream I carry,
but soon I am reminded
that I would slip through the mist.

I dream to be a bird,
but can only be given
the life of rain droplets.
Jay Jan 5
I wish to be tossed
Onto the soft, rich topsoil
And devoured quickly
By wriggling worms and insects.
I wish I was dead.
A haiku about fertilization...  Nothing more :)   No secret meanings at all... This totally isn't a desperate cry for help
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