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Benzene Aug 18

From first Hii ,
To waiting for your reply .
The bond which has developed,
is enough to fit in the envelope.

From long lasting talks to,
a great person be known to,
It's the time which nurtures the memories,
who knows we have nothing in the galleries.

Many may come and go,
But few remains forever from ago.
And those footprints of yours and mine
Can’t washed away by time.

A beautiful heart of yours ,
Hard to find flaws .
Be the same in life always,
If we ever meet after in the midways .
This is for all those who found their special ones
on a random website/app.
Jasmine Jul 2
I was simply shuffling my feet through life
Trying to figure out my left from my right
It took me only a moment and a glimpse
Into your eyes ...
I'd seen your face before,
And your smile.
It wasnt love at first sight,
It was loving my first sight.
And I loved it so much
I stayed the night.
I am done being measured by being without a man. I am so done with dating. I am getting to a point where - remembering their information?
Darling, show me you're here to stay first.
I am done remembering facts and whole pageturner conversations.
I might put it in when I feel like it.

Dating is horrid. Spend weeks apping and talking and sharing and caring only to part after what, date two? Three?
No, I am done.

But yes, that is the paradox. I want love.
I want THAT adventure too.
But I am done begging god for love or for fate to find me a person.

I AM DONE BEING BUILT UP, WRECKED AND HAVING TO REBUILD AFTER SOME OX DECIDES TO TRY WITH ME. I am DONE with indecision. With coldness, with superiority, with children, with babies on the side, with leftovers.

Because that is what these men have tasted like to me. Leftovers.
And I am a ******* snack, a meal at a Michellin restaurant. A ******* well-rounded, thought through, social, creative and sportive prize.

So who the **** are you to bring me down.
Online dating annoys me
Katie Feb 8
My life is one born of instinct;
I act, I do not think.
Your accusations are indistinct,
but rational.
How could I possibly argue your truth?
Still, I feel my heart sink.
Perhaps I'm too lost in my youth.
My intrinsic patterns proved fatal.

Calling me a prepubescent child felt unneeded though.
Tøast Jan 25
One more swipe.
One more swipe across one more greasy face.
My finger slips, skips down the page.
My finger pauses at your gaze.
The taste of your smile as it wonders through
my maze.
Sarah Robinson Sep 2021
Sometimes I think of selling pictures of my feet online
I immediately think of the state of my feet;
The state of me.
After conforming to your dress code of black dress shoes and shattered dreams For 11 long years.
For 11 long years
I sat in rows of grey white and black
Perfectly poised in the presence of our educators
Our guardians
Our wardens.
If we deigned to relax,
They would find more to give and give and give
Until we became nothing but frayed nerves
And therapy bills
That should be addressed to our parents
And then I think
I can’t sell pictures of my feet online,
How could I correctly value them
If I don’t correctly value myself?
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