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we just met, i tell you who i am.
i say it wrong, it always happens.

who am i though? we'll find out together.
it doesn't really matter who i am. it does but it doesn't.

i'm this, im that, i'm everything.
i'm nobody, but i could be anybody.
i'm never satisfied with myself, i'm always changing who i am.
but i'm still the same somehow.
i used to be a better poet.

i'm weird i'm normal i'm mean im nice im smart im dumb i'm crazy and i'm totally completely sane.
i'm a good person unless you get too philosophical.

and i like you.
and you like me.
i think.

i'm literally just pixels....

but i'm real.
as real as real can be. so real i had to get up and use the restroom.
(that's what my grandma would call it if i knew her)
and i listen to music on soundcloud. sometimes. i'm not sure why i wrote that.

we should just be animals honestly. animals don't have to worry about dumb things like identity.
"intelligence" is just another word for stupidity.

well i'll be tired tomorrow like i usually am.
it's 3am
photovoltaic Mar 22
youre here but youre not
im not lonely but im alone
this is the best i can get
i can see your smile, your eyes
your beautiful appearance
but its still not enough
i want you here in my arms
the country borders that separate us
this facetime call
its not close enough
i wish i could meet up with you in real life
but we live on opposite sides of the globe
photovoltaic Mar 22
its cold outside and i can't sleep because of you
keep me addicted to my phone, lonely but not alone
its 2am for me, because of these **** timezones
letters against a bright screen, squint my eyes against the light
my eyes are burning, i think im slowly going blind
hopeful messages promising to one day meet up
slip that engagement ring onto your finger, a binding promise
to find you, see you, kiss you, hold you in my arms, in person

not knowing if the other is perfect

~risking ruining your perception of me

because here behind my screen you think i'm everything

~but im bound to disappoint you like i always do

i want to marry someone ive never met

~is this something i'm going to regret?
i started dating this boy online ive never met irl
idk how this is going to work out
but i want this to last... is this an impossible fantasy or no?
Jenn Dec 2020
i didn't realize you didn't care.
i tried so hard
to be there for you,
but you blew me off
like birthday candles.
my favorite smell;
next to pine trees,
on a cold december morning,
where i find myself missing you,
it just turns out,
that all the pretty words you said to me
were lies
and thats alright
ill just find myself lying in someone else's bed tonight.
Sydney Dec 2020
It’s 2020 and dating is a joke.

Dating is no longer about trying to get to know who someone is.

It boils down to left or right

hot or not

Society has made dating so hyper-focused on the physical that us women are left wondering if we will EVER be more than just a body.

Whether we are worthy enough to be seen again.

And because of this burning desire to be wanted- we do what we think we are meant to do- we put out.

But we are starting to get scared of all the hauntings caused by the ghosts who have never replied.

Stacks of empty promises of “I want to see you again” or “i’ll see you soon” becoming almost so unbalanced they might just fall.

But they wont

Because somehow the higher they stack, the easier it is to pretend it isn’t there.

To pretend it doesn’t bother us

Our dwindling self-worth held up by the hopes that maybe, just maybe, this time will be different.

So we endlessly swipe through strangers near and maybe far.

Waiting for that mutual attraction.

But how many swipes will it take for our hearts to feel full.

For us to stop feeling like we are incapable of being more than what they see us for.

Because as human beings we are extremely impatient.

Stop Looking.
v Dec 2020
"It was as if the universes stood still...
as if time created time within...
built with nothing but...
I felt your soul through it all
Till this moment my moments are just continuing...
as if my soul my mind my spirit was a record and it was kept on loop
I'm still reliving the most precious 6 hrs of my life...
I'm falling"
- F

Anastasia... I'm falling.
Yeah I am falling too...
for all of the ******* tenacities,
and everything I ever wished to be true
Falling for the "love at first sight"
or with us it was "love at first type"
but this world isn't a Disney movie
no not "all your dreams will come true"

"Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost remember"
Stuck up hairs, shattering things, fears that have me dismembered
Luna Maria Dec 2020
I've been staring at the word
under your contact name
for the past hour
its staring back at me
I'm desperately waiting for a reply
i let jealousy take me over
because I know you're texting her
instead of me.
you're both online and i'm just here crying.
Kei Darling Dec 2020
She makes me feel alive
I can imagine the way she smiles from her words
I want to see it myself
yes this is *pointed* lol.
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