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Ripples in the water
Roses in the bush
Rainbow views
Raindrops and *****
Remedies for the soul
Relaxing times
Reflecting, wishing
**** Red dress
Revitalised mind, richly defined
Take me there...
Another one off the cuff, with some inspiration from irthlingborough lakes.
David Naumann Mar 25
Ripples of water, reflections of the night sky
and inflections of why, words came but all authors’
pens dried and faltered, moments of the divine
lost to the sacrilege of time, feeling came but altered.

Darkness came and surrounded,
confusion came and confounded,
as deep as valleys, as tall as mountains,
heartbeat in chest pounded.

Little lamp lead the way, the end is not today.
Tomorrow will come and stay, so do what I must to stay
a lit by this gentle flame, as all of will not be in vane.
I said aloud in a moment of panic to stay sane.

But time came and the light did not falter,
faith grew in this little, little light of mine,
and it grew to shine without any signs of alter.
Hope flickered as the flame stayed a lit on the twine.

Alone and afraid, frayed rope dwindling
burning as vibrant kindling, however closer did it fade
luckily in the darkness laid, countless stars swindling.
My heart rejoices as I have made it to the rekindling.

No longer alone, no longer afraid
pulse dropped, pounding stopped
the stars came and a lit my flame
I need to thank them all by name.

As I laid staring up at the stars,
feeling so small and alone on Mars,
I forgot all of the people who have came
who shared their soul and flame.

I hope I can keep being your flame,
and a piece of yours mine.
Days will be dark and dreary,
but shine on and shine forth into the night.
Love and adore all that we have.
Major Rity Mar 19
It’s spring
So much that
It's almost like a little summer
The birds are chirping
I don't remember flirting
Last time feels so long
So teach me birds
Wake me up

No drugs
Just love!
​Much of spirituality
tips its cap at
surfing well,
the changes
of a human life

Reading the tides;
our internal compass

pointing at the outer world
following suit

Aligning with the cycles
of nature
hugging trees
while howling at the moon

Witnessing the earth
trying to be

Setting our leaves free;

Making space
​for Spring to bloom again
There is a saying, "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf" This poem is a nod to it.
violetisblue Mar 9
Even in a ******* town, the trees
Blush with their leaves of red and golden yellow
It creeps up gently every year
Until the sun shies away so early
And the cold day is over so soon

Everything’s quite insignificant when
The world unfolds her loving arms
At this angle of the sun, this pinpoint in shifting time
I feel shadowed by the sun yet
Enlightened by the expansive sky

The last green leaves cling tightly to the trees
But everything else in freefall, barring gravity
Who am I but a drop in the ocean?
Who am I but a kiss to the breeze?
Still, they crinkle in the sunlight

My life may remain meaningless
These days may never know true peace
And we’re so small, splattered against the
Endless background of the earth and the sun
Dwarfed beneath the stretches of indiscriminate sky
DElizabeth Feb 16
W~ white whispy flakes slowly drifting to the ground
I~ indoors, bundled, huddled, snuggled, & cuddled
N~ nature's greatest showcase
T~ trees trembling naked in the bitter blowing winds
E~ eyes sleepily gazing at the warm flickering candlelight
R~ resting...resting. . . r e s t i n g . . .
A storm of wind and rain
Blows through my veins

This gale carries me
Where it will
And ever I feel drawn
To the mother
Of all things

I have set my sails
With only a tempest
To guide me
Heeding only
The call of the wilds
KB Nov 2020
The very air is different in those places so untouched,
smooth and unburdened.
You can fill yourself, let it in with a breath
and it will seek every crack and crevice,
it swirls in the lungs and mends.

You could just about leap -
cast yourself from the very pinnacle of earth,
Forget the stone which proffers you
an open palm to the waiting sky,
Let the renewing air cradle you,
lift you up and twist you around,
show you the world as it sees
the wrinkles in a quilted landscape.

Scramble your fingers
along the jagged earth
to find purchase.

Oh, the drop, the fall,
the catch of breath,
how it sings,
how it calls!
Written for barren peaks and untraversed ridgelines.
At the beach house
you don’t need much
an old mossy table
the boards
collaged in pine needles
a firepit
domed by scorched
trees huddling
stitched together
as one quilted canopy
hoping for wisdom below
A snappy fire
fanning air
grows crisp
and birds
the birds
oh the birds
their songs above
always their songs
A Poem on the magic inside a simple drive to the coast
Slime-God Nov 2020
Cold snaps me awake,
staring at gaps in the stars.
How long has it been?
I find myself lost again in a seemingly perpetual night sky
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