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Star BG Dec 2018
I, am a walking poem queen
in divine form,
living in a kingdom of words.
My cape is interwoven with lyrics.
Crown, adorned with punctuation jewels.
Throne, carved in grand mirage.

At night looking up to stars,
I see a thousand visions
shining with verse.

Strolling gracefully, I do.
Sometimes in rhyme
to launch a ditty.
Other times
inside streams of emotions
to make reader feel.

I blink and words like a waterfall
drift upon page gracefully.

I dance with never ending song,
that pulsates in pivot chamber,
as lyrics play in ears
like a birds song.

And at night fall, when one sleeps,
I shall raise my scepter pen,
to anoint all who ask.

All who request visit from me
to receive spark of creativity,
so they expand heart,
and write, write, write.
Inspired by Shah Fahad Sani  THANKS
WA West Oct 2018
Of all known tyrannies,
This is the most airy,
Each word from this day forward,
Will be silk coated
More carefully chosen
Whispered from a kingdom up high,
There are many feelings weaker than,
My hand upon yours,
Our eyes meeting,
I cannot wait to hear your heart's music,
And for it to be recognised for what it is,
Your steps will be the music that gives me strength,
With you,
The world has less sharp edges
harsh looks,
Ceyhun Mahi Jan 2018
They'll serve some cookies, serve some tea,
Enough for both of you and me,
Around the times of day and night,
So fresh, so warm, so nice and free.


O take a break at this cafe,
When it is night, when it is day.
I love writing short songs like these, appreciating just the little things in them.
I do a little ditty, a little ditty-doo,
A finger-snappin'-somethin'
That I dittied just for you.
It may not be an anthem,
A ballad for the times,
It may not be the bestest words
Or have the slickest rhymes.
It won't make sense or flow so well
Or tell a lovely tale,
And if you seek inspiration-
Sad to say, it's sure to fail.
But still I did the little ditty,
Little ditty I did do,
And typed it up for giggles
And put it here for you...
And if you find my ditty
poorly made or lacking class,
Rest assured, this poetic ****
Was pulled straight out of my...
...***.  There, I said it.
Sally A Bayan Oct 2015
Carpe Diem (2)        

It is a hot day....but, we're having a brief shower
i sniff the earthy scent carried by the afternoon breeze,  
feel it blowing, brushing against my moist skin,
i spot a beetle wandering away from its home,
the Pine travels...
...reaching at last...the...window...sill...

Amongst the leaves of the tall Fortune tree
daddy long legs appears......its fragile body quivers,
as it dangles...going down from its web
to meet its neighbor and beetle friend,
.....and from the window ledge
the two fall down on the bushy flower bed,
like a dual suicide act.  
quickly, they vanish... into the thick
of bloomers, yellow, white and pink

The rolling hills landscape on the horizon
breathes peace and calm at this very moment
the valleys...streets......the church and houses
people from all walks of life, going through their chores,
they suddenly enfold my whole being...
there is  pulchritude in the faces of the women,
slim, strong, bulky...hips, bouncing, swaying rhythmically...
fair-skinned and dark, short...long haired...all are smiling warmly,
like they have no other cares in this world
signs of fortitude on their faces...obvious, but unuttered.

i, too, feel a lilt deep inside..i beam with a smile,
acknowledging theirs, as they walk past me.
enjoying every bit of  God's miracles
that meets my eyes

...a few lines pop in my mind...they become a story...or a ditty
suddenly, words in a joke...from someone who's witty
comes sweet laughter...during moments untethered
hours of heeeeeee, and ha-ha-ha, and shared giggles...

Anything that comes to sight
comes with a smile, so bright
i squint from its brilliance
i bask in its radiance
i refuse to let go of this glowing,
an unknown  inner feeling,
outside, it is revealing,
my soul, it is embracing

i claim it:
this moment of bliss
i have finally seized!



Copyright September 21, 2015
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan

— The End —