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I just want to climb.
To remember the thrill
of freedom
as I race through the trees,
swinging recklessly from limb to limb,
unafraid of falling, yet
eager to embrace the pain
that drives the breath
from my lungs, knowing
it is a small price to pay
to find myself again.

So let me hang boneless from the wires and
revel in the weightlessness
granted by the unyielding embrace
of these ropes,
to memorize the gentle caress
of the mountain winds
on my skin,
pondering the complexity of my heartbeat,
wondering, if this is what it's like
to fly.
Jo Barber Jun 5
The leaves all fluttered in imperfect synchronicity.
Like a dance,
yet so beautifully so.
The day was filled with flaws,
but the pure, effervescent blue sky
against the too-large green of sprouting trees
made all the rest melt away.
A hill that was covered by snow last month
now screams with yellow dandelions.

When humanity fails,
man may always return
to where we were never meant to leave:
to the blue, green, and yellows of nature.
Chloe W Jun 2
There’s a feeling, almost a sound,
a vibration,
that surrounded you.

It’s the pitter patter of summer rain.
It’s the cool water of a creek dancing over rocks.
It’s the evening sunlight before a humid night.

I need the exhalation of a deep breath.
I need to sit down with the earth just below me.
I need to be outside.
See the huge mountains standing before you
Here for a million years
Gone in another

Something bigger than you
Something older than you
Something equal to you

As important and as alive
Even if made from earth and rock
Instead of flesh and blood

A range stretching across the horizon
Starting with a range of hills
And ending with two mile high monoliths

Unique in their structure
Unique in their layout
Unique in their geography

Feel free to hike here
Feel free to camp here
Feel free to live here

But leave no trace
Free on the mountain
As a bird or elemental
Talia Francis May 21
Oh, the day is bright, and through the window the grass is
Undulating in the wind. For some reason, any reason, I
Think that the tangibility of summer tickling my
Shoes seems far too sweet in comparison to how it truly is.
I much prefer my comfortable chair,
Deep inside of a building, where I can nap peacefully
Even though the AC’s broken.
I will escape to the hills and mountains when I can
My escape every Sunday if I could do so
I’d do this forever if I was immortal
Spending my time on the high ground
Climbing the hills and looking into the valleys
Slowly venturing into caves and the abyss
Collecting rocks and minerals from the ground
Finding old lost aeroplane crashes and their stories
Swimming in cool clear mountain pools
It simply cannot be better than this
If it was possible I’d climb every mountain
On every planet in the ******* galaxy
If only it was possible...
I must tell you I took the less beaten trail yesterday;
I skipped through trees and jumped o'er streams to see the water run.
It seemed to me that adventure settles in to stay
within my heart, oh, how I love this shining yellow sun.

The truth, my dear, is that I am still very much a child,
and though I love to play dress up I'm still a baby girl,
traipsing through my memories carelessly in denial,
hoping you find me dancing here beyond the cement girth.
Johnny walker Mar 16
I can almost smell those sunny days as a child up playing In the hills above my home
abused as a child I was more than happy to stay outdoors as long as I possibly l could didn't want to go home
to more abuse but up In those hills I forget all for while at least for the time I  was free to do as I
but was always with fear of the time coming where have to return home and face my abusive
my dad nothing of dought he would believed me If I told him so didn't I told no one at
I loved playing those hills above my home I almost
smell those sunny days
Candi Mar 15
The smell of dew lingers in the air
All around me is deserted except there’s you
The only sound we can hear
Is the sound of the rain as it seeps through

Watching the water as it falls from the sky
Our clothes becoming damp, but we don’t care
Engrossed in the nothingness, I stare in your eyes
Trying to understand your deepest fears

Can we stay like this forever?
Can the rain never go away?
For I fear when the rain is severed,
This feeling, this moment may not stay

How I love the raw emotion
As we both bear our souls
A moment to share our devotion,
To be free and lose control

Hear the trees as they blow
Feel the chill as it sets in
Here we sit in this shadow
With no desire for this to end

Just being here next to you
It feels like everything will be alright
Just sitting here among the rainy dew
Becoming one with the night
Philomena Dec 2018
In that moment
Everything was perfect
A long night leading to a perfect day
I woke up in your arms
You were so much softer than the ground we were on
I opened my eyes to you and the rising sun
It was so bright
Brilliant reds and yellows across the skyline of a waking city
Streaking light across a crystal blue sky
brighter and brighter until I had to tear my tired eyes from the light
I turned to you, still laying in your arms
I remember first those brilliant eyes
They captivated me
Then your dark hair and warm smile
Until I was looking at your face
A face I had grown so used to
"is't it beautiful"
I turned again to the young morning sun
It really was beautiful
But not half as beautiful as you
Short but sweet times with a great man
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