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neth jones Apr 12
wake up pup
eager those linkers
blink your blinkers
unsink from sleep
and stretch
for a four year old human child
neth jones Jan 2021
wandering life
      self plunders
     an exploration clap
the heavens wane from a fever
        thank heavens ;
           it is all a trap
neth jones Aug 2020
cruelty was intent
bent only to effect harm
pep up in power
as the action of a child

neth jones May 2020
floody gusts of
            fought up clamoury
      and the gums of our armoury
      that our cravy brain sustains
an addiction ditty
Star BG Jan 2020
of every writer to allure the reader.
To take words and amalgamate them
into an offering that are like candy treats that cajole.
They don't bring weight to stomach only mind,
and expands ones consciousness divinely.

Written ditty at times becomes doorway
to emotions whereby brotherhood of eyes
get to spin in splendor.

Yes to entice a reader
is the best compliment one can get.

Hurray to the dream.
First poem of day. Inspired by Scriptedsilence.  Many thanks
annh Apr 2019
My inkwell brims with verse unfit,
My speech tongue-tied; my page unwrit,
Yet though I be misunderstood,
Prefer I this to words of wood.
‘Biting my truant pen, beating myself for spite:
“Fool!” said my muse to me, “look in thy heart, and write.”’
- Sir Philip Sidney, Astrophil and Stella
Riz Mack Mar 2019
I'm much too busy
with my own little dittys
to check on the pretty
wee lights of the city
Like the sims but you don't go outside
Star BG Dec 2018
I, am a walking poem queen
in divine form,
living in a kingdom of words.
My cape is interwoven with lyrics.
Crown, adorned with punctuation jewels.
Throne, carved in grand mirage.

At night looking up to stars,
I see a thousand visions
shining with verse.

Strolling gracefully, I do.
Sometimes in rhyme
to launch a ditty.
Other times
inside streams of emotions
to make reader feel.

I blink and words like a waterfall
drift upon page gracefully.

I dance with never ending song,
that pulsates in pivot chamber,
as lyrics play in ears
like a birds song.

And at night fall, when one sleeps,
I shall raise my scepter pen,
to anoint all who ask.

All who request visit from me
to receive spark of creativity,
so they expand heart,
and write, write, write.
Inspired by Shah Fahad Sani  THANKS
WA West Oct 2018
Of all known tyrannies,
This is the most airy,
Each word from this day forward,
Will be silk coated
More carefully chosen
Whispered from a kingdom up high,
There are many feelings weaker than,
My hand upon yours,
Our eyes meeting,
I cannot wait to hear your heart's music,
And for it to be recognised for what it is,
Your steps will be the music that gives me strength,
With you,
The world has less sharp edges
harsh looks,
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