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Joshua Notah May 4
Heartbreak hurts more than just the heart
It's a terrible thing to see love fall apart
Tragedy that unfortunately followed me
Now all I have left is a memory

My issues alone did not capsize this ship
Sinking from the beginning, doomed was the trip
Overwhelming ideas of how to live
Shiver from the thoughts " I can't deliver"

Ensuing selections of expensive directions
Lead to the apprehension of my vice, shots poured over ice
I wasn't always nice, never followed my own advice
To her I had failed, to me I had paid the price

Love left the soul as I began to dig the hole
Rock bottom just meant no more progression of the regression
Arise, I set my eyes upon the light, not so bright
Steady climb, I leave behind the doubt that's been in my mind

Time and love for I created the will to try
To start anew begins with you
I'm not a coward, I'm moving forward
Toward a future the will include the inimitable her
It’s sweet like whiskey,
the aftertaste of your divorce,
and you force yourself to keep wearing lipstick
like the magazines tell you to.
Someday (you hope) soon, you’ll feel brand new.
It’s all just a second act, really,
and that jam-packed, steely feeling at
the bottom of your
sentences is meant to be discarded,
dug apart, and left unmentioned.
The phonebooths all hug in on themselves,
shrugging against the rain
when you pass by,
and the sky is always a schizophrenic grey
these days, clouds marching away
to an unpromising horizon.
You phone once,
after the papers have been signed,
to hear the sound of a newly parallel life
on a recorded track
to hear that voice one last time
telling you they’ll call you back.
irsorai Feb 9
Funny how you multiply in so many directions,
But then you look in the mirror and you forgot to love yourself.

& you'll cry.
Please, forgive me,
I forgot you existed all over again!

Wobbly, dim and loud
It's the road to self-love.
Copyright © irsorai
09/02/2020 - 00:40
New decade is coming along,
but it feels all wrong.
I feel all my memories pass by,
remembering the nights all I did was cry.
Knowing what it took to get to this,
looking through and being able to reminisce.
2020 is said to be mine,
redefine and realign.
Endings are sad,
beginning are scary,
there's no rhyme,
because sometimes life is confusing.
3am poems
I’m tired of the *******,
of the same ****** up routine.
I’m tired of saying this times different,
when it’s so obviously obscene.

I’m tired of the poison,
that I pour into myself.
I’m tired of the fear,
and becoming someone else.

I’m tired of the monotony,
of same **** different day.
I’m tired of not being truthful,
with every word I say.

I’m tired of not remembering,
what I did the night before.
I’m tired of acting like it’s ok,
that I should wake up on the floor.

I’m tired of the pain,
and the stress of it all.
I’m just so ******* tired,
of the black outs most of all.

How many years,
have I shaved away?
How many tears,
have I cried through the days?

This **** has to stop,
because it’s truly killing me.
I tried not to see that,
but now it’s plain for me to see.

I’m living to escape,
but the escape never comes.
It just gets ever shameful,
when I realize what I’ve done.

So today I’ll make the choice,
that I dreaded all these years.
I’ve broken something inside,
and lost myself among the fear.

I’ve finally realized,
so I’ll finally put it aside,
because what I have been doing,
is committing slow suicide.

So if you are reading this,
and you can somehow relate.
Turn away from Hells entrance,
before it becomes too late.
I see the sunrise over sin,
Repress what I did once again.
Shadows me like its prey,
Lurching out of me eagerly.

I see the sunrise over sin,
It’s boiled over once again.
Scolding from white hot shame,
My guilt has the power to lame.

I see the sunrise over sin.
Push it down before it begin.
The moon rise over blame,
She brings clarity and aim.

I see the sunrise over sin,
Connects us all a kin.
Judge others harshly without perceptivity,
Ignorant of the hypocrisy.

I see the sunrise over sin,
Should **** someone but who’s in?
Let’s all perish together again,
Cleanse this place of our contagion.

I see the sunrise over sin.
Let’s live samsara again.
Improve from the last time.
Not just a rhyme.
Descend into refraction before me, bewildered like a ******. Exist as a flunkey, and myopic.

Everything I’ve existed, all of a sudden lifted and sifted. Leaving residue not historic.

Originating from neglect of the forthcoming. All I’ve learned and would learn.

Dissolve from this.

I do not like this great dissolution, but I accept it, swallowing my actions too late.

So fall to pieces, and bring a reset of samsara.

Dissolute all I’ve known and would.

Only due to my ignorance.

I’ve brought destruction.

I deserve struggle.

As it falls away.

Into nothing.

I become.


I was.




Tamara Lynn Nov 2019
Moving on isn’t as simple as one might think
Since the past is written in permanent ink
You can’t hit undo on what’s already been done
But it’s true that the present has just now begun
I’ll begin to start fresh from the place that I left
This version of myself can be the very best
I won’t look back, It’ll set me off track
I’ll build myself up on the things that I lack
No one's in charge of yourself except you
Steer yourself forward and start life anew
In a single moment it all fell apart
But creating a fresh start
Is the cure to mend a broken heart
Cedric Oct 2019
Why is write spelled similarly with writhe?
Maybe the "h" stands for healing.
Or maybe more appropriately, hell.
We write when we writhe.
Drawing lose words that form nooses to **** what's left in one's heart.
It's amazing how simple words can snap your neck; your head is in the clouds once more.
Wring my heart out and let it dry.
The blood in it is rotten.
Let it burn to a crisp.
As dark as one's soul can get.
Rinse and repeat; wash your feet.
Random. My head is on fire.
Nylee Oct 2019
I waited
It is live now
Buzzing with words
It feels nice
After long time
The storm begins
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