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Bhill 5d
The lizard made its way straight up the rock wall
Such adhesion on those rocks with his fragile-looking claws
What was he running from, or to, with such desert dignity
What would you call the motions of these little creatures
Bodies moving back and forth like other slithering reptiles

Brian Hill - 2019 # 251
Are you fascinated by lizards. Moving down here has brought a whole new appreciation to the little ones.
Bryce Sep 25
Even now,

The lone pine
Stretched its dry roots
And gentle,
the lime
Of rock,

This sky gives me no comfort,
A fallow plain
Empty of rain
Rolling winds across
the Firmament

And the needles whimper
In the autumn breeze
As a field of clouds churns
In the mountains
At the horizon

The day is lost here--
Where time comes and goes with
No witness,
For the ancient sea
Is but talc and bone

And in the distance,
The glimmer of a car window
Reflecting the sun.
Alexander Sep 16
You’re an ocean
In a endless desert
A refreshing sight,
But still, an illusion of the mind.
Äŧül Sep 7
The world doesn't hate me
It's too indifferent, you see...

Gusts of hot winds of change
They still remain hot and torrid...

It's like I walk alone in a desert
Your love is my oasis...
My HP Poem #1767
©Atul Kaushal
mae Aug 28
I'm your paradise surrounded by a drought.
Only you are mesmerized in the sunlight,
Unfortunately for you, you are about to die.
I can't save you,
Because I am a figment of your imagination.
I am the desert in disguise.
Dehydrating you with my lies.
The expression of my love, I am disguise as a savior, to distract you from living
Azure Aug 19
Light reflected on my eyes.

Woke me up from a deep sleep.

It wasn’t a bright shiny morning,

but it woke me up for nothing to keep.

Just reflection on my glass window.

A mirage in a desert so deep.

I go around chasing it,

till I’m so tired, I creep.

Rolling on the endless sand,

then I realize there’s nothing to keep.

But I’m up, so? what now?

I can't go back to sleep!

Awakened by a false light,

to chase nothing I can keep.
Simone13 Aug 16
Who am i
A speck of dust
Buried between a dessert
In a world to large to perceive
Tanya Aug 13
sometimes I could feel my speech as vast as a desert
where all the sand grains wouldn’t have been enough for me to speak the oasis of my mind

and other times

I could feel my speech as a desert-
infertile and empty,
spitting words like a camel,
knocking on a door
behind which
the reply was never home.
Why wipe my tears,
when you had to make me cry?

Why message,
when you never on planning to have a conversation?

Why get me attached,
when you had to leave?

Why do you come in peace,
when you are to leave me in pieces?

Why heal my heart,
when you had to break it?

Why fill my heart with happiness,
when you had to leave it will sorrows?

Why make me feel comfort,
when you had to leave me alone?

Why do you plant flowers,
if you were never going to water them?

Why did you build a home,
if you were never going to stay?

Why light up my world,
only to leave it dark?

Why do you come back,
just to leave once more?
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