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Gale L Mccoy Mar 20
im very tired and
ik theres no value in saying that.
but it pops up like a windows update
14.56 minutes before force reboot
save your progress
i press restart as
ive made no progress to save
xxxxxx-x Feb 10
There was something about the beach that made her wonder,
The sound of the waves promised it is a safe place,
The company she had said
"believe in yourself",
For the sun has risen up,
It is a new day, another chance to start.
If life were a video game
We could use power-ups and antidotes
To cure lethal diseases
We could design the world however
We pleased
Life's objective would be crystal clear
Save the princess
**** the enemies
Collect the artifacts
Of all of those aspects
The one I wish were true
Is the restart button
Calliope Dec 2018
Calla lilies bloomed in that field.
Each bud a was praise of emulation,
And each fallen petal was a baroque requiem.
Do you ever feel that urge
To let go of everything you are
All the good and all the bad
So you have no choice but to restart
To let go of the deep-set anchor
That binds you to the land
Unable to cast you off
No matter how much you demand
I want to float than to hold a course
I throw my trust into the waves
Hoping they would mould me
Into someone who couldn't be tamed
Recklessly and aimlessly
I dive into the sea of change
It's whirlpools and calm tides
Broke the mold of the girl who stayed
I don't want to fear the unknown
I want to face the depths instead
I don't want to be consumed by darkness
I want to conquer the adventure ahead
I tried to get over you
But in a way, you wouldn't let me
I tried to avert those eyes I love
Yet you still had to look at me directly
I saw you as more than a friend
However, I still had to be friendly
I tried to let this friendship fade
Only life wouldn't allow it entirely
Those weird signs or connections
As if the universe likes to taunt me
How we coincidentally meet
In the oddest places unexpectedly
Now we are closer than before
You've seen the side
I desperately tried to hide
Now I can't hide it anymore
Today you comforted me
You hugged me out of consideration
I only felt your kindness through your touch
For once, without ill intentions
Maybe I'll get over you
Or you've settled in a special place in my heart
At least for now my heart is mending
And our friendship can finally restart
Ineffable Aug 2018
you are not
like the other ones:
they see one dead pixel
where you see the whole picture
you are the upgrade
and slowly you
spread colours
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