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A member of the dating scene,
Only online, giggles it seems,
Today a man did 'wink' at me,
Can you imagine, hilarity,
He lives 3000 miles away, by the sea,
****** fungus covers he,
He has more than slight obesity,
Should I wink at the walrus? Tee hee,
I'llpack up my gear and get out of here,
You'll manage without me, non-dear,
I'm off to a walrus by the sea,
You'll learn to cook your lunch and tea,
Byeee! Yeah, well in reality,
I've got cellulite and jocularity!
Feedback welcome.
Sudipta Maity Sep 11
I put my fingure on you profile bar
to see you clear and have you more closer.
That the only thing every time I do.
yesterday's tulip still in the garden.

When the account blink online
I press my side button
and go for a sleep.
It's now a Enstine relativity,
that you are busy
with someone's chat or in my dream.

It's almost full -
text in form of draft.
Unspoken word with immature love.
I wish to format my brain
with full of your picture and smile.
But the backup is store in my heart
Not in my pendrive.
You have me in your contact list
I have tag you in my all poem.
I am waiting for a morning to pickup
that yesterday's tulip still in garden.
When we connect to our loving one by only social media
Ackerrman Aug 15
I dive left before heading right, more times than I care to admit,
Each time I turn right and am not confronted, it feels like rejection,
A small death of little consequence for the life that could have been
So sweet, so superficial, a mini life grew- as I read your bio,
To be dashed in another instant of silence,
I have a tendency to rush into things without much guidance.

Your voice is sweet and smooth- to read,
Imagine a personality that fits- perfectly in the palm of my hand,
Conveyed in small white messages, poked through smaller holes,
Each one I read makes me feel a little brighter inside,
But each little light catches fire and dies, I must confide
That each one I read makes me feel alive.

But only for the moment, so I conduct another,
Small parcel containing another little piece of my soul,
“If you can feel your soul slowly, slipping away, that means that you still have one”
That is a phrase that will lead you to defeat before you have begun,
It leads to me giving away much less than I can afford,
These ‘one for one’ serotonin boosts are leaving me bored…

So maybe we could meet, go get something to eat,
I am sure that I won’t be bored by your topic of conversation,
Or at least I will try and make it look that way,
Because the cold reality is that we have nothing in common,
Except for a lack of self-esteem and an overestimation of our-
Social skills, next to non-existent,
I am perpetually distant!

I am sure that you were terrifically disappointed with last night
Because your messages are written on withered pieces of paper,
A full stop is the most definite thing that there is,
Subtle undertones have a pulse and it beats,
Black blood to and from a dying heart,
I should have known that you were poison, right from the start.
My bleak outlook on dating is definitely why I don't get many second dates :)
He knows I'm a poet
Not just because I told him
but in my cadence.

Conversations through a screen
I've seen your pictures but not your face
and you mine.
But we talk like old friends
and you make me genuinely laugh.
It's more then puffs of exhaled air
actual sounds.

"you have a way of speaking I like"
he said
"I'm crazy interested in something you wrote"
he said
"oh no"
I said
"It's not my best"
I said
"best or not "
he said and I blushed

A man who cares
Is all I've ever wanted
Man this is an old draft I finally revised! It's been a while ^.^
Marifat Jun 16
I know that smile
That you never try to hide,
Charms everyone around while
Tacit secrets whelve inside.

I know those eyes,
Can deceive others more than once.
I’ve imagined them raw…
Even as Autumn upon the lonely evening skies.

I know that soft soul,
Is as fierce as any known ghouls.
With a mind of a hundred twists,
His warmth haloes him like
Those gas lamps in the mist.

Reckless and sarcastic,
Oh, I know this very kind...
They're the hopeless romantics.
He wasn’t unlike but hard to find.

He writes about love,
Hopes, and blues.
Loves poems, quotes and
Leaves the least of clues.

We're so different yet quite alike.
Petting devils, demons
And dreams inside.
Broken hearts recognize
Sad, gloomy eyes.
They become friends
With no visible ties.

I wish he was more of a human to me.
Though all I see are poetries and reality.
People like me are like cloudy sunset.
They get lost or you forget.

We crossed paths;
It was written in fate.
I must say he's the weirdest one
I've known was born on this date.

May Almighty be with him in his darkest hours
And fill his life with happiness and love
Like meteor showers.

Happy birthday, Crush
I got to know him for a few days. He is broken but something amazing. He is a story I would read thousands of time but will read again. He has bad habits that I would like to smack him for but that was it, I will peck his cheek after every fight.

But we weren't meant to be. Our time was wrong so was I to think we had a connection.
CC Jun 3
She's like ink on parchment paper
Solid with faded edges
She's got a lot of weight while being light
Trying to make sense of the shape
At the same time respecting it
I respond in kind by being weightless, a feather quill
To her I am a threaded needle, continuously progressing into a seam
Starting from the beginning until the end
Making a garment without any shape or form
Responding in kind with a letter of my own
As cryptic as where we started
It has potential to end
If I continue our thread there could be a *** of gold that isn't a fool's
There could be a painting made for my frame
There is something about her skin that deserves solid lines
That stretches out toward the strobe lights
That makes its way toward the true light
If paradise was meant for the wicked
Then we are created to balance good and evil
Indigo May 17
There is this guy I know, I call him Sabby.
He is pretty great.
He is funny and smart, he makes me laugh.
He likes the same music I like.
He asks me serious questions that are funny at the same time.
He is super sweet and I really like him.
Friend or more, I don't know yet.
We are still working on that.
But I still am glad we are friends.
He's the best:)
Love yah Sabby.
Tin Apr 19
For a short time we met
I thought I knew you
We shared ideas, and laughs too
Some hobbies and music too
This went on for some time
Even world's apart
We were just a text away
Different timezones
We adjusted a little well
Everyday we would text each other
Excited, for everyday
Every Phone buzz
Thinking it was you
And most of time, it is
I would answer instantly
Whenever I had the chance too
I thought we understood each other
Like a real friend
In the online world
Then it happened
One day, you were asking for more
Something that I cannot give
Everything changed
And so did we
Thank you for the lesson
I've learn't for a short time
Goodbye, to memories that we have created
Illusions that I may have of you
For I know, they are not real
And so are you
Chris Slade Apr 1
Ladies of the Net… A warning to male adolescents everywhere…

“Hi Honey….I just got matched with your profile”… At least that’s what I think it said.
Brilliant I thought because I’m available and life round here is, well…it’s dead
“I’m looking for an experienced guy who’s good in bed…  been round the block, but not the clock…
One with plenty of experience and a huge…err…appetite…
for hooking up instead of these inexperienced boys…
They’re all excitable, probably all over too quick…
need someone with poise reserve and a twelve inch errr… Libido?… ego?
Click my pics kiddo and let’s get it on… you Stud!… Well I would!

*******! I’m overwhelmed but let’s not peak too soon…
There’s loads of stuff coming in as Spam that would probably make us all swoon.
So check it out…without fail, “eeeh!”  They’re all there - these ladies of the net - they crop up daily -
Sheila Blige… Tanya Hide… Mandy May,  Bette Sheedus, Lovinia ****…
I’m not sure if these are their real names... But - Phew -
with things like this going on round here we could all get *******!

She says she’s just round the corner, you know like Sompting, Steyning, LA (that must be Littlehampton)… Southwick…Little Haven Halt, Portslade.
We could meet in a lay-by and we’ll get laid… just an innocent little escapade.
It won’t be my fault if you miss this chance…
Just try it - I’ll handcuff you to the bed and lap dance.
Click on my pix, big boy, they all beckon.
Take a closer look at these sonny boy - now what do you reckon?

Well, you’d have to say they do look very alluring in the taster…
so why not just click...
to the next page… see the site… don’t waste-ya time…CLICK!
*******! The screen’s gone blank…
now I won’t even be able to have a __
Knock, Knock, Knock!

"Kevin!!!?"..."Mum?" "Is that you?" "Yes Mum!… Everything’s OK!… I’m just turning out the light… G’night!"
These days the temptations of the internet are many and varied... no longer restricted to top shelf magazines...It's all free and it's coming to gettya - Check out those parental controls!!
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