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Marina Sep 16
Last night's dream
We were stalked by men,
Looking for bodies that are
wondering and morning
For something unknowable to me.

Curiosity and confusion run through me
No one was left unseen but me.
I was left with unfinished issues
When I knew they were still looking,
Peering through the cracks of my windows.

We realized the only problem was the shadow behind me
I ignore it, and leaving to believe it'll fade.
Dreams I have leave me to believe I should face my problems headstrong .
Luna Jun 11
My thoughts are trembling, my sight is blurred.
Tears are running down my face unstoppable.
I try to escape from you, but there's no place to go.
No matter where – one day you'll find me.
You'll never let me go.
As long as I breathe,
You'll try to destroy me.
And one day.
Maybe tomorrow, maybe in ten years.
You'll find and try to catch me.
You'll stand there in front of me.
Your dark eyes cold as ice, burning like fire.
With the knife in your hand,
Ready to end one of our lives.
I know I'll never be free,
As long as we're both alive.
But while you fight for my death,
I'll fight for my life.
Dedicated to the person i hate the most.
Chicken Apr 15
Stalking the importance
That you cannot see within
Creating indeterminate messages
Not sent by her or him

A figment of the ego
Terrifying and dangerous
More so to one’s own personal self
Than the object of one’s lust

O’ hear ye erotomaniac
Hear whence you are ready
The object of one’s fruitless lust
Be mere ego fantasy

Let these words be noted
May they be allowed to heal
O’ hear ye erotomaniac
Before all ends in tragedy.
Erotomania: a delusion in which a person (typically a woman) believes that another person (typically of higher social status) is in love with them.

It’s one of those things where realisation seems difficult to ignite, in order to bring about a resolution within the person. How could this condition begin to be alleviated for the person if realisation is difficult to reach?
The Vault Apr 15
You are trying so hard
To get in my bubble
Planning dates with someone so unstable

Don't you get it?
Don't you see?
You are only a friend
Only a friend to me.

You won't give up
You won't go away
Blocked on all my social medias
But still you find a way to contact me

Don't you get it?
Don't you see?
You will never, ever be with me.

Still there you are promising again.
That this will work out.
You are a "gentleman."

You have been friend-zoned, baby.
Wish the person doing this to me would take a hint.
Eddie Apr 8
I love you.
My heart screamed for you alone from the moment we first drew breath.
How can you not see what I would do for you?
You're so beautiful.
I only wish to show you that.
Seeing you in the morning sets my soul afire.
The other girls i've been with, they are nothing.
Nothing, to what I see in you.
I long to hold you in my arms, keep you close.
Never let you go.
You don't seem to understand, the clothes I've bought for you, yes they may be a little..uh..skimpy but trust me!
You'll look great in them!
Declined offer after declined offer, you reject my advances.
Do I smell?
No, I'm sure you're just being too polite and would rather not waste my time.
I know I'm a great guy, but you're a great gal.
We're two of a kind, you and I.
It's so amazing that I met the love of my life right here at work.

I know I've been a little pushy, following you home,
but It's only to make sure you make it home alright.
Maybe I did find your number in the phone book and send you one..maybe 100 texts and calls, but it's only because I love you.
Why don't you see that?
I've done so much for you, and yet you throw it all away.
Is there something wrong with you?
Stop being such a ******* ***** and give in!

Oh, I see how it is.
I bet you're having *** with any guy you can, making sure to pass around all the STDs i'm sure you have.
I may be a ******, but it's because I'm saving it for the right person.
Unlike you.
You're so disgusting.
A nice guy like me is so much better off without an **** **** like you.

Wow, really dodged a bullet there, amiright?
I hope all those "nice guys" out here get a chance to read this poem. You truly are **** on the inside. each and every one of you.
Nyx105 Jan 29
Who do you think you are
Accusing me of of things I could never do
Up until now I was ok with what you said
But when you say I stalking
When all I did was laugh

I could never do that
I know what's it's like
To have eyes watching every step you take
Every moment being monitored
All they do is watch
Studying every movement you make
Every emotion you have
Feeling like you can't escape
From that day on I made a vow
To never make anyone uncomfortable

So who am I

I leave the decision up to you
will ever talk to me again
Or just whisper to your friends
About how I'm doing just fine without you

And maybe just maybe
You'll be able to say something to me
But until that day comes
This is my goodbye
Dani Jan 18
A land only nature has touched
A lion to its prey, clutched
Before that though
The Lion crept up real slow
Crouched down real low
He puts on a good show
Creeping and crawling
Absolutely stalking
His ***** orange coloring
Unseen by a prey so alluring
His big tufted paws are like a quiet breeze
Unheard by a prey totally at ease
His eyes focus, like a morning lotus
Finding the sun with such slowness
Silently stalking towards prey, not yet ferocious
A gleaming meaty meal ready to devour
Just another moment and little prey will cower
First a pounce with claws drawn out
Then a bit and a shake, making the prey shout
Now a *****!
Chewing prey up before its deceased
Drug across the land only nature has touched
A lion has won it’s hunt, quiet now, be hushed
Can you hear nature sing, the way she does
With violence and beauty no matter if lion or cheetahs
Now humans are different! Or is it really so?
The desire the same as a beasts hunt, reaping what we sow
A need to ***** and overpower
A craving to devour
devouring our lust driven, instinctual driven desires...
Saint Audrey Oct 2018
Hidden in sight, just another shadow waiting
Past the light, hanging on the wall, stagnating
Watching, loathing, holding on so tight
Chest constricting, as the night goes on

T o n i g h t

Steeling glances, repeat my selfish motives
Mantra's bloated, overtaking every motion
Sway in time, as the light begins to waver
So inspired
to make this mine

T o n i g h t

In this reality
Things are seldom what they seem
Your lights are fading
Soon you will see what I can see

You will see the whole of me

Can't you empathize with me?
Take another moment, of your mediocrity
As I envy your stagnation
Bloated mess of everything I
Have ever

T o n i g h t

You're wrong

You are so ******* wrong

In the mirror
Thing's are seldom what they seem
Your poor morality
Leads into a fever dream

The light's been wavering
Won't be long before I'm free
The sun is setting
In the night I will be


T o n i g h t
Gabriel burnS Oct 2018
cat-eyed passion
lurking in the tall grass
all ears for years
but I knew...
Caught a whiff
early on
and she still stayed hidden
teasing and teasing
looking for the right time
such alien patience
and dedication
equal only to madness
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