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Man Jul 9
Be the recluse,
Be the hermit,
And make your assessments of others
Based on short and fleeting interaction,
Drenched in the sweat of "purpose" & "agenda,"
And be met with statements
Which really convey nothing and rarely
Encapsulate honest thought in brevity
But are said only to end the conversation.
Close knit,
The threads choke,
Living your turtleneck life.
No collar to be turned up,
The cotton already hugs your throat;
Nothing to end abrupt,
That which never saw its start.
Those who talk
Simply to hear themselves,
Do they have anything to say?
Those with the blinders on,
They never see the entrance ramp
Neither the turn-offs
Till it's too late.
As with friends too many, but never enough;
Strangers are plenty, yet scarce is friendship
Odd Odyssey Poet Oct 2023
So, so many things I could say,
"I love you," "I need you," "I miss you," etc.
But the response is like a lot of messages
-unread, blocked, archived, and forgotten
So it all remains in my head; a better off place said
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2023
Inferior lives
You and I know it is true
Outcasts together
Better to be outcasts together than outcasts alone
Nigdaw May 2023
it's not that I'm antisocial
that I want to be alone
or friends are an intrusion
to my fragile state of mind
it's just that I'm protecting you
from the madness behind
my eyes
Zywa Dec 2022
Do you have to be

social to address anti-

social people? Well?
"Het Bureau - Plankton" ("The Office - Plankton", 1997, Han Voskuil)

Collection "Not too bad [1974-1989]"
The irony of my life:

I don't want to socialize,  
yet I want to be recognized!
My life's irony ...

What's yours?
Nexus Apr 2022
I feel so alone like I'm trapped in my home.
and these thoughts in my head tell me I ought a be dead.
I ******* **** at this ****.
"No you don't you're just tired."
"Everyone loves you, cant you see you're admired?"

But I don't believe what I conceive in my dreams.
So you must be a liar.
This isn't how things in this life should have been.
My soul is on fire.
This isn't how things in this life could have been.
My soul is on fire.
But I don't believe what I perceive in front of me.

Sands of time made from liquid-solid-matter.
People flowing like atoms recycling motions.
I know in my mind that things don't really matter.
Climbing the planet and mapping the oceans.
I would loose my mind if my brain got any fatter.
People flowing like atoms recycling motions.
Struggling to be social.
Sophie Mar 2022
A moment in time and space,
a white scar against a fawn hand
indigo iris inside a colorless eye,
and burning rose into pale cheeks.

This was permanence, before it was
torn apart by its own user,
in anxious desperation for the
imminent future, which promised
absolutely nothing to her.

And they wondered why she couldn’t
get on with the others.
More to be seen and less to be
a quiet life to be lived out,
alone; painlessly.
a girl who cannot fathom the external world in relation to society or other people. she cannot make herself perform for the others, which is all they want her to do. she is promised nothing in return, and should only hope for the best outcome in life, but she does not feel the need to make excessive efforts if the outcome is not fixed, or if she should not get anything she wants. she wants more certainty in her future, she doesn’t like the open-endedness of things. she would prefer to live alone in peace than take big risks without knowing whether or not they will pay off
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