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Phil 2d
Sun bleached
Shadow soaked
Strobing days
Thirst choked
Thrumming sands
Screaming hush
Words lost
In the hues of dusk
They built a lighthouse,
to warn the ships.
The ships transported the sea.
You professed your love,
with living lips.
Your lips spoke words that buried me.

Tanker ships containing water,
run aground upon the sand.
A human being becomes a monster,
by another human's hand.

The future dies within.
The past is always evaporating.

As the tanker rusts,
so I also must,
until we are but two derelict husks,
filled with nothing but regret.

Once, here was the sea,
voluminous and wet!
Once, I was me,
until the day we met.
Harley Hucof Apr 29
I am gazing at a shining portrait as my desire is announced by distant bell chimes. I merge with the paint and feel absorbed into a different timeline.

In the painting, the wind carries a scent of a familiar tree assorted with the melody of its leaves. It all brings back the memory of a song that I love, that reminds me of a woman I met in a vision from a dream yet I don't know the language it is made of, nor I can sing it for I am dyslexic in the ear.

This is an illusion, I see it. Still, I deem it to be real, similar to a scene that I keep reliving as I wander the mystical golden desert, I wonder is fulfillment an insult or a compliment if attained outside the ordinary strains of sensual accomplishments?
Disconcerted by previous arrangements i think it through to realize this is an illusion is just a tattoo .

Words Of Harfouchism
MoonFlow Apr 11
They asked, "why are you as silent as a stone?"
She replied, "why should I be voluble as the Mynah? My heart and tongue are deprived of goodness just like a desert, deprived of a sea.
Another voice said, "Ergo, redundant talk comes with unbearable guilt."
They asked again, " if so, why do you not speak the despairs you hide?"
She replied, " Because, the gift of patience usually reigns.
The Gift of Patience is indeed a very beautiful gift...
Luna de miel
Y voz tan dulce
Cuando te extraño
Tu memoria calma mi alma
De tanto dolor

Tus ojos tan bellos
Cómo el sol
Radiante sobre la arena en el desierto
Y cuando te miraba
Mi ojos eran rojos de tanto amor

Oh morena que hicisteis
Oh morena que me hicisteis
Estoy enamorado de alguien que no existe

Por ti me invento millones de serenatas
Cada mes
Expresando mi pena
Por no poder mirarte otra vez

Y cuando la luna llena se levanta
Tendrás mi corazón
Y yo me quedaré sin nada más
Que tu memoria y sin tu amor

And voice so sweet
When i miss you
Your memory calms my soul
From so much pain

Your eyes so beautiful
They’re like the sun
Radiant on the sand in the desert
And when I looked at you
My eyes were red from so much love

Oh brunette what did you do
Oh brunette, what did you do to me?
I'm in love with someone who doesn't exist

For you I invent millions of serenades
Each month
Expressing my sorrow
For not being able to look at you again

And when the full moon rises
You will have my heart
And I'll be left with nothing else
Than your memory and without your love
I can’t follow my heart
For it gives me bad directions.
Instead I’ll follow the wind
Which has brought me here.
Folded within a dream
I stand at the edge
Where the desert meets the sea,
Reminded of death’s persuasion
And the promise of life ahead,
Stuck in the middle..
Waiting for the horn to call me home once more;
To live and die in the fray again.
Sharon Thomas Mar 12
Remember when we drove to that desert..
We pulled up a cloth from the back of the trunk and laid it out on the cold sand.

It was night time and we would lie to the world about our existence just to be together.

We would lay there staring at the full moon, trying to name the constellations as it shone so brightly and watch the clouds move as the wind carried them.

I noticed everything..i knew it wasn't gonna be and I.

I felt the shiver as the cool breeze brushed on our skin, as we laid there talking philosophies, theologies, shooting lame *** jokes at each other that only we understood.
And the stars...they would keep us company..

I loved the way the moonlight touched your the corner of your eyes wrinkled each time you smiled.
It made me smile.

There it was. That moment.
I wanted time to stop.
"Freeze!" I could hear my heart say.

The more I looked at him, the more happy I grew.
But then again, deep down I found myself worrying too.
I felt my heart sink.
I knew that this moment would be gone.
Time wouldn't wait and yet again, he would be gone.
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