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Ren Sturgis May 28
I create with Earth,
my pliant hands in her soil.
Seeds of life we sow <3
LC Apr 18
flames raze the forest,
bringing it to its knees.
ashes line the ground,
fertilizing the charred soil.
the clouds mourn for the forest,
blessing the ground with its tears.
seeds of all sizes land,
and the sun wakes up to greet them.
a garden rises from the ashes.
Escapril Day 17!
Prompt: garden.
I have been thinking about resilience and bouncing back lately, and the result was this poem. Happy Easter to everyone celebrating, and I hope you are all doing well 💗
Skin on soil - I sink
My lungs a network of roots,
I breathe with the leaves.
One with nature
Elizabethanne Sep 2021
I have dirt between my teeth
Between my bed sheets
It falls out of my hair every time I move
It’s beneath my fingernails
no amount of scrubbing will make them clean
& I’m always knee deep
in the graves of all the people I have loved
I keep digging them up
Every time I fall asleep
since I’m sure I've made a mistake
Only to bury them a little deeper
When I don’t like what they have to say
Dave Robertson Aug 2021
As a perennial here
I’ve grown and died
with reasonably quiet roots
learnt colloquial voices
that let me pass in these beds

But frothing coasts,
shattered hand held heights,
cool plains of forever
and cobbled nooks
magnetise more with life

So bring me the horizon,
you wild world
and release me of my soil
so I can continue
Dave Robertson Aug 2021
I drove a raised road
which gave a view of fields
much different to home
though mere miles away
vast, dark-rich soil potential
where words couldn’t fail to grow
but in a syntax not my own

There, the syllables of rushes stood clear
arrogant, apparent
with no lost edges or liminal blur
where I would speak my words

Heading back, a driveway sign said:
and now, at home
I’m lost to what that means
Snipes Jul 2021
I take my one day
I follow through with Escher’s eye
Till the grave soil is my eyes event horizon
A heatwave and a cold goodbye for a good samaritan
Living through Dalí dreams
But the birds apprehend blind love
Stargazing through stained glassed windows
I told you I can’t swim for you
But I can breathe all while
Wondering my world wide worth
In these prisons fornever
For I can get lost in the green eyes in the sunflower maze
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2021
I was buried
A shallow grave

So deeply embedded in dirt no one could see me

Yet right below surface
Fell out of love and directly into the hole

The other option was hang on to the limb I inhabited in a state of vulnerable agility

So I ended effort and surrendered to the freshly dug soil waiting beneath our chance at love
RIP our love
Man Jun 2021

the long, long night
has finally given way
to brightest of days
a sunscape of a sky

superstition is dead
and faux spirituality
they took all the bible thumpers out back
and threw up ropes
as high as their hopes
for what comes after this life

they'll see soon enough

poverty is abolished
and hunger is a problem of the past
they lined up the bankers
they lined up the hedge funders and stock brokers
and let rounds loose
dropping faster
than the market they once manipulated

and the merchants of death
were given what they sold
a tomahawk, a javelin, and an a-bomb to be sure

when we root out the cancer
that has slowly enveloped our domestic landscape,
to lay down fresh soil
to lay down new sod
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2021
The terra is only one
planted in clay soil
one planet of earth!

The sneaked out nightingale
here is never gone.
Unleashes soprano  
at the same ancient roses'
still a perfumed home!

It's the starry upside's
dark down deep hole.
Sunset melting shadow
down the half light moon!
Eyes on in toto cool
after the day painter sun
is done colouring in full.

Guess, up from the sunrise mountain
who beams back tomorrow
into this unfathomed serene clay-mole?
Again see the sun follows by the moon!
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