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Alice Lovey Apr 2018
The strangest melody came
'Cross the trees.
Into those dark woods,
Where the Raven hung in green.
Drifting on that tune,
The Raven found the blue
Of the sole Bluejay
Aloft and lonely too.
But not for long, really--
A violet Starling fell into.
And this began a harmony,
Unknown purity that grew and grew.
Beholden of the heavenly,
The black Raven watched afar,
Wishing for eternity, which dreams...seldom are.
Soon the Starling flew away,
And the Bluejay
Recited once again the next day,
Till quieted, and no more.
Sat back still, the Raven saw,
Then searched for the brightest purple feathers.
Plucked out its own to replicate;
It loved that color anyway.
But the Bluejay would never sing
The song it did with that Starling.
And the Raven could only caw,
While its black feathers wore away.
But to the Raven's canopy
Had come
The Bluejay.
I tried to use more imagery and analogy lately. The “short story” format’s narrative is pretty obvious. It was fun to write.
Gabe Ouellette Mar 2018
All Thanks!
To those near and to those far,
from the great waves with crests akin to that of a mare,
and the beaches who accept these wild forces,
with open arms of sand and debris of stories untold in unknown waters.
And as these sands of time foster hardy grasses,
These grasses shelter the seeds of tall palms,
Palms foretold to watch over the hermits in their caves,
and to guard young starlings,
whose wings float high above all.
Sunshine Girl Oct 2016
...are you even reading this?
Rereading, even seeing this?
Do my words reach your ears
or get buried within the years
stretching between you and me?
i'm so confused and so alone and so done with my life
Sunshine Girl Sep 2016
what is this feeling
lurking around within the confines
of my head
and my heart

its not numb
but it is neither happy nor sad
it is hope for later
it is hurt from earlier
it is undefinable
what is this feeling?
is there a name?
Sunshine Girl Sep 2016
I can't believe i have the ability to say
what i've wanted to say for so long.


it feels so foreign, so strange on my tongue. But i like it.

i just wish now
that we both have the courage
to explore this word
to its fullest extent........
i'm so desperately happy. i kinda feel like the way we act hasn't changed though and dunno what exactly i should do or say?
Sunshine Girl Sep 2016
hate me, hate me,
go ahead and hate me
slate me, slate me,
you know that i am lost.

harp me, harp me,
you know you want to harp me
start me, start me
onto the path of spirals.

change me, change me,
try if you dare to change me
play me, play me,
for the game i am.

but love me, love me,
why would you ever love me?
you're above me, above me,
and i'm just on the ground.
Sam Sep 2016
The starling is in need of help.
It believes its wings are dull and colorless,
It believes the other birds look down at it,
It believes it has no place.
It needs to learn,
learn that it does in fact have a position,
to be right next to the flamingo.
The flamingo can help it,
make it forget all of its insecurities.
Then the flamingo will finally be happy,
and the starling's mind will be at peace once more.
Sunshine Girl Sep 2016
to be honest with myself is to put you on a shelf
and display you where you think you shouldn't be
and to lift you higher than you knew you ever then could go
and give you all there is that makes up me.
Sunshine Girl Sep 2016
I introduced the birds to the flock
the dove was awkward, the sparrow, excited

but the falcon towered
and the partridge left
and the starling was left to cry
with the eagle just standing by

and who, you ask, who, who am I?

I am the flamingo.
Do I belong?
Not I.
I'm starting a bird series because it's easier to talk about events that way.

— The End —