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I sent you a bouquet of words,
But you wanted flowers.

I promise they will outgrow any bud,
Into the tallest of towers.
July Gray Aug 2020
Reached a point
Now it's just the waiting
Stay in line
Stay behind
Just the waiting
Sure ok
Swear in my face
It's not my place
It's a point
Soon it'll be revealed
And everyone will see
Who's really me
But for now
Just the waiting.
(I don't want to call it hiding)
There's a point
You're getting there
(I'm already past it)
But I'm ok with
Just waiting
Um the last 2 lines say i'm ok with waiting but I'm getting really sick of it.
Kasansa Kuya Jun 2020
I'm a mix of materials
permeated by water
with electrochemical flight controls
that through the emergent behavior of the chaos that ensues on the microscopic level

can speak
and enjoy a somber symphony
ponder love and hate
which are made of nothing at all
truly immaterial
escaping the abyss

does God lie here
in the space where all of existence can happen
and his true glory can be shown
a place where I could be the one to
correct a world

that's a product of luck and probability
where all and everything is generated
could I live there
in the land of ideas

is it heaven up there
is it hell down here
I swear its heaven up there
Near Light- Ollafur Arnalds
Capriccio Jun 2020
Fight Like It's Over
Fight Like Your Losses
Will Always Be Your Wins

Forgive Yourself
For The Pain
Do Not Refrain
You Fight Like It's Over

Solemnly Swear That You
Will Make This
Worth While
So Fight Like It's Over
moria May 2020
the world became a ****-show,
I was into the sciences.
Staying at home,
Has made me appreciate literature,
In a way I haven’t before.
Bullet Apr 2020
I swear,
To be anything more then a continuation from this peer I've newly appeared from
I swear,
When the weather is cold and my heart can not seem to bear I'll no longer have a clear care here
I swear,
To God in my prayers that one day I shall resist the temps that be out there
I swear,
Everyone looks because the profundity calls in for all the curses
I swear,
Switching ears wont help you hear the outcomes of others pain in fear
I swear,
On a grave that life is tempting me but the grass hasn't grown there
I swear,
When I lose it all I'm going to make sure you go down a tear
I swear,
To be buried alive for decades with you and holding onto to last thing we shared, air
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
But you swore we would make it out alive
Swore we'd make it through
That you would never go back on your word
Only time will tell if you do
I believe our love is stronger than anything
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2020
Roses are perfectly red
Violets are perfectly blue
Swear that I'm perfect also
I know that's not true
I tried being her
Girl your eyes see
I can't change
Still the same me
Roses will always be red
Violets will always be blue
Know I will never
Be enough for you
A valentine's poem in january..
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2019
I have been in places worse
Where I could not see the light
It was different I swear
Than how I feel tonight
This is not pain in my smile
It is something I can't name
Every time I sigh I know
I am the one to blame
Another oldie
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