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Spit out thunder,
Fortress of emotions,
Buried deep under

With every beat that drops,
Pounding in my heart,
Dancing with me

Moonlight drives, crimson
Red painted sky,
I sense drama everywhere
Draws me to the truth

And when Nature,
Holds your hand
And says, darling
The founder is you,
This is your race
Ivyanna May 13
I wanted to do what was right
to seek the sea for my vessel
alas - it's nowhere in sight!

I am a lighthouse in a desert.
Translations of Urdu couplets by Mir Taqi Mir

Sharpen the barbs of every thorn, O lunatic desert!
Perhaps another hobbler, also limping by on blistered feet, follows me!
―Mir Taqi Mir, loose translation by Michael R. Burch

My life is a bubble,
this world an illusion.
―Mir Taqi Mir, loose translation by Michael R. Burch

Selflessness has gotten me nowhere:
I neglected myself far too long.
―Mir Taqi Mir, loose translation by Michael R. Burch

I know now that I know nothing,
and it only took me a lifetime to learn!
―Mir Taqi Mir, loose translation by Michael R. Burch

Love's just beginning, so why do you whine?
Why not wait and watch how things unwind!
―Mir Taqi Mir, loose translation by Michael R. Burch

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All these years, rain fails to land,
No more crops ever stand green,
The land is so broken, the drought is so hard,
Only the salt that's left for the soul to rot,

Years have passed, no drops from the sky,
Hope was fading like a sunset light,
The blazing sun like a sharp silver needle,
Gone was the skin, only the bones were left,

When I thought the land was lost,
I could see no more of the future,
Seen was a delight my eyes could not believe,
What is darker than a moonless night,

Her eyes were black alright, but,
Can her floor-sweeping hair justify,
No more light I have seen anywhere else,
Her soul glowed like a thousand moons,

Her smile that wrapped her lips so gentle,
Sure I knew for it can bring all the joy,
I asked, but not with the words,
She granted a wish as a goddess would,

Brought her back to the Salt Desert, I did,
When she arrived at my village, starved,
The rain that had gone for so many years,
Came to see the love that has just sparked.
Inspired by the story Love Across The Salt Desert by Keki N. Daruwalla
Blackenedfigs Apr 27
And just like that,
the warm summer nights begin.

The desert's short-lived Spring
mostly undeniable in the cooled evenings.

The palm fronds swaying in a cowardly breeze,
the ruffling of bird feathers, housed in their pine nests.

All to be replaced by the chirping of the crickets,
the shrieking of the cicadas, and the yelling

of cats in heat
of quarreling couples nearing their ends
of babies too feverish to sleep
of lovers exorcising their souls through open windows

for all of the night to hear.
Bhill Apr 23
Its Way...

nature has an assignment to wake up the seasons
seasons have their own special way this should be performed
birds chirping and singing in tune with the sun rising
annual blooming of the desert cactus and flowers
melting of the snow in higher elevations
water gaining speed down rivers and streams
waters that will fill lakes, ponds, and reservoirs
trees are regaining leaves and providing shade for the ground below
all in the name of life succession
nature has its way...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 114
Trust in nature
Nissim Apr 22
I am roaming the emptiness of the desert.
The moon's rotund fullness hangs in the void of the heavens,
Mid-way to the unseen horizon in the East.
The moon threatens to plummet into the desert floor,
Yet it maintains its oversight above its dominion.

The dulcet tones of the moon's milky-white soothe me,
But it is not my body they charm,
They pierce the ramparts to an unfathomable chamber in the bedrock of my soul.
And I feel a joy not confined to the borders of my flesh.
It is a joy emanating from deep within me,
And yet it belongs to us all.
And then I ask: Why is it that the sun's strong light exposes my body,
Yet the moon's milky-white exposes my soul?

I am peeking between two almost kissing cliffs.
I still my mind and then I see the snail's pace of the moon,
As it peeks at me behind the West cliff on its mission across the sky.
Gradually, almost imperceptibly, the moon's sliver advances past the cliff's edge,
And widens until it once more appears in all its rotund glory,
As it falls to the other side.
When the moon's edge reaches the other cliff it hides again,
Until once more I only see its thin sliver,
And then it is beyond my sight.

When the moon reveals this subtle dance to mine own eyes,
I feel an intimacy with it that no book can offer,
No teacher can teach.

On this night, the crescent moon floods the recesses of my soul with its pale milky glow,
And a mystical silence envelops the desert's void.
On other nights, in other places, the silence would be dulled by a crying baby,
while her mother sings a lullaby,
Or in the desert by the plaintive shriek of an anonymous wind,
As it hurtles across the desert floor,
To lands beyond horizon's reach.
But on this night, the silence is absolute,
And it comforts me like a blanket during this milky desert night.
My tongue feels like sandpaper
A desert in the Middle East
Water will be my savior
In this brutal heat.
Just playing around with imagery
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