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May never
the sunshine.

May ever
a cloud be

may showers

with weather
may thirsting.
Isaac May 20
Seize the speedway.
Try going outdoors.
For at the end of the day
This day was yours.
Written 20 May 2020
Joshua Church May 12
Early pink sky
rising grey fog
treetops ablaze in orange
Bella Apr 20
I hear the crickets,
It's like she's next to me on the grass
Not on a receiver in my room
Because it was quiet
Only crickets purring
and I felt warm.
A squall is howling, bouncing off my tin roof
Amplifying drones throughout my corridors
In foul squall, I've walked twenty miles or more
Down diamond mountains to flooding sea plains
Where small stones are strewn liberally
Gray-blue waves settle as the ripple to shore
Below my ankles are numb with frigid pangs
But I don't resist the frigid, I invite it
A broken clarity
scored by fat pigeon coos
and the gangster chatter of crows

A winged court is in session and
they are not finding in our favour

Their behaviour’s changed
so even the ranks
of hedge birds are emboldened
to thumb their beaks
and sing clear in number
and the woodpecker’s gavel falls

When our industry prevails
will we seek vengeance,
or preserve this
hallowed cacophony?
Eli Apr 10
You sadden me into my deepest rooms of colorless time-consuming.
You are the reason I flirt with cannabis.
Heaven exists above because you think you are higher than us.
You do not know me.
I will break your jaw if you cry on me.
Don't rain on my mediocre parade.
Your lowered tints to lower my moods.
The most depressing days of my life are when you accompany me.
Whenever you are smiling, my body weeps.
I find my body disagreeing with himself when I'm with you.
Throughout my life, I've found myself disliking the sky, almost comparing it to god. Some say they love the rain, the weather, and the sky, but despite my optimism towards others, in my head, I penetrate my thoughts with underwhelming parts of things. When I'm utterly depressed, I don't like going out because I feel a beautiful day mocks what I don't have: the brightness I desire.
Flynn Apr 5
Watch along the horizon line
Past the trees and you will find

Through the skies being installed
Every high and every fall

Cloaked until again recalled
Nature once again redrawn

Clear for all who look to see
Our collective mother’s ECG
Daniel Apr 2
Tall and shadowed is the man from behind
We'd follow the prints of his footsteps in kind

Through bramble and briar to our chest, to his knees
The brown and suede boots we would follow under trees

Guitar bags and candles and his things around the house
Strange metal trinkets which made strange metal sounds

The kisses with my mother before they never kissed again
And his father too,
whom I met in the street and awkwardly embraced
Love comes in lulls and in spates
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