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Fullfreddo May 2015

not a fan of reality TV,
plenty of "unreal" episodes
of my own direction stored,
available for further review
in the storage units of
neuronic black and white prison brain cells

which is why I have free~will chosen
to enumerate my poem~videos;
for easy retreat retrieval resurrection
of the travelogue of mind own insurrections

a garage of mobility devices,
car, rollerblades, cross country skis plus,
a potpourri of escape methodologies
that by definition are all round trippers,
returned to their storage unit after use

and I count them Noah~like,
two by two, as they come on board,
and when they disembark for days of
rest and recreation

this one, #4,
is born
among headstones,
just anther memory storage unit
flag decorated,
but different

This is a one-way,
no return,

it can be viewed at anytime
by those who care to be users,
by speaking this:

Read to me poem number four,
on a day we celebrate,
about free men of every color and persuasion,
who are calling out to
open the door to storage unit four,
so we to can perform
our once-a-year
Tour of Duty
to the those who called,
and answered with limb and love,
for by their glory,
we are
free too

to remember in any way we choose

memories of a veterans parade,
on a May Memorial Day
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Strange days for me of
late, distant lost In myself drowning In my own thoughts sinking Into the
very depth of
Desperately trying to seek out to what I need to find
a light that will shine for
show the way where my path now through life now
does lay  It as If I'm sat upon a train that's broken down in tunnel
can't get off, but can see ahead a light I so desperately need to
a light that will free me from all the pains we all endure through
all different stages of our
life's, one day I will make
It to that light I so desperately seek to free
my a very soul, so It can wonder free throughout the remaining days of my
A poem of  strange days distance lost not being
fully.aware of all that's
going on old age It could
be I suppose
Anya Sep 2018
Proteins oh Proteins,
How much you do for us!

You are our support
The framework keeping us up
The bones under our skin

You are the mad scientist
encouraging chemical reactions within us
Enzymes, catalyzing reactions

You are our traffic regulators
Signaling how much,
Like insulin regulating glucose in the blood

You are the detectives within us
Figuring out what it bad
Then flagging it for destruction

You are our truck drivers
Shuttling materials to
and fro
Hemoglobin, carrying oxygen from the lungs

You are our storage
Our shelves packed to the brim with
Like ferritin storing iron in our bodies

There is so much you do
That is key to our survival
However shall I remember all you do
for my test tomorrow?
Jordan Hudson Dec 2017
How many things can fit in a file?
Enough to lay out and reach a mile?
Space confined deep inside
Impossible to see but you can try
Holding ideas until the user clicks
The button that deletes things very quick
File content and file types
All of these on the screens' pixel light
This is about computer files
Jill Carter Nov 2015
I deal with my
problems by
forcing them
into small boxes
for easy storage.
the mindset that you bring to it
the taste of your thoughts
a lick would slide down your throat
like a fish headed back to

— The End —